IPO Allotment Status – Check Allotment Status of Released IPOs

Find all the necessary details to check the IPO allotment status of all Released IPOs. To check the allotment status, please click on the “Check Here” link. It will take to registrar website where you can select the IPO & provide your application number or PAN number to check whether the IPO has been allotted to you or not.

What is IPO Allotment?

IPO Allotment StatusIPO Allotment is a process where the “registrar to the offer” with the help of a lottery system finalize the process of allocating the IPO shares to the individual who have applied for IPO subscription. It a simple process of lottery where the owners of the shares are decided.

IPO allotment process takes place within 1 week on IPO release date for all Large Cap IPOs. For SME IPOs it takes time only in few cases wherein the subscription is not met upto a particular threshold or for few other reason. But in most of the cases, the allotment status are out within 1 week.

List of Newly Released IPOs & their Allotment Status

Please click on “Check Here” link to find the Allotment status of the IPO Subscription:

IPO Name Open date Closing Date Allotment Date Allotment Status
Osia Hyper Retail IPO 26-Mar-19 28-Mar-19 Apr-19 3rd Week Check Here
KHFM Hospitality IPO 22-Mar-19 27-Mar-19 Apr-19 3rd Week Check Here
Northern Spirits IPO 22-Mar-19 27-Mar-19 Apr-19 3rd Week Check Here
Roopshri Resorts IPO 19-Mar-19 22-Mar-19 Apr-19 2nd Week Check Here
Artedz Fabs IPO 18-Mar-19 20-Mar-19 Apr-19 2nd Week Check Here
Embassy Office Parks IPO 18-Mar-19 20-Mar-19 Apr-19 2nd Week Check Here
MSTC Limited IPO 13-Mar-19 20-Mar-19 Apr-19 2nd Week Check Here
Humming Bird Education IPO 15-Mar-19 19-Mar-19 Apr-19 2nd Week Check Here
Ashapuri Gold Ornament IPO 13-Mar-19 18-Mar-19 Apr-19 2nd Week Check Here
Garden Reach Shipbuilders IPO 24-09-18 26-09-18 1/10/2018 Check Here
Aavas Financiers IPO 25-09-18 27-09-18 3/10/2018 Check Here
Dinesh Engineers IPO 28-09-18 10-Mar-18 9/10/2018 Check Here
IRCON International IPO 17-09-18 19-9-18 25-09-18 Check Here
Supreme Engineering IPO 24-08-18 30-08-18 5/9/2018 Check Here
Add Shop Promotions IPO 21-08-18 30-08-18 5/9/2018 Check Here
Aaron Industries IPO 20-08-18 24-08-18 30-08-18 Check Here
Dangee Dums IPO 20-08-18 24-08-18 29-08-18 Check Here
Powerful Technologies IPO 8-Sep-18 14-08-18 19-08-18 Check Here
Sungold Media and Entertainment IPO 8-Sep-18 14-08-18 19-08-18 Check Here
CreditAccess Grameen IPO 8-Aug-18 8-Oct-18 16-08-18 Check Here
Deep Polymers IPO 8-Aug-18 13-08-18 19-08-18 Check Here
Salebhai Internet IPO 27-07-18 8-Jan-18 7/8/2018 Check Here
HDFC AMC IPO 25-07-18 27-07-18 1/8/2018 Check Here
Ushanti Colour Chem IPO 23-07-18 25-07-18 30-07-18 Check Here
TCNS Clothing IPO 18-07-18 20-07-18 25-07-18 Check Here
Ganesh Films India IPO 16-07-18 23-07-18 23-07-18 Check Here
Avon Mondplast IPO 7-Dec-18 18-07-18 23-07-18 Check Here
Ambani Organics IPO 7-Jun-18 7-Oct-18 15-07-18 Check Here
Raw Edge Industrial IPO 7-May-18 7-Oct-18 15-07-18 Check Here
Varroc Engineering IPO 26-06-18 28-06-18 3/7/2018 Check Here
Fine Organics IPO 20-06-18 22-06-18 27-06-18 Check Here
RITES Limited IPO 20-06-18 22-06-18 28-06-18 Check Here
 IndoStar Capital IPO 5-Sep-18 5-Nov-18 16-05-18 Check Here

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