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Ashika Stock Broking Franchise is a reputed financial services provider that offers numerous packages and products including depository, distribution, securities trading, corporate lending and investment banking under one roof via a dedicated and as well as experienced team of professionals.

Having served over 95,000 clients, Ashika Stock Broking is raging the stock broking industry.

This article focuses upon Ashika Stock Broking Sub Broker, its various business models, revenue sharing, cost, offers & more. Lets have a detailed overview below –

Ashika Stock franchise offers

Ashika Stock Broking Sub Broker Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

Ashika Broking Franchise Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Experience 5.5/10
Market Share 5.5/10
Products & Services 5.5/10
Revenue Sharing 5.6/10
Holistic Support 5.7/10
Overall Ratings 5.5/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★


About Ashika Stock Broking Franchise

Ashika Stock Broking Sub BrokerAshika Stock Broking is a private stock brokerage firm that offers full service broking. Headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, the company has been founded by Pawan Jain (FCA) in the year 1994.

The company consumes 30 days as the SB code activation time. The company pays out the sub broker revenue in 35 days.

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    Types of Ashika Stock Broking Business Models

    There are 2 types of Ashika Stock Broking Franchise association:

    • Authorized Person / Business partner / Sub broker
    • Referral Program

    Ashika Stock Broking Sub Broker or Ashika Stock Broking Authorized Person

    The clients can avail sub brokers or business partners or Authorized person (AP) from Ashika Stock Broking.

    The sub broker is a person who is not a trading member of a Stock Exchange but at the same time acts on the behalf of a Trading Member  as an agent or otherwise for assisting the investors in dealing in securities through such trading members.

    The security deposit that has been fixed for the sub brokers of Ashika Stock Broking ranges between ₹ 50,000 and ₹ 150,000 and the revenue sharing ranges between 60% and 80%.

    Benefits of Ashika Stock Broking Franchise or Authorized Person

    • The sub brokers of Ashika Stock Broking enjoy high percentage of the brokerage that is generated by the clients.
    • The franchiser who is a part of the large organization provides the sub brokers with all types of marketing support, advisory support and training support.
    • The sub brokers get an opportunity to avail new services, new products and offers as well that are launched by the franchiser.
    • A minimum amount of ₹ 50,000 as investment or security deposit is necessary to be a sub broker with Ashika Stock Broking.

    Ashika Stock Broking Referral Program

    Ashika Stock Broking has an excellent referral program. The clients with the help of Referral program make a great use of their network in order to include people as a referral client thus gaining some commission.

    Referral program is considered to be the most powerful client absorbing tools for Ashika Stock Broking as it brings out far better results.

    Benefits of Ashika Stock Broking Referral Program

    • Clients always tend to look for a candidate of a higher quality to involve them in the stock broking service of Ashika Stock Broking as the quality of the candidate will reflect on the client’s image and he/she will be full responsible for their own judgement.
    • A referral program also brings a happy and improved Company culture because as the client introduces friends, family or someone they think fit for working with them automatically that tells us they don’t mind working with them on a daily basis.
    • Referral Program also has a deep impact on the relationship between the clients and the company as they feel being involved in making impactful decisions for the company.

    Ashika Stock Broking Partner Revenue Sharing or Ashika Stock Broking Sub Broker Commission

    The Ashika Stock Broking Franchise revenue sharing models comprises of only the sub broker business model. The sub brokers can enjoy the revenue sharing from the brokerages varying between 50% and 80%.

    Master Franchise and Remisier revenue models are currently unavailable with the company. Referral program of ₹ 1,000 per referral can be seen.

    Refer to this Table for clear picture:

    Revenue Sharing Clients Share Ashika’s Share
    Sub Broker 60% – 80% 40% – 20%
    Referral Rs.1000 per Refer 100%


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      Ashika Stock Broking Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

      The Ashika Stock Broking Security Deposit model consists of only the sub brokers. The security deposit for the sub brokers varies between ₹ 50,000 and ₹ 150,000.

