Sushil Finance Franchise/ Sub Broker/ Partner / Authorised Person Review

Sushil Finance Franchise is the top-most investment solutions & broking franchise providing company. It basically assists clients to simplify investments and make a good output from them.

In this article, we will discuss Sushil Finance Sub Broker Program, its business models, flexible revenue sharing models, security deposit, infrastructure requirements, support, offers & more.

Sushil Finance Franchise Offers

Sushil Finance Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

Sushil Finance Franchise Ratings
Market Share4.5/10
Products & Services6.5/10
Revenue Sharing8.0/10
Holistic Support6.7/10
Overall Ratings6.34/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Sushil Finance Franchise

Sushil Finance is one of the best one-stop financial solutions offering franchisee companies. It offers customised and quality-made financial solutions for the ease of all the clients or customers. The broking house avails full-brokerage services at nominal investment.

The company was founded by Satish Kumar Arya in the year 1995. The company’s headquarters are located in Visakhapatnam.

The sb code activation time of the Sushil Finance broking house is around 35 days and it’s payout time is 30 days.

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Sushil Finance Franchise Business Models:

Sushil Finance franchise is one of the top-notch investment solutions providing broking houses available in the country.

The company is not only good at offering a wide range of investment solutions but also avails business model for the sub-brokers who are looking forward to improving financial well-broking. The customised business model of the broking house is described below in detail-

  • Sub-broker business model

Sushil Finance Sub Broker or Authorized Person

Sushil Finance is a greatly reliable and popularly known broking franchise available in Visakhapatnam. The broking house is currently offering the best investment solutions to the clients across India.

If you are an experienced authorised person and looking forward to working with any renowned brand to make effective financial well-being, the company has a sub-broker licencing program for you.

With the help of the company’s licencing program, you will start up business with the name of the company. It normally acts as a monopoly type of business. Through this business model, multiple authorised persons can easily work from the same company or office.

Benefits of Sushil Finance Sub Broker or Authorized Person

The advantages of Sushil Finance Sub-broker are listed below-

  • Robust credibility
  • Flexible and transparent revenue sharing
  • Nominal investment amount
  • Easy account opening process

Sushil Finance Sub Broker Commission or Revenue Sharing Model

Sushil Finance is a leading and popular full-service brokerage house in the nation. It usually offers customised investment solutions for the ease and convenience of the customers or sub-brokers. The Sushil Finance Franchise revenue sharing model is detailed below-

The Sushil Finance broking house has a very straightforward and easy revenue sharing model to offer all of its investors and customers. In general sense, the total generated revenue through sub-brokers is distributed by the broking house as per the following conditions-

The broking company usually offers revenue share ranging between 60% to 75%. It is also calculated and shared as per the submitted security deposit.

Check this table below to understand commission sharing better:

Revenue SharingClients ShareSushil Finance’s Share
Sub Broker60% – 75%25% – 40%

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Sushil Finance Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

Sushil Finance is considered as the most reliable broking house as compared to other broking companies. It normally levies a minimal amount of security deposit from all of its clients or authorised persons.

Normally, the company charges some security deposit before the real partnership program starts. If you want to become a partner of the broking house then you will surely be required to submit a security deposit to the company.

The security deposit charged by the company normally ranges from Rs. 50,000 onwards. Also, the security amount deposited to the company by the sub-brokers is totally refundable. It is just that if a sub-broker has finally decided to end up with the licencing program then the company will surely provide him with his deposited amount as security.

Below table gives a better perspective of Sushil Finance deposit amount:

Security Deposit
Sub BrokerRs. 50,000

These Sub Broker Franchise  ask for low Security Deposits:

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Sushil Finance Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

Sushil Finance is the top-rated broking house located in India. It has actually played a key role in the finance market. The company is widely known in the stock market due to its financial services offerings.

