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Last Updated Date - Nov 26, 2022

Applying for an online account is always feasible, but according to the varying interests and perceptions, some people prefer the IIFL Office approach. This is a pretty good thing to do, where you can have better amount of human contact and personalized experience. The IIFL Branch number stands at 2907.

The company has a widespread reach as we can see, and out of the total number of branches, the company owns 384 branches, whereas the rest 2523 branches are its franchise units.

Branch Type – All Branches
Own Branch 384
Franchise Branch 2523
All Branches 2907

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Find out IIFL Branch Office – IIFL Branch Locator

It is easy to locate a branch using our IIFL Branch Locator, which is equivalent to you searching for IIFL Office Near Me. We have it sorted, and you can easily choose to search for a branch in your residing city. Use the locator for your favour and get the information you are in need of.

The only job you need to do is, select the city you have in mind, or the one you reside in. Then, select the broker you are in search of, which is IIFL in this case. This shall take you to the landing page, which has the list of branches in the thereby entered city.

Search Branch by Broker and City

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    IIFL Head Office / IIFL Registered Office Details

    Rights of the company are reserved under the trade name IIFL SECURITIES LIMITED, and you can check out the company in brief on certain measures. This company has its IIFL head office location in LOWER PAREL, MUMBAI, whereas the registered IIFL office is situated in Wagle Estate, THANE.

    We suggest you visit their official website https://www.indiainfoline.com/, which will give you the company’s information, and also the insights on the products and services it provides.

    IIFL Branch Office Details
    Registered Office
    Address IIFL House, Sun Infotech Park, Road No.16V, Plot No.B-23, MIDC, ThaneIndustrial Area, Wagle Estate, THANE-400604
    Phones 022-39294000/0-41035000/0-9987635146
    Fax 022-25806654
    Corporate Office
    Phones 022-42499000/0-42499022/0-40077114/157
    Fax 022-40609049
    Corporate Email prasad.umarale@indiainfoline.com
    Website IIFL Website Link

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    IIFL Branch in Top 10 Cities

    Significant company’s presence, through the IIFL Nearest Branch is greatly witnessed in the cities Mumbai and Delhi. As per the IIFL Branch Locator, all the other cities from the top 10 tier cities also have IIFL presence. Precise numbers for both the cities are 199 for Mumbai and 129 branches for Delhi.

    Bangalore resist will find a total number of 129 branches in their city. We recommend all the investors to try their hand at the locator, to find a nearest location.

    Branch Office – Top 10 Cities & Metros
    City Branch
    Mumbai 199
    Ahmedabad 75
    Delhi 142
    Thane 67
    Pune 1
    Kolkata 89
    Surat 46
    Bangalore 129
    Hyderabad 1
    Vadodara 37

    IIFL Office in other Top Cities

    This company has evenly expanded throughout the company, in an attempt to make their services reachable for all the kind of investors. Search for an IIFL Office near me and take a look at the table to check the likely number of branches you can get in touch with sooner.

    A total of 83 and also the highest number of IIFL Office are situated in Chennai. If you belong from other cities, you can check out for it in the table provided.

    Branch Office  – Other Major Cities
    City Branch City Branch
    Chennai 83 Bhopal 11
    Jaipur 33 Coimbatore 32
    Rajkot 17 Gandhi Nagar 11
    Indore 22 Aurangabad 9
    Nagpur 9 Ludhiana 5
    Lucknow 22 Faridabad 3
    Nashik 29 Allahabad 2
    24 Parganas 33 Mehsana 2
    Patna 25 Chandigarh 1
    Navi Mumbai 19 Anand 9
    Ghaziabad 8 Ernakulam 14
    Gurgaon 28 Raipur 18
    Jodhpur 11 Thrissur 25
    Howrah 15 Ranchi 9
    Bhavnagar 11 Dehradun 4
    Kanpur 6 Guntur 16
    Jamnagar 6 Jalgaon 8
    Hooghly 14 Junagadh 4
    Kolhapur 14 Noida 9
    Ahmednagar 16 Navsari 7

    Find IIFL Branch in Top 50 Cities

    IIFL Branch Office in States

    For a final analysis, let us go through the IIFL Office in India, state wise. So, we have drafted a table which has all the top 20 states listed, to show an overlay of the IIFL Branch in India. According to the table, Maharashtra has 535 branches, which is at present, the greatest.

    Rest of the states also have a fine share of branches the people can visit to. Refer to the table and search for the number of branches your state has.

    Branch Office – Top 20 States / Major States
    State Branch State Branch
    Maharashtra 535 Haryana 75
    Gujarat 336 Telangana 117
    West Bengal 248 Kerala 167
    Uttar Pradesh 16 Punjab 41
    Delhi 143 Bihar 61
    Karnataka 231 Orissa 78
    Tamil Nadu 24 Jharkhand 52
    Rajasthan 89 Chhattisgarh 39
    Madhya Pradesh 114 Uttarakhand 16
    Andhra Pradesh 163 Assam 16

    IIFL Branch / IIFL Office – Conclusion

    The company as expanded its services and presence multifolds, as we can assume by the end of this article. So, you will soon enough find an IIFL Office Nearby if you try placing a search. Pincodes are the best sources to check an IIFL Branch Near me, so you can easily get in touch with them.

    1733 of all the pincodes of the entire company will show branch availability. You can check if your place has the availability accordingly.

    Branch – Unique Pincodes per City
    Own Branch 36
    Franchise Branch 1373
    All Branches 1733

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