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Religare Securities Franchise is one of the largest broking franchises in the country based out of Mumbai.

Let’s have an in-depth discussion on the Religare Securities Franchise Review & a deep understanding of Religare Securities Sub Broker offerings, Franchise Revenue Sharing Models & other features of the Religare Securities Partner Program.
Religare Securities Franchise Offers

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Religare Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

Criteria Ratings
Experience 6.5/10
Market Share 6.0/10
Products & Services 6.5/10
Revenue Sharing 7.5/10
Holistic Support 6.5/10
Overall Ratings 6.6/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Religare Securities Franchise

Religare Securities Ltd. (RSL) is a completely owned subsidiary of Religare Enterprises Limited. RSL is a stock broking company established in 1984 but started to distribute franchisees in 2004 onwards.

Religare SecuritiesThere are more than 230 company-owned outlets and almost 1500 franchise outlets widely spread over 451 cities across India.

More than 10 lakh customers are taking broking services in Equity, Currency, Commodity, and depository participant services.

Religare Commodities Limited (RCL) is a completely owned subsidiary of RSL that provides Commodity Trading. RSL is a member of NSE, BSE, MCXSX, and USE. RSL is an AMFI-registered mutual fund distributor in India.

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Types of Religare Securities Franchise

  • Remisier (20% share of the brokerage generated)
  • Sub Broker or Associate Partner

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    Religare Securities Franchise Types of Business / Partnership Model & their benefits.

    Mentioned below are the two main types of business/partnership models run by Religare Securities:

    • Sub Broker / Authorised Person
    • Partner Program / Remisier

    That’s not enough because the key benefits attached to these partnership models are yet to be disclosed. So take a look:

    Religare Business Model: Sub-Broker/Authorized Person

    The first business model by Religare invites people interested in becoming an Authorizer Person or Sub-Broker. In this role, you will need to make a particular investment and bring more clients to Religare.

    You have the exclusive right to deal with any client directly and can encourage them to pitch a specific product or service. As per this business model, you can earn 60% to 70% of the revenue generated by Religare.

    Religare Business Model: Partner Program/Remisier

    On the other hand, we have Religare Partner Program, also referred to as a Remisier. Their job role is also similar to the sub-brokers role.

    The only difference here is that as a Remisier, you will need to convince a client to join the Religare trading platform via your referral.

    There’s no need to invest. Unlike sub-brokers, Religare can’t pitch a particular product or service. Remisier can get a flat 20% of the revenue generated by the broker per client.

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    Religare Securities Sub Broker Commission / Revenue Sharing Model

    Let’s have a detailed understanding of Religare Franchise Revenue Sharing Models & their Initial Investment Amount.

    Religare Securities Partner Revenue Sharing & Fees

    For Self-Setup Franchises, the revenue sharing ranges from 60-70 per cent (for Partner) and 30-40 per cent (Religare).

    Religare Securities Partner Initial Investment

    The total investment could be from Rs. 2 Lakh to 5 Lakh for setting up the franchise office. The security deposit amount is Rs 50,000 (refundable). It is estimated that the payback period of capital for a unit franchise is one year.

    The Partner gets the territorial right in that area. The office should be in a prime location, preferably on the ground floor and commercial. Other charges for trading NSE registration would cost around Rs 2360 per segment.

    Depending on the franchisee type, for Equity and Currency derivative, charges are 2 Lakhs; for Commodity, the charges are between 1-2 Lakh.

    In the case of Remisier, the partners are charged Rs 1500 per segment, which is a one-time fee and non-refundable.

    Religare Securities Franchise Infrastructure Investment

    Infrastructure investment has long been the most debated subject among aspiring franchise partners. But we understand your curiosity pretty well and want to put it simply to you.

    If you want a Religare Securities Franchise, then make sure you are ready for the initial investment. The investment requirement can range from Rs 3 Lakh to Rs 4 Lakh monthly.

    However, this doesn’t cover the functional area. It is an additional arrangement that needs to be managed by the franchise itself.

    Such as, you must have a 100sq feet space to manage your franchise roles successfully.

    Religare Securities Sub Broker Offers

    Religare Securities Ltd. offers TIN and PAN facilities at select branches only. This unique service will provide individuals with PAN, TAN, and TDS/TCS returns-related requirements.

    In addition, it is also a depository participant with NSDL and CDSL. It also offers trade-in equity, currency, Commodity, and many more.

    Religare Securities Eligibility Criteria

    The eligibility criteria need to be checked before you apply. If you want to apply for a partnership with Religare Securities, make sure you are at least 18 years old according to SEBI.

    A 10th pass certificate from a recognized board of education must be available. Other documents shall cover:

    • Pan Card
    • Aadhar Card
    • Education Proof
    • Residential Address Proof
    • Office Address Proof
    • 2 Passport Sized Photographs

    Religare Securities Representatives can ask for a few other documents. So, make sure you are prepared.

