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Espresso franchise is one of the biggest providers of stockbroking franchises. It is mainly because there are at least 300 sub-brokers in the country.

If a trader plans to take the broker’s franchise, they must consider reading ahead. Once the traders become Sharekhan Espresso Sub Brokers, they can get their hands on plenty of perks.Best Sub Broker Franchise

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Espresso Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

Espresso Franchise Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Experience 7.0/10
Market Share 8.5/10
Products & Services 8.0/10
Revenue Sharing 8.0/10
Holistic Support 7.5/10
Overall Ratings 7.8/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Sharekhan Espresso Franchise

Espresso is a part of Sharekhan. The broker was established back at 16 years old. Furthermore, the broker is among the most reputed brokers, ranking at the top among stockbrokers.

Espresso LogoRegarding sub-broker franchises, the Espresso franchise surely tops the list. It is because the broker has earned a lot of credibility.

Espresso Sub Broker serves its patrons with all types of products and services.

Some of the broker’s products and services include derivatives, commodities, currencies, equities, IPO, investment, saving packages, mutual funds, and portfolio management services.

The broker not only recognizes but also appreciates the business development that the sub-broker suggests. Above all, it is nothing less than a promoting model for sub-brokers.

The broker also offers various models, so sub-brokers can choose the one which aligns with their risk-taking appetite.

Ideally, the broker aims to provide something for everyone, so they have strategies that align with various strata of people.

The best part about becoming a sub-broker is that the broker offers plenty of sub-broker programs. There are at least 2700 sub-brokers currently in more than 500 cities.

As per the latest SEBI guidelines, all the sub-broker will now become authorized. Only the registration process will likely change, while the authorized person’s roles and responsibilities will remain the same.

The only significant change will be that they will be registered with exchanges, not SEBI. The registration now will be under an authorized person, and everything else will be the same.

Researching is one of the most powerful and important tools of any trader, and we aspire to strengthen your tool with the opt resources whether it is about the best stocks or the Top 10 Sub Brokers in India.

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    Types of MyEspresso Programs

    There are two types of programs in Espresso:

    • Partner Program
    • Referral Program

    Let’s discuss each of these programs in detail:

    Espresso Partner

    Under the Espresso Franchise, traders need to have a setup. The main reason brokers choose to become Espresso partners is that they can acquire and serve the client.

    Under this model, the broker offers patrons different personalized and flexible service plans. Furthermore, the broker provides fantastic technology and marketing support. The broker ensures that the setup is perfect.

    Moreover, the sub-brokers can get their hands on the critical updates and latest happenings in the market once they head to the platform.

    One of the best functions here is marketing support which allows sub-brokers to enhance their business and create a win-win deal for franchisers and sub-broker.

    The only reason brokers choose to become Espresso partners is that it allows for personalized solutions. There is a dedicated relationship manager to serve the clients better.

    Furthermore, there are several ranges of products and services besides customized solutions.

    Espresso Refer & Earn

    The broker offers a dynamic revenue-sharing platform where the sub-brokers can earn per their performance. Additionally, there is a different commission for Espresso Sub Broker. It all depends on functions.

    The remuneration models are other because the commission for each broker varies depending on various factors, including revenue generated. It also depends on the security deposit and investments.

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    Benefits of Espresso Sub Broker Types

    Espresso – the discount broking unit by Sharekhan is consistently impressing clients nationwide. However, sub-brokers of Espresso are also not far from sharing their good experience with the financial firm.

    Simply put, the benefits that Espresso offers in its every sub-broker business model are well-noticeable. Take a look at the types of partnership programs Espresso offers and how they benefit a partner.

    Remisier Partner Program

    Remisier’s business model brings you an opportunity to make a commission on referring a legit client.

    If you have a strong client base convinced to invest/trade with Espresso, look no further. And the best thing is that you don’t need to set up your infrastructure.

    Power Broker Program

    In the Power Broker Program, you are allowed to service clients on your own. The broker provides a product bouquet to you and gives you the power to handle the business independently.

    But you need to acquire the Espresso Franchise, which demands considerable investment. But in comparison to a Remisier, you have more authority in your hand.

    Espresso Sub Broker Commission or Franchise Revenue Sharing

    Espresso franchise revenue sharing mainly looks something like this. The espresso partner commission is high as the sub-broker performs several vital functions.

