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Know everything about IPO in this illustrated IPO FAQs Section –

Si No. Topics
1 What is an IPO?
2 How does a Company offer IPO?
3 Various Tips for Releasing an IPO 
4 What is an IPO Process?
5 How Does IPO Work?
6 Who is Eligible to Invest in an IPO?
7 How to Apply for an IPO Investment?
8 What are the Advantages of IPO?
9 What Are The Disadvantages Of IPO?
10 How is an IPO valued?
11 Various Factors influencing IPO Valuation
12 What are the Different Types Of IPO?
13 What is Fixed Price IPO Issue?
14 What is Book Building IPO Issue?
15 IPO Investment – Guidelines for Beginnners
16 What is the Role of The Registrar of an IPO?
17 What is the Role of Lead Managers in an IPO?
18 What is an FPO or Follow on Public Offering?
19 What are Primary and Secondary Markets?
20 What is the Lifecycle of an IPO
21 How an IPOs Price Band is decided?
22 How an IPOs Release Date is finalized?
23 Where to find an IPO Application Form?
24 Is PAN Card mandatory for IPO Investment?
25 Can a 18 Year old Apply for an IPO?
26 Best Tips to choose Right IPO
27 For how long an IPO issue is open?
28 Important Documents required for IPO
29 Applying an IPO doesn’t guarantee IPO allotment
30 Investing in IPO can be Safe yet Risky
31 One IPO One Application
32 What is the Basis of IPO Allotment?
33 Revise or Cancel Your IPO Application
34 What is Book Building Process?
35 What is Fixed Price Process?
36 Who are Retail Individual Investor?
37 What is an IPO Allotment Process?
38 Who are Non-Institutional Bidders?
39 What is Allotment Basis?
40 Pros and Cons of Applying in NII Category
41 Who are Qualified Institutional Bidders?
42 Who are Anchor Investors?
43 What is Floor Price for a Book Issue Building?
44 What is Cut-off Price for a Book Issue Building?
45 What is Pre IPO Placement?
46 Days Needed to Issue List in a Market
47 What is BID Quantity and BID Price?
48 Who are Syndicate Members in IPO Processing?
49 Timelines for Book Building IPOs in India
50 How many IPO Applications allowed from same Bank?
51 How to make your IPO Application Unique?
52 Subscribe IPO in a Discounted Price
53 Apply for an IPO Online without a Broker
54 Apply IPO in both Retail and HNI Category
55 Market Lot Size and Minimum Order Quantity
56 Non-Institutional Bidder Category of an IPO
57 Maximum investment in HNI Category
58 How to apply IPO Online?
59 What is Right Issue?
60 What is Declaration date?
61 What is Record Date?
62 What is Ex Date?
63 What is Date of Payment?
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