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In this article, one gets to know in detail about Sub Brokers / Authorized Person / Stock Broking Franchise or Sub Broker Franchise. We will check the following things in detail like –

  • What is the role of an Authorized Person or a Sub Broker?
  • Benefits of Becoming a Sub Broker of Authorized Person?
  • Eligibility Criteria of Becoming a Sub Broker
  • How to become an Authorized Person?
  • Sub Broker / Authorized Person FAQs
  • & much more

Read the entire article to know everything about authorized person or sub broker. Also, fill up the form to Become an Authorized Person of your favorite Stock Broker.

Best Sub Broker Franchise

What is the role of an Authorized Person or Sub Broker?

An Authorized Person or Sub Broker is a concept where any SEBI registered Stock Broker can provide its franchise to any company or person who is willing to follow all rules & regulations of SEBI & have good network of investors to act as a sub broker on behalf of the franchiser.

The Products, Services, Offers etc. served by the franchisee are same as offered by the franchiser.

Not only this, the Franchisee can also provide extra benefit to their clients which are not offered by the Franchiser.

This business works as brokerage sharing model where the Franchisee generally keeps maximum share & franchiser gets low share.

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    Who is a Share Market Sub Broker or Stock Broker Partner?

    A Stock Market Sub broker or Stock broker partner is a Franchisee company who takes stock broking franchise from the franchiser.

    Some of the major Stock Broking Franchiser is Angel Broking, Sharekhan, Nirmal Bang & others.

    The Sub broker or partner provides stock tips or stock recommendations to its clients based on his assessment of the industry.

    Some Franchiser provides stock recommendations to their sub brokers but most of them don’t.

    Sub Brokers or partners keeps track of their clients & it is their headache to get the trading done from their clients so that they can earn high brokerage.

    Benefits of becoming a Sub Broker Franchise or Authorised Person

    Here are the major benefits of becoming a Sub Broker –

    High Revenue Share

    The Sub Broker or Partner keeps high percentage of the brokerage generated by the clients; the franchiser gets low brokerage percentage.

    Low Investment Business

    A Stock Broking Franchise business can be started with minimum Rs.10,000 investment amount, only a security deposit is paid to the franchiser rest all expenses in incurred by the franchiser.

    In some cases the franchiser doesn’t even ask for a minimum deposit.

    Marketing & Training Support

    The franchiser being a large organization also help the sub broker with all sorts of marketing support like providing banners, leaflets, hoardings for their branches.

    They also organize seminars for their broking partners to train them on various aspect of the business.

    Advisory Support

    Some Franchiser also provides Advisory, stock tips & recommendations to their sub brokers to help support their client & increase revenue.

    Product, Service & Offers

    Any new product, services & offers launched by the franchiser can also be availed by the sub broker. This helps the sub broker to keep engaging their client with new things.

    List of other Major Sub Broker Franchises

    Zuari Finserv Franchise Vrise Securities Franchise Systematix Shares Franchise
    Zenmoney Franchise Trustline Securities Franchise Sykes & Ray Franchise
    Zebu Trade Franchise Tradeswift Franchise Steel City Securities Franchise
    VCK Stock Broking Franchise Tradeplus Online Franchise SSJ Finance Franchise
    Vachana Investments Franchise Sunidhi Securities Franchise SS Corporate Franchise
    Unlock Wealth Franchise Sumpoorna Portfolio Franchise Prudent Broking Franchise
    Suresh Rathi Franchise Stewart Mackertich Franchise Progressive Share Franchise
    Sunness Capital Franchise Saaketa Consultants Franchise Pravin Ratilal Brokers Franchise
    Sunlight Broking Franchise Rudra Shares Franchise Prabhat Finance Franchise
    Sri Shirdi Capital Franchise Rishabh Securities Franchise Phillip Capital Franchise
    Skung Tradelink Franchise Ratnakar Securities Franchise Peerless Securities Franchise
    SKI Capital Franchise Rajvi Stock Franchise PCS Securities Franchise
    Shree Kanha Stock Franchise Raghunandan Capital Franchise Patel Wealth Advisors Franchise
    Shree Bahubali Franchise R Wadiwala Securities Franchise Pace Stock Broking Franchise
    SHCIL Services Franchise R K Global Franchise Nine Star Broking Franchise
    Shah Investors Franchise Quantum Global Franchise NG Rathi Franchise
    Satco Capital Franchise VNS Finance Franchise Navia Markets Franchise
    Safal Capital Franchise Vertex Securities Franchise Narayan Securities Franchise
    Wisdom Capital Franchise Veracity Finance Franchise Muthoot Securities Franchise
    Wealth Discovery Franchise Tradejini Franchise Multiplex Capital Franchise

