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SBI Securities Franchise is one of the oldest broking franchises in the country.

This review will discuss the Franchise / Sub Broker business model offered by SBI Securities and its functionality, Revenue Margin, Initial Investment requirement, and the kind of offers the Stockbroker would provide.

Sbicap Securities Franchise Offers

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SBICAP Securities Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

SBI Securities Franchise Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Experience 7.5/10
Market Share 7.2/10
Products & Services 7.3/10
Revenue Sharing 7.5/10
Holistic Support 6.8/10
Overall Ratings 7.3/10
Star Ratings ★★★

About SBI Securities Franchise

SBI Securities Franchise

SBICAP Securities Sub Broker Program is one of the firstborn broking franchises offered in India.

The broking scheme of State Bank Group and a subsidiary of SBI Capital, SSL, is on its way to becoming a top-notch financial company by offering a wide range of services and products to its various base of consumers and Sub Brokers.

SBI Securities, one of the country’s leading and largest banks, has a comprehensive support system and established a brokerage house called SBI Securities.

Learn more about the Top Sub Brokers in India and choose the entity which serves you as per your desire and helps you achieve your investment goals.

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    Types of SBICAP Securities Franchise

    SBI Securities Broking has only 1 type of Partner program.

    • Sub Broker / Authorized Person

    SBICAP Securities Sub Broker or Authorized Person

    An SBICAP Securities sub-broker works as a connection between the company and its consumers.

    As an SBICAP Securities Business Partner, the proprietor will have to use their empire-building skills to convince customers to invest in the stock market.

    The owner of the SBICAP Securities franchise needs to capitalize on money for handling a local office setup with appropriate broadband and telephone services.

    The Revenue sharing of SBICAP Securities is in the range of 50%-60% to the Franchisee. The Securities Deposit begins with Rs.1 Lakh.

    Benefits of SBI Securities Authorized Person or Sub Broker

    • Relationship with a well-known & renowned brand name;
    • An array of products to have a major client base;
    • Supported by a committed relationship manager;
    • Get exclusive packages and customization for specific clients;
    • Assistance in setting up the workplace;
    • Training is provided in all segments.

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    SBICAP Securities Sub Broker Commission or Revenue Sharing Model

    With a massive range of business platforms with SBI Securities, it is essential for SBI Securities also to provide the best revenue sharing percentage or commission rate to its sub-brokers.

    The booking contract, therefore, has satisfied this, and their income-sharing proportions are pretty competitive with the market rates.

    SBICAP Securities Sub Broker program offers a 50:50 or 60:40 delivery of brokerage, in which the sub-broker acquires 50%-60% of the revenue produced and 40%-50% to the company.

    Depending on the income generated, the company might get flexibility in the revenue sharing, and the proportion may go up to 60:40.

    SBI Securities is among those broking companies comprehending a sub-broker’s great perspective. Thus, SBI Securities ensures that sub-brokers are well compensated to as maintain a strong & pleased association with them.

    Check this table below to understand commission sharing better:

      SBICAP Commission Sub Broker Commission
    SBICAP Securities Franchise 50% – 40% 50% – 60%


    SBI Securities Advanced Business Model

    SBI Securities offers an advanced revenue-sharing model for several Sub Brokers as well in which the ratio of revenue relies on the revenue generated – of course, the higher the revenue; it is certain that the higher will be the proportion of revenue sharing.

    But in several cases, it might also have a set revenue-sharing proportion. The Revenue Sharing Model or Commission Model differs for every Sub Broker Model.

    This is done as each Sub Broker model holds a different amount of investment risk and diverse accountabilities; therefore, each model’s incomes also fluctuate.

    The model with more errands & more risks would capitulate to a higher yield, and the one with lesser purposes and accountability would result in a lesser income share.

    SBICAP Securities Franchise Cost or Security Deposit Amount

    First Investment to be completed by the sub-broker is in the range of Rs.1 Lakh – Rs. 3 Lakh and will be reimbursed to the sub-broker during their departure. This means this security deposit is completely refundable.

    On the other hand, the sub-broker needs to make some non-refundable savings, including membership charges for NSE and BSE and various other trade sections.

    Likewise, the cost of starting up an office with all the amenities requisite for trading has to be experienced by the sub-broker. High Franchise Cost leads to High Revenue Sharing also.

    In agreement with the industry exercise, SBI Securities also carries certain security deposits & investment organizations.

    The security deposit is required; thus, it is used in cases in which the sub-broker obligates any mandatory liability and requirements as per instructions of the stock exchange or SEBI.

    In some cases, if the sub-broker does not reimburse the drawback, then the major broker (i.e., SBI Securities) can use the security deposit to pay such forfeit on the end of the sub-broker.

