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SMC franchise was set up in 1990 and currently, it has more than 2400 registered sub-brokers.

Smc Global Securities Franchise Offers

SMC Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

Criteria Ratings
Experience 7.5/10
Market Share 7.5/10
Products & Services 7.0/10
Revenue Sharing 8.0/10
Holistic Support 7.0/10
Overall Ratings 7.4/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About SMC Franchise/Partner/Sub Broker

SMC offers most trading products like equity, commodity, currency, derivative, and insurance and provides services like research, financing, insurance broking, clearing services etc. It also provides wealth management and advisory services to high-net-worth individuals and other retail clients.

SMC franchise believes in long-term relations and strong bonds for ensuring a progressive business and hence focuses on building and maintaining good and committed relations with the SMC sub-brokers.

It also ensures that the sub-brokers get an opportunity to maintain their own identity and hence provides advertising material which co-promotes the sub-broker entity along with the SMC brand.

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    SMC Franchise/Business Partner/Sub Broker Revenue sharing Model & Fees

    SMC Sub broker revenue sharing model

    It offers a competitive revenue-sharing model which ranges from 30% to 60%. The range of revenue sharing ratio varies on factors like the business provided by the SMC sub-broker, the margin deposited, the credit turnover etc. It offers a dynamic model and the earning of any sub-broker of SMC starts from INR 50,000 per month.

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      SMC Franchise Infrastructure Investment

      SMC Trade has an addition to the above initial investment, it also required the candidate to have the following infrastructure facility:

      • Office space – at least 250 sq. ft of workspace
      • Workstation – At least 1 computer with a decent internet connection (i.e. minimum speed of 1 Mbps)
      • Telephone lines – with voice logger

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      Initial Investment Amount by SMC Business Partner

      Though it has not prescribed any necessary payment of investment money, depending upon its evaluation of a candidate, it may call for depositing certain investment money to cover the risk of default.

      As is obvious, this would be only in cases where the sub-broker candidate does not have a very strong credit background or the SMC Partner program may have identified certain risk factors and to cover this risk factor, it demands depositing the margin money.

      SMC Franchise/Sub Broker/Business Partner offers

      As discussed above, the SMC Sub broker initiative appreciates the importance of maintaining sub broker’s own identity and hence supports the sub-broker with advertising material like glow sign boards, banners, visiting cards, brochures, posters etc. which may promote the brand of SMC and the sub broker’s agency as well.

      It also supports the sub-broker by providing it access to the research reports that SMC Trader’s research team releases periodically. This helps the sub-broker in guiding its clientele with the current market trends and suggest them their next moves. Apart from this, it also provides for a personal interaction of the sub-broker with its research team.

      SMC franchise offers client acquisition training to the sub-brokers to help them increase their client base. This is mainly done by imparting relevant training like educating on the products and services, training on the trading platforms etc.

      As monetary assistance, SMC Trade may provide varied offers depending upon case to case like waiving off initial margin money, increasing revenue ratio, increasing credit period, increasing trading limit or providing unlimited trading across all segments, contributing to the infrastructure set up, waiving off the initial investment amount which is prescribed at INR 3 to 5 Lacs.

      How to become an SMC Sub broker/Franchise/Business Partner?

      For being an SMC sub-broker, a candidate is to be registered as a stock broker with SEBI and the relevant stock exchange. This is part of compliance and hence needs to be fulfilled by every candidate interested in stock brokership.

      Apart from this, SMC Trade has prescribed an experience of a minimum of 1 year in the financial-capital market as one of the basic eligibility criteria. Any interested candidate with the prescribed experience can apply for partnering with them.

      Further, to ensure that the candidate has a decent reputation in the market and has a strong potential client base, it runs a background check for each of its candidates. It also expects the candidate to make an initial investment of INR 3 to 5 lacs in the infrastructure set up for the business.

      Though it has prescribed a minimum experience of 1 year, it also believes in promoting and investing in new talent i.e. it evaluates the ability of an individual and decides from case to case whether the candidate with no experience has sufficient capability to justify the role of sub-broker.

      Based on the above parameters, SMC franchise evaluates the candidate and if found suitable, it executes a sub brokership agreement which documents all the relevant terms of business like the revenue ratio, the role and responsibilities of each party, the legal compliance to be undertaken by the parties, the infrastructure set up, the margin money, the credit period, the tenure of validity of such agreement etc.

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      Why Partner with SMC?

      • Dedicated software which helps SMC sub-brokers to track clients’ performance
      • SMC Franchise provides access to a research report
      • There is Personal interaction with research team under the SMC Partner program
      • SMC sub-broker initiative imparts product training to its sub-brokers
      • SMC Franchise helps in building up a client base
      • Co-branding is a major initiative of the SMC Partner program
      • SMC sub-broker initiative offers a great trading platform

      SMC Global Franchise FAQs

      Does SMC Global have Sub Broker Model?

      Yes, there is a sub-broker model provided b this stock broking house for all the individuals who are looking for business opportunities with SMC Global. You can pursue the Sub broker model and be a proud business owner in the stock broker field.

      Is SMC Global have multiple Franchise models?

      No, SMC Global does not provide multiple stock broking franchise models, and if you want to get associated with them, you need to stick with the only provide model, i.e. the sub-broker model. There are a lot of successfully operating sub-brokers across the nation.

      What is SMC Global Sub Broker Commission?

      The revenue-sharing model of this stock broking house is pretty competitive, and it is flexible. There are a lot of factors which determine the final commission percentage you will retain and this includes the investment cost. The range of commission provided is 30% to 60%.

      How much does SMC Global Franchise Cost?

      There is an associated infrastructure cost in connection with the sub-brokers model, and other than this, there is no prescribed investment cost. The company believes in providing monetary assistance where they might help you in certain domains, or may even ask you to pay an amount for security concerns.

      Does SMC Global have Partner Program?

      No, a separate partner program is not provided by this stock broking house and in case you wish to get associated with them, then you only have the sub-broker call to make. You can check the structure of the business in detail and then choose to invest in it.

      What is SMC Global Partners Sharing?

      We do not have the information relating to the partner’s sharing model, and it is because they have no such model. The only provided model is of sub-broker and you can refer to the sections in the article for a details overview of the sub-broker model.

      Is SMC Global Partner Program Free?

      There is no partner model as provided by the stock broking house and as a result of which you cannot invest in the model in either case. We urge you to refer to the other provided model, i.e. the sub-broker model and check its investment if you are in search of business opportunities.

      Does SMC Global provide Training Assistance?

      As far as the training assistance is of concern, they have your back in the arenas of client acquisition training, to help them increase the client base. Precisely, training is provided in educating on the products and services, training on the trading platforms etc.

      How to Become SMC Global Sub Broker?

      Begin the process by clicking on the “Become Sub Broker” button, provided right at the bottom of the article. This will let show a pop-up form on your screen. Enter the details in the form and then hit the submit button. Your details will reach the stock broking house and you will get redirected for the further process.

      Does SMC Global Franchise provide Support?

      You can expect relevant support from the stock broking house in many arenas. In particular, support is extended for advertising material like glow sign boards, banners, visiting cards, brochures, posters etc.  Others are research reports which SMC Trader’s research team releases periodically.

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