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Geojit Finance Franchise is a Kochi Based almost two decades old stockbroker who is servicing the investors across the city and also in other parts of the country with their varied investment schemes, products, and the trading platforms.

The firm is a well-known one for their investment products and their services and also for their different business models and how they incorporate other business partners into their business for the betterment and growth of both the parties involved.

This article is to guide you about Geojit Finance Sub Broker Program, about the different business models which you can be a part of, the revenue you can earn and what are the different requirements you have to submit to for getting into those business models of Geojit Finance.

Geojit Financial Services Franchise Offers

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Geojit Finance Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

GEPL Capital Franchise Ratings
Market Share6/10
Products & Services7/10
Revenue Sharing7/10
Holistic Support7/10
Overall Ratings6.8/10
Star Ratings★★★★★


About Geojit Finance Overview

The firm – Geojit Finance was established in the year 2000, which is 19 years back and in these 19 years, the firm has created a name for itself due to their dedicated efforts towards the clients and also towards the business partners it has.

Geojit Finance is a public organization and registered under the Indian Companies Act, and it serves as a full-service broker in the city of Kerala.

Mr. Balakrishnan A founded this entity two decades back to popularize the stock market business and investments in the city.

The firm provides different types of option to join their business as a partner and for the sub-brokers, they have a stipulated time period which they need to generate their code when anyone applies for the position of sub-brokers.

The payments towards the business partners are done within 20 days which is one of the lowest time taken by any full-service broker at the present time to clear the payments.

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    Types of Geojit Finance Business Models

    The firm has three different business models under which you can enroll and work along the lines of the firm –

    • Master Franchise
    • Sub Broker / Authorised Person
    • Remisier

    Geojit Finance Master Franchise

    The Master Franchise business model of Geojit Finance is a monopoly business model which constituted of only one master franchise in one area.

    This model is highly lucrative but also involves a good amount of investment and infrastructure. The master franchise holder needs to have or build their own clientele to whom they will sell the products and services offered by Geojit Finance.

    The revenue generated from those sales gets shared amongst the Geojit Finance firm and master franchise in a ratio which is predetermined.

    Benefits of Geojit Finance Master Franchise

    • The major share of the revenue is provided to the franchise holder when they generate sales. The revenue share often goes up to 80% of the total revenue generated by them.
    • They have the benefit of a monopoly in the area where they do the business. The master franchise holder does not face any competition from any other master franchise of the same firm in the area, though there can be other master franchise of other stockbrokers.
    • Since they need to invest a good amount of money in the business, they can equip their office with all kind of trading terminals for the betterment of the clients as this also helps in acquiring clients. The reason behind this is the trading platforms offered by Geojit Finance are advanced in terms of technology and have a wide range of features to facilitate the trading experience of the clients.

    Geojit Finance Sub Broker or Geojit Finance Authorized Person

    The Geojit Finance sub-brokers model is a competitive business model which involves many sub-brokers in one area and thus raising the competition in the area.

    The sub-brokers get entitled to the revenue share when they sale the Geojit Finance products and the services to the clients of their own. The sub-brokers also need to keep a deposit amount with the broker. The benefits of becoming a Geojit Finance sub-broker are –

    Benefits of Geojit Finance Authorized Person

    Furthermore, Geojit Finance Sub Broker model also comes with some added advantages such as:-

    • You get a handsome share of the revenue by keeping way less capital or deposit with the company compared to the master franchises. Your revenue share is almost close to the master franchise holder but you need to keep maximum 20%-30% capital which they keep.
    • The Geojit Finance provides a variety of training and support to the sub-brokers starting from the product training to other support and training like dealing, acquisition, and This helps in the growth of the sub-brokers as a business and at the individual front as well.
    • The trading platforms and products of Geojit Finance are well accepted in the market and thus it gives the ease of working to the sub-brokers as the investors are already aware of the Geojit Finance.

    Geojit Finance Remisier

    The Remisier model is a commission based business model, where the Remisier is an agent of the firm – Geojit Finance.

    The Geojit Finance Remisier are required to find clients, make them aware of Geojit Finance and its products and services, and then refer the client to the firm.

    The firm will handle the selling part and if the referred clients purchases any product or services of Geojit Finance, then Remisier gets a percentage of the revenue.

    Benefits of Geojit Finance Remisier

    • There is no high requirement of capital – you need not make any lump sum investment like in the other two business models. Remisier model, in general, is the lowest investment business model of Geojit Finance.
    • The earning opportunity is good provided the capital requirement is less. The earning is based on flat-fee (percentage of revenue).
    • There is no responsibility of selling products and services to the clients on Remisier, they just need to find prospective clients and refer them to the firm.

