Top 10 Sub Broker Partner in India

Let us see today who are the top 10 sub broker partner in India.
Top 10 sub broker partner in India

Before getting into the one of the fierce comparison of sub broker franchise, we should look at the parameters on which they have been compared. With our 12 years of experience in this sector, we have analysed around 300 parameters and then finalized 5 which makes most sense to any small business who wants to get into sub broker business. We have also consulted over 500 sub brokers or stock broking franchise owners to understand their requirement before joining a prolific stock broking house as a channel partner.


Let us look into these 5 parameters now –

  • Experience & Brand value
  • Market Share
  • Revenue Sharing Model
  • Product, Services & Offers
  • Holistic Support

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Ranking of Top 10 sub broker partner in India 2017

Let’s us now look into each of these parameters which sub broker partner is winning the race –

Rank Franchisor Rating
1 Angel Broking Franchise 8.3
2 Kotak Securities Franchise 8.12
3 ICICI Direct Franchise 7.98
4 SMC Franchise 7.4
5 Motilal Oswal Franchise 7.2
6 IIFL Franchise 7.2
7 Sharekhan Franchise 7
8 Sushil Finance Franchise 6.34
9 Nirmal Bang Franchise 6.24
10 Profitmart Franchise 6.14

Sub Broker experience & brand value

Experience in this sector is extremely important as many big players has drowned due to some or the other reasons, but these sub broker partners are survivors & market leaders.

They have gained an immense brand value due to the support they get from the client base as well as from their sub brokers.

Rank Franchisor Rating
1 ICICI Direct Franchise 8
2 Angel Broking Franchise 7.5
3 Kotak Securities Franchise 7.5
4 SMC Franchise 7.5
5 IIFL Franchise 7
6 Sharekhan Franchise 6.5
7 Motilal Oswal Franchise 6
8 Sushil Finance Franchise 6
9 Nirmal Bang Franchise 5.5
10 Profitmart Franchise 5

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Stock broking franchise market share

Market share is about the volume of business these channel partners drive in the stock broking franchise space. These top 10 stock broking franchise are leaders in the market & hence they are in this list.

The higher the market share the larger the group in sub broker space.

Rank Franchisor Rating
1 Angel Broking Franchise 9.5
2 Kotak Securities Franchise 8
3 ICICI Direct Franchise 7.5
4 SMC Franchise 7.5
5 Motilal Oswal Franchise 7.5
6 IIFL Franchise 7
7 Sharekhan Franchise 6.5
8 Sushil Finance Franchise 4.5
9 Nirmal Bang Franchise 4.5
10 Profitmart Franchise 3.5

Sub Broker Franchise Revenue Sharing Model

Revenue sharing model is one of the most important parameter to gauge a sub broker partner because most of their b2b client look for these criteria before choosing a stock broker franchise.

This significantly relates to the volume of money a sub broker can earn from their client, the lower the revenue share percentage a franchise owner takes is better for sub broker.

Rank Franchise Owners Rating
1 Angel Broking Franchise 8
2 SMC Franchise 8
3 Sharekhan Franchise 8
4 Sushil Finance Franchise 8
5 Nirmal Bang Franchise 8
6 Profitmart Franchise 8
7 Kotak Securities Franchise 7.5
8 IIFL Franchise 7.5
9 ICICI Direct Franchise 7
10 Motilal Oswal Franchise 7

Channel partner products, services & offers

Another important parameter any sub broker will look for before finalizing a channel partner. The sub broker will look into the various asset classes their client base can venture into, the more the product the higher the client base they can cater to.

Services is another major factor as it smoothens the processes for the sub broker. Now a days, all broking houses are giving a lot of offers, hence, offers is another major factor before choosing a stock broking franchise. This is another major parameter for choosing these top 10 sub broker partner.

