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Best Sub Broker Franchise in India – List of Top 10 Sub Broker Partner of 2024

Last Updated Date - Jan 02, 2024

Let us see today who are the Best Sub Broker in India.

Before getting into one of the fierce comparisons of Best Sub Broker Franchise, we should look at the parameters on which they have been compared.

With our 12 years of experience in this sector, we have analyzed around 300 parameters and then finalized 11 which makes the most sense to any small business that wants to get into sub broker business.

We have also consulted over 500 sub brokers or stock broking franchise owners to understand their requirements before joining a prolific stock broking house as a channel partner.

Let us look into these 11 parameters now –

  • Brand Value
  • Franchise Cost
  • Revenue Sharing
  • Market Share
  • Innovative Products
  • Top Notch Services
  • Support
  • Master Franchise Model
  • Sub Broker Program
  • Partner or DRA Program
  • Referral Model

Best Sub Broker India – Top 10 Stock Broker Franchise in 2024

Let’s now look into the list of top sub broker partners & find out how they are winning the race –

Rank Sub Broker Franchise Ratings
1 Angel One Franchise 9.65 / 10
2 Zerodha Partner 9.50 / 10
3 Sharekhan Franchise 9.45 / 10
4 Motilal Oswal Franchise 9.30 / 10
5 Upstox Partner 9.25 / 10
6 IIFL Franchise 9.10 / 10
7 Kotak Securities Franchise 8.95 / 10
8 ICICI Direct Franchise 8.75 / 10
9 Edelweiss Partner 8.60 / 10
10 5Paisa Partner 8.50 / 10

We have curated information and data about the Best Sub Broker Franchise in India. In the process of shortlisting these brokers’ franchises, we have considered different factors or parameters.

Top 10 sub broker partner in IndiaThese are like the brand value of the broker’s franchise, then the cost of acquiring a franchise for the franchisee, how much revenue the franchise holder will get, and related factors.

These factors have been thoroughly evaluated to choose these Sub Broker franchise in India.

According to our findings, as you can see in the table given above, we have Angel One Franchise as the best broker’s franchise.

Then it is followed by Zerodha Partner, Sharekhan Franchise, Motilal Oswal, and others. We will discuss all the eleven parameters and then these sub brokers in the article below.

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    Best Sub Broker Franchise with Top Brand Value

    The first parameter that we have analyzed is the brand value of the broker’s franchise.

    Brand value plays a pivotal role in establishing and running the franchise business in this country and worldwide.

    The most crucial factor in franchise business by choosing the Best Stock Broker Franchise in India, an entrepreneur will automatically get a goodwill and brand value attached to his or her business.

    This will bring in goodwill to the franchise business & in turn it will help acquire more Demat accounts under his franchisee & the entrepreneur will be able to make more & more money.

    According to our studies, we have found that Angel One franchise can give you the most amount of benefit from their brand value.

    Then there is the Sharekhan franchise, followed by Motilal Oswal, Zerodha, and Upstox. These five brokerage houses have an exorbitant brand value which surely boosts your franchise business.

    Best Broker for Sub Brokership with Minimum Franchise Cost

    If you want to buy a franchise from the Best Broker for Sub Brokership, you need to invest some amount from your end to get that.

    A Franchise cost is nothing but the price you pay to buy the franchise of a share broker. Franchise cost generally varies from Rs.1 lakh to Rs.2 lakh in India.

    However, this is for the master franchise. For the sub brokership program, you have to pay around Rs.50000. However, the costs vary from one broker to another.

    The franchise fee charged is also refundable i.e. the broker refunds the franchise fee after deducting 10%-20%, once the franchisee decides to stop the sub-brokership.

    We have found that the most reasonable franchise cost is provided by these five brokerage houses. Angel One offers their franchise at the most reasonable price.

    Then there is Zerodha, IIFL, Edelweiss and Upstox. Their franchise cost, or cost for becoming a partner or sub-broker is quite affordable and reasonable.

    Best Sub Broker Franchise in India with High Revenue Sharing

    Whether you are opting for a Best Stock Broker Franchise in India or a sub-brokership program or partner or referral program, the ultimate goal is to generate revenue, isn’t it?

    Best Sub Broker in India - List of Top 10 Sub Broker Partner of 2022

    So, Revenue sharing is our third parameter according to which we have evaluated all these brokers and their franchise models.