    Sub Broker Franchise FAQs

    The stock broking franchise business is increasing day by day all over India. People have also recognized there is a great opportunity for making money if you are just good with numbers.

    To become a franchise, you need to have entrepreneurship skills which are very much important for Business expansion and achieving the targets every month.

    Different companies put their effort, knowledge, skills and utilize the resources to get the business through sub broker franchises.

    So, the franchisee gets the right or permission from the franchisor to sell their products or services according to their business model brand or trademark.

    In today’s world, franchise business is providing lots of opportunity and job to people.

    In franchise, the mutual relationship for benefits that exists between the franchisor and the franchise takes a business to a new level.

    Stock Broking franchise not only help the broking houses but it also provides a great ease and comfort to all the clients involved in stock market.

    Also, stock Broking Franchise Company contributes to the maximum in the development business and technical skills which is very important for driving the whole team towards a single goal for generating revenue.

    But before taking franchise any person will have hundreds of questions. So in this page we are trying to clarify all those questions, hoping that this will provide you plenty of knowledge and information.

    In the below given questions, we are trying to give you maximum information that will help you to choose a proper sub broker.

    We will also discuss about DO’s and DON’Ts while taking a stock broking franchise.

    What is a Sub Broker or Broking Franchise?

    Stock Broking franchise is one of the methods for locally distributing the products and services to its clients through this chain of franchise.

    This helps the clients in that area by providing all the information about products and services in all the segments like equity, currency, commodity, future and options, etc.

    A “Sub broker” is an agent who sets the investors and he is not a trading member of stock exchange but helps them on their behalf for dealing into securities.

    Hence, the Sub-broker agreement is a three partied agreement among the stockbroker, sub-broker and the client.

    The sub-brokers are registered with SEBI after clearing the certification exam and they also follow the same rules and instructions.

    It is mandatory that all franchise holders must clear the certification exam for registration.

    This registration certificate provided by SEBI is important for getting the permit to deal in securities.

    Also, SEBI has passed a rule that the trading members will only deal with the person who is registered with SEBI. There are two types of people in a franchise system.

    The one who lends his company name and business is called the “franchisor” and the one who pays royalty as the revenue sharing from the brokerage generated, is called the “franchisee”.

    The franchise also has to pay and initial fees as security deposit that gives the franchise a right to do the business under the stock broking house name, brand and system.

    So, there is an agreement or contract signed between the two parties, which is known as “franchise agreement”.

    In this agreement, the franchisee has to follow all the rules and regulations, all the protocols and the business ethics of the company.

    The franchisee should also maintain the brand and standard of the company. Otherwise, the franchisor has all the rights to cancel the agreement at any period of time.

