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Upcoming IPO are those IPO that has been drafted with SEBI or have been approved by SEBI & their Date of issue is out. In this article, you will find Upcoming, Active & Ongoing IPOs in India.

Top 10 Upcoming IPOs in India – Jan 2023

Check out the list of Upcoming IPOs & Live IPOs here –

IPO NameIPO Size (Rs.)Price Band (Rs.)Issue Date
Adani Enterprises FPO20,000 Cr.3112 – 327627-Jan-23
CMR Green Technologies IPO
300 Cr.NAJan-23
Prasol Chemicals IPO250 Cr.NAJan-23
BIBA Fashion IPO90 Cr.NAJan-23
API Holdings IPO6250 Cr.NAJan-23
Emcure Pharmaceuticals IPO1100 Cr.NAJan-23
Senco Gold IPO525 Cr.NAJan-23
Hemani Industries IPO2000 Cr.NAJan-23
These are the list of Upcoming IPOs expected to launch in Jan-23. Now, let’s have a look at Current or Active IPOs right now.

Best Upcoming IPOs in Feb 2023

Here are the list of Top 10 Upcoming IPOs expected to launch in Feb 2023.

Issuer CompanyIPO Size (Rs.)Price Band (Rs.)Issue Date
Gold Plus IPO300 Cr.NAFeb-23
Aadhar Housing Finance IPO7,300 Cr.NAFeb-23
Hexagon Nutrition IPO100 Cr.NAFeb-23
Capillary Technologies India IPO850 Cr.NAFeb-23
Keventer Agro IPO350 Cr.NAFeb-23
Capital Small Finance Bank IPO450 Cr.NAFeb-23
Sresta Natural Bioproducts IPONANAFeb-23
OLA Cabs IPO1500 Cr.NAFeb-23
Droom Technology IPO3000 Cr.NAFeb-23
One Mobikwik Systems IPO1,900 Cr.NAFeb-23
Skanray Technologies IPO400 Cr.NAFeb-23
Gemini Edibles & Fats IPO2,500 Cr.NAFeb-23
Ixigo IPO1600 Cr.NAFeb-23
Expect these Best Upcoming IPOs of Feb 2023 to perform really well in this month.

Top 10 Upcoming IPO in Mar 2023

Check out the list of Best Upcoming IPOs of Mar 2023 here –
Issuer CompanyIPO Size (Rs.)Price Band (Rs.)Issue Date
Inspira Enterprise India IPO800 Cr.NAMar-23
VLCC Health Care IPO300 Cr.NAMar-23
Sterlite Power Transmission IPO1250 Cr.NAMar-23
ESAF Small Finance Bank IPO1000 Cr.NAMar-23
Park Hotels IPO1500 Cr.NAMar-23
Puranik Builders IPO500 Cr.NAMar-23
Montecarlo Limited IPO550 Cr.NAMar-23

This list of Top Upcoming IPOs of Mar 2023 can give you very decent returns. Some of these IPOs are highly potential.

