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In this article, you will read about the trading applications and platforms that are recognized as the best Swing Trading App in India.

Swing trading is one of the popular formats and strategies for trading, you will need advanced trading platforms for the same.

It is based on technical analysis and thus the trading platforms must be loaded with such features. The article will first talk about the five parameters of swing trading applications.

We will discuss why these five parameters are necessary to be there in a trading platform meant for swing trading.

Then we will discuss the rankings and talk about each of the platforms and their pros and cons.

Best Swing Trading App in India

Best Swing Trading App – List of Top 10 Swing Trading App in India

For swing trading, which is a trading strategy where traders take a position and hold the asset for a certain period, technical analysis is one of the crucial weapons.

Here, we have five parameters including certain aspects of technical tools that are mandatory for swing traders and the platform they choose.

  • App Performance & Speed
  • App Features & Usability
  • Stop Loss & Account Value Shield
  • Trading Signals
  • Personalized Charts & Integrated Chartings

Based on these 5 parameters, this list of Best Swing Trading App has been created. You can choose the best fitting app for yourself, just submit the information form below.

So, these five factors are mandatory to be there in any platform you are thinking of using for swing trading.

As per our observation, the top three apps or trading platforms for swing trading are the trading platforms of Angel Broking, Motilal Oswal, and IIFL.

Apart from these three, others are also pretty good and we will discuss them in the next segment of this article.

Now, lets have a detailed understanding of these 5 Parameters & brief of these 10 Apps.

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    Top 10 Swing Trading App in India & its Parameters

    Lets have a brief understanding about these 5 parameters before checking out detailed information about Swing Trading Apps.

    Apps Performance & Speed

    The first thing to check is the overall performance and speed of the trading platform. Whether it can execute the orders immediately or not and other factors.

    If the overall performance is good enough then you can go forward and look for other features.

    App Features & Usability

    Secondly, you need to check which features are there in the trading platform.

    For swing trading, you would need multiple technical analyses and other trading features like trade signals, indicators, charts, margin breakdown, and others.

    Stop Loss & Account Value Shield

    To reduce the chances of a potential loss you can use Account Value Shield along with the Stop-loss order feature.

    This feature will help you close all the open position when the trigger is met as set by you.

    All your orders are also canceled and thus you do not incur a loss from a market position that you didn’t anticipate.

    Trade Signals

    Trade signals are a major part of swing trading. This is a part of technical analysis and the platform you are using must have this feature.

    This helps you understand the market trend, gives you a signal for entering and exiting the market at the right time.

    Personalized Charts & Integrated Charting

    The platform you are using must have an option for customizing the charts. So, that you can integrate multiple trading indicators in one chart.

    This will help you check different things on a single chart. You can also do multiple analyses on these charts.

    Now, lets have a detailed overview of each of the Best Swing Trading Apps & why they are the best in the industry.

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    Angel Broking App – Best Swing Trading App in India

    Angel Broking trading platform is having all the features that we mentioned above. It has integrated charts that you can customize.

    This will help you to plot and monitor different things simultaneously. Then it has different features that are required for swing trading like trading signals, indicators, and others.

    The application and the terminal software are pretty smooth and very well integrated.

    It provides a great speed for trading and is thus regarded as the best amongst the swing traders. It comes with a Stop-loss and Account value shield feature as well.

    MO Trader App – Top Swing Trading App in India

    Motilal Oswal App or the trading platforms are great options for swing traders in India.

    These platforms are having innumerable features starting from the technical indicators, charts, signals, and whatnot.

    The platform is one of the best performing platforms when it comes to user-interface and speed.

    It takes seconds to execute your orders and thus you do not lose the desired price for trading. You can protect your account by using the account value shield option.

    IIFL Markets App – Top 10 Swing Trading App in India

    IIFL provides one of the best platforms for swing traders.

    The trading software of IIFL which is known as IIFL Markets App and trading terminal, are having the best of the technical tools which include multiple indicators, charts, signals, and other features.

    This app and the trading terminal are having great speed and thus can complete the orders within a blink of an eye.

    IIFL Market App has integrated charts, stop-loss option, and account value shield option as well.

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    Zerodha Kite App – Best Swing Trading Apps

    Zerodha’s Kite is one of the top-performing trading platforms at present in the stock market of India.

    It has the best of the features, it is loaded with advanced technical tools that can just boost your swing trading the right way possible.

    The swing traders can use its integrated charts with multiple indicators for finding out different points on the charts which can be used for entry and exit from the market.

    On top of that, the platform is superfast as well.

    Upstox Pro App – Top Swing Trading Apps

    Upstox Pro App is a pro in the market especially when it comes to swing trading. Swing trading requires advanced trading software and Upstox Pro is exactly that.

    It has multiple technical tools, indicators, which are integrated with live charts on this platform. These charts can help you gauge the market scenario with the help of the indicators.

    You can understand when to take a position in the market and when to leave. Apart from the indicators, there are different order formats including the stop-loss order.

    Sharekhan App – Top 10 Swing Trading Apps

    Sharekhan App and the Sharekhan trading platform are counted as of the top trading platforms in India for swing trading. It has most of the features that are mentioned above.

    Starting from the integrated charts, trading signals, multiple features, it has it all. The Sharekhan App is also one of the fastest apps in the market.

    The execution of orders does not take long and thus it helps you secure your position well.

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    ICICI Direct App – Best Swing Trading Application

    ICICI Direct App is one of the top-performing swing trading applications in the country. It has different technical indicators, charts, stop-loss order, and many more features.

    The trading platform is highly active and fast as well. It has different options for customization which can help in finding the different aspects of swing trading easily.

    Kotak Stock Trader App – Top Swing Trading Application

    Kotak Stock Trader App is in the 8th position in our list. It has different trading tools and analytical tools including charts, indicators, and others.

    The app and the platform have integrated charts, personalized technical charts, and indicators. The application is fast and also has a user-friendly interface.

    5Paisa App – Top 10 Swing Trading Application

    5Paisa is ranked at the 9th position and this is also a great application for swing trading.

    They have different features on the application and trading platform. It has great speed and thus can perform well.

    It has multiple technical indicators, charts with live prices, and technical tools.

    The trading app allows you to use stop-loss with an account value shield feature and many such benefits which makes 5Paisa a top-rated application for swing trading.

    HDFC Securities App – Best Swing Trading App

    HDFC Securities offers its trading platform and application for swing trading. It has different technical tools integrated with its charts which help in finding the entry and exit points in the market.

    Its overall performance is good and quite fast as well. It has ample features to assist in swing trading.

    Best Swing Trading Apps in India – Conclusion

    To conclude, we can say, that choosing the right trading platform for swing trading is crucial. It is what can make a huge difference.

    The charts, indicators, trading signals are all mandatory for a great trading platform for swing trading.

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