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Upcoming IPO is an IPO that has been drafted with SEBI or has been approved by SEBI & their Date of issue is out. In this article, you will find Upcoming, Active & Ongoing IPOs in India.

An upcoming IPO is an IPO that has been announced, but the shares have not yet been made available for purchase on a stock exchange.

Investors often closely follow upcoming IPOs as they can present a unique opportunity to invest in a company early on in its public life cycle, potentially benefiting from any future growth in the company’s value.

Top 10 Upcoming IPOs in India – Sep 2023

Check out the list of Upcoming IPOs & Live IPOs here –

IPO Name IPO Size (Rs.) Price Band (Rs.) Issue Date
Signature Global IPO
730.00 Cr. 366 – 385 20-Sep-23
Sai Silks IPO
1,201.00 Cr 210 – 222 20-Sep-23
Yatra Online IPO
775.00 Cr. 135 – 142 15-Sep-23
Zaggle Prepaid Ocean Services IPO 563.38 Cr. 156 – 164 14-Sep-23
Samhi Hotels IPO 1,370.10 Cr. 119 – 126 14-Sep-23
R R Kabel IPO
1,964.01 Cr. 983 – 1035 13-Sep-23
EMS IPO 321.24 Cr. 200 – 211 08-Sep-23
Jupiter Life Line Hospitals IPO 869.08 Cr. 695 – 735 06-Sep-23
Ratnaveer Precision Engineering IPO
165.03 Cr. 93 – 98 04-Sep-23
Tata Technologies IPO NA NA Sep-23
CMR Green Technologies IPO
300 Cr. NA Sep-23
Prasol Chemicals IPO 250 Cr. NA Sep-23
BIBA Fashion IPO 90 Cr. NA Sep-23
These are the list of Upcoming IPOs expected to launch in Sep-23. Now, let’s have a look at Current or Active IPOs right now.

Upcoming SME IPO – Sep 2023

Find below the list of upcoming SME IPOs to check the details and apply for subscription and allotment. Here, it is a higher chance that you will get allotted.

IPO Name IPO Size (Rs.) Price Band (Rs.) Issue Date
Master Components IPO 15.43 Cr. 140 18-Sep-23   
Techknowgreen Solutions IPO 16.72 Cr. 86 18-Sep-23  
Cellecor Gadgets IPO 50.77 Cr 87 – 92 15-Sep-23 
Kahan Packaging IPO 5.76 Cr. 80 06-Sep-23
Shri Techtex IPO 45.14 Cr. 54 – 61 26-Jul-23
Khazanchi Jewellers IPO 97.00 Cr. 140 24-Jul-23
Yasons Chemex Care IPO 20.57 Cr. 40 24-Jul-23
Asarfi Hospital IPO 26.94 Cr. 51 – 52 17-Jul-23
Service Care IPO 20.68 Cr. 63 – 67 14-Jul-23
Ahasolar Technologies IPO 12.85 Cr. 157 10-Jul-23
Kaka Industries IPO 21.23 Cr. 55 – 58 10-Jul-23

Best Upcoming IPOs in Oct 2023

Here is the list of the Top 10 Upcoming IPO expected to launch in Oct 2023.

Issuer Company IPO Size (Rs.) Price Band (Rs.) Issue Date
API Holdings IPO 6250 Cr. NA Oct-23
Emcure Pharmaceuticals IPO 1100 Cr. NA Oct-23
Hemani Industries IPO 2000 Cr. NA Oct-23
Gold Plus IPO 300 Cr. NA Oct-23
Aadhar Housing Finance IPO 7,300 Cr. NA Oct-23
Hexagon Nutrition IPO 100 Cr. NA Oct-23
Capillary Technologies India IPO 850 Cr. NA Oct-23
Keventer Agro IPO 350 Cr. NA Oct-23
Capital Small Finance Bank IPO 450 Cr. NA Oct-23
Sresta Natural Bioproducts IPO NA NA Oct-23
OLA Cabs IPO 1500 Cr. NA Oct-23
Droom Technology IPO 3000 Cr. NA Oct-23
One Mobikwik Systems IPO 1,900 Cr. NA Oct-23
Expect these Best Upcoming IPOs of Oct 2023 to perform really well this month.

Top 10 Upcoming IPO in Nov 2023

Check out the list of Best Upcoming IPOs of Nov 2023 here –
Issuer Company IPO Size (Rs.) Price Band (Rs.) Issue Date
Skanray Technologies IPO 400 Cr. NA Nov-23
Gemini Edibles & Fats IPO 2,500 Cr. NA Nov-23
Ixigo IPO 1600 Cr. NA Nov-23
Inspira Enterprise India IPO 800 Cr. NA Nov-23
VLCC Health Care IPO 300 Cr. NA Nov-23
Sterlite Power Transmission IPO 1250 Cr. NA Nov-23
ESAF Small Finance Bank IPO 1000 Cr. NA Nov-23
Park Hotels IPO 1500 Cr. NA Nov-23
Puranik Builders IPO 500 Cr. NA Nov-23
Montecarlo Limited IPO 550 Cr. NA Nov-23

This list of Top Upcoming IPOs of Nov 2023 can give you very decent returns. Some of these IPOs are high potential.