    The next example of this security deposit might be the non-payment of sideline money. The security deposit amount would vary from model to model. There are many other aspects also that impact this amount.

    Some such factors are – the credit record preserved by the sub-broker or lawful person, the revenue generated from the town of the sub-broker, the group of clients, the products provided by the approved person, etc.

    The below table gives a better perspective of the SBI Securities deposit amount:

      SBICAP Franchise Security Deposit Amount
    SBICAP Securities Sub Broker INR 100,000 – 300,000

    Infrastructure Investment by SBI Securities Sub Brokers or Authorized person

    With SBI Securities Sub Broker Organization, a setup Infrastructure is obligatory for each Sub broker. The infrastructure comprises an excellent office setup with some workplaces, a trading terminal, telephone connections, internet connectivity, and more.

    Organization setup is not required for Remisier because they don’t communicate with consumers much.

    Somewhat, all other groups want to communicate with consumers day in and day out.

    There would be many examples when the clients would have to go through the Sub broker’s office, and SBI Securities would wish the clients to have a great feeling about their sub-broker’s workplaces as it would right characterize & reproduce the brand of SBI Securities.

    SBICAP Securities Sub Broker Offers

    • Wide-ranging products comprise Equities, Currency, IPOs, loans against Securities, and many more.
    • Provides a dynamic base of consumers such as retail, institutional, and NRIs.
    • Comprehensive mediums are available for trading, research, and calculations through desktop, mobile applications, walk-in branches, etc.
    •  Investing is made easy with demo videos, webinars, website FAQs, expert talks, etc.
    • Exhaustive research and fundamental analysis are carried out and distributed as essential derivative reports, EMI, tax calculators, etc.

    SBICAP Securities Authorised Person – Eligibility Criteria

    Like any other Stock Broker, SBI Securities also has certain guidelines or eligibility criteria for its Sub Brokers:

    • The Sub Broker should have a minimum qualification of a Graduate Degree according to SEBI
    • Previous financial background with experience in handling financial products business
    • The good clientele at his disbursal
    • An office space/place to interact with clients
    • A license or registration certificate for any of the exchanges

    How to become a Sub Broker of SBICAP Securities?

    Following are the steps to become a Sub broker of SBICAP Securities Limited.

    • You need to fill in the detailed information on the application form. This can be done online as well as offline.
    • You would then get a call from their Call Centre Executive for verification purposes.
    • The sales representative will call you for an appointment for further details and provide a detailed understanding of the franchise model.
    • Once the understanding is clear, you could submit the necessary documents and the initial deposit cheque.
    • Documents will be checked for verification purposes.
    • Once the documents have gone through the verification, the Sub broker or Franchise Account ID will be created.
    • The entire process will take almost 10-12 days to be done and then login.

    Documents Required for SBICAP Securities Partner Registration

    • Basic KYC proofs like PAN Card and Adhaar card
    • Educational Qualification Certificate
    • DOB verification should be 21 years and above
    • Cancelled cheque/Bank statement
    • Two photos
    • Rent Agreement for Office Space

    Why Partner with SBICAP Securities Limited?

    • Become a partner of a trusted, well-reputed bank that has achieved a number of awards.
    • Ease of trading with all the available platforms such as digital, mobile-based, etc.
    • Tools such as detailed quotes, Decisive screeners, and heat maps are available at one’s disposal for analysis of current trade scenarios and for making well-informed decisions.
    • Online trading and offline trading facilities are available.
    • Flexible brokerage plans and enhanced returns.

    Excellent Support & Training Programs

    • SBI Securities is very selective in its Sub Broker program and prefers quality over quantity; hence its sub-broker-client foundation is also very less. Currently, they have around 1000 sub-brokers, and all of them are great players in the market.
    • SBI Securities also organizes huge training meetings for their associates all over the sections & they are recognized for their high-end support system

    Powerpack Technology, Back Office Infrastructure

    • SBI Securities offer an extensive array of trading tools all over the devices & platforms. They also offer strong back-office services to their associates, which offer the entire details of the customers that each sub-broker or franchise is carrying out. This back-office platform also assists in shoving notices in the form of emails or SMS to clients who are desk-bound.

    Best Shot Research & Advisory

    • SBI Securities are named to have one of the top Research & Advisory teams all over India. They are also assisting their associates with several ways of training assemblies to reinforce their advisory Support to the clients. They offer entire types of technical analysis & reports to the sub-brokers & network partners to help the clients get a better return on Investment.

    Marketing & Other Support

    • Marketing & branding support essential power zones – the sub-brokers provide plenty of benefits. Personalized investment alternatives for high-net-worth persons. The broking also offers bespoke solutions to massive sub-brokers.

