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Indiabulls Ventures Franchise does not really need an introduction. As a matter of fact, they are among India’s leading full service brokerage houses that provide the franchise business models to their respective clients and business partners.

We will focus our efforts on evaluating Indiabulls Ventures Sub Broker Program with regards to their respective origin story, their revenue sharing model, their business engagement model & more.

Along with that, we will also focus on their requirements from the prospective business partners in terms of infrastructure and most importantly the reasons they may prove to be worthy business partners to engage oneself with.

Indiabulls Ventures Sub Broker

Indiabulls Ventures Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

Indiabulls Ventures Franchise Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Experience 6.6/10
Market Share 6.3/10
Products & Services 6.1/10
Revenue Sharing 6.3/10
Holistic Support 6.3/10
Overall Ratings 6.3/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Indiabulls Ventures Franchise

If you consider looking at the table of contents that has been deliberately presented to you in a minimalistic format just above this particular section, you will get to notice that Indiabulls Ventures Franchise was registered as a full service brokerage house and franchise on the year 1985 by their founder Sameer Gehlaut within the commercial judiciary of Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Being a part of the well recognized Indiabulls Group, the corresponding franchise has gained a huge reputation within the nation and abroad. As a matter of fact, the cumulative market capitalization of all the companies within the group was registered to be at more than twenty thousand crores in the year 2018.

Furthermore, the franchise claims to be the pioneer of online trading within India and boasts a humongous client base of more than 6,00,000 (six lakhs).

As you can conclude from the table above, they typically require 31 (thirty one) days’ of time in order to provide a new Sub Broker code and 33 (thirty three) days’ of time in order to clear the payments with respect to their business partners’ new or recurring businesses.

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    Types of Indiabulls Ventures Business Models

    There is only 1 type of Indiabulls Ventures Franchise Business Models:

    • Sub Broker

    Indiabulls Ventures Sub Broker or Indiabulls Ventures Authorized Person

    Indiabulls Ventures Sub Broker or Business Partner Program has been proclaimed to one of the best throughout the nation.

    In fact, this program enables you to work alongside the franchise as well as their numerous other sub brokerage firms, thus providing your own client base with all the services on behalf of the company (with complete support and supervision) while never ever having to worry about internal competition.

    In other words, the franchise ensures that all of their respective sub brokers enjoy a complete dominance of presence as well as business in terms of a particular geometric location.

    Benefits of Indiabulls Ventures Authorized Person

    Furthermore, Indiabulls Ventures Sub Broker model also comes with some added advantages such as:-

    • Indiabulls Ventures Franchise has been present within the Indian Stock Broking and Trading Industry as a full service brokerage firm for well over three decades in a row while serving their respective traders as well as customers across the country. This means that the Indiabulls Ventures Sub Brokers get to leverage up on the franchise’s good will and strong reputation, thus attracting more clients.
    • Indiabulls Ventures Franchise ensures that their respective business partners get into business with them with complete trust by providing transparent and easy brokerage plans.
    • This Sub Broker Security Deposit is considerably low considering the fact that the franchise is in fact, one of the leading full service brokerage houses in the nation.

    Indiabulls Ventures Partner Revenue Sharing or Indiabulls Ventures Sub Broker Commission

    Indiabulls Ventures Franchise share the revenue on the incoming business with their respective business partners depending upon a number of factors such as new or recurring business, asset classes and more.

    Nevertheless, it can be said that the franchise typically offers a revenue sharing model that provides their respective business partners with a share varying from 60 % – 75 %.

    Refer to this Table for clear picture:

    Revenue Sharing Clients Share Indiabulls Ventures Share
    Sub Broker 60% – 75% 25% – 40%

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      Indiabulls Ventures Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

      As must be already clear to you from the aforementioned table of contents, Indiabulls Ventures Franchise merely requires their prospective business partners to invest an amount ranging from Rs. 50,000 (fifty thousand rupees) to Rs. 2,00,000 (two lakh rupees) as an up front investment or Indiabulls Ventures Sub Broker Security Deposit.

      Nevertheless, the applying people must also take care of a certain investments with regards to the mandatory registrations and certifications required by the franchise for the sake of eligibility criteria.

      Check this table below for a better understanding of Indiabulls Ventures Franchise Cost:

      Security Deposit
      Sub Broker Rs.50,000 – Rs.200,000

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      Indiabulls Ventures Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

      Although, not the least, yet Indiabulls Ventures Franchise requires a lot less in terms of infrastructure from their prospective business partners.

      As a matter of fact, the franchise only seeks their respective business partners to have a office space with minimum 200 square feet of area and an employee strength of two skillful people.

      However, the franchise emphasizes their prospective business partners to have a great internet connection so as to commence and execute online trading activities and active communication, and industry grade trading terminals.

      Nonetheless, it must also be understood that the franchise does not require their respective business partners to have any telephone lines for trading or communication based activities whatsoever.

