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India Infoline, commonly known as IIFL, is one of the pioneer financial service companies with various investment options and services.

The IIFL Intraday Trading services are one of the most promising intraday services in the industry that you can get. The India Infoline Intraday facility is offered across various industry segments ranging from equities to commodities.

In this article, you will find the details on the benefits and features of the IIFL/ India Infoline intraday services, along with various details like the charges of the intraday service that the firm provides and other charges which are required to be paid with the brokerage amount.

The article will also cover the process of doing intraday trading with IIFL.

Then we will also cover the leverage IIFL provides for the clients who do intraday trading with them and many other intraday traders look for in a brokerage house to suit their intraday trading needs.

IIFL or India Infoline Demat Account

India Infoline Intraday Trading & Benefits

IIFL or India Infoline is a financial services company offering delivery and intraday trading and is amongst the Best broker for Intraday Trading for its intraday services.

IIFL Intraday Trading has vast options open for traders to trade from and reduce their risk by diversifying their portfolios.

It also offers some of the best research and advisory services, which we will discuss below:

  • IIFL / India Infoline Intraday Tips are one of the best for intraday traders as IIFL is known for its extensive research services in the stock market. There is a prudent team of researchers and analysts working on the stocks daily.
  • The IIFL trading terminal, one of the most powerful terminal software, is known as Trader Terminal or TT. It has one of the fastest trading facilities as the interface of the terminal is super responsive, and it has all kinds of technical analytics tools for traders to analyze the market.
  • India Infoline or IIFL is a traditional brokerage house. Unlike the discount brokerage house, the IIFL has research and advisory services. They also deal with different types of products in the financial market. There are IPOs, mutual funds, and other services apart from regular investment options.
  • IIFL offers a huge exposure level for traders in different categories of trading options. This helps traders trade more than the amount they have in their trading accounts.
  • Apart from regular trading options, mutual funds, and IPOs, the firm also has its SIPs. There are multiple SIP schemes that one can avail of and trade in mutual funds as per the NAV deviations daily if they do not want to participate in the active equity market.
  • Explore all details regarding this top stockbroker from the IIFL Review page.

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    How to do Intraday Trading in IIFL?

    For Intraday Trading in IIFL / India Infoline, you have first to open an account with IIFL, and the steps for the same are as follows:

    • Click on the green button for “Open Demat Account” and see a form opening on your screen. Please fill out the form duly with the information it requires.
    • Then click on the submit button, and you will be redirected to another page where you have to upload the documents necessary for the verification of the applicant. This is known as the KYC process mandated by the government these days.
    • Once you upload the required documents, you will receive a call from the IIFL executives, and they will guide you through the rest of the procedure.

    Day Trading Process

    Once the account opening is done, you will receive a login password and User Id in your mail.

    You can also use the other platforms for Trading, which are mobile platforms and online platforms. However, the best trading platform would be Trader Terminal for intraday trading.

    • Click on the market-watchlist option. You will find the ADD option. Search for the script you want to see every day and track and trade. Click on the add button, and that script will be added to the watchlist.
    • Once your watchlist is prepared, you are ready to trade. You will find BUY and SELL options when you click on the script.

    You can click on any options depending on whether you want to buy or sell the shares, and finally, checkout by clicking on the “Intraday or Day Trade” option.

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    IIFL Intraday Charges

    IIFL Intraday Charges are perfectly in tune with the market as it is Rs.20 per order, of the total value of the transaction.

    The IIFL / India Infoline Intraday Brokerage is completely justified though it is on the higher end of the spectrum according to quality research and advisory services.

    India Infoline Intraday Charges
    Intraday Brokerage Charge Rs.20 per order
    Intraday Brokerage Calculator IIFL Brokerage Calculator

    The IIFL Brokerage charge is the primary charge you need to pay for every transaction, but the government and SEBI mandate certain charges.

    These charges include the STT, SEBI Turnover charges, GST, Transaction charges, and stamp duty.

    IIFL Intraday Margin

    India Infoline Intraday Margin can be taken up to 5 times the margin money you have in the trading account.

    This means IIFL / India Infoline Intraday extends your Limits of Rs.1000 (say, for example) to Rs.20000 for the intraday trades.

    India Infoline Intraday Exposure
    Intraday Margin Funding Upto 5x
    Intraday Margin Calculator IIFL Margin Calculator

    In simple words, if you have Rs.1000 in your trading account, you can trade shares worth Rs.5000 for a day.

    Though the exposure limit is a bit low compared to the other full-service brokerage houses in the market, IIFL’s other facilities make up for the same.

    India Infoline Trading – Types

    IIFL / India Infoline Trading can be done using the two terminals software it provides. There is a Trader Terminal which is for bulk traders.

    Then there is the Investor’s terminal for the small investors who make little but daily investments. The IIFL / India Infoline Online Trading terminals are among the best in the market, especially the Trader terminal.

    Because of its ample features and the quality of trading experience, it provides the same.

    India Infoline Intraday Trading – Conclusion

    The IIFL / India Infoline Intraday Trading is regarded as one of the best intraday services for research and advisory facilities.