    List of more Stock Broking Franchise

    MPSE Securities Franchise LFS Broking Franchise Hedge Equities Franchise
    Moneylicious Capital Franchise Indus Portfolio Franchise Guiness Securities Franchise
    Monarch Networth Capital Franchise Inditrade Capital Franchise Grovalue Securities Franchise
    Kalpataru Multiplier Franchise Indira Securities Franchise Greenbucks Securities Franchise
    Just Trade Franchise Indianivesh Securities Franchise Goodwill Wealth Franchise
    Joindre Capital Franchise India Advantage Franchise Goldmine Stocks Franchise
    JK Securities Franchise Indbank Online Franchise Gogia Capital Franchise
    ISE Securities Franchise Narnolia Franchise Globe Capital Franchise
    Inventure Growth Franchise IFCI Franchise GEPL Capital Franchise
    Intime Equities Franchise HSE Securities Franchise GCL Securities Franchise
    Integrated Master Securities Franchise BGSE Financials Franchise Ganpati Securities Franchise
    Integrated Enterprises Franchise Marfatia Stock Broking Franchise Fyers Franchise
    Modex Securities Franchise Manubhai Mangaldas Franchise FRR Shares Franchise
    Microsec Capital Franchise Lakshmishree Investment Franchise Finvasia Securities Franchise
    Maverick Brokers Franchise Kunvarji Finstock Franchise Findoc Investmart Franchise
    Mansukh Securities Franchise Khandwala Securities Franchise Fast Capital Franchise
    Mangal Keshav Franchise Kaynet Finance Franchise Farsight Securities Franchise
    Mandot Securities Franchise Karuna Finance Franchise Bhumika Consultancy Franchise
    Maheshwari Financial Franchise Kantilal Chhaganlal Franchise Bhansali Value Creations Franchise
    LSE Securities Franchise HEM Securities Franchise

    How does a Sub Broker Income gets Calculated?

    The Sub Brokers Income gets calculated based on revenue sharing model it strikes with the Broking house.

    The Sub Broker generally gets higher income compared to broking house. The revenue sharing starts from 50% & can go upto 90% in some cases.

    How long does it take to become a Stock Broking franchisee?

    The process of becoming a franchisee is very simple.

    For lending a franchise, the franchise manager of the broking house meets the client who is opting to take the franchise and tell him all the rules and regulations about the company.

    He talks about the charges and the procedure. Generally, it takes 15 to 20 working days for the franchise agreement to complete.

    What are the different types of Sub Broker Business?

    There are various kinds of franchise:

    Master Franchise:

    In this type of franchise, the stock broking house allows and handover the control for all kind of franchising activity in that area, territory or city.

    This means that for every franchise outlet that will open in your territory with your reference, then you will receive fixed percentage as a franchise fee (according to the agreement signed).

    In stock broking house, master franchising method is very common and is utilized widely across India.

    For example:  If the stock broking house agrees to give you 50% of every franchise outlet that opens in your territory and the cost of opening a franchise outlet is Rs.100,000 then you will receive Rs.50,000 as franchise fee.

    Also, you will receive royalty of a fixed percentage of the brokerage generated from time to time, according to the signed agreement.

    Authorized person (AP):

    It is a kind of franchising, where the authorized person who is appointed as a franchisee by the stock broking house and also by the trading member of NSE, who provide the AP agent the access to trading platform of a stock Exchange.

    Therefore, the Authorized Person is registered with the stockbroker and SEBI regulates the stockbroker and through stockbroker it oversees Authorized Persons.


    A Remisier is a representative of any stock broking house company and works as an agent on commission basis.

    In the Remisier process, stock company provides the agent very less percentage of revenue sharing generated as brokerage, which is given mainly in 30:70 ratios by most of the stock Broking Companies, where 30% of the generated revenue goes to the reminder agent and 70% revenue goes to the broking firm.

    Sometimes the broking house provides space in the office to the Remisier agent to deal with the clients.

    The Remisier is responsible for their client base and will also be responsible for security deposit and fees segregation in various segments on behalf of the clients.

    To become a Remisier agent one has to sign the agreement with the stock broking house and make some deposit amount to the broking firm.


    Another similar way of earning money through Stock Broking house is to become an “Introducer”.

    Here, an introducer is an agent of stock broking house who simply give the reference of highly prospective clients who are willing to open Demat accounts or want to take the franchise of that broking firm.

    As an Introducer, is only job will be to referred the most prospective clients and if any conversion happens then he will get the commission for every conversion.

