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Emkay Global Frachise is growing at a very fast rate. The full service brokerage house also dealing in various other financial products and services provision to their respective customers throughout the nation.

As a matter of fact, the franchiser takes immense pride in serving their respective customers with custom tailored financial products, services as well as advisory.

In short, this article will serve you as a complete guide to the Emkay Global Sub Broker, its offers, needs and criteria to allow you to commence business under their name.

Emkay Global Sub Broker offers

Emkay Global Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

Emkay Global Franchise Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Experience 5.4/10
Market Share 5.5/10
Products & Services 5.2/10
Revenue Sharing 5.4/10
Holistic Support 5.3/10
Overall Ratings 5.4/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Emkay Global Franchise

Emkay Global Franchise

Emkay Global Franchise was incorporated to become a full fledged non banking financial service provider as well as a brokerage house in the year 1995 by the correspond ding franchiser’s patron Bhavesh Sanghvi within the judiciary limits of the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra.

The corresponding franchiser primarily thrives on the ideal of helping their respective clients make informed investments on value stocks through acute research.

The franchiser typically seeks 35 (thirty five) days worth of time to generate a new Sub Broker’s code as well as to process and clear any and all the outstanding payments pending on the franchiser’s business representative / associates’ behalf.

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    Types of Emkay Global Business Models

    Specifically speaking, there are only two forms of business models that Emkay Global Franchise engage themselves as well as their prospective business associates with in order to distribute their respective business authority, that is the Sub Broker model or the Remisier model.

    • Sub Broker / Authorised Person
    • Remisier

    Emkay Global Sub Broker or Emkay Global Authorized Person

    The Sub Broker business authority distribution being used by Emkay Global Franchise is a live example of how the corresponding franchiser uses their business intelligence to cater to the needs of the market without having to compromise on the expanse of their business.

    This particular business association model has been brought into practice by the corresponding franchiser in such a way that the engaging business partners get the complete right to further distribute the franchiser’s financial products, services and access to trading platforms to their respective clients while never having complete area wise business dominance.

    Nevertheless, this business model does allow the respective engaging business partners to provide their respective customers with added advantages and services in accordance their own will and convenience without any kind of interference from the franchiser themselves.

    Benefits of Emkay Global Authorized Person

    There are various benefits of being registered as one of the Sub Brokers under the Emkay Global Sub Broker business association initiative.

    Nonetheless, we have enlisted the most lucrative one in here so that you do not have to go through a lot of clutter:-

    • Emkay Global has been involved within the domain of proactive stock trading and broking services for more than two decades in a row and has served a lot of diverse clients within this timeframe. Thus getting to acquire new clients on behalf of the corresponding franchiser’s banner is an easy task.
    • Emkay Global Franchise has been known to pay out a high volume of commission or share the overall revenue generated by their respective business associates bound with them under the Sub Broker business association and distribution model. In other words, being a Emkay Global Sub Broker means you can earn much higher if you can execute higher volumes of business on the franchiser’s behalf.
    • Emkay Global Sub Broker has been known for their considerate behavior when it comes to meeting a certain set of requirements in terms of infrastructural needs from their respective business partners, even Sub Brokers.
    • The broking franchise model ensures that the engaging business partners can manage, grow and maintain their own set of clients without having to share the entire details of their respective clientele with the corresponding franchisers completely.

    Emkay Global Remisier

    Emkay Global Remisier business association and distribution model is yet another initiative by the corresponding franchiser to engage the potential business partners.

    This particular set of business model has been brought into practice to cater the people who might be interested in taking up certain business distribution and authority on behalf of the said franchiser thus distributing the same set of financial products, services as well as the access to the franchiser’s specific trading platforms to their respective clients.

    While also not having to pay as much as for the rights as the Sub Brokers do. This set of business distribution model also comes in handy when the interested party wants to have limited commitment towards the business growth on behalf of the corresponding franchiser.

    Benefits of Emkay Global Remisier

    Although there are a lot of perks associated with the Emkay Global Remisier business program, we have only tried to list down a handful for your convenience:-

    • Registering for the Emkay Global Remisier program ensures that the engaging party does not have to put in as much initial investment as the corresponding Sub Broker model requires in order to acquire the corresponding franchiser’s business distribution rights. As a matter of fact, this particular program demands even less than most of the similar programs as offered by the corresponding franchiser’s market competitors.
    • This particular set of business association and distribution program by Emkay Global Franchise does not seek strict commitment in terms of time or sales target from the engaging parties, thus, enabling them to commence business on behalf of the corresponding franchiser in accordance to their own convenience.

    Emkay Global Partner Revenue Sharing or Emkay Global Sub Broker Commission

    Emkay Global Franchise similarly to the Security Deposit policies, also has a strict policy in terms of Revenue Sharing with their respective business partners.