Rank Franchise Owners Rating
1 ICICI Direct Franchise 8.9
2 Kotak Securities Franchise 8.6
3 Angel Broking Franchise 8.5
4 IIFL Franchise 8
5 Profitmart Franchise 8
6 Motilal Oswal Franchise 7.5
7 SMC Franchise 7
8 Sharekhan Franchise 7
9 Nirmal Bang Franchise 6.7
10 Sushil Finance Franchise 6.5

Stock broking franchise holistic support

To understand better about these top 10 sub broker partner one should also look into their support mechanism. Holistic support means whether the sub broker partner provides marketing support to the sub broker, how is their customer i.e sub broker support mechanism.

Whether these channel partners are providing trading platforms for across devices, whether their services are competent against other top 10 sub broker partner.

Rank Franchisor Rating
1 Kotak Securities Franchise 9
2 ICICI Direct Franchise 8.5
3 Angel Broking Franchise 8
4 Motilal Oswal Franchise 8
5 SMC Franchise 7
6 Sharekhan Franchise 7
7 Sushil Finance Franchise 6.7
8 IIFL Franchise 6.5
9 Nirmal Bang Franchise 6.5
10 Profitmart Franchise 6.2

List of all Stock Broking Franchise in India

Here is the list of all Sub Broker Franchise:

List of Sub Broker Franchise in India
Angel Broking Sub Broker Kotak Securities Sub Broker Narnolia Sub Broker
Sharekhan Sub Broker ICICI Direct Sub Broker Choice Broking Sub Broker
Motilal Oswal Sub Broker IIFL Sub Broker Just Trade Sub Broker
SMC Sub Broker Nirmal Bang Sub Broker Astha Trade Sub Broker
Sushil Finance Sub Broker Profitmart Sub Broker IFCI Sub Broker 
Prabhudas Lilladher Sub Broker Swastika Investment Sub Broker Anand Rathi Sub Broker
IDBI Direct Sub Broker Ventura Securities Sub Broker Elite Wealth Sub Broker
Upstox Sub Broker Bonanza Portfolio Sub Broker 5Paisa Sub Broker
Sykes & Ray Sub Broker Geojit Sub Broker Arihant Capital Sub Broker
SBI Securities Sub Broker Achiievers Equities Sub Broker Tradeplus Online Sub Broker
Karvy Sub Broker Ski Capital Sub Broker Tradebulls Sub Broker
Religare Securities Sub Broker Edelweiss Sub Broker Parasram Holdings Sub Broker
Fyers Sub Broker Alice Blue Sub Broker Aditya Birla Money Sub Broker

Top 10 sub broker partner India 2017 conclusion

According to us these are the major reasons any sub broker should look into before finalizing a stock broking franchise. One should look into all the details before hooking with a channel partner as it is always a long term relationship a business owner will like to enter into in B2B form of business.

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List of all Full-Service Brokers in India –

Angel Broking , Motilal Oswal , Kotak Securities , HDFC Securities , Sharekhan , India Infoline / IIFL , ICICI Direct , Edelweiss , Karvy , SBI Cap Securities , Geogit BNP Paribas , Anand Rathi , Religare Securities , Indiabulls Ventures , Just Trade , Ventura Securities , Marwadi Group , Aditya Birla Money , Axis Direct , SMC Global , GEPL Capital , IDBI Direct , GCL Securities , Arihant Capital , Mangal Keshav , MasterTrust , Networth Direct , Reliance Securities , Sushil Finance , LSE Securities

List of all Discount Brokers in India –

Zerodha , 5Paisa , Upstox / RKSV , Samco , SAS Online , Wisdom Capital , Trade Smart Online , Tradejini , Beeline Broking , Compositedge , RK Global , Achiievers Equities , Bonanza Portfolio , MDirect , TradingBells , EzWealth

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  • April 12, 2018 at 22:15

    I recently open a franchise in IIFL. Worst experience. No training, no timely response. One form which i send to IIFL Branch is missing.

    Worst experience. please dont go for IIFL


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