    Revenue sharing means sharing a portion of the revenue with the partner, and this revenue is generated from the client provided by the partner itself.

    Suppose, you acquired a client for ABC brokerage house and you are a sub-broker of the firm.

    Now this client has been trading and generating revenue of around Rs.1,00,000 per month for the ABC brokerage house.

    As per your revenue-sharing contract, The broker will share 50% of revenue with you. So, you will receive Rs.50,000 as a revenue share for this one client from the brokerage house.

    The revenue sharing ratios are different for different franchise models as well as brokers.

    It generally varies from 70% to 80% and in some cases even more than that for Master franchise holders.

    For the sub brokers, it varies from 50% to 70% (approximately). The business partners get around 20% to 40% on an average while the referral program partners get a fixed amount for each referral usually.

    The best revenue model is provided by Angel One, then there is Sharekhan which also shares a whopping percentage of the revenue.

    Then there is Motilal Oswal, IIFL, and Kotak Securities which shares exceptional revenue portions with their partners when compared to the rest of the brokers in the country.

    Top 10 Sub Brokers in India with High Market Share

    Another criterion for choosing these Top Sub Brokers in India is the market share.

    It is a crucial factor in determining the franchise business because, if the market share is high in the market, then more people know about the broker and this, in turn, can help the sub broker or the master franchise to get more clients.

    Market share also helps in understanding which stock broker is providing great services to its partners.

    You can see in the table above that the brokers’ franchises having the largest market share are Angel One, then Zerodha, Sharekhan, Motilal Oswal, and Upstox.

    Best Stock broking Franchise in India with Innovative Products

    When you are buying a franchise from a stockbroker, you need their products to attract more traders/ clients.

    So, the Best Stock Broking Franchise in India would provide you with the best trading app, be it a mobile app, or a trading terminal.

    Other products from the stockbroker that helps you get more clients are Robo advisory, basket trading platform, algo trading platform, and others.

    Now, as a Sub broker, you would need two main products from the stockbroker. The first one is the back office panel.

    This back office panel is the most important product you would need from the stockbroker. Here you can see and keep monitoring each client’s trade who has joined via your reference.

    Then you can also check the client trading history, this will help you understand and determine the amount of revenue to expect from that client.

    The back office panels have to be easy to use and quick. Another facility that the stockbroker must provide is a portal for opening a Demat account for the client.

    Suppose, you have provided prospects to the stock brokerage house. Now, when they are opening the account, some issues popped up.

    So, if you have access to the account opening dashboard and it can link to the client’s dashboard, you can check the issue and resolve it as soon as possible and help the prospect to open an account.

    As per this parameter, we have Zerodha at the top for supplying the franchise holder and the clients with the most innovative products.

    Then we have Angel One, Upstox, Sharekhan, and Kotak Securities. All these brokers come up with different products to help the franchisee as well as the clients.

    Top 10 Sub Brokers in India with Top-Notch Services

    For choosing the Top 10 Sub Brokers in India, we have also evaluated the services they provide to the clients and the sub-brokers.

    The services they offer for the clients through the franchise or the sub-brokers are like research reports, advisory calls, guidance to trade on app/ terminal, loan against shares, Digital gold Investment, PMS, and others.

    The services that sub-brokers require include all the above mentioned services plus training to sub broker where they will train the clients to trade, both basic and advanced training.

    Then it can also include technical works and others. Moreover, franchise holders or the sub-broker must get regular payments.

    Furthermore, the popular broker franchises offer quick and easy registration and sub-broker code generation process via SEBI.

    The best franchisor which offers all these services include Motilal Oswal at the top of the list, then there is Angel One, Sharekhan, ICICI Direct, and Kotak Securities.

    Top Sub Broker Franchise with Holistic Support

    Whether you open a master franchise or become a sub-broker or become a partner, you would need different support from the brokerage house, isn’t it?

    The Best Sub Broker Franchise in India which includes Angel One, Sharekhan, Motilal Oswal, IIFL, and Kotak Securities offers a wide range of supports.

    You will get marketing support for marketing your business to prospective clients in the area and region.

    Along with marketing support, these franchise brands provide promotional support as well to attract more clients & open more trading accounts.

    Then the most important support is the training support which is provided by these franchises to the franchisees for making them understand the products and services they are going to offer to their clients.