    What is the Eligibility Criteria to Become a Sub Broker?

    • Minimum he should be 12th pass, but ideally a person should be graduation degree holder.
    • Should have knowledge and understanding of financial markets and must have experience managing the general finance related transactions.
    • Basic computer knowledge is must.
    • Good communication skill to persuade the client for business.
    • Should be updated with latest information related to finance economics politics and other related subjects that can affect the stock market.
    • He must clear the basic models on equity, commodity, mutual fund, currencies, etc. And should be a NISM certificate holder.
    • The person should also have good Managerial skill in order to take care of his franchise office and employees.

    Who are eligible for Authorized Person or AP?

    • He should hold Indian citizenship.
    • To become authorized person, the partnership firm must be registered under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932.
    • According to SEBI, a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) has to be registered and the Indian Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008.
    • Also, the corporate body should be registered under Indian Companies Act, 1956.

    Is there any reference letter required from NCFM / NISM certification or any third party reference to become Authorized Person?

    –  No

    In case of authorized Person, is it possible that the partner or the director of registered AP can be appointed as an authorized Person?

    – No

    Should the authorized Person submit the Registration of Firm (ROF) certificate for the registration of partnership firm as AP?

    – YES.

    Can I work as an Authorized person and a Sub-broker of any market segment simultaneously?

    – No it is not possible. It is not permitted by SEBI.

    Is it permissible for an Authorized Person to take affiliation from multiple Trading Members (TM) for different segments?

    – No. It is not possible.

    What is the procedure to apply for cancelling any Authorized Person, if the trading member finds that AP non-traceable?

    The process for cancelling the Authorised Person by trading member is as follows:

    The trading member will serve a termination notice to the Authorized Person that is not traceable.

    Then, the trading member will file for cancellation on Electronic NSE Interface for trading members or ENIT, if the authorized person does not reply to the notice in one month, from the date of notice served.

    Then, the trading member when upload a copy of termination notice with proof of delivery and on what date the termination notice (including all details of AP) was served.

    How much minimum investment is required to buy a broking franchise?

    To start a franchise business, you need to invest initial amount that varies from company to company in stock broking houses.

    The investment depends upon the type of franchise business and also in how many segments you are going to take the franchise.

    The investment amount would be as low as Rs. 50,000 or we could go up to 3 lakhs or more.

    The higher the amount of investment the more features facilities and authority you get to do the business.

    Your cost for opening a franchise office also depends upon the real estate cost, use of high technology machines, number of employees, and other miscellaneous costs like broadband facility, electricity and phone connection, air- conditioned room, etc.

    So it is better to enquire about the investment from the nearby franchise office or the respective franchise manager of that broking house.

    Also, the cost of registration in various segments and security deposit is also implied.

    What are the common terms related to Sub Broker Business?

    Disclosure statement: It is a document that provides all the information about the company’s franchisor and franchise agreement.

    Sub-brokership or franchise: In stock broking house it is a license that allows the franchisor and franchisee to work together for the company by maintaining all the company standards and other house franchisee to use the brand and support of the company.

    Franchise agreement: It is a legal contract between the two parties that is the franchisor and the franchisee that describes about both the parties that what are they supposed to do are mentioned in this legal agreement.

    Franchisee: The one who gets the right to do business under the name of franchises brand name or trademark.

    Franchisor: It is a Stock Broking Company that permits the franchise and allows to do business under his company’s trademark and brand name as a regular payment.

    Royalty or revenue sharing amount: It is the amount that is paid by the franchisee to the franchisor. This amount is usually the percentage of brokerage revenue generated each month through trading.

    Trademark: It is the brand name of the company or the Identity of franchises that is given to the franchisee as license.

    Product distribution franchise: When the franchisee is allowed to sell the franchised company products that does not include the method of selling utilized by the franchisor.

    Is it true that the Authorized Person has the power of doing in-person verification of their clients?

    – No, only the stock broker employees can verify the clients, (as per SEBI rules and regulations).