    Religare Securities Sub Broker Support / Advisory / Training

    They can provide marketing support by approving up to 50% of marketing costs as monetary help. But, the approval has to be taken in advance.

    But, the organized event should generate a good client base and revenue. They will support through all the marketing collaterals like visiting cards, banners, flex, posters, leaflets, boards, etc.

    The FRMs will give the training only in the Headquarter office. The Partner and their employees will be trained free of cost.

    They will train about the trading platforms, VLC recording software, Client calls and recordings, data and report analysis through the software, and many more.

    In the case of Advisory support, they communicate it through emails and chat free of cost. There is also an SMS facility chargeable at Rs 99 per month.

    How to become Sub Broker with Religare Securities?

    NISM certification is compulsory to become a Religare business partner. The documents required for the registration process are:

    1. Educational certificate and 21 years of age.
    2. Cancelled Cheque or Bank statement
    3. Two photos
    4. Rent agreement of office space.
    5. Pan Card
    6. Aadhaar card and address proof

    Fill up the registration form for the franchise and submit all the above documents after verification. Get the help of a CA to avoid common errors.

    The Partner can open the franchise outlet post-registration, which takes 15 days for completion.

    Why Partner with Religare Securities?

    • Attractive brokerage schemes
    • Impressive back-office Support
    • The fastest-growing financial economy
    • Great customer care support
    • Good track record in the stock industry
    • Trading tips through email, SMS, etc.

    Religare Securities Franchise – Pros & Cons

    It is undoubtedly tough to reach a fair conclusion without catching a glimpse of the pros and cons. After all, the coin doesn’t have one side but the second one. So take a look to reach a suitable selection.


    • Multiple trading products on offer
    • Decent earning potential
    • Wide offline presence


    • Not that popular
    • The high upfront cost is disturbing

    Religare Securities Franchise Registration

    Let’s explore Religare Securities Franchise Registration and being a new joiner; how exactly you can start this partnership with the broker; check it out.

    Follow the step-by-step process to start with the Religare securities franchise program:

    1. Start by filling in your name and contact details in the contact form
    2. After that, a representative from the Religare Securities team will get in touch with you
    3. Note their answers carefully and ask the question if you have any
    4. Submit documents including the deposit amount if asked by the broker
    5. Begin inviting clients to your landing port and convince them to become Religare Securities customers.

    Earning the potential of a Religare Securities Partner/ ROI

    The earning potential of a Religare Securities Partner isn’t hidden. One can make between 20% to 70% commission of the revenue generated by Religare Securities on each client you bring to the broker.

    However, the earning potential can also go higher because it depends more on the type of business model you choose for investment. A standard Franchise Program can get you a commission of anything between 60% to 70% per client.

    But if you want to start as a Remisier, you will be exposed to a mere 20% of the revenue. But it has benefits, too, compared to the franchise program; you don’t need to submit a hefty investment capital at Religare to get started.

    Religare Securities Franchise Referral Program

    The Religare Securities referral program is called the Remisier program or a standard partner program. It is similar to an affiliate program as well. All you need to do is send a client to Religare and convince them to use the broker.

    If the client responds precisely the way it is desired, the Partner commissions 20% of the revenue generated by Religare from this client.

    Brokerage Charges levied to the clients of Religare Securities Partners

    Brokerage Charges have long been a stressful subject. Not only are clients disturbed by them, but partners also find them the biggest stumbling block. But we can’t deny them.

    Religare Securities also charges a commission against every product you choose for the order. Simply put, the broker charges 0.01% to .04% for Intraday equity orders.

    Charges for other assets like currency, currency futures, commodity trading, and equity futures are the same. However, Options traders must pay Rs 45 per lot, making it not a good alternative for options traders.

    However, the broker seems to do a great job with other assets.

    Religare Securities Authorised Person – Products Offered

    It’s time to watch the types of products offered by Religare Securities. If you plan to become an Authorized Person at Religare Securities, this section will be the best helping hand.

    Here are those popular types of products that, as Authorized Persons, you csn pitch to customers through.

    • Options
    • Currency
    • Commodity
    • Futures
    • Equity
    • Intraday and options trading is available for almost every asset type.

    List of Top Religare Securities Partners / Business Partners

    So far, the broker has built a vast chain of business partners. Thousands of people are currently actively working with Religare Securities.

    The tally, however, cannot describe in exact figures because it is a mix of Remisier and Franchise partners.

    But by looking at the testimonials, you can feel pretty sure about the broker’s credibility from a partnership perspective.

    Religare Securities Authorized Person Testimonials

    It’s worth hearing what people have to say about Religare securities. Perhaps you will also be excited about Religare Securities after going through these testimonials.

    Religare Securities Franchise Conclusion

    It’s time to determine whether you are ready to start with Religare Securities or not. The broker has long been recognized among the top-rated broking firm.