    They also take a lot of investment risks. The revenue sharing is between 30%-50%. Furthermore, For Referral Program, Espresso gets 100% Commission. Here, the Referrer gets Rs.500 for each referral.

    Refer to this Table for a clear picture:

    Espresso Commission Sub Broker Commission
    Espresso Partner 30% – 50% 70% – 50%
    Espresso Refer & Earn Rs.500 per Account 100%

    Espresso Franchise Cost or Sub Broker Investment

    Security Deposit
    Espresso Partner Zero Deposit
    Espresso Refer & Earn Zero Deposit

    Like any other business, even the sub-broker is likely to entail some initial investment. However, in the case of sub-broker investment, Espresso doesn’t charge any security deposit.

    As a result, the Espresso franchise cost is zero for both the espresso partner and espresso return and earn.

    Espresso Partner Infrastructure Requirement

    To become a sub-broker, one must consider the Espresso Partner Infrastructure Requirement. The investment amount is quite dynamic.

    Various factors, including the sub-broker’s city, existing clientele base, and revenue projections, affect the amount.

    Espresso Sub Broker Offers or Franchise Offers

    The broker often comes with new Espresso Sub Broker Offers to attract maximum sub-brokers.

    Some of them are:

    • Minimum margin money
    • Minimum brokerage rates
    • Best revenue-sharing ration
    • Free Demat account

    One can quickly get their hands on Espresso Sub Broker Offers once they register with Espresso.

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      Espresso Franchise or Espresso Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

      It is vital to learn about Espresso Sub Broker Eligibility. All one needs to do is take note of the statutory requirements.

      • To become a sub-broker, one must have a sub-broker registration from BSE or NSE. The applicant cannot become a sub-broker if they fail to have a role.
      • The minimum is another Espresso Franchise Eligibility that one needs to follow. A broker must be 18 years old to become a sub-broker.
      • Furthermore, some academic qualifications are necessary to qualify as a sub-broker. Espresso prescribes minimum educational qualification as a graduate. It can be in any field, from science to the arts.
      • The sub-broker must know efficiently about the stock market to help and guide their patrons.
      • Any additional qualification can be a brownie point.

      Espresso Sub Broker Support / Advisory

      Support and advisory channels make the overall process easy to handle for a sub-broker. Simply put, these support channels readily enable a partner to carry out their day-to-day operation as a sub-broker.

      Espresso has been offering broad-ranging support and advisory to its sub-brokers. This ensures that no member deals with any issue while executing their business operations.

      To sum up, the support categories range from back-office support, support on offers, business management software support, training manual, and so on. Apart from that, no additional support is offered to partners.

      How to Become an Espresso Sub Broker or Authorized Person?

      To become an Espresso Sub broker, one needs to follow some points.

      • Firstly, the applicants must fill out the application form, and then the broker’s executives will connect them.
      • Then the executives will likely conduct a background check for the broker to ensure all the details are accurate.
      • After completing the background check, the broker’s executives will connect with the applicants to develop a business plan. They will also understand the candidate’s expectations.
      • During the same discussion, the applicant must submit all the relevant mandatory documents, including registration forms SEBI, BSE, and academic qualification certificate.
      • After the discussion, the applicant must sign a document with the broker.
      • Lastly, once the agreement is executed, the sub-broker can start their business as Espresso.

      Some documents they need to submit are:

      • Experience certificates copy
      • Academic qualification certificates copy
      • Security deposit cheque
      • Identity proof copy
      • Address proof copy
      • Registration certificate copy

      Why Partner with Espresso?

      There are several Espresso Franchise Benefits, and it is the only reason why plenty of applicants choose to become a partner.

      Amazing offers

      Espresso provides fantastic offers. Furthermore, the revenue is around 70%.

      Marketing support

      Espresso offers all types of marketing support to its sub-brokers. Furthermore, there are some monthly events and training sessions for business partners.

      Stock recommendations

      Espresso offers advisory support to its sub-brokers. They offer support to their clients then. When it comes to advisory backup, Espresso takes an active part as it is engaged in sharing valuable tips and suggestions regularly.

      Well experienced

      Espresso is one of the oldest broking houses, so it holds an excellent reputation in the market.

