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Want to Open Zerodha Demat Account? Zerodha is a pioneer discount brokerage house. It was the first to offer discounted and minimal brokerage rates for stock trading in India.

Zerodha offers trading as well as Demat account facilities to its customers. The trading account is used to undertake and execute the trading, i.e., buying and selling stock, whereas the Demat account is used to retain the stocks and scrips with the investor.

In this article, we will discuss the Demat and the Zerodha Trading Account, their charges and annual maintenance fees, and other details related to the account opening with Zerodha.


Zerodha Demat Account

Various discount brokers in the nation came before and after Zerodha.

Still, this firm revolutionized the stock market with its unrealistic cheap prices and established itself as a discount broker in a completely new manner, and made the word Discount Brokers famous.

Backed by highly efficient technology, Zerodha offers the Best Demat Account in India and lays down some unique features which are not available with other Demat accounts.

The Zerodha Demat Account has various advantages that the clients can reap and use for their trading and investment purposes. Here are some of the most important Zerodha Demat Account benefits –

Reach and Network

There are some advantages of being the most sought-after brokerage house in the country.

Zerodha has been recognized and referred to as the most promising and popular brokerage house among the capital market fraternity and traders.

You can find Zerodha branches in nooks and corners of your city, and you can be from anywhere, any city, to get that.

Trading Platforms

Discount brokers are famous for Trading platforms and cheap brokerage plans, and Zerodha can be called the innovator of this idea.

They changed the means of trading with their innovative trading platforms and the technologies they use for those platforms. It made trading easy and more profitable.

Zerodha has a variety of trading platforms like KITE, Zerodha Varsity, Small Cases, Sensibull, and many others to facilitate the clients.


No doubt, Zerodha has one of the cheapest brokerage plans for clients. They have no charges for equity delivery transactions. For the other trades, the leading brokerage per order that any trader must pay is Rs.20 of the full transaction value.

Apart from being cheap and pocket-friendly, the brokerage plan is also simple. You do not need to bring your calculator every time to make the brokerage calculations.

No Hidden Charges

There are no hidden charges attached to these cheap brokerage charges mentioned above. There are all the charges in front of you, and there are no other charges.

No Minimum Brokerage

There are no minimum brokerage charges as well. You pay for what you trade, and the maximum can be only Rs.20 for any order volume.

So, if you are looking for an open Demat account, the Zerodha Demat account can be one of the best options for you.

Acknowledge all the features of Zerodha in our Zerodha Review section. You can easily gain all information from there.

Open Demat Account with Zerodha

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    How to Open Zerodha Demat Account?

    Now, if you have made up your mind about the account opening with Zerodha, then to Open Zerodha Demat Account, you need to –

    • Register your Name & Mobile No. & City & click on “Open Demat Account
    • Zerodha representative will guide the user through the online account opening process first
    • Customers can also download the form & courier the same & post receiving accounts get opened within 48 hours
    • If the customer wants to meet offline, then they will arrange for face to face meeting
    • On meeting the customer, a few details are required to open a free Zerodha Demat account, i.e., Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Bank Statement, Cancelled Cheque & Address proof
    • The executive will process the entire documents & customer will receive the Trading account ID & Password over email or SMS within 30 minutes
    • The client can now start trading using Zerodha Kite or Zerodha Pi

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    Zerodha Demat Account Charges

    Demat Account Charges
    Trading Charges [One Time] Rs 200
    Trading AMC [Yearly] Rs 0 (Free)
    Demat Charges [One Time] Rs 0
    Demat AMC [Yearly] Rs 200
    Margin Money 75% Margin

    Zerodha Account Opening Charges for Equity are different, and for Equity and commodity, it is different. Here are the other kind of accounts you can opt for and their pricing structure.

    • Online Account – For trading only in the equity domain, i.e., for Equity, F&O, and Currency, you have to pay Rs.200. On the other front, you have to pay Rs.300 for trading in Equity and a commodity.
    • Offline Account – Choosing this account, you will have to pay Rs.400 for only the equity segment and Rs.600 for the Equity and commodity Segment.
    • NRI Account (Offline only) – Herein, the commodity domain trading is Not Available. So, to invest in Equities via NRI Account, you have to pay Rs.500 at the time of account creation.
    • Partnership, LLP, HUF, or Corporate accounts (offline only) – For this category, the charges are Rs.500 for Equity and Rs.800 for Equity and commodity.

    AMC, a yearly recovered amount, is taken to maintain the account with Zerodha. So, the annual maintenance charge is Rs.300/year + GST charged quarterly.

    Apart from this AMC and account opening charges, another nominal charge in stamp charges is leviable. This is a statutory charge towards or registration of power of authorization.

    Other Demat Charges

    The other DEMAT account-related charges are discussed below for your reference:

    • Pledging: Zerodha charges Rs.30 + GST per pledge request for pledge creation and closure.
    • The cheque bounced: If a customer’s cheque is bounced, they are charged Rs.350 as cheque bouncing charges. This charge is slightly on the high side to discourage any such instances.
    • Statement: Zerodha typically rolls out an e-statement; however, if a customer wishes for a physical statement, he must pay Rs.50 as a courier charge.
    • Call & Trade: The discount broker charges Rs.50 per call as call & trade charges

    Zerodha AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    The Zerodha AMC or annual maintenance charges are only Rs.300/year + GST charge quarterly, which you need to pay every year for the maintenance of your account with Zerodha.

    There are no other charges apart from this charge for the maintenance of the account. However, this charge is only for maintaining the Demat account; no charges attach to the Trading account. There are no maintenance charges for the trading account.

    To know in detail, check out Zerodha Brokerage Charges.