Upcoming IPO in 2023

Check out the List of Top Upcoming IPOs of 2023 here –

Issuer CompanyIPO Size (Rs.)Price Band (Rs.)Issue Date
Protean eGov Technologies IPONANAYear 2023
Yatharth Hospital & Trauma Care IPO610 Cr.NAYear 2023
Gujarat Polysol IPO87 Cr.NAYear 2023
Joyalukkas India IPO2300 Cr.NAYear 2023
Yatra Online IPO750 Cr.NAYear 2023
HMA Agro Industries IPO480 Cr.NAYear 2023
Vikram Solar IPO1500 Cr.NAYear 2023
PKH Ventures IPO500 Cr.NAYear 2023
Mukka Proteins IPONANAYear 2023
Corrtech International IPO350 Cr.NAYear 2023
Achyut Healthcare IPO3.60 Cr.NAYear 2023
Navi Technologies IPO3350 Cr.NAYear 2023
EBIXCASH IPO450 Cr.NAYear 2023
India Exposition Mart IPO450 Cr.NAYear 2023
Suraj Estate Developers IPO500 Cr.NAYear 2023
Fedbank Financial Services IPO900 Cr.NAYear 2023
TVS Supply Chain IPO2000 Cr.NAYear 2023
Macleods Pharmaceuticals IPONANAYear 2023
 Plaza Wires IPO NANAYear 2023
 FirstMeridian Business IPO 750 Cr.NAYear 2023
 Pristine Logistics IPO250 Cr.NAYear 2023
 Kids Clinic India IPO300 Cr.NAYear 2023
Cogent E-Services IPO150 Cr.NAYear 2023
Imagine Marketing IPO2000 Cr.NAYear 2023
 FabIndia IPO500 Cr.NAYear 2023
 Sanathan Textiles IPO500 Cr.NAYear 2023
 Course5 Intelligence IPO 600 Cr.NAYear 2023
Nandan Terry IPO255 Cr.NAYear 2023
Asianet Satellite Communications IPO765 Cr.NAYear 2023
Bharat FIH IPO5003.80 Cr.NAYear 2023
Snapdeal IPO1250 Cr.NAYear 2023
Jesons Industries IPO
120 Cr.NAYear 2023
India1 Payments IPO150 Cr.NAYear 2023
Healthium Medtech IPO390 Cr.NAYear 2023
Popular Vehicles & Services IPO150 Cr.NAYear 2023
Go Airlines IPO3600 Cr.NAYear 2023
Narmada Biochem IPO90 Cr.NAYear 2023
ReNew Power IPONANAYear 2023
NCDEX IPO500 Cr.NAYear 2023
Bajaj Energy IPO5450 Cr.NAYear 2023
NSE IPO4000 Cr.NAYear 2023
Byjus IPO2000 Cr.NAYear 2023
Flipkart IPO1000 Cr.NAYear 2023
Maini Precision Products IPO150 Cr.NAYear 2023
JK Files and Engineering IPO800 Cr.NAYear 2023
ESDS Software Solutions IPO322 Cr.NAYear 2023
BMW Ventures Limited IPO400 Cr.NAYear 2023
Chartered Speed IPO250 Cr.NAYear 2023

