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Upstox Pro Web is first and foremost a web browser-based trading platform that makes your stock trading experience effortless. If we check out the major highlights of this platform; it is an HTML-based version.

So, it supports almost every web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and even Internet Explorer. One of the good things is they offer a complete live demo so that you can truly understand what they are providing.

They have some compelling tools that can fetch not only the current market scenario but can also anticipate future stock market trends. Upstox Web Trading Platform is designed for the quick buying and selling of stocks without putting much effort.

Upstox Offers

Upstox Pro Web Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Criteria Ratings
Processes 7.6/10
Usability 7.2/10
Features 7.1/10
Speed 7.3/10
Performance 7.1/10
Overall Ratings 7.2/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Upstox Pro Web

Before we dive into the Upstox Web, we should know about the company that offers this trading platform. First off, the trading platform is owned by a discount stock broker company named Upstox.

The company was incorporated in the year 2011, and since then it has become one of the fastest-growing stock-broking companies in India. In the year 2016, Upstox launched its Trading platforms, and one of them is Upstox Pro Web.

As stated in summary, the Upstox Pro Web is a trading platform where clients can access their stock trading account from almost every web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and many more.

We will discuss the features elaborately, which are by the way robust and top-notch, to say the least. We will also discuss the steps to open an account to avail of this version of the trading platform. Also, we will know the advantages of using this platform. We will also discuss the pricing part briefly, as well.

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    Upstox Pro Web – Top Features

    When it comes to stock trading features, the Upstox Pro Web is packed with them. There are some with specialized options and others with what it should be. It is impossible to mention all the features, but here is a list of the most recognizable ones.

    • Upstox Pro Web is an HTML-based web trading platform that supports most modern-day web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Weble Safari, and many more.
    • Upstox Online Trading Platform generates visually stunning charting tools designed to fetch crucial information about the stock market.
    • It shares information based on spontaneously changing stock market trends and suggests suitable resolutions to critical issues.
    • Upstox Web Trading Platform comes with 100+ indicators to customize your charts as per your requirement.
    • The platform facilitates quick buying and selling of stocks.
    • You can place bracket orders as well as cover orders, which is actually a Pro Order Placing feature.
    • The platform is equipped with the One-Click Trade option, by which you can sell or buy shares with high volatility.
    • The overall user interface is beautifully crafted, which not only looks good and also well organized.
    • You can personalize the entire account at your convenience.
    • They offer 24×7 customer care support service.

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    How to Set up Upstox Online Trading Platform?

    Here are the simple steps to set up Upstox Pro Web :

    • The typical first step is to visit their official website, https://upstox.com/.
    • Find the option “Sign in” at the top of the page. Click on that.
    • Then click on “Pro Web.” Next, on the next page, you need to sign in to your Upstox Pro Web account.
    • The next step is to ask for a Login ID along with the Password for the account from the representative of Upstox. It is obvious that you have to be a regular client of Upstox to use the platform. We will, however, let you know the steps to use this platform later.
    • Once you get the login details, feel free to login into your account. Meanwhile, it would be best if you frequently change the password to keep it secure.
    • Now, your Upstox Pro Web account is ready and you can start trading.

    How to own Upstox Pro Web?

    There is no doubt that Upstox Web Trading is a capable Trading Platform. But before we dive into the owning process, you got to know that you need a Demat account first. This Upstox Demat account is an exclusive product of the parent company.

    To begin stock trading on this trading platform, it is mandatory that you must have an account with Upstox. There is an account opening fee that you need to pay upfront – ₹150, which happens to be a one-time fee.

    After that, for every executed order, you need to pay ₹20, which is basically the Transaction fee. As far as we know, there are no further charges involved.

    Steps to use Upstox Pro Web

    • Everything begins when you click on the button “Open demat account”
    • There is supposed to be a form that you need to fill out. It is a simple contact form where you need to provide your name, contact number & city. Wait for a representative of Upstox to give you a call.
    • The representatives will confirm your identity and wrap up the KYC formalities. For that, they will ask you to submit the necessary and relevant documents to complete. You will also need to pay ₹150 as the account opening fees and ask them to open a Trading account as well.
    • Once they verify your KYC documents, which generally takes 1-2 days, they will provide you with the login credential to access your account.
    • Then you need to follow the entire Upstox Pro Web setup procedure to use your account and start trading.

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    Advantages of Upstox Web Trading Platform

    After understanding the features, we can say that the Upstox Online Trading Platform is exceptionally competent. Therefore, you must know the most significant advantages of using this incredible platform.

    • The platform has unlimited watch lists to offer.
    • It creates recommendation lists intended for current market status.
    • The trading platform has an incredible User Interface that makes the experience user-friendly.
    • You can see Real-time stock market status.
    • Sync between multiple platforms.
    • Check personalized news on companies.
    • The trading platform is ideal for new clients.
    • You can do 24×7 stock trading from any place.
    • Upstox charges a minimum Demat account opening fee.
    • The Technical Analysis feature improves your overall trading decision significantly.
    • The customer care service and problem escalation service are top-notch.
    • You can expect a safe and secure stock trading experience with Upstox Pro Web.
    • It supports almost every web browser, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Weble Safari, and many more.

    Upstox Pro Web – Conclusion

    Now, as we know the entirety of Upstox Pro Web, we can say it is a very competent trading platform which is available in the market. It has all the necessary features to make stock trading effortless.

    They have also taken care of the security and compatibility aspects, which makes them ideal for new clients who have very less experience in this stock trading fraternity. Meanwhile, you should also consider the fact that Discount stockbrokers, such as Upstox typically focus on the latest technological advancements that the industry requires.

    Hence, this aspect is apparent in the type of trading platforms they are offering. Nevertheless, you have to agree to this that the Upstox Online Trading Platform is a fantastic initiative and it should open doors to new possibilities. Based on its popularity, we must acknowledge that the product is a hit, to say the least.

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