    Geojit Finance Partner Revenue Sharing or Geojit Finance Sub Broker Commission

    Now coming to the revenue sharing model of Geojit Finance we can say, the company pays its business partners at par with the market rate.

    For the master franchise, the minimum revenue share is 70% and the maximum being 80% is at par with the market completely.

    For the sub-brokers, the minimum share of revenue they get is 50%. The maximum they can earn is 70%.

    In both the cases, if you have noticed, there is a range for both revenue share and cost involved, it is because the cost of the franchise and the security deposit of the sub-broker decides the share of revenue they will be entitled to.

    If you keep the minimum security deposit for sub-brokership or take the master franchise by investing the minimum mentioned amount, then you will be entitled to receive the minimum share respectively and vice versa.

    For the Remisier, there is a flat revenue share of 20% as the security deposit is also fixed for them.

    Refer to this Table for clear picture:

    Revenue SharingClients ShareGeojit Finance Share
    Sub Broker50% – 70%30% – 50%
    Master franchise70% – 80%20% – 30%

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      Geojit Finance Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

      For becoming a business partner of Geojit Finance, the interested people needs to invest a certain amount which is either in the form of franchise cost or security deposit in case of sub-brokers and Remisier.

      The master franchise holder needs to invest a minimum of Rs. 300000 in the form of franchise cost in order to get the franchise rights of Geojit Finance.

      The maximum investment by a franchise holder in Geojit Finance can be up to Rs. 500000. The franchise cost itself is a huge investment but the benefit of monopoly business justifies the same.

      The sub-brokers, on the other hand, are required to deposit a minimum of Rs. 50000 as a security deposit in order to get the sub-brokership rights from Geojit Finance.

      The maximum, in this case, is Rs. 150000 which is only 30% of the master franchise cost. However, the steep competition in the sub-brokers market is a set back here.

      The Remisier needs to deposit a mere Rs. 15000. They have these flat charges for getting their rights to work as Geojit Finance agent.

      Check this table below for a better understanding of Geojit Finance Franchise Cost:

      Security Deposit
      Sub BrokerRs.50,000 – Rs.150,000
      Master franchiseRs.300000 – Rs.500000

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      Geojit Finance Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

      The infrastructure required for becoming a Geojit Finance business partner are –

      • The office of the business partners needs to be equal to or bigger than 200 square feet of area. The office must be comfortable for the clients to work.
      • The number of employees in the office must be equal to or above three. The employees need to be working full time.
      • The franchise office or the sub-broker’s office must have telephone connections, internet connections.
      • There has to be trading terminals in the offices, this is mandatory so that the clients get to trade from the offices itself if required.
      • The research services are not required as of now and can be kept as optional.

      Geojit Finance Sub Broker Offers

      The offers provided by Geojit Finance are –

      • Initial Rs. 10000 deposit – it is really helpful for many who are starting new especially.
      • The revenue sharing is completely flexible.

      Geojit Finance Franchise or Geojit Finance Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

      The interested business partners need to clear certain eligibility criteria in order to become a part of Geojit Finance and the criteria are –

      • The education of the business partners needs to be at least up to 10+2 from recognized schools and board of education in the county.
      • The experience of the applicants need to be more than at least 2-3 years. This ensures that they are well aware of the market and how it works.
      • The NISM certification examination needs to be cleared before or during the application for the business partner’s position in Geojit Finance.
      • The individual must have enough financial products knowledge so that he or she is able to pitch to clients for selling the Geojit Finance products and services. The in-depth product training will be provided by Geojit Finance itself.

      Geojit Finance Sub-broker Support / Advisory

      With over 34 years of expertise in the financial products and services segment, Geojit Financial Services offers ample aspects to make good returns not just in the form of dividend or increased value of their financial instruments, but also by working as a partner with Geojit and earn with every referral.

      Geojit offers well-planned training to its partners to enrich their insights with the right knowledge. The entity provides its support like hand holding assistance.

      Open and bring yourself the world of opportunities where only the sky is the limit for you to grow. You can sign up to this at zero cost and tap on this Stock Market business partner plan.

      How to become a Geojit Finance Sub broker or Authorized Person?

      So, if you are interested in joining Geojit Finance as a business partner – franchise holder, sub-broker or as a Remisier then you can go at the end of this article,

      1. There will find a button which you have to click. The page which will open will ask for the basic details of yours. Fill the form and submit it.
      2. The next step involves eligibility checking. Here you need to upload all the documents in the prescribed manner. The documents list is already as mentioned in the last section.
      3. Once and if the applicant’s eligibility is confirmed, the applicant gets a call from Geojit Finance executive.
      4. The executive will guide the applicant further about the verification process.
      5. Once the verification process gets over, and the verification shows positive results, the application will be accepted. In the case of Sub-brokers, the code will be generated as per the time limit mentioned above.

