SAMCO Franchise or SAMCO Referral Program is newly launched business model by SAMCO. In this article, we will provide detailed information about the Sub Broker Program of SAMCO Securities, how unique or similar it to other Stock Brokers, What offerings are provided to the Sub brokers and what are the revenue margins etc.

Incase you intend to join SAMCO as a Sub broker, you will get all relevant information and answers to most of your questions herewith.

Among many new Stock Brokers who have made it big in the Share’s Industry in a short time span, stands SAMCO Ventures Pvt Ltd as one such entity. The broking company was established by acquiring Samridhhi Stock Brokers Ltd in the year 1993 and is just 3 years’ time, it has proven to be a very famous name among traders.

Samco Securities Franchise Offers

SAMCO Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

SAMCO Franchise Ratings
Market Share5.1/10
Products & Services5.4/10
Revenue Sharing5.2/10
Holistic Support5.6/10
Overall Ratings5.3/10
Star Ratings★★★

About SAMCO Securities Franchise

SAMCO Securities was originally called Samriddhi Stock Brokers, but when it was acquired in 1993, Jimeet Modi, the founder of the company, changed its name to SAMCO Securities.

samco franchiseIt is a Discount Broking and Depository Services company and their main objective is to bring easier and faster trading solutions to people so that more and more people can be inclined towards trading.

They are the ones who came up with the ITL – Indian Trade League, which is again an innovation by itself in the Stock Broking industry.

SAMCO Securities is a registered trading member with BSE, NSE and MCX-SX as well and a Depository services participant with CDSL. They offer trading services with all these exchanges and depository services all at one go.

Their aim is to eradicate all the problems that customers face during trading and offer simple, user friendly solutions so that trading becomes a choice for the masses as well.

Being a discount broker, they offer some great plans for customers at throw-away prices so that trading becomes affordable and accessible to all.

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    Types of SAMCO Franchise Business Models  

    • Referral Business Model

    SAMCO Securities Franchise or Referral Business Model

    Samco Securities follows just one Sub Broker or Franchise model and that is the Referral Model, wherein anyone and everyone can enroll as a Sub Broker and start referring. Every trader can start referring his friends and relatives once he has joined SAMCO as a trader himself. SAMCO Securities offers a great opportunity of earning a lifetime income with this Referral scheme.

    Every person that you refer, you instantly earn 20 free credits or 20 Free Trades in your account which you can utilize while trading yourself. Not only you, the person whom you have referred also gets 20 Free trades when he joins in.

    This enables him to also kick start his trading career incase he hasn’t been an active trader before this . Moreover, what you get is 10% of the brokerage share whenever any of your referrals trade with SAMCO. This is a huge earning opportunity and a lifetime recurring income till the time you are associated with SAMCO.

    You can earn with your referrals even if you are no more an active trading member, but as long as your referrals trade and give business to SAMCO, you get a share of the brokerage amount.

    Benefits of SAMCO Referral or Franchise Program

    • Amazing Referral Program offering great opportunity to earn
    • No Security deposit required
    • No Account opening or Maintenance charges
    • Flexibility to trade with multiple segments

    SAMCO Partner Revenue Sharing Model or Commission

    Since SAMCO Securities offers a Referral Program for its Franchise, the Revenue sharing model is fixed.  There are immense earning benefits, recurring income and a lifelong income.

    Imagine if you have just added 10 referrals, you would firstly get 20 X10 free trades in your account. Plu every time they trade, you would get 10% of their brokerage amount.

    This is the revenue sharing model with SAMCO. So the idea is to first add maximum referrals as possible in your account and then keep pushing them to trade regularly. You can aim at getting maximum referrals in the first few months of joining SAMCO or adding a few every month.

    Below is the revenue sharing of SAMCO Referral Model or Sub Broker Model –

    Business modelSAMCO CommissionReferrer Commission
    Referral Program90%10% & 20 Free Trades

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    SAMCO Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

    Since SAMCO Securities works on a Referral business Model, there is no need for an initial Security Deposit or Standby amount that one needs to deposit for enrolling into the Sub Broker program.

    The Trading account and the Demat account opening is also without any charge at all. So you can just open up your Trading account and start trading with SAMCO.

    Below is the Security Deposit requirement of SAMCO.