    Support Provided by SBICAP Securities Partner Program

    • Outstanding Infrastructural Support for technology and office management
    • Best Training support via webinars, education videos, and demo videos
    • Excellent Customer support is offered through call and trade services.
    • Client-gaining support delivered by the company helps the partner to understand the customer’s mindset.
    • Marketing support through TV commercials, banners, posters, etc

    SBI Securities Franchise – Pros & Cons

    No wonder knowing the Pros and Cons of a trading platform turns out an indispensable thing to do when you want to make a proper selection for the partnership deed.

    Such as if you are about to sign a partnership deed for the SBI securities franchise and don’t want anything to be left unnoticed. Let’s help you out.

    Mentioned below are the pros and cons of joining SBI Securities; take a look:


    • A well-known broker in the market
    • Strong financial and social profile
    • Initial Investment is pretty low


    • Commodity trading absent
    • Only one business model is available
    • Relatively less revenue sharing ratio

    SBI Securities Franchise Registration

    If you want to start with the SBI securities franchise, make sure you are ready to comply with the terms and conditions mandated for the registration.

    As a new joiner, you must fully understand the things attached to SBI franchise registration before going further. Take a look:

    • Start by filling up an application form
    • Give your name, mobile, and email address
    • Wait for the SBI executive phone call
    • Fix an appointment with them
    • After that, submit the initial investment capital
    • Submit documents to pass the verification checks
    • Accept the Account ID to pass the verification and proceed

    Earning the potential of an SBI Securities Partner / ROI

    SBI securities partners are exposed to higher earning potential by joining this partnership program. Simply put, if you are good at marketing and lead generation and can convince the audience to turn into SBI Securities customers, you genuinely have more benefits to access during investment.

    Here’s the overall revenue-sharing structure built by SBI brokers for its partners. New joiners can get 55% to 70% of the revenue generated by SBI brokers.

    It’s worth noting that the revenue will be counted for only those clients that you sent to the broker.

    If referral clients are funding their account and using SBI Securities services, you make the said commission which you can withdraw from your account after 31 days.

    SBI Securities Franchise Referral Program

    It’s time to learn about the referral program by SBI Securities. Well, unfortunately, the broker doesn’t run a referral program.

    Presently, SBI Securities has only two business programs active – the sub-broker/authorized person or master franchise business model.

    And to access that, you need to make a minimum investment which can go anything from Rs 1.5 Lakhs to Rs 2.50 Lakh easily.

    Brokerage Charges levied to the clients of SBI Securities Partners

    We can’t leave charges unnoticed. Brokerage charges can significantly impact your profitability as clients sometimes dislike them.

    Therefore, we want you to check SBI Securities brokerage charges carefully before inviting a client. They are more likely to refuse your offer to join SBI Securities if you fail to guide them rightly.

    For Equity Delivery orders, the broker has been found to charge a 0.50% commission. Similarly, for Equity Options and Currency options, charges are Rs 100 per lot. For the remaining products, the broker keeps a fixed charge rate of 0.05%.

    Luckily there’s no Account Maintenance Cost. However, Rs 699 account opening charges exist in SBI Securities, which is relatively higher compared to discounted brokers.

    Still, people are more likely to use SBI Securities due to its banking support and other facilities.

    SBI Securities Authorised Person – Products Offered

    Since SBI Securities Authorised people build a strong clientele, they are allowed to pitch a particular product based on the client’s interest.

    If we talk about products one can offer to clients, these cover equity, futures, and currency as well. As an Authorized person, you are exposed to these broad ranges of assets.

    List of Top SBI Securities Partners / Business Partners

    The list of SBI securities partners keeps extending. Year after year, new members join the SBI Securities franchise and contribute to boosting the company’s growth.

    People partner with SBI securities due to its well-built image in the industry. Attractive commissions are also the biggest reason for deriving attention towards the partner program.

    SBI Securities Authorized Person Testimonials

    Without noticing what partners are saying about SBI Securities, you may resist moving ahead. Therefore, here we bring you some insightful and helpful testimonials of SBI Securities Authorized Person.

    All these people have either newly joined the company or have been operational for a long time with SBI Securities.

    SBI Securities Franchise Conclusion

    SBI Securities is a renowned brand in the Indian financial services industry, and like all other stock brokers, its main source of increasing its business portfolio is by adding more Business partners or Sub Brokers to enhance trading.

    Hence it understands the value of the Sub broker association and ensures that all amenities and facilities are provided to the Sub Broker to take the business ahead smoothly and efficiently.

    With the use of modern tools and platforms, SBI Securities offers a world-class trading experience to its Sub Brokers as well as its customers.

    SBI Smart Franchise FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the SBI Smart Franchise:

    Does SBI Smart have Sub Broker Model?

