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Here is the list of Best Commodity Trading App in India.

Commodity trading has been in existence for long. Our ancestors indulged in this as a part of the barter system in order to sustain.

In those days, all the trades were made physically, making it a cumbersome and time-consuming process. However, in the digital era, all the transactions are conducted over the internet.

There are many trading applications which the users can use for commodity trading. Just by logging in on the app on their phones, users can do any number of transactions, at any time.

This makes the whole process very convenient. Apart from trading platforms, many apps provide users with accurate, real-time information about the market’s movements.

Through these, the customers can have an insight into the news and how they affect different commodities in the markets.

Best Commodity Trading App in India

Best Commodity Trading App in India

Below is a list of most popular commodity trading apps used by Indians:

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    Know more about Top 10 Commodity Trading Apps

    Below is a list of the most popular commodity trading apps used by Indians:

    Angel Broking App: Best Commodity Trading App in India

    Angel broking is one of the most popular discount brokers. Their app is easy to use the platform through which users can track all their orders’ real-time status.

    One benefit which angel broking has over its other competitors is the angel recommendation. Through this automatic advisory system, recommendations about different segments are given free of cost to the users.

    The app provides live streaming of the markets, use of almost 40 different indicators, and in-depth reports of commodity markets of both domestic areas as well as the international market.

    The traders can use the angel app to understand the market easily, place their orders, and also track their positions, real-time.

    Edelweiss Mobile Trader: Top Commodity Trading App

    This app is ideal for those looking for a comprehensive platform that can meet all their requirements in one place.

    Through this app, the traders can sync their accounts from other market watching platforms like Xtreme trader.

    There is a separate space where the active contracts can be viewed. The trader can check the market depth for different commodities and analyze various charts as required.

    You can change to line chart or candlesticks, or anything else you feel comfortable with. The fund transfer system of this app is also very secure.

    The trader’s bank account gets linked, and then the easy transfer of funds takes place between the trading account and the bank account.

    The easy-to-use UI and multiple functionalities available in one place make this one of the most useful trading apps for commodity traders.

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    IIFL Markets App: Top 10 Commodity Apps in India

    From placing new orders to squaring off the existing positions, you can do everything in the commodity market just using this app.

    There are market analysis tools, live TV, market watch, and other features to help the traders stay updated with all the happenings in the commodity market.

    To use this app, you don’t necessarily need to be an IIFL broking customer. Guest sign up is also available.

    The app gives a full-fledged knowledge about all trading segments like futures, options, equity, commodities, and currency.

    The traders can segregate watchlists for different segments for better use. The most exquisite feature of the IIFL securities app is its expert view.

    Through this, you can get expert analysis of the market just with a single swipe.

    Zerodha KITE App: One of Best Commodity Apps

    When we talk about trading platforms, Zerodha is usually the first name that comes to mind. Their app, Zerodha Kite, is so easy to use for everyone!

    It is one of the most efficient trading apps for commodities. Their platform is well designed to help traders manage and analyze their portfolios easily.

    They provide real-time data for all commodities with no latency at all. Kite also allows users to analyze live charts using advanced tools and indicators.

    The Zerodha varsity is also a popular initiative. Through this platform, traders can self educate themselves about different market concepts.

    One feature that attracts maximum customers to the Zerodha platform is its low brokerage. The brokerage charged for all executed commodity trades is INR 20 or 0.01%, whichever is lower.

    Through the Zerodha platform, traders can learn about markets, analyze live charts, place orders, and track order status.

    The portfolio management becomes a hassle-free task with the easy to use UI of the Zerodha kite app.

    MO Trader App: Top Commodity Apps in India

    Motilal Oswal is one name that evokes trust! They are undoubtedly one of the most trusted commodity brokers in India.

    Their MO trading app is a one-stop solution where the traders can trade in all segments, i.e., equity, derivatives, currency, and commodities.

    Their trading platform is so powerful that you would not experience any lags or technical faults. All real-time updates about the trades and their execution are provided to the users.

    Some of the salient features of their app include- visibility of ten positions at a time, ability to square off in one single click, technical indicators, slice pricing, real-time margin updates, and much more.

    In short, if you are a commodity trader looking to enjoy a hassle-free experience, then the Motilal Oswal trading app should definitely be on your consideration list.

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    Sharekhan App: Best Commodity Trading App

    Sharekhan is one of the oldest and most popular commodity trading brokers in India.

    They have been in the brokerage industry for so long and have consistently provided high-quality services to their customers.

    Due to their high brokerage charges, sharekhan is not a suitable choice for beginner commodity traders with limited capital.

    They should stick to discount brokers only. For experienced traders wanting to switch to a new brand, they should definitely give sharekhan a try.

    From their easy to use UI to their excellent portfolio management services, they do everything to keep their customers satisfied.

    By creating an account on sharekhan, the users also benefit from regular updates, handholding solutions, and trading help.

    Upstox PRO App: India’s Top 10 Commodity Trading Apps

    With a UI similar to Zerodha kite, upstox has won many hearts. They have a very simple to use the app. Beginners widely use Upstox because they have free Demat and trading account opening options.

    So those who wish to try their hands on trading for the first time can do so without having to spend anything initially.

    At times, they also have promotional schemes like no brokerage charges for one month on Intraday.

    Even after one month, the traders do not have to worry about being charged high, as upstox is also a discount broker and offers flat brokerage plans.

    Their brokerage for Intraday is INR 20. By opening accounts on Upstox, the traders can trade in other segments like equity and derivatives as well.

