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Here you will most used Financial Calculators. Some of these calculators are used by technical & fundamental analysts to analyze various companies.

Many of them are used by auditors & corporate finance people to make annual report & other important research reports.

Lets have a look at these Calculators here.

Financial Calculators - Here, you will find all the Financial Calculators

List of Top Stock Market Calculators

These stock market calculators are used by Research analyst to analyse short term & long term stocks for investment. Some of the most used Calculators are –

You can click on the respective calculators link to find the calculator you are looking for. You will find an active calculator & also formulae for each of these Stock Market Calculators.

List of Most used Corporate Finance Calculators

Corporate Finance calculators are used by fundamental analysts & also by all financial companies who prepare their monthly or quarterly reports.

These calculators are used to analyse quarterly & yearly reports of the company. These calculations gives a very good understanding of where the company is heading.

Just click on the respective links & you will find the calculator of your choice.

Most used & Universal Calculators or Banking Calculators

Here are some of the most used Universal or Banking Calculators. You will find Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Future Value & Present Value Calculators in this list. Check below –

These are very simple calculators but are used by everyone, hence, also known as universal calculators. Just click on the links to check these calculators.


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