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Find all the necessary details to check the IPO allotment status of all Released IPOs. To check the allotment status, please click on the “Check Here” link.

It will take you to the registrar’s website where you can select the IPO & provide your application number or PAN number to check whether the IPO has been allotted to you or not.

What is IPO Allotment?

IPO Allotment StatusIPO Allotment is a process where the “registrar to the offer” with the help of a lottery system finalizes the process of allocating the IPO shares to the individual who has applied for an IPO subscription. It a simple process of lottery where the owners of the shares are decided.

IPO allotment process takes place within 1 week of the IPO release date for all Large-Cap IPOs. For SME IPOs it takes time only in a few cases wherein the subscription is not met up to a particular threshold or for a few other reasons. But in most cases, the allotment status is out within 1 week.

List of Newly Released IPOs & the IPO Allotment Status

Please click on the “Check Here” link to find the Allotment status after the IPO Subscription:

IPO NameOpen dateAllotment DateAllotment StatusLIVE Performance
Paradeep Phosphates IPO17-May-2224-May-22Check HereParadeep Phosphates Share Price
eMudhra IPO20-May-2227-May-22Check HereeMudhra Share Price
Aether Industries IPO24-May-2231-May-22Check HereAether Industries Share Price
Delhivery IPO11-May-2219-May-22Check HereDelhivery Share Price
Venus Pipes & Tubes IPO11-May-2219-May-22Click HereVenus Pipes Share Price
Prudent Corporate Advisory IPO10-May-2218-May-22Check HerePrudent Corporate Advisory Share Price
LIC IPO04-May-2212-May-22Click HereLIC Share Price
Rainbow Children’s Medicare IPO27-Apr-2205-May-22Click HereRainbow Children’s Share Price
Campus Activewear IPO26-Apr-2204-May-22Check HereCampus Activewear Share Price
Protean eGov Technologies IPOMay-22May-22Check HereProtean eGov Share Price
Prasol Chemicals IPOMay-22May-22Click HerePrasol Chemical Share Price
Kaynes Technology IPOMay-22May-22Check HereKaynes Technology Share Price
Senco Gold IPOMay-22May-22Click HereSenco Gold Share Price
BIBA Fashion IPOMay-22May-22Check HereBIBA Fashion Share Price
Gold Plus IPOMay-22May-22Click HereGold Plus Share Price
Aadhar Housing Finance IPOMay-22May-22Click Here Aadhar Housing Share Price
DCX Systems IPOMay-22May-22Check HereDCX Systems Share Price
Yatharth Hospital & Trauma Care IPOMay-22May-22Check HereYatharth Hospital Share Price
KFin Technologies IPOMay-22May-22Check HereKfin Technologies Share Price
Hemani Industries IPOMay-22May-22Check HereHemani Industries Share Price
Gujarat Polysol IPOMay-22May-22Check HereGujarat Polysol Share Price
Joyalukkas India IPOMay-22May-22Check HereJoyalukkas India Share Price
Yatra Online IPOMay-22May-22Check HereYatra Online Share Price
HMA Agro Industries IPOMay-22May-22Check HereHMA Agro Industries Share Price
Vikram Solar IPOMay-22May-22Check HereVikram Solar Share Price
PKH Ventures IPOMay-22May-22Check HerePKH Ventures Share Price
Mukka Proteins IPOMay-22May-22Check HereMukka Proteins Share Price
Uniparts India IPOMay-22May-22Check HereUniparts India Share Price