      Cost-effective brokerage rates

      One of the best parts about partnering with Espresso is that it provides fantastic brokerage plans for its patrons. So the investors can expect to earn a decent brokerage amount here.

      Best trading platforms

      The broker offers ideal trading platforms from app to web-based trading. The traders can choose any venue as per their needs and want.

      Espresso Franchise – Pros & Cons

      Mentioned below are the major pros and cons attached to acquiring Espresso Franchise. Take a look to learn it better :


      • Brokerage-free equity delivery trades
      • Loss-making intraday traders are also free
      • Margin funding facility available
      • Paperless account opening


      • No branch support
      • It doesn’t offer a 3-in-1 account
      • No NRI Trading Account

      Espresso Franchise Registration

      Here’s a sneak peek into the registration process to acquire Espresso Franchise. As usual, it all begins with simple contact sharing. Such as:

      • Start by filling up a few details in the form, including your name and contact number.
      • Attend a call back from the Espresso Representative on the provided number.
      • During this phonic interview call, requirements and eligibility metrics are discussed
      • The member submits hereafter the infrastructure investment amount.
      • Management and further support are provided to the sub-broker so that they can start driving customers to the business.

      Earning potential of Espresso Partner / ROI

      Earning potential has long been enormous in the financial market. So you can set higher expectations from the Espresso Partner program as well for investment.

      Such as, people joining the Espresso business model can access 40% to 60% revenue sharing. You can access this attractive commission for a lifetime.

      However, you can retain more commission in the Power broker business model.

      Espresso Franchise Referral Program

      The espresso Franchise referral program is also termed a Remisier business model.

      The business model allows you to make anything between 40% to 60% commission per client. And that’s also without even investing. You make this commission by simply referring a legit client to Espresso.

      Brokerage Charges levied on the clients of Espresso Partners

      Charges can largely impact a client’s decision of trading and investment. We recommend carefully focusing on brokerage charges when acquiring a franchise.

      Luckily Espresso charges are legit for its trading and investment services. Simply put, the broker charges nothing for Equity Delivery segment orders; it is free.

      Similarly, charges for Equity Intraday are also Rs 20 per executed order or 0.03%, whichever is lower.

      Training provided by Espresso Sub Brokership

      Espresso assists its sub-broker through its well-built training facilities. Simply put, when you join Espresso, you aren’t so well known for the working rules and steps involved in trading and investment activities.

      This is where training by Espresso comes to your rescue.

      This training can range from product information training, supporting training manual, and client interaction training which guides you well in establishing a relationship with clients while managing the environment.

      Espresso Authorized Person – Products Offered

      Mentioned below are the major products offered by Espresso to its Authorized person that they can opt to service their clients specifically. These include –

      • Equity Delivery
      • Equity Intraday
      • Futures and Options
      • Currency Futures
      • Currency Options
      • Commodity Futures
      • Commodity Options

      List of Top Espresso Partners / Business Partners

       Espresso by Sharkhan has built an empire of 3000+ business partners since its inception.

      The company has covered 22+ years of a journey and has come a long way scaling itself to 140+ branches spread across the nation

      Undoubtedly, the broker has done an incredible job, and as a business partner, you can also set higher expectations from the financial firm.

      Espresso Authorized Person Testimonials

      Without knowing a customer’s opinion, it is sometimes fairly tough to decide whether the broker is an excellent choice for a franchise business.

      That’s why we bring you some good testimonials of Espresso partners that are active members of the broking firm and are enjoying their partnership for a long time.

      Espresso Franchise – Conclusion

      To wrap up, one can say that the Espresso Franchise offers several business models that can align with the needs of different people. It also provides some decent revenue-earning ratio which goes beyond dynamic.

      Here people can enhance their income as the revenue increases. The investment process isn’t that demanding, so they are pretty easy to live with. Above all, the broker offers a simple eligibility criteria plan.

      All one needs to do is follow some simple steps to get going. The applicant must also ensure that they submit only mandatory details.

      Espresso Partner Program FAQs

      Here is the list of FAQs related to the Espresso Partner Program:

      Does Espresso have a Sub Broker Model?

      Yes, Espresso has a sub-broker model, which is available in the list of franchise models one has to offer.

      The model is relatively clean, so even the new sub-brokers can understand it well. Furthermore, Espresso has a great network of sub-brokers in the country.

