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In this Article, we will do a detailed review on IIFL Trader Terminal, one of the best trading platforms in the country. We will go in-depth into its various features, its set-up process, pros, cons & more.

Let’s have detailed review of IIFL Trading Terminal – Trading Platform below:

IIFL or India Infoline Demat Account

IIFL Trader Terminal Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

IIFL Trader Terminal Ratings
Overall Ratings6.8/10
Star Ratings★★★

Introduction to IIFL Trader Terminal

There are many platforms available in the market for trading but, IIFL Trader Terminal is one of the most beneficial platforms. It is a comprehensive trading tool which is attached with the superior charting and analytical capabilities.

There are many version comes in the market and the latest version of this trading platform has a world-class user interface and it is single, lightning fast execution speed, fast access to our world.

As well as, it offers many useful things such as trade in cash, derivatives, commodities, mutual funds, IPOs, currencies and many more.

Basically, there are four sectors are given by this platform for trading such as:

  1. National Stock Exchange (NSE)
  2. Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)
  3. MCX
  4. NCDEX

IIFL Trader Terminal

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    Most Attractive Features of IIFL Trader Terminal

    There are many features of IIFL Trader Terminal which can help the audience to understand the process as well as give reasons to use it. So, here have a look at the features:

    Market Watch

     It is the most useful window which gives you an opportunity to view the information of the different market local as well as global. It is the most useful feature for investors to see the pre-selected scrips of their interest.

    This platform allows an audience to create and to open a different Market Watch windows so that it can help them to view real-time scrip details on the sectors/scrips of your choice concurrently.

    From the default list, you can select your stocks to trade. As well as, you can create your own customized list.

    How to create a market watch: 

    • Go to Market > Market Watch > New or Press F4 on the screen
    • To load any of the pre-defined Market Watch, right click on the screen and select Load group
    • Choose Predefined i.e. click on the + sign
    • Double click on the desired option and the market watch would open

    How to add scrips to the market watch:

    • Go to the Add Scrip option > type the name of the scrip in the Code/Symbol block > Press enter key.
    • The scrip will come into view in the Market watch saving your market watch.
    • Press Ctrl-S and save your Market Watch under a name.

    Most important tips for a market watch:

    It is good to export the saved market watch file into the separate folder of your computer. For this, you have to right click on the Market Watch then, click to the Export Scrip List Option Each scrip which makes up a row of data that holds the script name, last traded quantity, best bid rate, its last traded price,  best offer rate, total volume, etc.

    Market Depth

    It is one of the best features of IIFL Trading Software and you will get things like:

    • Details of Real-time scrip.
    • View Best 5 Bid/Ask and Open Interest
    • Check DPR: Daily Price Range – 52 Week High and 52 Week Low
    • Check ATP (Average Traded Price)

    Accessing Market Depth

    You need to double click on the scrip on your Market to Watch Market Depth.

    IIFL Trader Terminal exe screen

    Market Analyzer

    Another interesting feature is market analyzer which will help you to show the current situation of the markets.

    Single click order placement

    The most exciting feature is its availability to place an order in a single click.


    There are two level authentications for additional security.

    Multiple market watch-list

    Plan to add multiple market watch lists so that every customer can observe information on pre-selected scrips.

    Key Characteristics of IIFL Trading Terminal

    • You can get multiple market watches, streaming quotes and, instant order confirmation.
    • You can get free access to single-click access to the depository, ledger, MTM profit/loss statement.
    • It has advanced charting options & technical analysis means.
    • It has a very good customizable view.
    • Professionals can do live-char with customer care.
    • You can get the latest updates and result of live research.

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    How to set up IIFL Trading Platform?

    You need to follow this simple step to get access to this platform:

    1. Download the application – You will find link to IIFL Trading Terminal Down in IIFL website.
    2. Install the same, just follow the step by step process available in windows
    3. You can login with your login ID & password

    Your set-up process will be complete. If you face any difficulty, please call your RM to get it resolve for you.

    What are the requirements for using the IIFL Trader Terminal?

    A modem and internet connection is must to use IIFL Trader Terminal. However, you need to check the following things in your PC:

    • Operating system: It will work on Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. On Windows 2000, NT and 98.
    • Proxy Setting: You need to open the ports if the software is being entered from behind.
    • A version of the browser: This can only run on the popular browser like IE 6/IE 7, Mozilla and Chrome.
    • This works on .NET VERSION 4.0

    How to Own IIFL Trader Terminal?

    One can own the IIFL trader terminal for free. The trading platform comes free with its demat & trading account, one you sign-up with IIFL. Once you open an account with IIFL, you will receive a login id & password which can be used to login.

    To open a demat account with IIFL, please click on the green “Open Demat Account” button below & provide your details.

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    What are the Advantages of IIFL Trading Terminal?

    Well, we know everything has two sides and in IIFL Trading Terminal the first side (advantages) is stronger than the second side (disadvantage).

    So, here have a look at the benefits of IIFL Trading Platform:

    • The most amazing benefits of using this platform are that user can use live chat in real time with the customer care of India Infoline. It is useful to get assistance during market hours.
    • IIFL Trader Terminal is a full-service stockbroker. Every user can get fundamental reports and technical analysis report trading in the trading application
    • There are two types of reports available for use daily and weekly The daily report is known as ‘Market Mantra’ while weekly report called Weekly Wrap.’
    • A user can place an order and add AMO (After Market Order). This kind of orders gets prepared the next business day of the stock market.
    • The option of setting up alerts and notifications based on your preferences. In that preference, you can add the scrip name, put up the price condition and corresponding message. You will receive a notification as well once the condition is met in the live market
    • The mind-blowing facility and access to LIVE TV.
    • The feature of LOCK is also given for the additional security. It gets enabled automatically if there is constant inactivity for 10 minutes on the terminal.
    • This amazing platform will allow you to transfer funds and from your trading account using various options.
    • From checking order status, single-click based multiple order cancellation to open positions getting squared off exporting order reports etc. are also attached to this.

    What are the Disadvantages of IIFL Trading Software?

    There are many disadvantages to using IIFL Trading Software. Some of the key cons are as follows:

    • This is the good platform everyone says but, no one unhides that this terminal software comes with the following matters and limitations.
    • This is not available for the users of iOS as only Windows users can enjoy its process.
    • A trader or investor first needs to submit written an application and income proofs for terminal activation if, they want to trade in the future segment or option segment.

    IIFL Trader Terminal – Conclusion

    Looking at the insight into the IIFL Trading Terminal, we will suggest you to use this once to get the best experience. A trading account with IIFL makes sure that you have access to next-generation trading platforms and tools.

    You can also get and enjoy the real-time experience of real-time global market updates, prices alerts, IPO information, and NFO details. So, get the subscription and enjoy the world-class features of the trading world and earn lots of profit.

    Get Free access to IIFL Trading Terminal – Open Demat Account Now!

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