    Zerodha Trading Account

    With the Zerodha Trading Account, you can –

    • Trade different investment options ranging from equities to Derivatives and currencies as well.
    • You can easily access your Zerodha trading account on the trading platforms offered by the firm, and you can trade easily without much hassle on any of the platforms that suit you the best.
    • There is no margin money that you need to keep in the trading account. Buying and selling shares can be done from the shares you have in the account, and no money is required as the balance in the trading account.
    • You can also invest in IPOs with the Zerodha Trading account
    • You can use bracket orders and other orders formats

    Zerodha Demat Account – Conclusion

    The Zerodha Demat Account is one of the most sought-after Demat accounts, and that is evident from the huge client base of 10 lakh customers and above (as per the data received in June 2019).

    This depicts the quality and quantity of services and products the firm provides to the customers, mainly because they typically have low brokerage and highly advanced trading terminals.

    Zerodha Demat Account FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Zerodha Demat Account:

    How can I open Zerodha Demat Account?

    Opening a Demat account has been made pretty easy and seamless now, with the assistance of technology. You must only do it online since Zerodha has no branches. Click on the “Open Demat Account” button on this page and fill out the pop-up form. Collaborate with the team which gets in contact with you for further process.

    Is Zerodha Demat Free?

    Opening a Zerodha Demat account will require a charge and is not free of cost. There is an attached opening charge of a small amount of Rs.300. This seems fair enough as per the current market standard of charges, where Rs.500 consider the average.

    What are Zerodha Demat Charges?

    Demat charges are all the amounts related to opening and maintaining the account. The account opening charge is one-time in nature and is R.300 for this broker. Also, the AMC is Rs.300 + GST charged quarterly per annum, i.e., you are required to pay Rs.300 + GST charged quarterly once every year.

    Is AMC levied on Zerodha Demat?

    Yes, AMC is a part of the charges that arise from investing in the share market. AMC denote Account maintenance charges, which fix at Rs.300 + GST charged quarterly per annum by Zerodha. So, according to this structure, Rs.300/year + GST charged quarterly is an add-on to your expense list.

    Is Zerodha’s Demat Account best?

    Yes, Zerodha is one of the fastest-growing stock broking houses, which provides plenty of services and products from the capital market. Associate with them, and you can enjoy many benefits from the industry and enjoy great returns. Also, they have one of the largest customer bases.

    Does Zerodha provide Demat a/c?

    Yes, Demat account provision is one of the many services Zerodha provides to its clients. A lot of stockbroking services link to the Demat account, and as a matter of fact, the Demat account is one of the excellent products this broker provides.

    What Documents are required for Zerodha’s Demat?

    The documents required to open the Demat account are not complex, though they are a bunch of documents you need to fetch. Starting with the identity proof, you must provide your Aadhaar card and PAN card. Furthermore, you need to provide passport-size photographs and a cancelled cheque.

    Is Aadhaar Compulsory to Open Zerodha Demat?

    Yes, an Aadhaar card is one of the many documents you need to open a Demat account with this company. Make sure you have a scanned copy of these documents, which can be used to prove your identity, and also to sign the Demat account application form digitally.

    Is PAN required for Opening Zerodha Account?

    Yes, PAN is another document that proves your identity, alongside portraying your financial status. You can also seamlessly connect your bank account with that of the Demat account, which is required to transfer funds while placing a buy or sells order.

    Do they Charge the Demat Account opening Fee?

    Yes, this stock broking house does charge an account opening fee from their clients. The new users have an obligation to pay Rs.300 as the account opening charge, only the beginning. This charge is not recurring and is a one-time payment. Also, there are different types of accounts you can go for, and the charge would thereby differ.

    Does Zerodha have a Margin Trading facility?

    Margin Trading offers customers to trade for amounts over what is available in their accounts. Margin Trading offers are open for intraday trading and investments, not delivery trades.

    What does Kite Zerodha do?

    Zerodha Kite is an online access point proffer by the entity to deliver trading facilities. An attempt to ensure that it is available for most of the accessible devices and modes by the customers.

    Is the Zerodha Demat account safe for trading?

    From services like commodity and currency trading to put forward offers of retail brokerage, Zerodha has earned itself a reputation of trust and worth in the market amongst its competitors. Zerodha register with CDSL making it a registered and certified entity.

    Can beginners prefer Zerodha for investment?

    Zerodha is the first choice for not just experienced investors but also beginners as it offers easy access and learning facilities.

    Is Zerodha paid?

    Zerodha does not imply any hidden charges from its clients; its brokerages and charges are upfront. It is one of the most affordable stock brokers. Its charges are nominal and clearly stated.

    What is the minimum balance in Zerodha?

    Investors do not require to maintain any minimum balance in their trading accounts. The brokerage is levied on trading. Further, it charges an Annual Maintenance Charge.

    How does Zerodha charge its customers?

    Zerodha charges are simple, nominal, and easily payable. Zerodha imposes a sum on the trades in the form of AMC.

    What will happen to the account if the user does not use the Zerodha account?

    If an investor is not actively using their Zerodha account or it’s been long since used, one should either get it closed or utilize it as the Annual Maintenance Charge is still levied.

    Is it safe to link a bank account with Zerodha?

    An investor can transfer funds from bank accounts in their name linked with the trading account.

    What is the leverage for intraday in Zerodha?

    The leverage offered for intraday lies between 3 to 20 times. This is because, in intraday, investors do not hold the position overnight.

    Is Zerodha registered with SEBI?

    Zerodha is a registered member of NSE and BSE bearing Registration No. INZ000031633 with SEBI. The registration number is for the Cash, Derivatives, and Currency Derivatives segments of NSE and BSE.

    Is Zerodha registered in India?

    Zerodha duly registers in India and registers with SEBI to deliver its services. It offers brokerage-free equity investments, retail, institutional broking, currencies, and commodities trading. It has widespread in India.

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