NSE IPOs or BSE IPOs of 2021 & 2022 – Already Launched

Check out the various NSE IPOs & BSE IPOs which are launched in 2021 & 2022 –

Issuer CompanyIPO Size (Rs.)Price Band (Rs.)Issue Date
Sah Polymers IPO
66.30 Cr.61 – 6530-Dec-22
Radiant Cash Management IPO
387.94 Cr.94 – 9923-Dec-22
Elin Electronics IPO475 Cr.234 – 24720-Dec-22
KFin Technologies IPO1500 Cr.347 – 36619-Dec-22
Abans Holdings IPO345.60 Cr.256 – 27012-Dec-22
Sula Vineyards IPO960.35 Cr.340 – 35712-Dec-22
Landmark Cars IPO552.00 Cr.481 – 50613-Dec-22
Uniparts India IPO835.61 Cr.548 – 57730-Nov-22
 Dharmaj Crop Guard IPO251.15 Cr.216 – 23728-Nov-22
Keystone Realtors IPO635 Cr.514 – 54114-Nov-22
Inox Green Energy Services IPO740 Cr.61 – 6511-Nov-22
Kaynes Technology IPO857.82 Cr.559 – 58710-Nov-22
Five Star Business Finance IPO2,751.95 Cr.450 – 47409-Nov-22
Archean Chemical Industries IPO1,462.31 Cr.386 – 40709-Nov-22
Bikaji Foods International IPO881.22 Cr.285 – 30003-Nov-22
Global Health IPO2,205.57 Cr.319 – 33603-Nov-22
Fusion Micro Finance IPO1,103.99 Cr.350 – 36802-Nov-22
DCX Systems IPO500 Cr.197 – 20731-Oct-22
Tracxn Technologies IPO309.38 Cr.75 – 8010-Oct-22
Electronics Mart India IPO500 Cr.56 – 5904-Oct-22
Harsha Engineers IPO755 Cr.314 – 33014-Sep-22
Tamilnad Mercantile Bank IPO831.60 Cr.500 – 52505-Sep-22
 Dreamfolks Services IPO562.10 Cr.308 – 32624-Aug-22
Syrma SGS Technology IPO840 Cr.209 – 22012-Aug-22
Aether Industries IPO808.04 Cr.610 – 64224-May-22
eMudhra IPO412.79 Cr.243 – 25620-May-22
Ethos IPO472.29 Cr.836 – 87818-May-22
Paradeep Phosphates IPO1,501.73 Cr.39 – 4217-May-22
Delhivery IPO5,235 Cr.462 – 48711-May-22
Venus Pipes & Tubes IPO165.42 Cr.310 – 32611-May-22
Prudent Corporate Advisory IPO538.61 Cr.595 – 63010-May-22
LIC IPO21,008.48 Cr.902 – 94904-May-22
Rainbow Children’s Medicare IPO1,580.85 Cr.516 – 54227-Apr-22
Campus Activewear IPO1,400.14  Cr.278 – 29226-Apr-22
Hariom Pipe Industries IPO130.05 Cr.144 – 15330-Mar-22
Veranda Learning Solutions IPO200 Cr.130 – 13729-Mar-22
Ruchi Soya IPO4300 Cr.615 – 65024-Mar-22
Uma Exports IPO60 Cr.65 – 6828-Mar-22
Vedant Fashions IPO3,149.19 Cr.824-86604-Feb-22
Adani Wilmar IPO3600 Cr.218-23027-Jan-22
AGS Transact Technologies IPO680 Cr.166-17519-Jan-22
CMS Info Systems IPO1,100 Cr.205 – 21621-Dec-21
Supriya Lifescience IPO700 Cr.265 – 27416-Dec-21
HP Adhesives IPO125.96 Cr.262 – 27415-Dec-21
Data Patterns IPO588.22 Cr.555 – 58514-Dec-21
MedPlus Health Services IPO1,398.30 Cr.780 – 79613-Dec-21
Metro Brands IPO1,367.51 Cr.485 – 50010-Dec-21
CE Info Systems IPO1,039.61 Cr.1000 – 103309-Dec-21
Shriram Properties IPO600 Cr.113 – 11808-Dec-21
Rategain Travel Technologies IPO1,335.74 Cr.405 – 42507-Dec-21
Anand Rathi Wealth IPO660.00 Cr.530 – 55002-Dec-21
Tega Industries IPO619.23 Cr.443 – 45301-Dec-21
Star Health Insurance IPO7,249.18 Cr.870 – 90030-Nov-21
Go Fashion India IPO1,013.61 Cr.655 – 69017-Nov-21
Tarsons Products IPO1,023.47 Cr.635 – 66215-Nov-21
Sapphire Foods India IPO2,073.25 Cr.1120 – 118009-Nov-21
Latent View Analytics IPO600 Cr.190 – 19709-Nov-21
Paytm IPO18,300 Cr.2080 – 215008-Nov-21
Policy Bazaar IPO5,625 Cr.940 – 98001-Nov-21
SJS Enterprises IPO800 Cr.531 – 54201-Nov-21
Sigachi Industries IPO125.43 Cr.161 – 16301-Nov-21
Nykaa IPO5,351.92 Cr.1120 – 112528-Oct-21
Fino Payments Bank IPO1,200.29 Cr.560 – 57729-Oct-21
Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC IPO2,768.26 Cr.695 – 71229-Sep-21
Paras Defence and Space Technologies IPO140.60 Cr.165 – 17521-Sep-21
Sansera Engineering IPO1,282.98 Cr.734 – 74414-Sep-21
Vijaya Diagnostic IPO1,895.04 Cr.522-53101-Sep-21
Ami Organics IPO569.64 Cr.603-61001-Sep-21
Aptus Value Housing IPO2,780.05 Cr.346 – 35310-Aug-21
Chemplast Sanmar IPO3,850.00 Cr.530 – 54110-Aug-21
Cartrade Tech IPO2,998.51 Cr.1585 – 161809-Aug-21
Devyani International IPO1,838.00 Cr.86 – 9004-Aug-21
Nuvoco Vistas IPO5,000.00 Cr.560 – 57009-Aug-21
Exxaro Tiles IPO161.09 Cr.118 – 12004-Aug-21
Windlas Biotech IPO401.54 Cr.448 – 46004-Aug-21
Krsnaa Diagnostics IPO1,213.33 Cr.933 – 95404-Aug-21
Rolex Rings IPO731 Cr.880-90028-Jul-21
Glenmark Life Sciences IPO1,513.60 Cr.695-72027-Jul-21
Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO500 Cr.1073-108316-Jul-21
Zomato IPO9,375 Cr.72-7614-Jul-21
G R Infraprojects IPO963.28 Cr.828-83707-Jul-21
Clean Science & Technology IPO1,546.62 Cr.880-90007-Jul-21
Power Grid IPO7734.99 Cr.99-10029-Apr-21
Lodha Developers IPO2500 Cr.483-48607-Apr-21
NPST IPO13.70 Cr76-8028-Jul-21
Rex Pipes and Cables IPO6.24 Cr2628-Jul-21
Barbeque Nation IPO452.87 Cr.498-50024-Mar-21
Nazara Technologies IPO582.91 Cr1100-110117-Mar-21
Suryoday Small Finance Bank IPO582.34 Cr.303-30517-Mar-21
Kalyan Jewellers IPO1750 Cr.86-8716-Mar-21
Laxmi Organic Industries IPO600 Cr.129-13015-Mar-21
Craftsman Automation IPO823.70 Cr.1488-149015-Mar-21
Anupam Rasayan IPO760 Cr.553-55512-Mar-21
EaseMyTrip IPO510 Cr186-18708-Mar-21
MTAR Technologies IPO596.41 CrRs. 574-57503-Mar-21
Heranba Industries IPO625.24 Cr.Rs 626 – 62723-Feb-21
RailTel Corporation IPO819.24 Cr.Rs. 93 – 9416-Feb-21
Nureca Limited IPO100 Cr.Rs. 396 – 40015-Feb-21
Brookfield REIT IPO3800 Cr.Rs. 274 – 27503-Feb-21
Stove Kraft IPO412.64 Cr.384 – 38525-Jan-21
Home First Finance IPO11153  Cr.517 – 51821-Jan-21
Indigo Paints IPO1176 Cr.1488 – 149020-Jan-21
Indian Railway Finance IPO (IRFC IPO)4633 Cr.25 – 2618-Jan-21