Upcoming IPO in 2023

Check out the List of Top Upcoming IPOs of 2023 here.

Issuer Company IPO Size (Rs.)
Protean eGov Technologies IPO NA
Gujarat Polysol IPO 87 Cr.
Joyalukkas India IPO 2300 Cr.
Vikram Solar IPO 1500 Cr.
Mukka Proteins IPO NA
Corrtech International IPO 350 Cr.
Achyut Healthcare IPO 3.60 Cr.
Navi Technologies IPO 3350 Cr.
India Exposition Mart IPO 450 Cr.
Suraj Estate Developers IPO 500 Cr.
Fedbank Financial Services IPO 900 Cr.
 FirstMeridian Business IPO  750 Cr.
 Pristine Logistics IPO 250 Cr.
 Kids Clinic India IPO 300 Cr.
Cogent E-Services IPO 150 Cr.
Imagine Marketing IPO 2000 Cr.
 FabIndia IPO 500 Cr.
 Sanathan Textiles IPO 500 Cr.
 Course5 Intelligence IPO  600 Cr.
Nandan Terry IPO 255 Cr.
Asianet Satellite Communications IPO 765 Cr.
Bharat FIH IPO 5003.80 Cr.
Snapdeal IPO 1250 Cr.
Jesons Industries IPO
120 Cr.
India1 Payments IPO 150 Cr.
Healthium Medtech IPO 390 Cr.
Go Airlines IPO 3600 Cr.
Narmada Biochem IPO 90 Cr.
Bajaj Energy IPO 5450 Cr.
NSE IPO 4000 Cr.
Byjus IPO 2000 Cr.
Flipkart IPO 1000 Cr.
Maini Precision Products IPO 150 Cr.
JK Files and Engineering IPO 800 Cr.
ESDS Software Solutions IPO 322 Cr.
BMW Ventures Limited IPO 400 Cr.
Chartered Speed IPO 250 Cr.

Recent SME IPOs of 2023

Find out the List of Recent SME IPOs of 2023 here.

Issuer Company IPO Size (Rs.) Price Band (Rs.) Issue Date
Drone Destination IPO 44.20 Cr. 62 – 65 07-Jul-23
AccelerateBS India IPO 5.69 Cr. 90 06-Jul-23
Alphalogic Industries IPO 12.88 Cr. 96 03-Jul-23
Synoptics Technologies IPO 54.03 Cr. 237 30-Jun-23
Tridhya Tech IPO 26.41 Cr. 35 – 42 30-Jun-23
Global Pet Industries IPO 13.23 Cr. 49 28-Jun-23
Pentagon Rubber IPO 16.17 Cr. 65 – 70 26-Jun-23
Magson Retail And Distribution IPO 13.74 Cr. 65 23-Jun-23
Greenchef Appliances IPO 53.62 Cr. 82 – 87 23-Jun-23
Essen Speciality Films IPO 66.33 Cr. 101 – 107 23-Jun-23
Veefin Solutions IPO
46.73 Cr. 82 22-Jun-23
Aatmaj Healthcare IPO 38.40 Cr. 60 19-Jun-23
Vilin Bio Med IPO 12.00 Cr. 30 16-Jun-23
Cell Point IPO 50.34 Cr. 100 15-Jun-23
Cosmic CRF IPO 60.13 Cr. 314 – 330 14-Jun-23
Bizotic Commercial IPO 42.21 Cr. 175 12-Jun-23
Urban Enviro Waste Management IPO 11.42 Cr. 100 12-Jun-23
Spectrum Talent Management IPO 105.14 Cr. 169 – 173 09-Jun-23
Sonalis Consumer Products IPO 2.83 Cr. 30 07-Jun-23
Kore Digital IPO 18.00 Cr. 180 02-Jun-23
Comrade Appliances IPO
12.30 Cr. 52 – 54 31-May-23
Sahana System IPO 32.74 Cr. 132 – 135 31-May-23