    As a matter of fact, the corresponding franchiser shares merely 10 % of the overall revenue as generated as business by their respective business associates bound under the Remisier program on their behalf as commission.

    However, in the case of their respective business partners associated with them in accordance with the Sub Broker business program, they share almost 50 % to 75 % of the total revenue as generated by the respective business partners in terms of commission.

    The overall difference in the commission being paid by the corresponding franchiser to the Sub Brokers is mainly dependent on the fact that different Sub Brokers spend different Security Deposit, thus enjoying different benefits from the franchiser.

    Refer to this Table for clear picture:

    Revenue Sharing Clients Share Emkay’s Share
    Sub Broker 50% – 75% 50% – 25%
    Remisier 10% 90%

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      Emkay Global Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

      Emkay Global Franchise has set up different sort of requirements from their respective business associates or partners in terms of initial investment (Security Deposit) on the basis of the kind of business engagement.

      Typically speaking, the corresponding franchiser strictly seeks the parties getting involved in the business with the franchiser as per the Sub Broker program to pay a Security Deposit of Rs.50,000 to Rs.2,00,000 depending up on the type of benefits the engaging party seeks to receive.

      Nevertheless, the franchiser only seeks the business associates or partners getting involved with them under the Remisier business program to only pay a Security Deposit of Rs.1,000

      Check this table below for better understanding of Emkay Global Franchise Cost:

      Security Deposit
      Sub Broker Rs.50,000 – Rs.200,000
      Remisier Rs.1,000

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      Emkay Global Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

      The only form of infrastructural demand Emkay Global Franchise has in terms of business necessities from their respective business partners or associate (Sub Brokers in specific) is having industry grade Trading Terminals.

      Emkay Global Sub Broker Offers

      Emkay Global Franchise grants only two offers to their respective business associates that is Flexible Revenue Sharing and Zero Revenue Sharing With Prepaid.

      Emkay Global Franchise or Emkay Global Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

      Before discussing the criteria that are exclusive to Emkay Global, it is important to take a note of the statutory & regulatory requirements.

      It is mandatory to abide by the list of Emkay Global Franchise eligibility criteria for all of the prospective business partners.

      The list includes:-

      • Candidate must have an educational background of ten plus two on the very least in order to be eligible to apply for any business model.
      • The applicant to have the proper knowledge of how to operate and decipher the operational language of certain computer based programs like MS Excel so as to carry out minute analytical as well as operational functions.
      • Applicant to have an experience of two years without a break in the field of stock trading on the very least in order to be eligible to apply.
      • The applicant to have an understanding of the financial terms and articles relevant to carry out the business on behalf of the corresponding franchiser in order to be eligible to apply.
      • Candidate to have a certificate issued on their behalf by the NSIM in order to be eligible to apply for any of the two business association and distribution rights of the corresponding franchiser during the time of putting in the registration request.

      How to become a Emkay Global Sub broker or Authorized Person?

      The most important part of the article as we give away all the necessary details as how one can register as sub broker.

      All you need to do is carry out all the steps as mentioned below with accuracy:-

      1. The first step is to search for a button that states ““Become Sub Broker” and click it.
      2. The next step is to read the entire form that pops up on the computer screen with utmost precision.
      3. The third step will be to fill up the entire form with the correct set of information about you.
      4. Then you must upload the filled up form along with a copy other relevant documents on to the website. The list of all the relevant documents required by the franchiser has already been provided in the previous section.
      5. The last and the final step will be to wait for a call from one of the franchiser’s authorized representatives who will guide you through the last formalities and then grant you the required business rights.

      Documents required to become Emkay Global Authorized Person

      One needs to submit a minimum of the following documents:

      1. PAN Card
      2. GST Registration
      3. Payment Proof for complete security deposit
      4. Birth Certificate
      5. Cancelled Cheque
      6. SEBI Registration Certificate
      7. Passport sized photos
      8. Academic Certificates
      9. Investment Proof

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      Why Partner with Emkay Global?

      Emkay Global Franchise has a lot to offer to their respective business partners and associates. Some of the most interesting benefits of joining in their business models is:-

      • Opportunity to work alongside a franchise that has been serving the clients across the nation and for over twenty years.
      • To tap in to the already existing clientele and also acquire new clients easily, considering the goodwill within the industry.
      • The opportunity to utilize the Back Office support, Product Training etc. in order to enhance your business skills.

      Emkay Global Franchise Conclusion

      Emkay Global Franchise is most definitely a good choice for being an apt franchiser within the Indian stock broking industry.

      Furthermore, the limited set of infrastructural requirements as presented by them adds up to the reasons why they are favored.

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