    Why do Authorised Person or Sub brokers fail in their business?

    • Below are mentioned the most common research behind franchisees failure:
    • Choosing the underdeveloped business model
    • Lack of sufficient capital for investment and start with full effort
    • Lack of proper training and support
    • Incapable in managing the business and retaining the client
    • Due to insufficient business planning
    • When franchiser goes bankrupt, the franchisees are affected too
    • Improper business strategy and high or unreal expectations
    • Fail to adapt the changes, technologies and new trends
    • Refuse to follow the brand policy and work system provided by the franchiser
    • Lack of passion and not ready enough to accept the challenge

    What are the keys to success in Sub Broker Business?

    In order to succeed in stock broking franchise do the below things with discipline.

    Good networking and preparing the clients

    This is the best way to do franchise business for a long run treat your clients and prospects by providing them true information and knowledge about the stock market and start creating the chain of networking.

    Make your client base larger and stronger and provide them proper guidance. Your clients may consist of your close relatives, friends, colleagues, leads from any events, social contact, etc.

    Cold Calling

    When you get the leads, cold call them and tell them about the possibilities of profit making by giving references and examples of your existing clients.


    Make sure that you meet your prospects and clients on given time duration and proper reminders. Meet them 3-4 times for the conversion.

    Ask for Referrals

    Always ask for referrals, from your clients who are making good money from stock trading.


    Always be in the process of generating new client every day. Do some events or marketing, for your brand to generate new leads.

    Then continue with cold calling and convince for a meeting or you can also do some seminars online or offline to create good client base.

    Client Nurturing

    For the client nurturing and conversion, make yourself free and available to clear the doubts and related queries to finance and technology involved in stock market such as trading platform, mobile apps, analytical tools and other related software.

    Maintain Good Relationship

    Keeping good relationship with old clients and providing them adequate knowledge and good customer service for client retention and better business for a long run.

    Keep yourself Updated

    Always update yourself with latest happenings in field of economics, politics, finance and other related sectors. Because knowledge is the new currency.

    Last list of Sub Brokership Providers

    What are the important points to consider in purchase of franchise?

    Before signing the agreement, it is very important to choose the franchise after doing all kind of background check and taking reference from atmosphere 4-5 people about that company.

    To all kind of search and look for review about the companies on online platforms for any recent complaints in a decade. Let us discuss all the points below:

    Is that a well-known brand?

    Selecting a brand known to everyone gives you the maximum benefit after purchasing a franchise. The brand should be well known for its product and services.

    And if you purchase that particular franchise how many clients are you getting every month? Always calculate the return on investment and brand benefits in your area.

    How long where is the franchise agreement last?

    Make sure that the agreement signed is for the longer duration. Does a franchise have the right to renew the franchise agreement?

    Is that agreement duration common for all franchisees? On what terms the franchisor can cancel the agreement at any moment of time?

    Is your franchise office on the prime location in that area?

    Analyze beforehand that the area for your franchise outlet brings you maximum customer. Your office should be on Prime location.

    In case you want to change your office after the agreement is signed, can you do that without the cancellation of that agreement?

    Do you have the freedom to select the office location of your choice?

    What are the roles and responsibilities of the franchisor?

    Does the franchisor give the proper training to the franchise and its employees? Whether or not the management conducts franchise meetings from time to time to update the franchisees.

    Does the company provide adequate amount of marketing materials from time to time regularly or not?

    The franchisor must have adequate budget for promotional activities and should conduct various events to generate leads.

    What are the products and services offered by the company?

    The franchisor must have a variety of products to Cater the needs of the customers for better client retention.

    The quality of the product should be good and the customer services should be better.

    Is there any provision of franchise transfer from one person to another?

    In case you are not able to run your franchise business due to some personal problem, it would be a better idea if you can transfer the franchise to somebody else who can run it well.

    So if the franchisor gives you that freedom for franchise transfer at any point of time, you can save your money.