    Their excellent customer service is also one thing that you should consider. You can get answers to all your queries almost instantly via the chat option available on the app itself.

    ICICI Direct App: Top Commodity Trading App in India

    Made with state of the art technology to offer a high-quality experience, the ICICI direct app is a secure trading platform.

    The company provides excellent services and tools in every aspect. They charge high brokerage but ensure that their services make their customers feel that every penny they spend is worth it.

    The ICICI Direct trading platform is very easy to use. The traders can see real-time updates of all their positions.

    The order execution and squaring off process is also easy. Just with a few taps, the order can be successfully placed.

    Lag is one word that you would not feel while using their platform. They offer regular news updates, email assistance, expert advice, and much more to their clients.

    They even provide a call-n-trade feature. If you are unable to access your account due to any technical issues, your relationship manager will place the trades on your behalf as per your instructions.

    HDFC Securities App: Most used Commodity Trading App in India

    If you are looking for a trading platform that does not limit itself to a few segments, then HDFC securities is your place to be.

    For commodity traders, they offer a wide range of choices to choose from. Apart from this, the traders can get all real-time information about the price movements on the app itself.

    There is expert guidance available from a panel of experienced analysts. These recommendations can help you earn from the commodity market well.

    Since HDFC securities are a full-time broker, their brokerage and maintenance charges are high. They aim to provide all the relevant information to their clients at the right time, as any time lag can become a costly mistake when it comes to the markets.

    With the HDFC securities app’s help, the commodity traders can enjoy a seamless trading experience every time.

    And if they face any issues, they are guided by a team of experts who are available at their service, always!

    Axis Direct App: Top 10 Commodity Trading Apps in India

    Just like other private banks who have diversified into financial broker services, Axis bank also started with its trading platform known as Axis direct.

    With Axis direct, you can open a 3-in-1 account, which is a banking, trading, and Demat account. With the axis direct app, you can trade in 34 commodities, including agricultural commodities, metals, and bullions.

    The traders can place the trades on both MCX as well as NCDEX. Their app is designed to ensure a premium user experience.

    All real-time data can be streamed live without any lags. Through their platform, you can invest even in US stocks, and hence, diversify your portfolio.

    The Axis direct also ensures that if their customers face any issues, they are immediately resolved by their customer relations executives.

    Conclusion: Commodity Trading Apps

    Commodity trading can be tricky. Hence, the traders are advised to make use of easy to use platforms. This would not only enhance their experience but also allow them to avoid any hassles.

    While some of the above-listed apps are just for informative purposes, the rest can be used to actually place live trades as well.

    The users can try different platforms and then find the one that suits all their needs.

    Best Commodity Trading App FAQs

    Ques – How to choose the best commodity trading app in stock market?

    Answer – There are many applications for trading which the customer can use in order to go ahead with commodity trading. App that provides absolutely accurate, updated information about the markets highs and lows is just about right.

    Ques – What makes Angel Broking app the best app for commodity trading?

    Answer – Angel Broking charges extremely less brokerage fee, their mobile application is pretty simple to use, every order can be tracked down, it has an excellent advisory system, provision of live streaming of the market and usage of more or less 30 different indicators make it the best app for commodity trading.

    Ques – Why Edelweiss mobile trader app is good for commodity trading?

    Answer – The app is excellent for a comprehensive platform that can allow all the requirements to be met at the same place in a short interval of time. Through this app, the readers can sync their account from other markets as well, view their contracts, check the market for different commodities, change to candlesticks and easily transfer funds between bank accounts.

    Ques – Where can I find list of top 10 commodity trading apps?

    Answer – You can find the list of top 10 commodity trading apps here in this very article. Through this you can have an insight into the news and how all these effect different commodities in the market.

    Ques – What makes sharekhan app ideal for commodity trading?

    Answer – ShareKhan has an excellent and easy UI, magnificent portfolio management service and extremely regular market change updating functionality that cannot be matched to any other firm, as such. This makes it ideal for commodity trading.

    Ques – Can I do commodity trading using Zerodha KITE App?

    Answer – You can absolutely do commodity trading using Zerodha kite app. It is one of the most prominent trading apps for commodities. They provide real-time data for all commodities, the trading app is pretty efficient, it charges really less brokerage fee and through this platform, traders can learn a lot about market evaluation.

    Ques – What are the benefits of Upstox PRO App in commodity trading?

    Answer – The Upstox PRO app is pretty easy to use as they have promotional schemes like no brokerage charges for a month on intraday and the traders did not have to fret about being charged higher than usual since Upstox is a discount broker.

    Ques – Which app is simple to use for commodity trading?

    Answer – HDFC securities is pretty easy to use for commodity trading. They offer a wide range of choice to choose from, and apart from the website you can even use the app to do it through. There is an expert advisor available who can give you recommendations time in again and with the help of the HDFC Securities app, commodity traders can enjoy seamless trading every time.

    Ques – Which app is best for commodity trading analysis?

    Answer – The best commodity trading analysis app is Motilal Oswal trading app. They include visibility of 10 positions at one time, provide technical indicators, margin updates and much more. If you are a commodity trader and you want to do hassle free trading, then this app is for you.

    Ques – Where can I do comparative study of commodity trading apps?

    Answer – You can do a comparative study of commodity trading apps over here in this article. We have provided you with the top 10 firms in the market. An insight into this would clear all your confusion and assist you in reaching other clues about which firm is the best in which field.

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