      Does Espresso Have Multiple Franchise models?

      Yes, Espresso offers more than one franchise model. There are even brokers that offer around four franchise models. But Espresso offers only two models: Espresso Partner and Espresso Refer & Earn.

      So one can earn any which they like.

      What is the Espresso Sub Broker Commission?

      The broker mainly offers two models. Irrespective of the model one chooses, the franchise will earn revenue of around 70% of the total income.

      Conversely, 30% is likely to be deemed as a brand’s loyalty collection, and it will be paid in time.

      How much does an Espresso Franchise Cost?

      Espresso offers two models. Furthermore, there is no franchise cost for any of the models here. Hence traders can choose Espresso over any other franchise.

      Does Espresso Have a Partner Program?

      Espresso offers an independent financial advisor model besides sub broker model. The broker can choose this business model and decide to provide guiding assistance to the patrons.

      They can choose it for any investments for the model they choose.

      What are Espresso Partners Sharing?

      The traders can earn at least 70% of the total income if they choose an Espresso broker. They need only to provide 30% of their revenue to the franchise. But it all depends from model to model.

      Hence traders need to check the terms and conditions before becoming a sub-broker.

      Is the Espresso Partner Program Free?

      Yes, the Espresso partner program is completely free. It means that irrespective of the model one chooses, they don’t need to pay any fee.

      But the broker might apply some charges or waive them, so it is always better to learn about the costs before becoming a sub-broker.

      Does Espresso provide Training Assistance?

      Yes, Espresso offers training assistance to the sub-brokers. It is undoubtedly one of the best parts of the broker’s structure. The franchisor ensures that it provides complete support for the franchises so they can set up the new business well.

      Furthermore, the franchisor also ensures that it offers the best possible events and training sessions to the franchises.

      How to Become an Espresso Franchise Sub Broker?

      It is pretty easy to become my franchise sub-broker. All one needs to do is click on the option to become a sub-broker.

      Firstly they need to fill out a popup form on the screen. Then, besides serving the state, the sub-broker must submit some documents. The executives will then get going with the process with the sub-broker.

      Furthermore, the executives will fix a meeting with the sub-broker before signing any contract. It is mainly because they can discuss all the plans and obligations.

      Does Espresso Franchise Provide Support?

      Yes, Espresso offers a lot of support in terms of technology, marketing, and services.

      The franchisor provides comprehensive training support to the franchises regarding its products and services. All the facilitation is as per the standards.

      With fantastic marketing support here, the sub-brokers can get clients in no time.

      What is EMF in Espresso?

      EMF refers to the Exchange Margin Fund. It is a leverage mechanism that allows trading buy orders with additional funding. You simply pay an upfront margin, and that’s it.

      How much does it cost to become an Espresso Sub broker?

      Espresso grants you a franchise without even asking you to submit a hefty investment amount. Unlike other brokers, Espresso lets you become a sub-broker at zero investment.

      Is an Espresso sub-broker profitable?

      Espresso sub-brokers can earn a commission between 40% to 60% per client. Apart from that, the broker even offers rewards and bonuses to its partners, and there’s no need to make a minimum deposit.

      Which broker is best for the franchise?

      Any broker that makes training facilities, attractive commissions, and support facilities available to the franchise partner falls into the best broker category.

      Can an Espresso sub-broker trade for himself?

      Of course, yes. An Espresso sub-broker can trade for himself, but no benefits will be offered. If you trade for yourself at Express, you will be assumed as a regular client.

      How do I start an Espresso sub-broker?

      To start the Espresso Sub broker partnership, you must submit a few essential documents to meet the basic criteria for making an attractive commission.

      How does Espresso make money?

      Espresso’s income source is primarily built on the commission that it charges from its clients against trading/investment services.

      What is the benefit of an Espresso sub-broker?

      The espresso sub-broker partnership program allows you to start a franchise for almost paying nothing. The franchise program allows you to make 40% to 60% commission per client for a lifetime.

      What are the requirements to become an Espresso sub-broker?

      The requirements to become an Espresso sub-broker are fairly easy to understand.

      You only need to be an Indian citizen who must be 18 years or older. The power Sub Broker business model may require added eligibility metrics that need to be passed.

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