    Then as discussed above, the back office panel support is a must for the master franchises and sub-brokers.

    There is also dealing support provided by the brokerage houses for helping the clients crack deals.

    Top Master Franchise Model provider in India

    Master Franchise is a type of partnering with the stockbrokers where you will have the monopoly in the business.

    For instance, suppose you live in Chandigarh and you are taking Master Franchise of Motilal Oswal, then there will be no other Master Franchise of Motilal Oswal in the city of Chandigarh.

    So, with Stock Broker Master Franchise in India, you can rule over a whole region and master franchises can provide sub-brokership to people who are interested but the broker cannot provide sub-brokership directly in the region.

    This is another added benefit of becoming the master franchise. The best master franchise program is offered by Motilal Oswal, then there is ICICI Direct, Kotak Securities, Sharekhan, and Angel One.

    Best Sub Broker Program provider in India

    The most common form of partnership with brokers in the country is becoming their sub-brokers.

    The Best Sub-Broker Program in India is offered by Angel One, then there is Sharekhan, IIFL, Kotak Securities, Motilal Oswal.

    A sub-broker has to acquire clients, help them open their accounts, and then provide all support they require for trading. Sub-broker is like a mini brokerage house.

    The investment required for becoming a sub-broker is lesser than a master franchise. However, the revenue shares you can expect as a sub-broker are quite lucrative.

    The average revenue share that sub-brokers get is around 60%-70%.

    Best Partner / DRA / Affiliate Program provider in India

    If you are looking for a part-time business where you will be just introducing clients to the brokerage house and opening their accounts, then there is Business Partner Program or DRA Program which you can opt for.

    The Best Stock Broker Affiliate Program in India is offered by Zerodha, Upstox, Angel One, Edelweiss, 5Paisa.

    As a partner, you can earn a revenue share between 30%-50% which is quite good for just introducing clients to the company.

    You do not need to do any dealing or render such services on the behalf of the client as well.

    Best Stock Market Referral Programs in India

    The eleventh parameter that we have evaluated for choosing these stockbroker franchises is Referral Programs.

    The best stock market referral programs in India are offered by Upstox, Angel One, Motilal Oswal, IIFL, and Kotak Securities.

    As a referral program partner, you can just refer the client to the stockbroker and for that, you can earn a fixed commission.

    This is a great opportunity for anyone who is looking for making some extra cash and has a good network.

    Now let us see which ten stockbroker franchises have made it to the top ten of our list.

    Angel One Franchise – Best Sub Broker in India

    In our list of Best Sub Broker in India, we have Angel One Franchise at the top. Angel One Franchise was previously known as Angel broking Franchise.

    Angel One Franchise - Best Sub Broker in India

    Angel One has more than 13,000 sub-brokers in the country spreading across cities. It has all the reasons to be the best stock broker franchise in the country.

    Angel One has more than three decades of experience in this business. It offers three types of partnering opportunities which are Master Franchise, sub-brokership, and DRA program partner.

    The revenue shared with the partners varies from 20% to a whopping 80% as well.

    The DRA partners get between 20% to 30% of the revenue, where the sub-brokers get around 60% of the revenue and the Master Franchises earn around 80% of the revenue from the revenue generated from their clients.

    The cost or investment varies from Rs.50,000 to Rs.3,00,000 depending on the franchise model you are opting for.

    Why start an Angel One Franchise?

    • The commission you are going to receive is above the market averages.
    • They offer all kinds of support to the master franchise holder, sub-brokers, and DRA partners as well.
    • You can offer a wide variety of products and services to your prospects and clients as Angel One has multiple innovative products.
    • The investment required for becoming a franchisee is comparatively lesser than market averages.
    • The trading process is simple and effective. With Angel One Franchise, you can offer your clients, the best of the trading platforms. Angel One App has been awarded the best mobile app as well back in 2016.
    • Their back-office portal is top-notch among the other sub broker franchise in India.

    Zerodha Partner – Best Stock Broker Partner in India

    The Best Stock Broker Partner in India is Zerodha. It offers the best partnering program across the country compared to all other brokerage houses.

    Zerodha Partner - Best Stock Broker Partner in India

    Zerodha Partners get the best possible brokerage plans to offer to their clients. Moreover, the best trading platform you can offer to your clients is when you become a Zerodha Partner.