    Then there is super terminal software for intraday trading and reasonable brokerage charges.

    With IIFL, you can learn new ideas about Trading as well, and its huge network can help you trade from anywhere. Also, you can get support for Trading from any city in the country and abroad.

    IIFL Intraday Trading FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to IIFL Intraday trading:

    Is Intraday Trading safe in IIFL?

    Intraday trading is pretty safe here in IIFL. It is one of the leading financial firms in India, having various options and resources. The trading service IIFL provides the most promising ones in the nation that you can delve into.

    What is Intraday Exposure at IIFL?

    The margin here is a menacing 5x of the money you possess in your trading account. This means that IIFL can multiply your limits up to 5 times. Your limit of Rs 1000 will be multiplied by Rs 5000 in no time.

    What are Intraday Charges in IIFL?

    The brokerage fee is a nominal charge levied at Rs.20 per order of the total transaction.

    The other charges consist of the IIFL Brokerage charge, which you need to pay for every transaction you make, then comes to the SEBI charges depending on the government, the STT, SEBI turnover charges, Stamp Duty, Transaction charges, and the GST.

    How to do Day Trading in IIFL?

    Once you create a Demat account with IIFL, select the market-watchlist option and search for all the scripts you want to look at every DayDay for track and trade.

    Once that is prepared, you are all set to trade. You will buy and sell when you click on it. Click whichever option you want to, depending on whether you want to buy or sell your shares and once you do that, click on the “Intraday or Day Trade” option.

    Does IIFL provide DayDay Trading?

    It does. Trading can be done using two of the terminal software provided by the company. One is for bulk traders, and one is for investors who make an everyday investment but in fewer amounts. This can prove to be extremely profitable.

    Is Intraday Trading Free in IIFL?

    No, it isn’t. Their chargers, however, are extremely feasible. They charge Rs.20 per order of the total value of your transaction. This, however, is a pretty understandable justification.

    The brokerage fee is just as fine and serves in the long run when you make hoards of profit.

    Does IIFL have an App for Intraday?

    IIFL does have a mobile app for Intraday for better functioning of the firm and an easier reach to the vast majority of the public wanting to get started with the functions. This is a good move to widen the company’s popularity and hold.

    Is Intraday Profitable at IIFL?

    Intraday is profitable here at IIFL. It is, hands down, one of the best intraday services for all the facilities. You can learn a variety of new things while trading with them, and also when it comes to charges and lineage.

    Does IIFL provide Intraday Tips?

    The company knows how tough it can get for newcomers to set foot on the stock market without any prior experience or lack of critical skills. IIFL, thus, has a solid research team that guides you through the journey, making you aware of how to get past this with loads of cash and a lifetime’s worth of skill.

    What does IIFL Intraday mean?

    IIFL intraday means trading “within the day.” Please make sure you select your buy and cell proliferation and go ahead with it at a time best suited and pronounced by the company.

    With a tremendous scope of profit and many resources to choose from, Intraday at this company gets ten times better.

    How do I get intraday in IIFL?

    One of the basic prerequisites to start trading with IIFL is the Demat account.

    1. Apply for a Demat and trading account from the IIFL website.
    2. Open your account with the entity.
    3. IIFL does not charge for account opening.
    4. From the IIFL website and mobile app, you can easily access all the advanced trading and research tools to ensure a good start in your trading journey.

    What are the intraday charges in IIFL?

    Intraday is speculation in security where the execution of both buy and sell orders takes place within the same day. IIFL charges Rs. 20 per order as the brokerage fee from its customers.

    Can I sell delivery shares on the same day in IIFL?

    Yes, you can sell shares bought in the Delivery trade on the same day, but the trade will be regarded as an intraday. The brokerage charges will also be levied as applicable for intraday trading.

    How can I change intraday to delivery in IIFL?

    You can convert your intraday trade position to a delivery trade position in IIFL securities.

    What is square off in IIFL?

    Square-off is a trading technique usually used in intraday trading where a trader buys or sells stocks and reverses the transaction later in the day.

    What are the positions in IIFL?

    Position trading is a long-term trading strategy where the trader aims to hold the stocks in their Demat account over a period to earn with the increment at the price of the stock and other benefits. Here, they hold the shares in the form of assets.

    How do I short-sell on IIFL?

    Short selling means borrowing a security from the stockbroker and selling it in the open market to profit from it.    In short sell, a trader makes a profit when the value of the stock is declining or might decline in the future.

    What are the annual maintenance charges of IIFL?

    IIFl does not charge an Annual maintenance charge on the Trading account. And for the Demat account services, it charges Rs. 250 for AMC. Also, no AMC is charged from the customer in the first year for the Demat account.

    What are delivery and intraday in IIFL?

    Delivery trading means where the trader holds the stock overnight or more than that with long-term holding. Intraday means when the buying and selling of the shares take place on the same trading. The position is not carried forward.

    What are DPC charges in IIFL?

    DP charges of IIFL securities are Rs. 20 for every debit instruction. This does not include quantity.

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