If you also want to work with the renowned brand then you will be needed to meet the infrastructure requirements. The list of infrastructure requirements of the company’s licencing program is provided below-

  • The authorised person needs to be capable enough to invest in arrange the workplace of around 250 Square feet.
  • There should be a minimum of 3 employees available for office management.
  • Proper internet connectivity is required for smooth and easy trade execution.
  • No any research services required for Sushil Finance franchise.
  • Trading terminals see must for convenience in trading.
  • Telephone lines are also important to ensure smooth communication between employees and clients.

The total infrastructure requirements are very simple and easy to fulfil. You can meet all the infrastructure requirements for the company’s franchise model with minimal investment.

Sushil Finance Broking Franchise Offers

Sushil Finance is a popular and well-known stockbroking service providing company. It not only avails the best financial or investment solutions for the investors or sub-brokers even it has customised few impressive offers for all its clients. The offers availed by the company are given below-

  • 10k initial deposit
  • Flexible revenue sharing

Sub-brokers or authorised persons can easily raise up their financial welfare with the assistance of the company’s offers. The broking house does not have any kind of constraints including- flat revenue sharing.

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Sushil Finance Franchise Eligibility Criteria

Sushil Finance is really very well-known and top-ranked brokerage house available in the stock market. If you are really looking forward to any renowned and popular brand to start a business with, Sushil Finance can be your go-to platform. The company has very easy eligibility criteria for selecting sub-brokers-

  • The person applying for the company’s licencing program must be a resident of India.
  • He is strictly passed 12th or higher secondary qualification from any government recognised institution.
  • Make sure you are capable enough to easily fulfil the infrastructure requirements for Sushil Finance franchise.
  • You must have 2-3 years of experience as a CA, financial advisor, mutual funds advisory, insurance agent etc
  • The applicant needs to be a registered SEBI member.

How to become Sushil Finance Sub Broker or Authorized Person?

Sushil Finance is greatly known and the very popular company offers all types of brokerage services to the investors. It is a Visakhapatnam based broking house that offers good support to the customers also.

Are you looking to become an authorized person of the Sushil Finance, follow the steps given below to register yourself as a company member-

  1. Initially, go through the company’s official website and properly fill up the registration form.
  2. After that, the concerned person from the company will contact you in order to check your interest in the company’s franchise program.
  3. Once your interest in the licencing program is successfully verified then again you will receive a call from the broking house.
  4. In that particular call, your meeting will be fixed with the company’s relationship manager.
  5. On that meeting day, you will be given information regarding the company and its licencing program by the relationship manager.
  6. Once the meeting is successfully done then the company will ask you to submit some personal documents.
  7. After your documents will be verified by the company and also SEBI will verify the documents as well.
  8. After that, you can start doing business under the name of the company.

Documents required to become Sushil Finance Authorised Person

List of documents required to start Sushil Finance Sub broker program:

  • PAN
  • NISM Certificates
  • GST Registration Certificates
  • SEBI Certificate of Registration
  • Address Proof
  • Investment Proof
  • Educational Details with certificates
  • Other

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Why Partner with Sushil Finance?

Sushil Finance is the best ever broking house available across India. The financial product offering of the company has emerged it a renowned Beijing house.

Company offers a variety of financial solutions to investors for their betterment and convenience. This company actually helps investors by offering a customised and flexible business model for raising up financial welfare.

  • The company provides transparency and flexibility in sharing revenue among sub-brokers.
  • Zero charges to be paid for online account opening.
  • Very minimal margin money.
  • The effective support system is given to all of the customers and investors for their convenience and satisfaction.
  • The broking house delivers effective trading tips for better buying and selling of trades in the stock market.

Sushil Finance Franchise Conclusion

Sushil Finance is a leading stockbroking house available in Visakhapatnam. It offers great financial services to the investors or clients for raising up financial welfare.

Apart from that, it has a business model also through which you can start doing business under the company name. It actually helps in making a sound financial portfolio.

If you are really looking forward to working with any renowned brand, visit Sushil Finance. It will surely assist in making a good financial welfare.

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