      Documents required to become Geojit Finance Authorized Person

      The following documents are required to apply for sub brokership with Geojit Finance:-

      • PAN card
      • AADHAAR card
      • NISM Certificates
      • Education Certificates
      • SEBI registration certificates
      • GST Registration Certificates
      • Investment Proof
      • Address Proof
      • Others

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      Why Partner with Geojit Finance?

      • The firm has different business models – Franchise, Sub-brokers, and Remisier. One can enroll according to their business goals and capital in hand.
      • The firm provides all sorts of support to the business partners to set their business.
      • The transparency at work is highly appreciated.
      • Highly lucrative business ventures
      • Cost is average and nominal in case of Remisier model.

      Geojit Finance Franchise – Pros & Cons

      Geojit Financial Services partnership comes with numerous benefits and opportunities for the partners. And before starting, let’s go through the pros and cons it brings along.


      • Referral Incentives
      • Well-planned timely training
      • Advanced trading and investing platforms


      • For the Partner’s business model, one can get only up to 25% of the revenue share

      Earning the potential of a Geojit Finance Partner / ROI

      Enter into the Geojit Partner Plan without any charges or fees to start and earn additional earnings every month of over Rs. 1 lakh.

      Whether you are a homemaker or vlogger having good network among people, you can start your journey and take advantage of this part-time opportunity.

      No specialized education or certificates required to start as a partner, you can start whenever you want and earn through referrals and bringing in new customers.

      You get marketing and branding support, every help you will need with software or signing up more clients, Geojit is there for you.

      Geojit Finance Franchise Conclusion

      Geojit Finance being a two decades old firm in the share broking industry got immense recognition and great repute which you as a business partner can encash. It has a lot more to offer in terms of business earnings and also grows as a stock market enthusiast.

      Geojit Finance Franchise FAQ

      Ques – Does Geojit have Sub Broker Model?

      Answer – Owning to Geojit’s two decades older name, their sub broker model at present date is the lowest time taken model for candidates to get started in or enroll in.  Geojit offers aspiring agencies and individuals with three business models to best choose according to their convenience.

      Ques – Is Geojit having multiple Franchise models?

      Answer – Geojit have in store something for everyone, they believe every individual works with a certain set of dynamic and thus to best fit everyone’s convenience the franchise has three business models- master franchise , sub broker/ authorized person, remisier.

      Ques – What is Geojit Sub Broker Commission?

      Answer – Geojit have sculpted different commission patterns for their three different business models which they offer. For the sub broker model the client share is around 50%-70% while Geojit finances take a 30%-50% share, for master franchise the client share is 70-80% for remisier it is 20% in clients share.

      Ques – How much Geojit Franchise Cost?

      Answer – There are different costs associated with different business models – individuals are expected to pay RS 50,000 – RS 150,000for the sub broker model, around RS 300000 – RS 500000 for the master franchise and RS 15000 for remisier.

      Ques – Does Geojit have Partner Program?

      Answer – Geojit is very welcoming to sub brokers and business associates for them to be a part of Geojit finances. Their partner’s program is highly encouraging as the educational eligibility stands very low, thus opening a gateway for talents sub brokers to be a part of this enormous franchise named Geojit.

      Ques – What is Geojit Partners Sharing?

      Answer – Geojit is known for showing their sub broker union with high commission, as Geojit has different plans for every division the sharing of revenue is highly dependent of the business model an individual chose to go with and enroll in.

      Ques – Is Geojit Partner Program Free?

      Answer – There are no partner program fee asked to any agency, instead Geojit provides free services to their sub brokers – software help, CRM tools to help the sub brokers in trading related situations and have a better insight at analysis.

      Ques – Does Geojit provide Training Assistance?

      Answer – At Geojit one of the major benefits the sub brokers  will be getting is they not only provide high work transparency but also provide very kind of support to the individual agency in order offer them to run themselves better in the current economy.

      Ques – How to Become Geojit Sub Broker?

      Answer – Geojit has been repeatedly appreciated for having a minimal cost for their remisier mode, interested candidates only need to get few important documents in hand apply for the franchise online.  Once you go through the registration process, as stated in this article and the eligibility is confirmed, Geojit personally calls individuals and guide them further about the verification process.

      Ques – Does Geojit Franchise provide Support?

      Answer – Apart from having a versatile set of business models to give ample amount of choice o sub brokers to choose from, Geojit also provide a tremendous amount of support to its partners. Candidates can not only lucrative commission but as well can expect all sorts of support from the company.

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