Corrtech International IPOMay-22May-22Check Here Corrtech International Share Price
Navi Technologies IPOMay-22May-22Check HereNavi Technologies Share Price
EBIXCASH IPOMay-22May-22Check HereEbixcash Share Price
India Exposition Mart IPOMay-22May-22Click HereIndia Exposition Share Price
Suraj Estate Developers IPOMay-22May-22Check HereSuraj Estate Developers Share Price
Bikaji Foods International IPOMay-22May-22Check HereBikaji Foods International Share Price
Fedbank Financial Services IPOMay-22May-22Check HereFedbank Financial Services Share Price
Archean Chemical Industries IPOMay-22May-22Check Here Archean Chemical Industries Share Price
TVS Supply Chain IPOMay-22May-22Check HereTVS Supply Chain Share Price
Hariom Pipe Industries IPO30-Mar-2208-Apr-22Check HereHariom Pipe Industries Share Price
Veranda Learning Solutions IPO29-Mar-2205-Apr-22Click HereVeranda Learning Solutions Share Price
Uma Exports IPO28-Mar-2204-Apr-22Check HereUma Exports Share Price
Ruchi Soya IPO24-Mar-2231-Mar-22Check HereRuchi Soya Industries Share Price
Hexagon Nutrition IPOMar-22Mar-22Click HereHexagon Nutrition Share Price
Vedant Fashions IPO04-Feb-2211-Feb-22Click HereVedant Fashions Share Price
Adani Wilmar IPO27-Jan-2203-Feb-22Check HereAdani Wilmar Share Price
AGS Transact Technologies IPO19-Jan-2227-Jan-22Check HereAGS Transact Technologies Share Price
Asianet Satellite Communications IPOJan-22Jan-22Check HereAsianet Satellite Communications Share Price
Bharat FIH IPOJan-22Jan-22Click HereBharat FIH Share Price
Snapdeal IPODec-21Dec-21Check HereSnapdeal Share Price
Maini Precision Products IPODec-21Dec-21Check HereMaini Precision Products Share Price
Syrma SGS Technology IPODec-21Dec-21Check HereSyrma SGS Technology Share Price
CMS Info Systems IPO21-Dec-2128-Dec-21Check HereCMS Info Systems Share Price
JK Files and Engineering IPODec-21Dec-21Click HereJK Files and Engineering Share Price
Data Patterns IPO14-Dec-2121-Dec-21Check HereData Patterns Share Price
ESDS Software Solutions IPODec-21Dec-21Check HereESDS Software Solutions Share Price
Supriya Lifescience IPO16-Dec-2123-Dec-21Check HereSupriya Lifescience Share Price
MedPlus Health Services IPO13-Dec-2122-Dec-21Click HereMedPlus Health Services Share Price
HP Adhesives IPO15-Dec-2122-Dec-21Check HereHP Adhesives Share Price
Jesons Industries IPO
Dec-21Dec-21Check HereJesons Industries Share Price
Metro Brands IPO10-Dec-2117-Dec-21Check HereMetro Brands Share Price
Shriram Properties IPO08-Dec-2115-Dec-21Click HereShriram Properties Share Price
Rategain Travel Technologies IPO07-Dec-2114-Dec-21Click HereRategain Travel Technologies Share Price
Anand Rathi Wealth IPO02-Dec-2109-Dec-21Check HereAnand Rathi Wealth Share Price
CE Info Systems IPONov-21Nov-21Check HereCE Info Systems Share Price
Tega Industries IPO01-Dec-2108-Dec-21Check HereTega Industries Share Price
Elin Electronics IPONov-21Nov-21Click HereElin Electronics Share Price
Star Health Insurance IPO30-Nov-2107-Dec-21Click HereStar Health Insurance Share Price
Droom Technology IPONov-21Nov-21Click HereDroom Technology Share Price

IPO Allotment Status of SME IPO 2022

Check here the allotment status of SME IPO by visiting the Registrar Links given under the allotment status section:

IPO NameOpen dateAllotment DateAllotment StatusLIVE Performance
Sonu Infratech IPO29-Apr-2210-May-22Check HereSonu Infratech Share Price
Le Merite Exports IPO25-Apr-22Apr-22Check HereLe Merite Exports Share Price
Nanavati Ventures25-Apr-2202-May-22Click HereNanavati Ventures Share Price
Fone4 Communications IPO25-Apr-2202-May-22Check HereFone4 Communications Share Price
Global Longlife Hospital IPO21-Apr-22Apr-22Check HereGlobal Longlife Hospital Share Price
Shashwat Furnishing Solutions IPO20-Apr-22Apr-22Click HereShashwat Furnishing Solutions Share Price
Eighty Jewellers IPO31-Mar-2208-Apr-22Check HereEighty Jewellers Share Price
Sunrise Efficient Marketing IPO30-Mar-2208-Apr-22Click HereSunrise Efficient Marketing Share Price
Dhyaani Tile IPO30-Mar-2207-Apr-22Click HereDhyaani Tile Share Price
Jeena Sikho Lifecare IPO30-Mar-22Apr-22Check HereJeena Sikho Lifecare Share Price
Empyrean Cashews IPO21-Mar-2228-Mar-22Check HereEmpyrean Cashews Share Price
Krishna Defence IPO25-Mar-2201-Apr-22Check HereKrishna Defence Share Price
P E-analytics- IPO22-Mar-2230-Mar-22Check HereP E-analytics- Share Price
Achyut Healthcare IPO17-Mar-22Mar-22Click HereAchyut Healthcare Share Price
Evoq Remedies IPO17-Mar-22Mar-22Check HereEvoq Remedies Share Price
Swaraj Suiting IPO15-Mar-2223-Mar-22Check HereSwaraj Suiting Share Price
KN Agri Resources IPO15-Mar-2223-Mar-22Check HereKN Agri Resources Share Price
Cool Caps Industries IPO10-Mar-2221-Mar-22Check HereCool Caps Industries Share Price
SP Refractories IPO09-Mar-2216-Mar-22Check HereSP Refractories Price
Shigan Quantum Technologies IPO28-Feb-2208-Mar-22Click HereShigan Quantum Technologies Share Price
Ekennis Software IPcO21-Feb-2202-Mar-22Check HereEkennis Software Share Price
Vaidya Sane Ayurved Laboratories IPO10-Feb-2218-Feb-22Check HereVaidya Sane Ayurved Laboratories Share Price
Richa Info Systems IPO09-Feb-2216-Feb-22Check HereRicha Info Systems Share Price
Maruti Interior Product IPO03-Feb-2211-Feb-22Check HereMaruti Interior Products Share Price
Quality RO Industries IPO27-Jan-2204-Feb-22Check HereQuality RO Industries Share Price
Safa Systems & Technologies IPO28-Jan-2204-Feb-22Check HereSafa Systems & Technologies Share Price
Alkosign IPO18-Jan-2227-Jan-22Check HereAlkosign Share Price
Precision Metaliks IPO19-Jan-2228-Jan-22Check HerePrecision Metaliks Share Price
DJ Mediaprint & Logistics IPO18-Jan-2225-Jan-22Check HereDJ Mediaprint & Logistics Share Price
Fabino Life Sciences IPO31-Dec-2110-Jan-22Check HereFabino Life Sciences Share Price
Timescan Logistics IPO31-Dec-2107-Jan-22Check HereTimescan Logistics Share Price
Ascensive Educare IPO30-Dec-2107-Jan-22Check HereAscensive Educare Share Price
AB Cotspin India IPO30-Dec-2106-Jan-22Check HereAB Cotspin India Share Price

IPO Allotment Status of 2021 IPOs

Check out the allotment status of mainline IPO’s below:

IPO NameOpen dateAllotment DateAllotment StatusLIVE Performance
Five Star Business Finance IPONov-21Nov-21Click HereFive Star Business Finance Share Price
Veranda Learning Solutions IPONov-21Nov-21Click HereVeranda Learning Solutions Share Price
API Holdings IPONov-21Nov-21Check HereAPI Holdings Share Price
Go Airlines IPONov-21Nov-21Check HereGo Airlines Share Price
Go Fashion India IPO17-Nov-2125-Nov-21Click HereGo Fashion India Share Price
Tarsons Products IPO15-Nov-2123-Nov-21Click HereTarsons Products Share Price
Latent View Analytics IPO10-Nov-2116-Nov-21Check HereLatent View Analytics Share Price
Sapphire Foods India IPO09-Nov-2116-Nov-21Check HereSapphire Foods India Share Price
Paytm IPO08-Nov-2115-Nov-21Check HerePaytm IPO / One97 Communications IPO Share Price
SJS Enterprises IPO01-Nov-2110-Nov-21Check HereSJS Enterprises Share Price
Policy Bazaar IPO01-Nov-2110-Nov-21Check HerePolicy Bazaar Share Price
Sigachi Industries IPO01-Nov-2110-Nov-21Check HereSigachi Industries Share Price
Fino Payments Bank IPO29-Oct-2109-Nov-21Click HereFino Payments Bank Share Price
Nykaa IPO28-Oct-2108-Nov-21Check Here FSN E-Commerce Ventures Share Price
Paras Defence and Space Technologies IPO21-Sep-202128-Sep-2021Check HereParas Defence and Space Technologies Share Price
Sansera Engineering IPO14-Sep-202121-Sep-2021Check HereSansera Engineering Share Price
Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC IPO29-Sep-20216-Oct-2021Click HereAditya Birla Sun Life AMC Share Price
Vijaya Diagnostic IPO1-Sep-20218-Sep-2021Click HereVijaya Diagnostic Share Price
Ami Organics IPO1-Sep-20218-Sep-2021Check HereAmi Organics Share Price
Aptus Value Housing IPO10-Aug-202118-Aug-2021Click HereAptus Value Housing Share Price
Chemplast Sanmar IPO10-Aug-202118-Aug-2021Click HereChemplast Sanmar Share Price
Krsnaa Diagnostics IPO4-Aug-202111-Aug-2021Click HereKrsnaa Diagnostics Share Price
Cartrade Tech IPO9-Aug-202117-Aug-2021Check HereCartrade Tech Share Price
Devyani International IPO4-Aug-202111-Aug-2021Check HereDevyani International Share Price
Nuvoco Vistas IPO9-Aug-202117-Aug-2021Check HereNuvoco Vistas Share Price
Fusion Micro Finance IPOAug-2021Aug-2021Check HereFusion Micro Finance Share Price
Keventer Agro IPOAug-2021Aug-2021Check HereKeventer Agro Share Price
Popular Vehicles and Services IPOAug-2021Aug-2021Check HerePopular Vehicles and Services Share Price
Gemini Edibles & Fats IPOAug-2021Aug-2021Click HereGemini Edibles & Fats India Share Price
Exxaro Tiles IPO4-Aug-202111-Aug-2021Check HereExxaro Tiles IPO Share Price
Windlas Biotech IPO4-Aug-202111-Aug-2021Check HereWindlas Biotech Share Price
Rolex Rings IPO28-July-20214-Aug-2021Check HereRolex Rings Share Price
Glenmark Life Sciences IPO27-July-20213-Aug-2021Click HereGlenmark Life Sciences Share Price
Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO16-July-202126-July-2021Check HereTatva Chintan Share Price
Zomato IPO14-July-202122-July-2021Check HereZomato Share Price
G R Infraprojects IPO7-July-202114-July-2021Click HereG R Infraprojects Share Price
Clean Science & Technology IPO7-July-202114-July-2021Check HereClean Science & Technology Share Price
DK Enterprises Global IPO07-Oct-2118-Oct-21Check HereDK Enterprises Global Share Price

IPO Allotment Status of Recent SME IPO

Check here the allotment status of older SME IPO by visiting the Registrar Links given under the allotment status section:

IPO NameOpen dateAllotment DateAllotment StatusLIVE Performance
Nandan Terry IPODec-21Dec-21Check HereNandan Terry Share Price
Vivo Collaboration Solutions IPO20-Dec-21Dec-21Check HereVivo Collaboration Solutions Share Price
Brandbucket Media & Technology IPO20-Dec-2128-Dec-21Check HereBrandbucket Media & Technology Share Price
Wherrelz IT Solutions IPO16-Dec-2124-Dec-21Check HereWherrelz IT Solutions Share Price
Omnipotent Industries IPO16-Nov-2122-Nov-21Check HereOmnipotent Industries Share Price
Euro Panel Products IPO14-Dec-2121-Dec-21Check HereEuro Panel Products Share Price
Foce India IPO13-Dec-2121-Dec-21Check HereFoce India Share Price
Nupur Recyclers IPO13-Dec-2115-Dec-21Check HereNupur Recyclers Share Price
Clara Industries IPO16-Dec-21Dec-21Check HereClara Industries Share Price
SBS Food Courts IPODec-21Dec-21Check HereSBS Food Courts Share Price
Global Longlife Hospital and Research IPODec-21Dec-21Check HereGlobal Longlife Hospital and Research Share Price
DMR Hydroengineering IPO24-Nov-2102-Dec-21Check HereDMR Hydroengineering & Infrastructures Share Price
Ascensive Educare IPONov-21Nov-21Check HereAscensive Educare Share Price
Suyog Gurbaxani Funicular Ropeways IPO01-Nov-2111-Nov-21Click HereSuyog Gurbaxani Funicular Ropeways Share Price
Nidan Laboratories and Healthcare IPO28-Oct-2109-Nov-21Check HereNidan Laboratories and Healthcare Share Price
Kotyark Industries IPO21-Oct-21Oct-21Click HereNA
CWD IPO30-Sep-2108-Oct-21Click HereNA
Adishakti Loha IPO (ASL IPO)30-Sep-21Sep-21Check HereNA
Bombay Metrics IPO30-Sep-2107-Oct-21Check HereNA
Samor Reality IPO30-Sep-21Sep-21Click HereNA
Promax Power IPO30-Sep-2107-Oct-21Check HereNA
Dynamic Services & Security IPO30-Sep-2108-Oct-21Check HereNA
Destiny Logistics & Infra IPO30-Sep-2108-Oct-21Check HereNA
Shri Venkatesh Refineries IPO29-Sep-2106-Oct-21Check HereNA
Jainam Ferro Alloys IPO28-Sep-2105-Oct-21Check HereNA
Getalong Enterprise IPO27-Sep-2105-Oct-21Check HereNA
Quadpro ITES IPO20-Sep-2127-Sep-21Click HereNA
DU Digital Technologies IPO12-Aug-21Aug 23, 2021Check HereNA
Aashka Hospitals IPO10-Aug-21Aug 18, 2021Check HereNA
NPST IPO28-Jul-2105-Aug-21Check HereNA
Rex Pipes and Cables IPO28-Jul-2105-Aug-21Click HereNA
Gretex Corporate Services IPO27-Jul-2104-Aug-21Check HereNA
AA Plus Tradelink IPO08-Jul-2116-Jul-21Check HereNA
Walpar Nutritions IPO30-Jun-2108-Jul-21Check HereNA
Focus Business Solution IPO30-Jun-2108-Jul-21Check HereNA
Times Green Energy IPO16-Jun-2125-Jun-21Check HereNA
Adeshwar Meditex IPO15-Jun-2123-Jun-21Check HereNA
Navoday Enterprises IPO14-Jun-2121-Jun-21Check HereNA
Abhishek Integrations IPO08-Jun-2116-Jun-21Check HereNA
Kuberan Global Edu IPO20-Apr-2130-Apr-21Check HereNA

IPO Allotment Status of 2020 IPOs

Please click on “Check Here” link to visit the Registrar Page and find the Allotment status using your PAN card:

IPO NameOpen dateAllotment DateAllotment StatusLIVE Performance
Antony Waste Handling IPO21-Dec-2029-Dec-20Check HereAntony Waste Handling Share Price
Mrs Bectors Food IPO15-Dec-2022-Dec-20Click HereMrs Bectors Food Share Price
Burger King IPO2-Dec-202-Dec-20Click HereBurger King Share Price
Gland Pharma IPO9-Nov-2017-Nov-20Check HereGland Pharma Share Price
Equitas Bank IPO 20-Oct-20NAClick Here Equitas SFB Share Price
UTI AMC IPO29-Sep-2007-Oct-20Click HereUTI AMC Share Price
Mazagon Dock IPO29-Sep-2007-Oct-20Click HereMazagon Dock Share Price
Likhitha Infrastructure IPO29-Sep-2007-Oct-20Check HereLikitha Infrastructure Share Price
Angel Broking IPO22-Sep-2029-Sep-20Check HereAngel Broking Share Price
Chemcon IPO21-Sep-2028-Sep-20Check HereChemcon Share Price
CAMS IPO21-Sep-2028-Sep-20Check HereCAMS Share Price
Route Mobile  IPO09-Sep-2021-Sep-20Click HereRoute Mobile Share Price
Happiest Minds IPO07-Sep-2017-Sep-20Click HereHappiest Minds Share Price
Rossari Biotech IPO13-Jul-2023-Jul-20Check HereRossari Biotech Share Price

IPO Allotment Status FAQs

Ques – What is IPO Allotment?

Answer – The lottery system is adopted by a registrar of an IPO here, to allocate the company’s shares to the investors who applied for the same. Owners of shares are determined by this very lottery system and the process generally goes on for a week.

Ques – Who decides IPO Allotment?

Answer – Registrar of the IPO issues decided the allotment of the shares and who the owners shall be. This is a lengthy process, which takes a week, and in certain cases oversubscription, may take longer than a week. as the registrar carries on the process, you need to visit the registrar’s official website to check the allotment details.

Ques – How to finalize an IPO Allotment?

Answer – After one week of the allotment process, where the registrar decides the owners of the share, the stocks are listed on the stock exchange. The 6 days long process takes the company’s shares to the exchanges post a successful bidding process.

Ques – What is the IPO Allotment date?

Answer – This date is referred to as the day when the IPO allotment is disclosed to the public. The details of the allotment can be found on the official website of the registrar of the particular IPO. It shows the owners of stock and generally requires a week to implement the allotment process.

Ques – What is the IPO Listing date?

Answer – The listing date is referred to as the day when the new IPO hits the stock exchanges for the first time. It is on the listing date, that the shares of the company which released IPO, are listed on the public exchanges i.e. NSE and BSE. This is when the stock trading begins.

Ques – What is the refund initiation process?

Answer – When investors in an IPO, the amount made for application is blocked from their account. It is blocked till the time the allotment status is disclosed. Following the allotment made, the refund of the application amount received is processed.

Ques – How to check IPO Allotment?

Answer – In order to check the IPO allotment status, you need to visit the registrar of the company’s official website. You need to provide the details as asked in the allotment status section of the website i.e. select the IPO, enter PAN number and DP client ID. This will provide you with the IPO allotment information.

IPO Allotment Status – Where to Check?

Answer – In order to check the allotment status of any IPO, you need to visit the official website of the registrar of that company. You need to check for the IPO allotment section, which is provided on the website. You may also refer to the Top10stockbroker allotment page, which provides the redirecting link.

Ques – Who is a registrar in IPO?

Answer – They are an important part of the IPO issues, and they are generally registered financial institutions. The registration is obtained from two authorities, i.e. SEBI and also stock exchanges. The company chooses its registrar as per its own terms and conditions.

Ques – Which are the top IPO Registrars?

Answer – There are a lot of registrars and transfer agents working in the Indian market. However, there are few registrars that are the prime choice of Companies that plan on issuing IPO. They are Link Intime India Private Ltd, Bigshare Services Pvt Ltd, Cameo Corporate Services Limited, KFintech Private Limited.

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