    There are multiple stock exchanges in which the clients can trade – across investment instruments – be it stocks, commodities, currencies, and others.

    On Zerodha’s platform, there are more than 3-4 million trades that take place on daily basis.

    The investment that you will require to become a Zerodha partner or an authorized person is Rs.11,000 at present.

    The revenue share you can expect is between 20% to 50% of the total revenue generated from the client you bring into the firm.

    The remaining will be Zerodha’s commission. For instance, if the client you have brought to Zerodha trades for Rs.1 lakh in a month, then your commission will be something between Rs.20,000 to Rs.50,000.

    The revenue sharing percentage would depend on the investment amount. While Rs.11,000 is the basic deposit requirement, you can also keep higher security deposits.

    The higher the security deposit, the more will be your revenue share.

    Why start Zerodha Partner Program?

    • Zerodha is a pioneer in starting sub broker partner in India.
    • You can become a partner at a very nominal cost/ investment.
    • The revenue sharing percentage is quite lucrative
    • They have a wide range of advanced trading platforms to offer that you can offer to clients like the Zerodha Kite App.
    • Zerodha is the largest stockbroker in the country at present as well.

    Sharekhan Franchise – Best Sub Broker Franchise in India

    Sharekhan is one of the most popular names in the Indian stock market. Even novice traders have heard this name.

    Sharekhan Franchise - Best Sub Broker Franchise in India

    Sharekhan has a chain of brokers and franchises spread even in the nooks and corners of the country.

    It is undoubtedly one of the largest brokers in the country which is why its franchise and sub-brokership are always in high demand. It has around 3000 branches across 500+ different cities.

    There are two types of partnering opportunities available with Sharekhan –

    • Sub-brokers/authorized person
    • Independent Financial Advisors (IAF)

    So, by becoming a sub-broker of this Best Sub Broker Franchise in India you can earn a whopping revenue share which is 70% fixed.

    This is a whopping and unmatchable revenue share offered to any sub-broker in the country. The IAFs get around 60% to 70% of the commission as well.

    To surprise you more, this whopping revenue share you can earn just by keeping a deposit of Rs.50,000 for both the partnering program, isn’t that incredible?

    Why start a Sharekhan Franchise?

    • With the Sharekhan franchise, you can get a revenue share of around 70%. It is way higher than the industry standards.
    • Sharekhan is one of the oldest providers of stock broker franchise in India.
    • The broker is known for its marketing and training support. It offers full marketing facilities and helps them do meaningful regular events where they can source clients. Moreover, they provided thorough training to the sub-brokers to understand their products and services. This in turn helps the sub-brokers to help the clients.
    • Sharekhan being a full-service broker has a research and advisory division. The sub-brokers of Sharekhan can avail the same and offer it to the clients. This can help you get more clients.
    • It has top-notch services as well whether it is the back-panel that you require or the Demat opening services and others.

    Motilal Oswal Franchise – Top Sub Broker Franchise in India

    In the fourth position for the Best Broker for Sub Brokership, we have Motilal Oswal Franchise.

    Motilal Oswal Franchise - Top Sub Broker Franchise in India

    It is one of the most popular franchises in India. It has more than 1500 sub-brokers already across the country.

    Motilal Oswal offers multiple types of partnering opportunities. You can choose as per your investment budget and business plan.

    You can become their franchise partner, channel partner, Remisier, and you can also become an entrepreneur as their employee with their employee to entrepreneur program.

    As a sub-broker of Motilal Oswal, you can earn up to 80% of the revenue while the minimum you will earn is 60%.

    Then if you opt for the employee to entrepreneur program, your revenue will range between 60% and 70%.

    The Motilal Oswal Remisier gets 15% to 30% revenue share and the highest is being paid to the Channel Partners. They earn between the range of 70% to 90% of the revenue.

    The investment value depends on the type of partnership you are opting for. It generally varies from Rs.10,000 to even Rs.10 lakhs.

    Why become a Motilal Oswal Sub Broker?