    What is the procedure for renewal and termination of franchise agreement?

    You must know the procedure and duration for agreement renewal.

    And once the agreement expires, how much amount you will have to pay again for the renewal and will there be any rise in percentage of revenue sharing after every renewal?

    What are the terms and conditions for termination of franchise agreement immediately?

    Will you get the security deposit refunded fully if the agreement is terminated in mid-term or before the completion of agreement period?

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of a sub brokers business?

    The advantages are as follows:

    • Chances of better growth in sales and faster revenue generation.
    • Less burden and easy to manage and supervise the employees in franchise system.
    • Enjoy the level of independence in work and the ownership of a good brand.
    • Greater brand recognition in the territory.
    • Lesser risk of losing the business.
    • Improved quality and better profitability.
    • Standardized operational quality and better support.
    • Faster client acquisition

    The disadvantages are as follows:

    • You have to work under many restrictions set by the franchisor.
    • If the brand name is damaged, the franchisees business is affected drastically.
    • Sharing of royalties and sending them the report every day without any fail.
    • All the terms and conditions are set by the franchisor.

    How do I select the Best Sub Broker franchise?

    It is very confusing in the first hand to select the best stock broking franchise. But keep in mind: who are your target customers in your territory and what they want?

    There are so many options to choose about the types of brokers like full service broker traditional brokers, discount brokers and many other bank based brokers.

    Many broking houses provides you the maximum leverage. So let us discuss all the points that will help you out in finalizing the best Stock Broking house to opt for franchise.

    History and reputation of the broking house

    The stock broking house should have a good history and reputation but in case but in case of discount brokers it is important to understand the strategy, the operations and Management of the company as well as how that Stock Broking house has evolved in the recent few years.

    Better revenue sharing

    There are really few stock Broking companies, that provide good amount of brokerage revenue percentage to the franchise which is 70% or more.

    For example: Angel Broking, Motilal Oswal, etc

    Total Cost to start a franchise business

    Calculate all the costs involved to start your franchise business that may be counted as the initial amount, security deposit, annual maintenance charge, the cost for opening franchise office, monthly rent, cost on employees and all other miscellaneous charges that includes trading terminals, air condition, telephone, voice call recorder, marketing materials and stationaries, etc.

    Use of Advanced technology and better trading platform

    The broking house must be using advanced technology for trading so that you will have more relief from the customer side and listen number of complaints every day.

    Good Customer services

    The broking house should also provide emergency trading services if there is any problem in placing the trade by the customer.

    Hence it is important to have a good customer service and better back office support.

    Offline and online presence across the country

    The Stock Broking Company you are going to choose should have presence all over the country.

    The physical presence of company office is important and most of the full service brokers have their branch offices and outlets all over the country.

    Good range of products and trading segments

    Since different people have different expertise, so the Broking house you select must have a good range of financial products; for example – mutual Fund, IPOs, fixed deposit, NCDs, equity, commodity, currency, bonds, insurance and so on.

    Maximum extent of exposure or leverage

    The customers always ask for maximum exposure or leverage, if they are intraday traders. Many stock brokers provide high exposure and one of the well-known example is Astha traders.

    Research and advisory tips

    Many full service brokers provide advisory and Research tips, charging the minimum amount.  These research and advisory are very much valuable for the beginners in stock market.

    These tips and recommendations provided by few best stock brokers are Angel Broking, Motilal Oswal, Narnolia, etc.

    Easy process for fund transfer

    It is very important for smooth business. Fund transfer is an everyday job and to provide the ease to customers.

    Many banking stock brokers provide 3 in 1 account to clear the hassle for fund transfers.

    I have the non-banking stock brokers customers will have to transfer the fund every time from their trading account to the bank account.

    Good operational and marketing managers

    In order to run the franchise business smoothly, the operational manager and marketing manager must be leading their roles properly in their respective fields.

    Any kind of loose management will have an ill effect on the franchisees business. So it is important to take references from various existing sub brokers nearby you.

