IPO Grey Market Premium or IPO GMP of all Large Cap IPOs

IPO Grey Market Premium or IPO GMP is a very important metric which every individual should check before subscribing to an upcoming IPO.

Although GMP is an unofficial way of predicting the listing price of an IPO but it is an effective tool for any IPO investor who wish to subscribe to an IPO.

What is IPO Grey Market Premium?

IPO Grey Market PremiumIPO Grey Market Premium is price decided in the Grey Market between buyers & sellers of the IPO even before the IPO application or shares are available in the exchange for trading.

Grey Market Price or Grey Market Premium helps in a great way to the IPO investors to whether subscribe to the IPO or not.

Premium is decided on the simple formula of demand & supply. If the demand is high & supply is low then the premium is high & if the demand is less & supply is abundant then the premium is low.

This entire process happens in an unofficial way, so there is no guarantee that the GMP is giving perfect indication of the listing price.

Although, Routine Investors understands that Grey Market Premium is a very good indicator of whether the IPO will perform or not. Hence, it is a very important tool to check before subscribing to any IPO.

List of Recent IPOs with their GMP or Grey Market Premium

IPO NameIssue PriceGMPListing PriceProfit/Loss – Per Share
IndiaMart IPORs,973 – 975Rs.90 – 95Not ListedNot Listed
Neogen Chemicals IPORs 212-21525-30
Polycab India IPORs 533 – Rs 538Rs 80NA
Metropolis Healthcare IPORs 877 – Rs 880Rs 50NA
Rail Vikas Nigam IPORs 17 – Rs 19Rs 1NA
Embassy Office Parks IPORs.299 – Rs.300NA
MSTC Limited IPORs.120 – Rs.128Rs.5 – Rs.10NA
Aavas Financiers IPORs.818 – Rs.821Rs.10Rs.781.40Loss – Rs.36
Garden Reach Shipbuilders IPORs.115 – Rs.118NILRs.101.40Loss – Rs.16
IRCON International IPORs.470- Rs.475Rs.8 – Rs.10Rs.415.30Loss – Rs.60
Lodha Developers IPO
CreditAccess Grameen IPORs.422Rs.0-10Rs.385Loss – Rs.37
HDFC AMC IPORs.1100Rs.550 – Rs.600Rs.1815.95Profit – Rs.716
TCNS Clothing IPORs.716Rs.10 – Rs.20Rs.659.15Loss – Rs.57
Varroc Engineering IPORs.967Rs.50 – Rs.60Rs.1037.35Profit – Rs.70
Fine Organic IPORs.783Rs.65 – Rs.75Rs.822.80Profit Rs.40
Rites Limited IPORs.185Rs.30 – Rs.40Rs.213.30Profit Rs.28
Indostar Capital IPORs.572Rs.10 – Rs.20Rs.586.10Profit – Rs.14


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Disclaimer – 

  • IPO Grey Market Premium (IPO GMP) mention is valid for the specific date only.
  • Top10stockbroker.com is not buying and selling IPO forms on IPO Gery Market.
  • Do not subscribe for IPO by just seeing premium Price as it may change anytime before listing.

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