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Way2Wealth Franchise is a part of the legendary Café Coffee Day group and takes care of all the non banking financial services especially in stock trading and broking activities across the Indian stock trading exchanges.

That being said, our primary objective with regards to today’s article will be to put forward a detailed review of Way2Wealth Sub Broker program with respect to their origin, their business models, offers they have for their respective business partners.

Along with that, we will also review their revenue sharing model and most importantly the list of requirements they seek to ensure that all of their prospective business partners have.Way2Wealth Sub Broker Offers

Way2Wealth Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

Way2Wealth Franchise Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Experience 6.5/10
Market Share 6.7/10
Products & Services 6.8/10
Revenue Sharing 6.8/10
Holistic Support 6.7/10
Overall Ratings 6.7/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Way2Wealth Franchise

Way2Wealth Franchise

As we have already told you before, Way2Wealth Franchise acts as the forefront while dealing with all sorts of non banking financial services provision as well as trading and broking activities on behalf of the Café Coffee Day group.

The franchise itself was incorporated within the city of Bangalore, Karnataka in the year 1984 by their respective founder V.G. Siddhartha.

As you must be able to conclude by now, they have been successfully serving the people interested in trading across several asset classes through various exchanges throughout the nation consecutively for 35 (thirty five) years.

Needless to say, the franchise has been doing their job with utter precision, which can be easily understood up on considering the fact they have been awarded the prize for ‘Top performing members in equity and equity derivatives 2015-2016’ and ‘Top performing members in Currency Futures 2015 – 2016’ by the NSE respectively.

Nonetheless, getting back to the topic, the franchiser takes 25 (twenty five) days times for the activation of a new Sub Broker’s code and 31 (thirty one) days time for releasing any sort of due payments with regards to their respective business partners.

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    Types of Way2Wealth Business Models

    We must notify you of the fact that Way2Wealth Franchise, being a full service brokerage house that also has active engagements with distributing their respective business rights can typically be deemed of being involved in three specific business models that is Master Franchise, Sub Broker and Remisier.

    Nevertheless, they do not entertain any of their prospective business partners by getting involved in Referral Programs at all.

    • Master Franchise
    • Sub Broker / Authorised Person
    • Remisier

    Way2Wealth Master Franchise Model

    Very much like other competitors within the Indian stock broking and trading industry, Way2Wealth Master Franchise business model has been developed in order to present the respective people or organizations interested in taking up the corresponding rights with the power to have complete business control or dominance over a given area defined in accordance to geographical boundaries.

    Owing the rights to this particular from of business model will ensure that the concerned person or organization will never ever have to worry about any other authority mingling with their respective clients in the allocated area of business.

    Benefits of Being Way2Wealth Master Franchise

    There are in fact, several benefits to owning the rights to one of the Way2Wealth Master Franchise’s. However, we have listed only a few in here:-

    • This particular form of business model ensues the highest pay on terms of revenue sharing or commission from the franchiser themselves. As a matter of fact, the corresponding franchiser pays off 70 % – 80 % of the overall business generated by a particular Master Franchise as the commission.
    • Being involved with this particular business model ensures complete are specific business dominance.

    Way2Wealth Sub Broker or Way2Wealth Authorized Person

    Way2Wealth Sub Broker model is also not much different in terms of functionality as compared to the rest of the competitors within the Indian stock trading space.

    This particular set of business model caters to the needs and requirements of those particular people or organizations who are interested in taking up the business rights of the corresponding franchiser without having to pay a huge sum as the initial investment capital or security deposit for that matter.

    Nevertheless, this business model does not guarantee area specific business dominance to the respective business partners.

    Benefits of Way2Wealth Authorized Person

    Being an owner of the Way2Wealth Sub Broker business association gets you many benefits, some of which have been mentioned below:-

    • The initial investment capital or the security deposit required to get the corresponding business rights of the Way2Wealth Franchise is comparatively a lot less than that of the Master Franchise counterpart.
    • The owners to the business rights of this particular business model are granted the facility to provide all the financial products, services as well as access to all the remote trading platforms of the concerned franchiser along with the option to provide a few added services or offers to their respective clients up on will, thus attracting more clients over time.

    Way2Wealth Remisier Model

    This is yet another business engagement model presented by the Way2Wealth Franchise to their prospective business partners who prefer to work as individuals while also enjoying the complete rights to use all of the corresponding franchiser’s financial offerings in terms of products, services as well as the remote trading platforms to their respective clients.

    Benefits of Way2Wealth Remisier

    Having the rights to the Way2Wealth Franchise’s Remisier business model comes with a lot of perks.

    Nevertheless, we have tried to highlight the most lucrative ones:-

    • This particular set of business engagement on behalf of the corresponding franchiser requires the least sense of commitment from the interested business partners in terms of office space, employee strength, internet connection or telephone connection.
    • In order to get the rights to the Way2Wealth Remisier business model, one has to spend the least in terms of initial investment capital or security deposit as compared to the corresponding franchiser’s Master Franchise or Sub Broker business models.

    Way2Wealth Partner Revenue Sharing or Way2Wealth Sub Broker Commission

    Way2Wealth is very particular about their set of revenue sharing model.

    They typically share 70% – 80% of the revenue over the total business as generated by a particular Master Franchise business partner in terms of commission.