    • The first and foremost reason for becoming a partner of Motilal Oswal can be its revenue model. This broker offers the maximum of the revenue to the partner and keeps the minimum for itself. You will hardly find any revenue sharing model where the partner gets 90% and the broker keeps only 10% of the revenue.
    • Secondly, Motilal Oswal is a brand in the stock market and financial industry. Taking a franchise, or becoming a sub-broker will automatically help you get clients compared to local brokerage houses.
    • Motilal Oswal offers top-notch support and training to its partners. You will get marketing, promotional, back-office, training, and dealing support when you enroll in their partnership program.
    • Furthermore, you can offer excellent research and advisory services to your clients as Motilal Oswal offers you the same. Access to annual reports, fundamental analysis, and information are all made available along with suggestions and tips.
    • The broker is one of the Top Sub Broker Franchise in India. They have a proven record of the highly scalable master franchise model. They have been able to scale many businesses with this model.

    Upstox Partner – Best Stock Broker Affiliate Program in India

    At the fifth position, we have Upstox Partners as the Best Stock Broker Affiliate Program.

    Upstox Partner - Best Stock Broker Affiliate Program in India

    Upstox Partner model is a basic model which anyone with basic knowledge of the stock market and stockbroking can opt for.

    There are people from different fields like education, social media, Youtube, and others who have joined hands and earned excellently well from this partnering program.

    A person has to pay only Rs.3,000 for becoming the partner of the broker. This is one of the lowest investment requirements in the market for becoming a partner.

    If you are thinking that you will receive a very small portion of the revenue as the investment is so low, then you are wrong.

    You can get up to 50% of the revenue even at such a low investment. Yes, the revenue share varies from 30% to 50%.

    Why start Upstox Partner Program?

    • If you are looking for a business opportunity at an investment as low as Rs. 3000, then you can choose the Upstox Partnership program.
    • The high revenue sharing model compared to the market average is another benefit for the partner.
    • Then come the innovative products and high-end services provided by Upstox to both clients and partners. They offer one of the most advanced mobile apps i.e. Upstox Mobile App with a lot of features that help you pitch them to prospective clients easily.
    • The process of signing up, registration is quite simple with Upstox.
    • It offers marketing support, training support to make your business get established and run properly.
    • Upstox is one of the Top Sub Broker Affiliates in India. They are currently growing at a very fast rate with their affiliate program.

    IIFL Franchise – Top Share Market Franchise in India

    IIFL provides one of the Top Share Market Franchise in India.

    IIFL Franchise - Top Share Market Franchise in India

    India Infoline (IIFL) is one of the oldest and popular stockbrokers with a vast network of sub-brokers and franchise holders and partners across the country.

    It has specific eligibility criteria for accepting partnering applications. For instance, you have to be eighteen years and above for becoming their partner.

    Then you must have valid residence/address proof and secondary education proof. IIFL Franchise offers a revenue model to the sub-brokers of 60% to 75%.

    Then there are Marketing Associates who get around 30%, employees to entrepreneur program partners get 20% revenue share and the IIFL Remisiers get between 40% to 50% revenue share.

    If you want to become the sub-broker or authorized person of IIFL, then you need to invest around Rs.1 lakh to Rs.2 lakhs for acquiring the sub-brokership from IIFL.

    For becoming a Remisier, you just need to invest Rs.15,000.

    While for the other two partnership programs that are Marketing Associates and Employee to Entrepreneur, there are no investments or deposit you need to make to IIFL.

    Why start an IIFL Franchise?

    • Firstly, IIFL has a huge brand value and presence. This will help you get clients easily.
    • With IIFL Franchise, you can get a wide range of products and services to offer to clients.
    • There are high-end trading tools and platforms like IIFL Markets App which the broker offers and in turn, you can offer to your clients that you acquire for the broker.
    • IIFL is one of the best stock broker franchise in India as they have always come up with innovations for their partners.
    • Timely and secure payment methods.
    • Full support was provided by IIFL to the partners.

    Kotak Securities Franchise – Top Sub Brokers in India

    With Kotak Securities, you can get three types of partnership models which include Authorised Person or Sub-brokership, NetInvest Ace, and NetInvest Direct.

    Kotak Securities Franchise - Top Sub Brokers in India

    Kotak Securities sub-brokers is one of the Top Sub Brokers in India who earns a whopping 30% to 50% commission which is at par with the market average commission for the Stock Market Sub Brokers.

    Then the NetInvest Ace partners earn between the range of 50% to 80% which is the highest revenue paying partnership opportunity at Kotak Securities.

    Then NetInvest Direct will let you earn between 10% to 20% only. For becoming the authorized person/ sub-broker you need to invest Rs.10,000 to Rs.50,000.

