SAMCO Franchise / Sub Broker / Authorized Person / Partner Review

SAMCO Franchise is a newcomer to the Indian financial industry. They were recently established. Yet, they have become popular among investors and traders.

And the credit can be given to their innovative marketing approach. One such approach led them to launch India’s first capital market league.

However, our priority is not to applaud them. Instead, we will put our focus on reviewing them.

This will help you get complete insight about SAMCO Sub Broker Program and decide if you want to partner with them. Our review will consist of the following:-

  • The main purpose behind establishing them. This part will tell you everything about them. It’ll include the details of the year and the place of their establishment. It’ll even describe their ideologies. A short description of their founder will be included as well.
  • The detailed description of all the business models they engage with. This part will help you understand their business approach. This will guide you through their business models’ pros and cons.
  • A detailed description of the revenue sharing scheme they implement. This part will tell you all about the profits you can make. It’ll guide you through the ways in which you can earn more.
  • List of the infrastructure requirements set by the franchiser. It’ll consist of all the requirements in detail.
  • Detailed eligibility criteria set by franchiser. This part will tell all about the required experiences. It’ll also describe the needed certificates. It’s a must for the associates to abide by this.
  • And, a conclusion summarizing the pros and cons of the franchiser. This will be the final part of the article. It’ll be of help to you while deciding to partner with the franchiser.

Samco Securities Franchise Offers

SAMCO Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

SAMCO Franchise Ratings
Market Share5.1/10
Products & Services5.4/10
Revenue Sharing5.2/10
Holistic Support5.6/10
Overall Ratings5.3/10
Star Ratings★★★

About SAMCO Securities Franchise

samco franchise

SAMCO got incorporated in 2105. And, it was the sole efforts of Jimeet Modi, that made them a reality.

They have their headquarters located in Mumbai, Maharashtra these days. Although new to the industry, they are dedicated to serving their clients in every possible way.

In fact, their innovative solutions are adored by their clients. And their digital trading solutions are a real boon. They even provide the highest leverage in the industry.

They have experienced staff. And, they walk the extra mile to satisfy their clients. They can activate a new Sub Broker’s Code within 30 days. And, payout the remaining balances to their associates in merely 27 days.

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Types of SAMCO Franchise Business Models  

SAMCO Franchise is unpredictable with their business approach. And, this can be well established by their unconventional tactics.

One of which is having only one business distribution model. We are referring to the Referral Program. You might be surprised, but this is reality.

They do not utilize any other business model other than this. This shows the confidence they have on their products.

  • Referral Business Model

SAMCO Securities Referral Business Model

As you can see, the Referral Program is all SAMCO uses. And, you may say that this is inspired by their competitors.

However, this scheme differs from the rest in many ways. It requires the associates to follow certain business protocols.

And, it needs them to maintain specific business standards. For starters, you may consider that it does need the partners’ engagement.

In fact, it required the associates to have an infrastructure. And, this is not the end. This model also associates partners with many business uplifting programs. It allows the associates to use the franchiser’s brand identity.

And we are talking about using it for commercial purposes. However, it does not assure any monopoly. In fact, having area wise dominance is prohibited.

However, the associates can act on behalf of the franchiser. But they have to pass on the leads to the franchiser in time.

This means that the associates do not have complete business authority. And, they need to share the details of the clientele with the franchiser. This business model does have great pay. And, it pays off every time a conversion occurs.

Benefits of SAMCO Referral Program

Unlike other referral programs, the SAMCO’ Referral Program has a lot to offer. And we are not referring to the mere financial benefits. We are talking about the added advantages. So, here is the complete list of benefits:-

  • It allows the use of brand identity. And, this is of utmost importance. The reason behind this is the popular image of the franchiser. As per the business model, the associates can act on the franchiser’s behalf. This makes acquiring new clients easy. More acquisition means better business. And, better business means higher profits.
  • This model grants the associates access to many business uplifting programs. And, we are talking about free access. These programs we’re referring to are developed by the franchiser. And, they have only one goal, to help the associates rise quickly.
  • It does not require any security deposit to start with. You read that right! The rights to this business model can be acquired without making any security deposit. In fact, this is one of the most crucial things about this scheme. This lessens the initial investment capital. And, it leads the associates to focus on what is actually important, i.e. business.
  • It pays off good commission rates to the associates. And, the rates are not determined on the basis of varying arrangements. In fact, they remain almost the same for everyone, unless certain changes in the market occur.