    The revenue they share for the overall business generated by their respective Sub Brokers is 60% – 70% while that in case of their respective Remisiers is 15% – 25%.

    The overall variation of about 10 % with the revenue sharing model valid for each one of their respective business partners you observe is due the fact that the profit margin on the sale of different asset classes is also variable.

    Refer to this Table for clear picture:

    Revenue Sharing Clients Share Way2Wealth’s Share
    Master Franchise 70% – 80% 30% – 20%
    Sub Broker 60% – 70% 40% – 30%
    Remisier 15% – 25% 85% – 75%

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      Way2Wealth Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

      Way2Wealth Franchise typically requires their prospective business partners to spend a hefty amount in order to get the rights to the corresponding franchiser’s Master Franchise business model.

      As a matter of fact, they seek a security deposit between Rs. 2,00,000 (two lakhs) to Rs. 3,00,000 (three lakhs) from their respective business partners.

      Nevertheless, they do give away the rights to their Sub Broker and Remisier business models at an initial investment in terms of security deposit at only Rs. 50,000 (fifty thousands) to Rs. 1,00,000 (one lakh) respectively from their respective business partners.

      Check this table below for better understanding of Way2Wealth Franchise Cost:

      Security Deposit
      Master Franchise Rs.200,000 – Rs.300,000
      Sub Broker Rs.50,000 – Rs.100,000
      Remisier Rs.10,000

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      Way2Wealth Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

      Way2Wealth has a distinctive set of requirements in terms of infrastructure that they seek to have from all of their respective Sub Brokers as well as Master Franchises.

      The list includes the respective business partners to have an office space with at least 300 sq feet of area, an active internet connection (capable of executing multiple online trades while also taking care of the communication activities simultaneously) and some industry approved trading terminals.

      Nevertheless, the corresponding franchiser does not require their Remisiers to have these.

      Way2Wealth Sub Broker Offers

      Way2Wealth Franchise has only a few offers to extend to their respective business partners in the form of 10,000 initial deposit and flexible revenue sharing model.

      Way2Wealth Franchise or Way2Wealth Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

      Before discussing the criteria that are exclusive to Way2Wealth, it is important to take a note of the statutory & regulatory requirements.

      Here is the list of the documents and other relevant stuff you must have in order to be eligible for applying for the rights to any of Way2Wealth Franchise’s business models:-

      • An educational qualification worth at least ten plus two or intermediate for that matter at the time of applying.
      • Basic knowledge of certain computer programs like Ms Excel in order to understand and help the respective clients with basic analysis of the market and relevant stocks.
      • Good persuasion skills (not mandatory though) for acquisition of consistent business.
      • A certificate from NSIM accredited to the applicant’s name at the time of applying.
      • An experience of at least two consecutive years in the field of proactive stock trading and broking industry with relevant proof at the times of applying.
      • Basic understand of all the products, services and trading platforms being offered by the corresponding franchiser along with the complete knowledge of all the stock related asset classes.

      How to become a Way2Wealth Sub broker or Authorized Person?

      Getting to apply for the Way2Wealth Sub Broker’s business model is not as tough as it might normally appear to you. As a matter of fact, it is quite easy. All you need to do is follow all the steps that we have mentioned below in the exact order as they have been mentioned:-

      1. Click on a button that specifically states “Become a Business Partner” at the end of this section.
      2. Fill up all the relevant blank spaces, especially the ones with the mandatory star mark on top of them correctly and submit the form on to the website.
      3. Submit a copy of all the required set of documents as mentioned within this article before on to the website. You may also look up for the set of the required documents within the form itself.
      4. Once you have finished following all the steps as we have mentioned above, you will be reached out by one of the corresponding franchiser’s representatives in order to take care of the last few formalities and hand you over the business rights.

      Documents required to become Way2Wealth Authorized Person

      One needs to submit a minimum of the following documents:

      1. PAN Card
      2. Academic Certificates
      3. Investment Proof
      4. Birth Certificate
      5. Payment Proof for complete security deposit
      6. Cancelled Cheque
      7. Passport sized photos
      8. GST Registration
      9. SEBI Registration Certificate

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      Why Partner with Way2Wealth?

      If you’re a huge fan of the coffee that Café Coffee Day brews, then perhaps there is no other reason you’d want to get in business with Way2Wealth. Nevertheless, for the ones who do not prefer coffee over business, here is a list of all the prime reasons you should consider for choosing Way2Wealth as your prime franchiser for stock trading and broking purposes:-

      • The corresponding franchiser has been in the market consecutively for 35 years, thus gaining a lot of positive reputation. This can be used by you to acquire a lot of new customers.
      • The fact that the corresponding franchiser is a part of the CCD chain makes it easier for you to gather in clients who are new to this industry and still look forward to get into business with a trusted name.
      • The corresponding franchiser’s brokerage charges are also very reasonable. This makes it easier for you to generate more business even on an average working day.
      • The corresponding franchiser does not seek any account opening charges from their respective clients whatsoever, thus allowing you to use this as another bait for acquiring new and rekevant customers.
      • Apart from all of the above, the corresponding franchiser active provides support to their respective business partners in terms of Marketing, Trading and Advisory.

      Way2Wealth Franchise Conclusion

      Way2Wealth Franchise has built up their own empire of trusted clients and have been recognized rather greatly in other business domains as well.

      This solely makes them the right choice for you, let alone all the experience they have and the offers and support they extend.

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