Recent IPOs of 2022 & 2023

Check out the various NSE IPOs & BSE IPOs which are launched in 2022 & 2023 –

Issuer Company IPO Size (Rs.) Price Band (Rs.) Issue Date
Rishabh Instruments IPO
490.78 Cr. 418 – 441 30-Aug-23
Vishnu Prakash R Punglia IPO 308.88 Cr. 94 – 99 24-Aug-23
Aeroflex Industries IPO 351.00 Cr. 102 – 108 22-Aug-23
Pyramid Technoplast IPO 153.05 Cr. 151 – 166 18-Aug-23
TVS Supply Chain IPO
880.00 Cr. 187 – 197 10-Aug-23
Concord Biotech IPO 1,551.00 Cr. 705 – 741 04-Aug-23
SBFC Finance IPO 1,025.00 Cr. 54 – 57 03-Aug-23
Yatharth Hospital & Trauma Care IPO 686.55 Cr. 285 – 300 26-Jul-23
Netweb Technologies India IPO 631.00 Cr. 475 – 500 17-Jul-23
Utkarsh Small Finance Bank IPO 500.00 Cr. 23 – 25 12-Jul-23
Senco Gold IPO 405.00 Cr. 301 – 317 04-Jul-23
PKH Ventures IPO 379.00 Cr. 140 – 148 30-Jun-23
Cyient DLM IPO 592.00 Cr. 250 – 265 27-Jun-23
ideaForge Technologies IPO 567.00 Cr. 638 – 672 26-Jun-23
HMA Agro Industries IPO 480.00 Cr. 555 – 585 20-Jun-23
IKIO Lighting IPO 607.00 Cr. 270 – 285 06-Jun-23
Nexus Select Trust IPO 3,200 Cr. 95 – 100 09-May-23
Mankind Pharma IPO 4,326.36 Cr. 1026 – 1080 25-Apr-23
Avalon Technologies IPO 865.00 Cr. 415 – 436 03-Apr-23
Udayshivakumar Infra IPO 66 Cr. 33 – 35 20-Mar-23
Global Surfaces IPO 154.98 Cr. 133 – 140 13-Mar-23
Divgi Torqtransfer Systems IPO 412.12 Cr. 560 – 590 01-Mar-23
Adani Enterprises FPO 20,000 Cr. 3112 – 3276 27-Jan-23
Sah Polymers IPO
66.30 Cr. 61 – 65 30-Dec-22
KFin Technologies IPO 1500 Cr. 347 – 366 19-Dec-22
Paradeep Phosphates IPO 1,501.73 Cr. 39 – 42 17-May-22

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    An Initial Public Offer (IPO) is the first sale of stock that is issued to the public by a company.

    Before issuing the IPO, the company is considered private with comparatively fewer shareholders such as founders, families, and friends, who invested in the early stages.

    In other words, IPO is a medium to raise financial aid from investors for pursuing the future projects of the company. After ‘going public’ the company gets listed on the stock exchange.

    After the IPO is issued, the investors get a chance to buy company shares directly from the stock exchange at the amount traded in the exchange.

    IPO’s also provide funds to the company for its future growth and for paying off its previous debts.

    Upcoming IPO FAQs

    Here is a list of FAQs related to the Upcoming IPO –

    What is an IPO?

    IPO belongs to the primary market, where a company opts for new stock issuance with the idea to go public.

    The shares are offered to the institutional investors and the general public as well, i.e. the retail investors.

    The company can raise capital for whatsoever need it has, through this public offering route.

    What is an Upcoming IPO?

    Upcoming IPO is the term used to describe the public offering of companies that have registered or drafted with the regulating authority, i.e. SEBI.

    Such companies got their prospectus drafted with SEBI and have also been approved by the authority. Plus, their date of issue is as well revealed.

    Is IPO Investment beneficial?

    Yes, investing in the right IPO lets you make heavy and quick profits, taking into account a small time frame.

    The reason for the quick profits is that you get to invest in the company’s ground-level offering, post which potential companies ought to grow further in the stock market.

    How to find an upcoming IPO?

    Top10stockbroker provides you with the details of the latest and upcoming IPOs.

    It has a list of IPOs based on several categories, i.e. most famous IPOs, recent or running IPOs, IPOs based on market size, NSE, and BSE-based IPOs.

    You can view the lists and check the details of any IPO.

    How to Subscribe to an IPO?

    You need the assistance of a bank and Demat account from a stockbroker which is provided by a financial institution that has IPO services included in the list of products and services it provides.

    And, you need to visit the website of the stockbroker, log into your account and then visit the IPO section to invest in the company you wish to.

    How to check an IPO Start Date?

    You can refer to the IPO Allotment status page of Top10stockbroker, which has a table with all the information stuffed.

    And check the open as well as the allotment date of a particular IPO, and also see its allotment status and live performance.

    Also, you can refer to the company’s prospectus to see the IPO starting date.

    What is IPO Issue Size?

    In simple words, the IPO issue size is the total value of the IPO. The computation is done using the number of shares and the issue price of the shares, i.e. per share.

    Both factors are multiplied in order to determine the IPO issue size.

    What is the Price Band in IPO?

    A price band is a range of prices provided to investors. It shows the lower as well as the upper price limit of the share price which is used by the company to go public.

    The price band is used to determine the price, where the IPO goes through the price discovery phase.

    What is IPO GMP?

    GMP is the abbreviation used for the term Grey Market Premium, where IPO shares are traded in the grey markets.

    This is the unofficial trading session where shares may be higher or lower than the issue price. It does have an effect on the IPO, i.e. how it might react on the date of listing.

    Where to find an Upcoming IPO?

    Top10stockbroker has a dedicated article that provides all the details of the IPO offering. It has a list of upcoming IPOs which you can check.

    If you are interested in a particular IPO, you may click on the name of the IPO, which will redirect you to the page which has all the details of the specific IPO.

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