SAMCO Partner Revenue Sharing Model or SAMCO Sub Broker Commission

SAMCO Franchise has a unique revenue sharing scheme at play. And, considering the business model they engage with, the commission rates are really high.

In fact, they are among the highest in the industry. The rate starts off at 10 % of the business generated. And, the concluding figure touches 20 % of the generated business. And, there is only one cause for the occurring difference. The varying profit gained on selling of different articles.

Below is the revenue sharing of SAMCO Referral Model or Sub Broker Model –

Business modelSAMCO CommissionReferrer Commission
Referral Program90%10% & 20 Free Trades

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SAMCO Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

As we have mentioned earlier, SAMCO does not charge any security deposit from its partners. In fact, they even let them enjoy all the benefits of the business model at zero cost.

And, this is just beginning. As the franchiser lets its partners access many business uplifting programs.

Below is the Security Deposit requirement of SAMCO.

Business modelSAMCO Securities Deposit required
Referral ProgramZero

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SMC FranchiseNirmal Bang FranchiseAstha Trade FranchiseSki Capital Franchise

Infrastructure Investment by SAMCO Sub Broker

‘Unconventional’ can be referred to as the synonym of SAMCO. In fact, they seem to have a knack to do things differently.

And, their infrastructure requirements are not an exception. Unlike their competitors, they do need their associates to have the certain infrastructure.

we’re not referring to the virtual ones. Instead, they need some hardcore infrastructure establishments. And, the list unfolds as follows:-

  • An office space with minimum of 200 sq. ft. area.
  • At least 2 people as staff to look after the daily office activities.
  • Trading terminals built and established as per industry standards.
  • A telephone line that is active. This is meant to serve the communications need. It can be used for making trades overcall as well.
  • An active internet connection to take care of online trades. It must be powerful enough to foresee multiple trades at the same time.

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SAMCO Sub Broker or Franchise Offers

SAMCO Sub Broker Program grants only a handful of offers. And, the list goes as follows:-

  • 10K Initial Deposit Provision.
  • Flexible Revenue Sharing Provision.

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SAMCO Securities Franchise Eligibility Criteria

Not much is needed to become a partner of SAMCO Franchise. however, it is must to abide by all their demands including:-

  • An educative background of plus two or more. A valid proof of this must be provided at the time of registration.
  • An experience of two or more years. This is required while serving in stock trading and broking.
  • Basic operational knowledge of MS Office.
  • Basic knowledge of the financial offerings by the franchiser.
  • Valid proof to a certificate issued by the NSIM.

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How to become a SAMCO Sub Broker or Authorized Person?

Staring up as a Franchise with SAMCO Securities is also fairly easy. All you need to do is get a Demat Account and a Trading Account opened and get started.

Once you are a registered trader with SAMCO, you can also get your friends and Family to join and they will be added to your referral list; through which you will get the Free trades as well as their brokerage whenever they trade.

With SAMCO, there is no Verification process or Interaction session organized with the Business Development team, unlike other Stock Brokers, as here the expectation is to just build your chain of references and not service them.

Every customer will be serviced and managed by the SAMCO team itself.

Documents required to become SAMCO Sub Broker or Business Partner

Below mentioned are some key documents that are required for enrolling with SAMCO Securities as a Sub Broker or Business Partner:

  • SEBI Registration Certificate
  • GST Registration certificate
  • A Cancelled Cheque
  • Academic/Education Certificates
  • Birth Certificate
  • Investment Proofs
  • PAN Card
  • Proof of security deposit made
  • Passport sized photos

Why Partner with SAMCO Securities?

SAMCO from a great financial franchiser. In fact, they are one of the best you can ever encounter. And, we have proven that with evidence. But, if you still need more reasons to trust them, then here’s something.

This is a list of all the benefits they offer:-

  • They grant their business model for free. Yes, that’s right. You can become their business partner without having to pay them anything. Not even a basic security deposit is required.
  • They entrust their partners to use brand identity. And, as already mentioned, this can help to get more clients. Hence, a business establishment can be easy.
  • They do not limit the business quantity one can generate. This means you have control over how much you earn with them.
  • They give free access to their complementary programs. We are referring to the ones that’ll help you to boost your business.

SAMCO Franchise Conclusion

SAMCO Sub Broker is definitely one of the best franchises out there. They have an innovative approach. It understands the needs of their clients and partners.

It provides custom financial solutions. They have great trading platforms. It even do not require any security deposit from their partners.

What else can you need? In short, they are perfect to become your number one choice for a franchiser.

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