    If you also want to get started with the broker, don’t forget you have two options available – the Business Franchise and Remisier program.

    Depending on which partner program you feel privileged to become a member of, you can get between 20% to 70% commission for your lifetime.

    Religare Broking Franchise FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Religare Securities Franchise:

    Does Religare Broking have Sub Broker Model?

    Yes, this model is provided by the stock broking house to investors looking for business opportunities in the stock market. If you wish to get associated with this stock broking house, we suggest you take the sub-broker model.

    Does Religare Broking have multiple Franchise models?

    There are, to be precise, two franchise models as provided by Religare broking, and the interested candidates can apply for any of the models as per their interest. The provided models are Remisier and the sub-broker model.

    What is Religare Broking Sub Broker Commission?

    The sub-broker is entitled to a greater share in the commission based on the work done and the business brought in. As per the model fixed by the firm, the commission is 60-70 per cent, which goes out to the Partner, and the rest, 30-40 per cent, is for Religare.

    How much does Religare Broking Franchise Cost?

    Regarding the sub-broker model, the franchise cost could be from Rs. 2 Lakh to 5 Lakh for the office setup. On the other end, the franchise security deposit is Rs 50,000. As for the remisier model, the cost is Rs 1500 per segment.

    Does Religare Broking have Partner Program?

    Yes, there is the provision of the partner program from the part of the stockbroker, which is referred to as the remisier model. This is offered to the investors as the other business option, contrary to the sub-broker business model.

    What is Religare Broking Partners Sharing?

    The share is fair enough, given that the job role and the responsibilities of the business partner or the remisier are limited. As per the fixated share, the Remisier is entitled to a 20% share of the brokerage generated from their end on frequent intervals.

    Is Religare Broking Partner Program Free?

    No, the partner program is not entirely free, though the amount is not a huge deal to get. The stock broking house has made the program at a discount investment cost, where the investment required is only Rs 1500 per segment.

    Does Religare Broking provide Training Assistance?

    Yes, the sub-brokers are trained by the company in the headquarters office without additional charges. All the partners and the employees are provided training from the company’s end regarding trading platforms, VLC recording software, Client calls and recordings, data and report analysis through the software, and many more.

    How to Become a Religare Broking Sub Broker?

    You can begin the process by clicking on the “Become Sub Broker” option, which is provided at the bottom of this article. You must then fill in the form and submit it accordingly, to get a call from the stock broking house.

    Does Religare Broking Franchise provide Support?

    Yes, you can rely on the broker in terms of marketing and monetary marketing support. The Support extended precisely to the domain of marketing collaterals like visiting cards, banners, flex, posters, leaflets, boards, etc. 

    How Can I Get a Franchise of Religare?

    To get the franchise of Religare, a customer must comply with the initial criteria process. This shall cover a conversation with the representative. Hereafter, documents need to be submitted. Similarly, the required space for the franchise setup and minimum investment must be considered.

    What Is Margin Order in Religare?

    For equity delivery orders, the margin sits at 1x in Religare. Similarly, for Equity intraday, you are exposed to a 5x margin.

    What are The Brokerage Charges Of Religare Securities?

    Brokerage charges vary for each asset you trade or hold at Religare Securities. Tell, these charges start from 0.01% to .04% for equity orders and go up to Rs 45 per lot for the option trades.

    How can I transfer shares from one Demat Account to Another Religare?

    You can transfer shares from one Demat account to another by simply filling up the Delivery Instruction Slip. The slip must be submitted to the broker from whom you want to take off your shares.

    How to start Religare Authorised Person Business?

    To start the Religare Authorized Person business, you must comply with a few basic requirements. Such as, you need to submit legal proof, and an initial deposit amount may be required. Apart from that, a 100sq feet office must be arranged for successful approval.

    Is Religare Good Broking?

    Religare allows its partners to make anything between 20% to 70% commission per client. The broker offers two types of partnership programs that you can choose as per your choice.

    Is Religare Safe?

    Religare is a trusted booking service provider, and thousands of users who are active members of the Religare trading platform give a green stamp to the fact.

    What are the Requirements to become a Religare Sub-Broker?

    The requirements to become a Religare sub-broker are pretty simple. You must be an Indian citizen and should have a 10th pass certificate, and must be age 18+ to qualify for the eligibility checks successfully. After that, a minimum investment amount and 100sq feet must be arranged for the setup.

    Is Religare Securities Franchise Profitable?

    Religare Securities Franchise partners can make 20% in the Remisier program and 60%-70% commission per client in the franchise program.

    How much can a Religare Sub Broker Earn?

    The earning potential driven by the Religare partnership is always uncertain.

    Because there’s no limit, you can make anything between a few thousand to lakhs of rupees for your lifetime.

    But it depends more on how many clients you bring to Religare securities.

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