      Both Master Franchise and Remisier program is not currently available with the company. The security deposit required to start the sub broker business is absolutely refundable after the tenure gets over and Ashika Stock Broking do not offer any referral program for the security deposit as of now.

      Check this table below for better understanding of Ashika Stock Broking Franchise Cost:

      Security Deposit
      Sub Broker Rs.50,000 – Rs.150,000
      Referral Program Zero

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      Ashika Stock Broking Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

      To commence sub broking with Ashika Stock Broking, a sub brokers needs to possess all the infrastructure investments mentioned.

      The sub brokers must possess trading terminals and telephone lines in order to start sub brokership with Ashika Stock Broking. Research services and internet connection is not required.

      It is mandatory for the sub broker to have an office area bearing minimum of 100 sq.ft. area having minimum employee strength of 2 to smoothly carry out sub brokership.

      Ashika Stock Broking Sub Broker Offers

      To encourage and promote the business of sub-brokers, Ashika Stock Broking regularly launches a variety of offers. Some of the regular offers are:

      • Zero deposit offers are currently active with the company.
      • Flexible revenue sharing is offered to the clients.
      • The company does not offer low security deposit scheme.
      • The company does not offer flat revenue sharing.
      • Zero revenue sharing with prepaid is not available for the sub brokers.

      The offers can easily be availed by all Ashika Stock Broking Authorized Person once they register with Ashika Stock Broking.

      Ashika Stock Broking Franchise or Ashika Stock Broking Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

      Before discussing the criteria that are exclusive to Ashika Stock Broking, it is important to take a note of the statutory & regulatory requirements.

      The sub brokers wanting to undertake sub brokership from Ashika Stock Broking must meet the following eligibility criteria:

      • Applicant must be enthusiastic and looking forward and aggressive in sales having a good understanding about the capital markets and the regulatory environment.
      • The applicant must be an adult bearing age of minimum 21 years.
      • Prospect must bear a clean track record wherein he / she must have never been convicted of any offence involving fraud or dishonesty.
      • The applicant should have the minimum educational qualification of 12th standard pass or equivalent examination from a government recognized institution. A degree of graduation would provide an added benefit.
      • Applicant must possess knowledge in basic computer.
      • Applicant must possess a minimum of 1 – 2 years of experience in selling the financial products and products as a sub broker / remisier / mutual fund distributor / insurance advisor / financial planner or an employee of a broker / sub broker.
      • Prospect must possess entrepreneurial skills.
      • The applicant must be both physically and mentally fit abiding by the rules set by the company.

      How to become a Ashika Stock Broking Sub broker or Authorized Person?

      1. To become the sub broker of Ashika Stock Broking, the applicant is required to fill up a form which can be found on their website under “At Your Service” stated as “Open An Account”.
      2. The executives of Ashika Stock Broking will contact with the applicant to recheck and confirm the details provided.
      3. The Ashika Stock Broking will then connect the applicant with the business team of the company to take the discussions forward.
      4. Following this, another meeting will be fixed with the applicant and the executive of Ashika Stock Broking wherein both the people will have transparent situations to discuss certain terms like the security deposit or investment amount and the revenue ratio etc.
      5. After all the queries are solved, the applicant is required to provide the company with all the necessary documents stated to them.
      6. After the agreement is done, the applicant will receive a sub broker ID with which he or she will be able to operate the account.

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      Why Partner with Ashika Stock Broking?

      • The revenue sharing model of Ashika Stock Broking is relatively high where minimum 60% revenue is offered to the sub broker that can go up to 80%.
      • The security deposit that is collected from the sub broker is refunded to the sub broker after he or she completes the sub broking tenure with Ashika Stock Broking.
      • The infrastructure requirement set by the company for the sub brokers is pretty basic.
      • The offers set by the company are also beneficial to the sub brokers.

      Ashika Stock Broking Franchise Conclusion

      In a nutshell, Ashika Stock Broking has come up with the best sub broker Franchise program. The revenue sharing model, the offers and all the other parameters are quite luring. Finally, the payout time is also less not letting the sub brokers wait for too long.

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