    Business modelSAMCO Securities Deposit required
    Referral ProgramZero

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    Infrastructure Investment by SAMCO Sub Brokers

    Again, since SAMCO operates at a Referral based business model, there is no obligatory mandate of keeping or maintaining an office space or any other prerequisite of that sort.

    That is something that the Sub Broker would want to have as his own favorable desire. The stock broking business is purely on word-of-mouth and good faith.

    Not many people are aware of the nuances of this industry and know how to trade profitably; and hence approach a Sub Broker for advice and guidance.

    Now, in such a scenario, you surely will need to have a basic office space to attend to your customers, have regular interactions with them and share tips on trading. The minimum that one would want to consider is a small office space in a decent locality.

    SAMCO Sub Broker or Franchise Offers

    SAMCO Securities offers a wide range of benefits for its Sub Brokers such that they can earn maximum out of their association:

    • The Broking house provides free Trading and Demat accounts for all its customers. Hence no joining fee to enroll.
    • The account opening procedure is also quite fast and through some extremely easy steps. You can also upload your EKYC documents online itself.
    • This discount broker also offers a Zero balance trading account facility, which means a trader can trade even with zero balance in his trading account and can go upto 4X of his available cash flow. This facility is called SAMCO Cash plus wherein you can trade upto 4 times of your available funds in your account. This is like an overdraft facility that the company gives you to trade.
    • The Brokerage charges per trade is also very low; one needs to pay only Rs. 20 per trade, irrespective of the amount or value of trade. With such low brokerage charges, you can attract a lot of customers to join SAMCO.
    • Their robust online trading tools are also a delight to work with. They offer complete ease and satisfaction to the customer while trading. Their extensive dashboards also offer comfort and convenience in managing and tracking referrals as well as their trading transactions

    SAMCO Securities Franchise Eligibility Criteria

    Some of the mandate criterion that every stock broker will have for their Franchise or Sub Broker would be as follows:

    • Age should be minimum 18 years
    • Should have minimum 3 years of experience in the Financial Industry, preferably in the Stock Broking Industry.
    • Should be registered with SEBI for Sub Broker
    • Would be preferable if they had a stable business with a good client base; that could enhance their business with SAMCO.
    • Some brokers also insist on having an office space with certain standards of quality maintained since they also have customer interactions; but SAMCO is not particular about this aspect. They don’t insist on you having an office space or a direct face-to-face interaction with your customers

    How to become SAMCO Sub Broker or Authorized Person?

    Staring up as a Franchise with SAMCO Securities is also fairly easy. All you need to do is get a Demat Acount and a Trading Account opened and get started.

    Once you are a registered trader with SAMCO, you can also get your friends and Family to join and they will be added to your referral list; through which you will get the Free trades as well as their brokerage whenever they trade.

    With SAMCO, there is no Verification process or Interaction session organized with the Business Development team, unlike other Stock Brokers, as here the expectation is to just build your chain of references and not service them.

    Every customer will be serviced and managed by the SAMCO team itself.

    Documents required to become SAMCO Sub Broker or Business Partner

    Below mentioned are some key documents that are required for enrolling with SAMCO Securities as a Sub Broker or Business Partner:

    • For Age Proof: you can submit either the Passport or Pan Card or School Certificate
    • Address Proof: You can submit your Adhaar Card, Voter ID, Passport, Driving License or any Utility Bill as well
    • For ID Proof: you can provide your Adhaar Card, Pan Card, Driving License, Passport or any Govt ID card
    • You would need a cancelled cheque to be provided for the bank account details to be updated in their record
    • Your SEBI registration certificate
    • You Highest Degree copy also would be needed
    • 3-4 passport size photographs

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    Why Partner with SAMCO Securities?