    Research and Analysis Experts

    Mostly of the investors take the advice from the research team before taking any next step.

    The company’s reputation majorly depends on this Research and Analysis team.

    The stock broking houses that has good research team are Angel Broking, 5paisa, Karvy, Narnolia, Motilal Oswal, etc.

    Sub Broker FAQs

    Ques – What is a Sub Broker or Broking Franchise?

    Answer – A sub broker is basically an agent who sets the investor and he is not a trading member of stock exchange. Nevertheless, he helps them on their behalf for dealing in securities. Stock broking franchise is one of the methods for local distribution of the products and services to its clients.

    Ques – How long does it take to become stock market sub broker?

    Answer – In order to become a franchise, you need to have sufficient entrepreneurial skills that are extremely significant for the expansion of business and achievement of targets. Different companies put their own skills and resources in order to get the business through sub broker franchises.

    Ques – What are the different types of sub broker business?

    • Master Franchise- In this type of franchise, the stock broking house allows total control for every kind of franchising activity in that particular area or city.
    • Authorised Person-in this kind of franchising the authorise person who is appointed as a franchisee by the stock broking house is registered with the SEBI and he regulates the stock broker.
    • Remisier- This is the representative of any stock broking house who works as an agent and gets a commission throughout. He is responsible for the client base and the security deposit in various segments on behalf of the clients.
    • Introducer-He is an agent of the stock broking company who gives the reference of highly prospective individuals willing to open demat accounts. His only job will be to refer the most prospective clients.

    Ques – What is the Eligibility Criteria to Become a Sub Broker?

    • Should be at least 12th
    • Ideally, a person should be a graduate.
    • Basic knowledge of computer.
    • Excellent managerial skills.
    • Must have an idea of equity, commodity, mutual fund, etc.

    Ques – Who are eligible for authorised person in stock market?

    • Should hold Indian Citizenship.
    • The firm must be registered under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932.
    • According to SEBI, an LLP has to be registered.
    • The body should also be registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1956.

    Ques – Why authorised person fail in their business?

    Answer – An authorised person fails in their business due to a lot of reasons, some of which are listed below:

    • Insufficient business plan
    • Failing to adapt new technological changes
    • Refusal to follow the brand policy
    • Lack of interest and amusement
    • Improper strategy of business
    • Unrealistic expectations

    Ques – What are the advantages of Being a sub broker?

    Answer – The advantages of being a sub-broker are listed below:

    • Immense chance of growing in sales
    • Extensive growth in the revenue generation
    • Easy management and supervision of employees
    • Liberating work experience with a good ownership of a brand
    • High-quality and utter profitability
    • Exceedingly less chance of losing
    • Huge brand recognition in a particular area

    Ques – What are the disadvantages of Being a sub broker?

    Answer – There are multiple disadvantages of  being a sub-broker, some of which are listed below:

    • You have to work under the burden of a lot of restrictions that are set by the franchisor
    • If the brand name is degraded, the business of the franchisee is affected at its worse
    • Sharing the royalties and sending the report every other day without fail is a tedious task
    • Terms and conditions, in its entirety, are said by the franchisor that can get very tiresome at the end of the day.

    Ques – How do I select the Best Sub Broker franchise?

    Answer – First and foremost, you have to keep in mind your target customer in the territory and what they exactly want. There are plenty of options to choose from among the best firms that provide full service, discounted services or any other, for that matter. Plenty of brokerage houses provide you with the most sought after leverage while others do not. Some of the highly proclaimed features are as follows:

    • Better revenue sharing
    • History and reputation of the broking house
    • Total cost to start a franchise
    • Offline and online presence across the country
    • Excellent customer service
    • Maximum proclamation of leverage

    Ques – Can I get free training by the broking house after taking franchise?

    Answer – Some of the stock broking houses provide free training alongwith a hoard of services and support once the investor takes up the franchise. However, there are a few others that charge a hefty sum in order to move ahead with this service.

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