    The investment requirement for becoming a NetInvest Ace is Rs.1 lakh to Rs.2 lakh. Then there is Kotak Securities NetInvest Direct for which you need to keep Rs.20,000.

    Why become Kotak Securities Sub Broker?

    • Kotak Securities Franchise model is one of the lucrative business models where you can earn revenue as high as 80%.
    • Then Kotak Securities business development support, dedicated relationship officers’ support, conducts seminars, boot camps, and a lot more to help you grow your business and acquire more clients.
    • They also provide training and trading support to your clients so are theirs.
    • The broker provides various technical analysis tools to the sub brokers which in turn is shared with their clients.

    ICICI Direct Franchise – Top 10 Sub Broker Franchise in India

    In this Sub Broker Franchise Comparison, we have ICICI Direct Franchise as the 8th best franchise out of these Top 10 Sub Broker Franchise in India.

    ICICI Direct Franchise - Top 10 Sub Broker Franchise in India

    ICICI Direct provides two types of partnership opportunities –

    • Authorized Person/ Sub-broker
    • Investment Associate

    If you want to become an authorized person of ICICI Direct then you need to pay or to be precise invest around Rs.75,000 as the minimum investment while it can go up to Rs.2 lakh as well.

    If you want to opt for the Investment Associate model, then you have to invest around Rs.25,000 to Rs.1 lakh.

    The revenue share that you can expect is between 50% to 75% if you are a sub-broker or an authorized person. While an Investment Associate can get between 305 to 75%.

    Why start an ICICI Direct Franchise?

    • The first reason is that ICICI Direct is one of the largest brokerage houses in the retail segment in this country. It already has a huge brand value and popularity which you can encash by becoming a sub-broker or Investment associate.
    • You can get complete support from ICICI Direct be it promotional, marketing, training, and other support which are necessary for a sub-broker.
    • ICICI Direct offers lots of services that you as a sub-broker can pitch to the clients to bring them in.
    • It offers one of the best revenue models in the industry as well.
    • The broker provides a wide range of Intraday Indicators via their Trading app & terminals which helps the clients of sub broker in trading.

    Edelweiss Partner – Best Sub Broker Partner in India

    In the ninth place of our list of Best Sub Broker Partners in India, we have Edelweiss Partner. Edelweiss provides three types of business partnership opportunities with them.

    Edelweiss Partner - Best Sub Broker Partner in India

    You can become a master franchise, sub-broker, or an Elliance. This is a new term introduced by Edelweiss for the partners/ Remisiers.

    For becoming a sub-broker of Edelweiss you need to invest an initial amount of Rs.1 lakh. Later you can increase your investment up to Rs.2 lakh as well.

    The revenue model at Edelweiss is quite different from the rest of the brokerage houses. Here they pay a fixed amount per month which varies according to the type of partner.

    For instance, the franchise holder gets around Rs.30,000 to Rs.75,000 in a month and this also goes for the sub-brokers who have their own laptop or personal computer.

    While the sub-brokers will receive only Rs.30,000 if they have non-exclusive dealers for placing clients’ orders.

    The partners on the other hand get around Rs.75,000 per month and also a sitting area, a computer, telephone, terminal port all for trading purposes.

    Why Partner with Edelweiss?

    • Edelweiss is one of the premier brokerage houses in the country. You can become a part of their legacy by becoming their partner. This can help you get easy recognition and clients.
    • The broker has come up with one of the best stock broker referral programs where anyone can earn from Rs.500 to Rs.1,000 just by referring a client.
    • Edelweiss has quite a decent investment requirement.
    • They offer multiple thematic investment models and ideas
    • Great research and analytical tools are also provided to the partners to help the clients.
    • Edelweiss provides excellent office branding and marketing support to the partners.
    • Edelweiss brokerage charges are the lowest among stock brokers i.e. Rs.10 per order which is a huge bonus for the clients of partners.

    5Paisa Partner – Best Stock Broking Partner in India

    The tenth Best Stock Broking Partner is 5Paisa. Out of these ten, 5Paisa has the Top Stock Broker DRA Program in India.

    5Paisa Partner - Best Stock Broking Partner in India

    You can get up to 50% of the commission if you become the partner of the It offers a flat 50% of its commission to the partners or the Remisiers.