    Yes, the sub-broker model is provided by the stock broker – SBI Smart. In fact, this is the only franchise business model provided by the Stockbroker.

    There is no other provision, and if you want to commence business with this broker, it is your only way.

    Does SBI Smart have multiple Franchise models?

    No, the multiple franchise business models’ provision is not provided by the stock broker in any account.

    However, as per the model set by the broker, the sub-broker model is provided for Investment which is the most popular model at present.

    What is SBI Smart Sub Broker Commission?

    A fair and square division of revenue is done by the stock broker as per the job done.

    According to the sub-broker model structure of SBI Smart, the commission or revenue sharing is 50% – 60%. This lets the franchiser enjoy 50% – 40% of the share.

    How much does SBI Smart Franchise Cost?

    There is an initial investment required for obtaining the business model of SBI Smart.

    According to the structure, the amount you, as the sub-broker, must pay to the broker is between Rs.100,000 – 300,000. This amount is, however, refundable in nature.

    Does SBI Smart have a Partner Program?

    No, there is no provision of a partner program by this Stockbroker, and as a result of which, you cannot avail yourself of the same.

    However, you still have the sub-broker model for investing in, and if you feel the structure to be compatible, you can opt for it.

    What is SBI Smart Partners Sharing?

    The partner sharing does not apply since the stock broker does not provide this business model for franchise investment.

    As per the only provided model of sub-broker, you must refer to the article for details information on the contrary sub-broker model.

    Is SBI Smart Partner Program Free?

    There is no Partner program provision for anyone or even the existing clients of the company. Hence, no information regarding the partner program fee is provided.

    You can check the above sections for the fee of the sub-broker model, though.

    Does SBI Smart provide Training Assistance?

    The stock broker has high standards, and it aims to maintain the same in all aspects. The people who successfully earned the sub-broker model will be provided training via a high-end support system.

    The domains are technology, back office, research and advisory, and more.

    How to Become SBI Smart Sub Broker?

    Start the process and click on the “Become Sub Broker” button located towards the end of this page. When you click on it, you will immediately see a pop-up appear on top. Enter the form and submit it.

    The company representative will then get in touch with you to discuss your interest and further process.

    Does SBI Smart Franchise provide Support?

    Yes, you can expect a high degree of Support from the stock broker’s end.

    According to the same, they provide Support in the field of powerful technology, Best shot research and advisory, marketing, branding, and more to ensure the standards are maintained.

    How can I become SBI Authorised Person?

    It isn’t big hustle to become an SBI Authorised Person. It is easy indeed.

    As you get in touch with the SBI Securities Executive, you are required to comply with a few basic conditions and need to follow some steps to acquire the franchise.

    Is SBI Securities good for trading?

    No wonder SBI Securities is good for trading. The broker is one of the most trusted and SEBI registered. Apart from that, traders can access an interactive dashboard for trading and investment purposes.

    What is the SBI franchise?

    SBI Franchise is a business model designed by SBI Securities wherein aspiring businessmen or marketers can become a member of it.

    As a member, you acquire SBI Securities Franchise against certain investment capital and expect 55% to 70% revenue from every client you generate.

    How can I get SBI franchise?

    Getting an SBI Franchise is easy, but it is still supposed to be difficult for many as, being a new partner, you need to make an initial deposit which goes anything from Rs 1.5 Lakh to Rs 2.5 Lakh above.

    If you are ready, simply connect with the SBI Securities representative to proceed.

    How do you become an SBI partner?

    You can become an SBI partner by simply contacting the broker and getting the overall criteria to qualify for the process.

    Are SBI Cap Securities govt or private?

    SBI Cap Securities is referred to as a non-govt company. However, its parent organization is government-owned.

    Is SBI Cap Securities good?

    SBI Cap Securities is registered at the Registrar of Companies, Mumbai.

    Incorporated in 2005, the company has come a long way, establishing its name among the top brokers in the industry. SBI Cap Securities Limited serves you with a wonderful experience at reasonable charges.

    What are the brokerage charges in SBI Securities?

    Brokerage charges in SBI Securities can go up to 0.50% per equity delivery order. However, for most assets, charges sit at 0.05% except for Equity Options and Currency options that come with charges of Rs 100 per lot.

    Is SBI Cap Securities sub-broker profitable?

    SBI Cap Securities sub-brokers can get a 55% to 70% commission on every single customer they bring to the broker. One can build this attractive revenue stream for the lifetime of the partnership.

    What are the requirements to become an SBI Cap Securities sub-broker?

    You must have legal documents ready describing your identity, business, and account profile.

    Also, you must be an Indian, and a 10th pass certificate must be available. Eligible candidates need to submit a minimum investment amount to proceed.

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