Upstox Trading / Online Trading – Review, Process, Benefits, Charges & more

Upstox is one of the leading discount brokers in the country at present. Upstox Trading services are fully technology-based services that make the life of the traders easier and smoother.

The Upstox Online Trading services are rendered across different segments of trading whether it is equity or options or commodities. It is a tech-first brokerage house where everything is dealt with using technology and thus making the whole process easier.

In this article, you will read about the various benefits of Upstox and the different products and services it offers. We will mainly focus on the different brokerage plans it has for the traders and whether the brokerage charges are reasonable as per the market or not.

We will also cover the process of starting online trading with Upstox and finally, we will take you through the multiple trading platforms it offers.

Upstox Offers

Upstox Trading and Benefits

There is an array of benefits and features offered by Upstox Online Trading services and they are enumerated below:

  • You can do Upstox Trading in the delivery segment for free. There are no brokerage charges for equity delivery trades with Upstox and this helps the traders to make more profit. Apart from the delivery trades, for the other segments, the brokerage charges are really lower which will discuss in the later section of the article.
  • There are no charges for trading platforms. Yes, it offers all the trading platforms with highly advanced technology free of cost. There is no additional cost you need to pay for using those platforms.
  • Multiple types of orders which you can use on the Upstox platform – AMO or After Market order, Bracket Order or Cover order and others. This reduces the risk of the investment you are making by limiting the losses.
  • There is AmiBroker and Upstox Bridge for coding your own trading strategies. This helps you make your own strategy for your own trades and code them to be implemented via the trading platform.
  • The trading platforms are full of technical indicators and these indicators help in the analysis. It helps in understanding the price movements and the triggers.
  • Other highly advanced tools and technologies offered by the firm which are rare to find in any other full-service broker as well. Upstox Developer console, Upstox Option chain Tool and many such advanced trading technologies.
  • There is a high level of leverage provided by the firm to the customers in all the segments of trading.

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    Upstox Trading Charges

    Upstox Charges
    Transaction Charges0.00275% of Total Turnover
    STT Charges0.0126% of Total Turnover
    SEBI Turnover Charges0.0002% of Total Turnover
    Stamp Duty ChargesDepends on State (very minimal)
    GST Charges18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)

    The Upstox Trading Charges includes:

    • Brokerage charges are the primary charges that need to be paid and Upstox charges a flat fee for all the segments.
    • STT or the Securities Transaction Charges is levied at 0.0126% of the total turnover
    • SEBI Turnover Charges is levied at 0.0002% of the total transaction value
    • Then there are Transaction Charges itself which is 0.00275% of the total turnover
    • GST is levied on the sum total of the transaction charge and the brokerage charge at 18%
    • Then there are Stamp Duty charges which are very nominal and decided as per the state

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    Upstox Delivery Trading

    Upstox Delivery Charges
    Equity DeliveryZero

    The Upstox Delivery Trading comes with no charges. There are no brokerage charges at all on the delivery trade segment in the equity class. You need to pay nothing for taking the delivery of the equities you trade.

    Upstox Intraday Trading

    Upstox Intraday Charges
    Equity IntradayRs.20 per Trade

    For the Upstox Intraday Trading service, the charges are Rs.20 for trade. This means that you need to pay Rs.20 for each order and the order can be of any volume. Once the order gets executed, the charge is deducted from your account.

    Upstox Option Trading

    Upstox Option Charges
    Equity OptionsRs.20 per Trade

    For Upstox Option Trading as well, the charge is Rs.20 per trade. Generally, the charges for the options segment is higher in the market but Upstox charges the same amount for options as well, as it has a flat fee brokerage plan.

    Upstox Futures Trading

    Upstox Futures Charges
    Equity FuturesRs.20 per Trade

    For the Upstox Futures Trading, you need to pay Rs.20 for each of the trades that are executed on the platform.

    Upstox Currency Trading

    Upstox Currency Charges
    Currency OptionRs.20 per Trade
    Currency FuturesRs.20 per Trade

    Whether you are trading currency futures or currency options, for Upstox Currency Trading, the fee you will be charged is Rs.20 per trade.

    You can save a lot on the options because most of the brokerage houses charges per lot basis for options and moreover the charges are higher than this one.

    Upstox Commodity Trading

    Upstox Commodity Charges
    Commodity TradingRs.20 per Trade

    You can do Upstox Commodity Trading with Rs.20 for each order as well. There are no extra charges for the commodity segment.

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    Upstox Online Trading Process

    For starting Upstox Online Trading, you need to –

    Open Upstox Demat, Trading account

    1. To open the accounts, you have to click on the option “Open Demat Account” you find on this page.
    2. A form will pop-up on the screen. You need to fill the form that pop-ups and then submit the same.
    3. Submit the form along with the required documents online. The documents generally include the PAN, AADHAAR Card and a cancelled cheque for bank details and others.
    4. You will receive the login details of your account once and if the verification of your documents is successful and the application has been approved.


    1. You need to login to the Upstox Website. You need to use the login credentials you have received.
    2. Here you will find the trading platforms which you need to download.

    Downloading and setting up trading platforms

    1. For downloading the trading terminal and other platforms you need to click on the files (software) which you find on the site.
    2. Once the software is downloaded on the desktop or mobile, install them.
    3. The market watchlist needs to be created by adding your favorite companies stock scrips
    4. Once you have created the market watchlist you can start trading

    Online Trading

    1. Select the stock you want to track or trade
    2. There will be BUY or SELL option at the side of the windows that open, or you can directly click on the BUY and Sell option. Put the price, unit of shares you to trade and other details required and place an order.

    Upstox Online Trading Platforms

    The firm is known for its high-end technologies and trading platforms are the best examples. It offers multiple Upstox Trading Platform and some of them are –

    • Upstox App is the Upstox Mobile trading platform. It is a highly advanced mobile trading platform that works with minimal internet usage and thus, helps you to trade in different places. This application has different trading options, charts and analytical tools as well. You can trade with this app when you are traveling and that makes the trading experience so rich.
    • The next is the Trading terminal offered by Upstox. It is based on the Omnesys NEST platform and it uses its Order Management System and Risk Management system. The terminal is really powerful and has all kinds of trading features. There are multiple market watchlist, technical indicators, and charts for your usage.
    • The Web-browser based trading platform is a web version of the trading terminal. It provides trading across the segment. There are multiple trading options, a variety of analytical tools and many other features.

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    Upstox Trading – Conclusion

    The Upstox Trading services is one of the most sought after trading service in the market at present because of its low brokerage charges and exceptionally well-designed range of products and services.

    For Upstox Online Trading, the trading platform it offers add to the benefit of the customer a lot and creates an ideal environment for online trading.

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