    You can find umpteen number of reasons to join SAMCO Securities as they offer the best in what they do. Lets have a look at some of the factors:

    • First and foremost, since they are discount brokers and have brokerage as low as Rs 20 per trade. irrespective of the amount of trade, that makes them the lowest brokerage provider in the industry.
    • You can leverage upto 4X the available Cash fund in your account; which means you don’t need to worry, you can trade even if you have less funds in your kitty
    • You can maintain a Zero Balance account as well with them, which means no need to maintain high amounts in your account as collaterals
    • Their Trading tools are truly advance and provide Gen next capability. They can be accessed via any device –laptop, desktop or Mobile. With these tools, you also get access to multiple market segments at one go; so you don’t need to have multiple logins

    Few more reasons to become SAMCO Partner

    • SAMCO offers Free Online Demat and Trading Account opening options
    • SAMCO also has a knowledge center wherein you can get instant market updates and tips at your fingertips
    • Their Customer Support team has been ranked very high among all Stock Broker’s teams as they are instant, responsive and extremely supportive. They can be reached via their Customer support center on phone, via email or via Social media as well
    • Their Strong Backend Support team also proactive and responsive. They provide all reports and trackers as per your requirement at a periodic frequency. With those reports coming in, you never feel the need to maintain your own records of customers interactions or trades. They do it perfectly for you.
    • SAMCO has a concept of “Caution Watchlist” wherein they constantly keep updating the Stocks that are not supposed to be bought and those which will certainly not be profitable for you. Hence customers can be cautious and refer to this Watchlist before buying.
    • For Starters who have never traded before and are facing issues, SAMCO has a complete Tutorial designed for them. They can easily go through the video and start trading themselves without any hassle.

    SAMCO Partner Program FAQs

    What is the types of Sub Brokers with SAMCO Securities?

    Ans: SAMCO Securities has only one type of Sub Broker Program:

    • Referral Business Model

     What is the age criteria for a Sub Broker or Business Partner with SAMCO?

    Ans: SAMCO Securities needs an incumbent to be atleast 18years plus before he joins them as a Trader or Sub Broker

    What kind of Marketing support does SAMCO Securities provide?

    Ans: They help in all stationary requirements like posters, banners and pamphlets. They also conduct a lot of seminars for awareness

    What are the benefits of adding someone as a referral in your account?

    Ans: You would instantly get 20 Free trades in your account when you add a referral with you. Moreover you will get a lifelong income of 10% of the Brokerage share that the person generates whenever her trades with SAMCO. hence this is a lifetime recurring income.

    Ques – Does SAMCO have Sub Broker Model?

    Answer – No, the sub broker model is not provided by the stock broker SAMCO. They are basically a discount broker and hence, they have no physical presence, on account of which they do not need sub brokers. On the other end, they provide the Referral business model.

    Ques – Is SAMCO having multiple Franchise models?

    Answer – No, there is only one franchise business model extended by this stock broker and it is of the referral model. The clients of the company can opt for this model as per the rules and regulations. You can check the model in detail in this article.

    Ques – What is SAMCO Sub Broker Commission?

    Answer – The model is not provided by the stock broking house and hence you will not find the details relating to it. There is only one franchise business model you can avail for and it is the Referral business model, which is provided to the clients.

    Ques – How much SAMCO Franchise Cost?

    Answer – There is the provision of only the Referral franchise business model for all the investors. As per the record and the structure set by the stock broking house SAMCO, the person willing to avail for the model does not require to pay any fee.

    Ques – Does SAMCO have Partner Program?

    Answer – There is no partner provision rendered by the stock broker, which is also referred to as the remisier model. However, the clients of the company can opt for the model of Referral Program and earn a commission on each client that they earn.

    Ques – What is SAMCO Partners Sharing?

    Answer – No partner model provided by the stock broker. The one and only model that they provide is the Referral Business Model. The entitlement for this franchise business model is of 10% commissions and then 20 free trades is the additional perk.

    Ques – Is SAMCO Partner Program Free?

    Answer – Yes, though the company does not provide the Remisier or the partner model, but they provide the Referral Business model which is entirely free. No payment as that of investment fee or initial investment is to be provided to SAMCO.

    Ques – Does SAMCO provide Training Assistance?

    Answer – As per the model provided for investment or business, there is no need for training assistance, as the business owner simple needs to refer potential clients to the investors. For further help you can choose to get in touch with the customer care.

    Ques – How to Become SAMCO Sub Broker?

    Answer – The first step is the click on the “Become Sub Broker” button, which you will find at the bottom of this page. When you click on it, a pop up form will immediately appear in front of you, which must be filled. You will then receive a cal from the company for further process and discussion.

    Ques – Does SAMCO Franchise provide Support?

    Answer – No set up of office or any other infrastructure needs are demanded for the only provided model, i.e. the Referral Business model. On this account no support is provided by the stock broker, due to its nil importance. However, you will be provided with back office and customer support.

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