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    An Initial Public Offer (IPO) is the first sale of stock that is issued to the public by a company.

    Before issuing the IPO, the company is considered private with comparatively fewer shareholders such as founders, families, and friends, who invested in the early stages.

    In other words, IPO is a medium to raise financial aid from the investors for pursuing the future projects of the company. After ‘going public’ the company gets listed on the stock exchange.

    After the IPO is issued, the investors get a chance to buy company shares directly from the stock exchange at the amount traded in the exchange.

    IPO’s also provide funds to the company for its future growth and for paying off its previous debts.

    Upcoming IPO FAQs

    Here is a list of FAQs related to the Upcoming IPO –

    Ques – What is an IPO?

    Answer – IPO belongs to the primary market, where a company opts for new stock issuance with the idea to go public.

    The shares are offered to the institutional investors and the general public as well, i.e. the retail investors.

    The company can raise capital for whatsoever need it has, through this public offering route.

    Ques – What is an Upcoming IPO?

    Answer – Upcoming IPO is the term used to describe the public offering of companies that have registered or drafted with the regulating authority, i.e. SEBI.

    Such companies got their prospectus drafted with SEBI and have also been approved by the authority. Plus, their date of issue is as well revealed.

    Ques – Is IPO Investment beneficial?

    Answer – Yes, investing in the right IPO lets you make heavy and quick profits, taking into account a small time frame.

    The reason for the quick profits is that you get to invest in the company’s ground-level offering, post which potential companies ought to grow further in the stock market.

    Ques – How to find an upcoming IPO?

    Answer – Top10stockbroker provides you the details of the latest and upcoming IPOs.

    It has a list of IPOs based on several categories, i.e. most famous IPOs, recent or running IPOs, IPOs based on market size, NSE, and BSE-based IPOs.

    You can view the lists and check the details of any IPO.

    Ques – How to Subscribe to an IPO?

    Answer – You need the assistance of a bank and Demat account from a stockbroker which is provided by a financial institution that has IPO services included in the list of products and services it provides.

    You need to visit the website of the stockbroker, log into your account and then visit the IPO section to invest in the company you wish to.

    Ques – How to check an IPO Start Date?

    Answer – You can refer to the IPO Allotment status page of Top10stockbroker, which has a table with all the information stuffed.

    You can check the open as well as the allotment date of a particular IPO, and also see its allotment status and live performance.

    Also, you can refer to the company’s prospectus to see the IPO starting date.

    Ques – What is IPO Issue Size?

    Answer – In simple words, the IPO issue size is the total value of the IPO. The computation is done using the number of shares and the issue price of the shares, i.e. per share.

    Both the factors are multiplied in order to determine the IPO issue size.

    Ques – What is the Price Band in IPO?

    Answer – Price band is a range of prices provided to the investors. It shows the lower as well as the upper price limit of the share price which is used by the company to go public.

    The price band is used to determine the price, where the IPO goes through the price discovery phase.

    Ques – What is IPO GMP?

    Answer – GMP is the abbreviation used for the term Grey Market Premium, where IPO shares are traded in the grey markets.

    This is the unofficial trading session where shares may be higher or lower than the issue price. It does have an effect on the IPO, i.e. how it might react on the date of listing.

    Ques – Where to find an Upcoming IPO?

    Answer – Top10stockbroker has a dedicated article that provides all the details of the IPO offering. It has a list of upcoming IPOs which you can check.

    If you are interested in a particular IPO, you may click on the name of IPO, which will redirect you to the page which has all the details of the specific IPO.

    upcoming ipo

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