    On the other hand, the sub-brokers get Rs.555 as a fixed revenue share along with 1% of the margin.

    The lowest investment you would require for becoming a 5Paisa DRA Partner.

    It is just Rs.5,000 that you need to spend to become the partner. While there is no investment for becoming a franchisee or sub-broker of 5Paisa.

    Why Partner with 5Paisa?

    • The first reason to partner with 5Paisa can be the lowest investment requirement in the market. Hardly there is any brokerage house where you can invest Rs.5,000 and get 50% revenue.
    • Then this is a new-age brokerage house where technology is a priority. You can offer advanced technical tools, trading platforms to your clients.
    • You get advanced support in the form of a back-office panel and other support tools.
    • 5Paisa Algo Trading Platform is a very popular platform among users, it comes for free to 5Paisa Partners.
    • The process of getting you on board as a partner or sub-broker is short and simple.

    Honorable Mentions – Best Stock Broker Franchise in India

    Though we have already mentioned the ten Best Stock Broker Franchise in India, there are five more which are exceptionally good but missed to find a spot amongst the ten by an inch.

    There is Nirmal Bang Franchise which shares revenue on a 50-50 basis. They also offer an online fund transfer facility and great back-office support.

    Then there is SMC Franchise which is known for its excellent dedicated software for tracking client’s transactions, back-office panel, research reports, and other facilities.

    Then there is Geojit Franchise, Anand Rathi Franchise, and Paytm Money Partner which all are good options to partner with.

    Best Sub Broker in India – Conclusion

    If you are looking for the Best Sub Broker in India to partner with, we hope the above article can help you in deciding wisely about which broker franchise will be a good option for you.

    You must evaluate all the parameters and analyze your requirements and investment budget before choosing one of them.

    FAQs on Top 10 Sub Broker Franchise in India

    Here are various FAQs on Top 10 Sub Broker Partner in India –

    What does a sub broker do?

    Sub broker partners are practically market leaders. They have, over the years, gained huge brand value due to all the support they get from customers all over.

    They hold the franchise units of the brands they collaborate with.

    Where can I find the best sub broker in my city?

    The higher the market share, the larger will be the group in some proper space. You can find the best sub broker in the city by referring to this article given on our website.

    Who is eligible to become a sub broker?

    What you need is the minimum qualification of plus II. Some brokers, nonetheless, prefer at least a graduation degree of a potential sub-broker before appointing them as one.

    Nevertheless, your knowledge regarding the market needs to be at its peak.

    Why Angel Broking it is considered the best sub broker?

    Angel broking is considered to be the best broker in the market because of its B2B clients, its extremely less brokerage fee, its tactful way of advising the traders, and the tremendous revenue share percentage it possesses.

    Is it ok to become a sub broker of Sharekhan?

    It is more than just okay to become a sub broker of Sharekhan.

    The reasons being, it is extremely technology-backed, it provides in-depth research, comprehensive training is given to the employees, there is solid marketing support and various activities for the outlet are presented.

    On what basis I should become a sub broker of any company?

    The sub-broker needs to look into the various asset classes that the customer base can delve into. Then comes services.

    These days, almost every broking house is giving a lot of offers and this becomes another critical factor that needs to be kept in mind before choosing a brokerage house.

    Which are the top 10 sub broker partners in the stock market?

    The top 10 sub-broker partners in the stock market are the Angel One Franchise, Zerodha Partner, Sharekhan Franchise, Motilal Oswal Franchise, Upstox Partner, IIFL Franchise, Kotak securities Franchise, ICICI Direct Franchise, Edelweiss Partner & 5Paisa Partner.

    What kind of support do we get after becoming a sub broker?

    The amount of holistic support is provided to the sub-broker after being selected as one.

    It means whether the sub-broker provides marketing support to the sub broker, how the customer base is, and the entire sub broker support mechanism.

    Does the broking house give free training to the sub brokers?

    Yes, it does provide free training to the sub-brokers, most of the time.

    In addition to that, experience and brand value, market share, revenue-sharing model, holistic support, and product, services as well as offers are also provided.

    Is it mandatory to have a NISM certificate to become a partner?

    The NISM certificate has been made extremely compulsory by the SEBI to work in any and every capital market organization.

    For instance, if at all you want to work as a mutual fund distributor, you need to have the certification of NISM.

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