      Indiabulls Ventures Sub Broker Offers

      Indiabulls Ventures Franchise, being a full service brokerage firm also provides the following offers to all of their respective business partners:-

      • This Franchise have an active provision that ensures that the Indiabulls Ventures Sub Brokers get entitled to earn high revenues on all of the new or recurring sale varying from 60 % – 75 % of the corresponding business.
      • Indiabulls Ventures Franchise have an active provision to ensure that the Indiabulls Ventures Sub Brokers get trained by the franchise’s very own team of expert trainers with regards to business operations as well as evolution.
      • The franchise have an active provision to grant flexible revenue sharing model to the Indiabulls Ventures Sub Brokers in accordance to their respective arrangement with the franchise.
      • Indiabulls Ventures Franchise have an active provision to grant zero revenue sharing with prepaid model to the Indiabulls Ventures Sub Brokers.

      The offers can easily be availed by all Indiabulls Ventures Authorized Person once they register with Indiabulls Ventures.

      Indiabulls Ventures Franchise or Indiabulls Ventures Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

      Indiabulls Ventures Franchise, also being a full service national proclaimed brokerage house allows people who are interested to request the permission to grant the rights to their sub brokerage firms in various parts of the nation.

      Nevertheless, they do require their prospective business partners to fall under a certain set of criteria including:-

      • Applicant to have an educational qualification worth minimum intermediate or ten plus two for that matter during the time of applying for the sub brokerage firm rights of the corresponding franchise.
      • Candidate should hold a certificate from the NSIM for the applicant during the time of applying for the franchise’s sub brokerage firm rights.
      • The requirement to have an experience of a least two consecutive years with regards to active trading and brokerage activities within the Indian Stock Trading and Broking Industry during the time for applying for the rights to the sub brokerage firm of the corresponding franchise.
      • Candidate should have a detailed understanding of all the relevant terms, laws and trends actively being followed within the Indian Stock Trading and Broking Industry at the present during the time of applying for the rights to the sub brokerage firm of the corresponding franchise.
      • The requirement to have at least a basic knowledge and understanding for operating certain computer based programs such as excel for the sake of being able to understand and help the fellow traders and customers visiting the sub brokerage firm during the time of applying for the Sub Brokerage rights of the corresponding franchise.
      • Candidate should fully be accompanied with the concept of numerous financial trading and asset classes including but not limited to commodity, equity, mutual funds, option, currencies, futures and more during the time of applying for the rights to the sub brokerage firm of the corresponding franchise.

      How to become a Indiabulls Ventures Sub broker or Authorized Person?

      If you want to register to get the rights Sub broker of Indiabulls Ventures, then you have definitely come to the right place.

      Just follow all the instructions and you will end up having the rights in no time:-

      1. Find the button that says ”Become A Sub Broker” beneath this section and click on it.
      2. As soon as you click on the button, it will redirect you to a new from on your computer screen consisting of several fields of information to be filled up.
      3. Read the entire form carefully going through all the words, lines, passages and paragraphs thoroughly.
      4. Once you have finished reading the form, fill up the entire form, especially the areas that have been marked as mandatory with the right information.
      5. Submit the form and move on to complete the next step that is to upload a couple of documents as mentioned within this article earlier.
      6. Once you have finished taking care of all the steps as mentioned above, you will be reached out by one of the franchise’s authorized representatives who will help you complete the remaining formalities and get your new sub broker code in a couple of hours.

      Documents required to become Indiabulls Ventures Authorized Person

      The following documents are required to apply for sub brokership with Indiabulls Ventures:-

      • PAN Card for the sake of financial verification
      • Academic Certificates for the sake of educational qualification verification
      • Proof of investment
      • Proof to have paid the complete security deposit
      • SEBI Registration certificate held by the applicant
      • Birth certificate for the sake of age verification
      • Cancelled cheque of the applicant
      • Passport sized photos of the applicant
      • GST Registration held by the applicant

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      Why Partner with Indiabulls Ventures?

      Indiabulls Ventures Franchise is definitely one of the leading full service brokerage firms with attra3ctive business models to engage with. However, this is not the only reason to become Indiabulls Ventures Sub Broker:-

      • Indiabulls Ventures have been serving across the Indian Stock Trading and Broking Industry for well over thirty years consecutively. This makes acquiring new clients easier for their respective business partners.
      • Indiabulls Ventures Sub Broker program ensures that their business partners gain insightful inputs with regards to the dealing techniques.
      • Indianbulls Ventures Franchise ensure to provide all business partners with extensive marketing related activities and support. So as to help them acquire even more clients from the corresponding locality.
      • Being the pioneers in online trading activities, Indiabull Ventures Partner Program has an exclusive provision to let all the customers of their respective business partners to access their dedicated back office for extensive support.

      Indiabulls Ventures Franchise Conclusion

      Indiabulls Ventures Franchise has made a name for themselves. They are serving their customers in India for the last 34 years.

      This should be more than enough to make you trust the brand with their support, services, products and expertise.

      In other words, they are definitely a wise choice to go with in terms of having a prime business partner.

      Indiabulls Ventures Franchise FAQ

      Ques – Do Indiabulls Ventures have Sub Broker Model?

      Answer – Indiabulls Ventures are that name which has been a leading name in India when it comes to full service brokerage houses.  The company allows interested and talented candidates to be a part of the phenomenon through their sub broker model and provide service, financial advice and handle client related queries.

      Ques – Are Indiabulls Ventures having multiple Franchise models?

      Answer – Indiabulls Ventures have been in the franchise industry for a very long time and they wish to stick to the traditional methods through which company regulated. The franchise only follows one sub broker model for interested candidates.

      Ques – What are Indiabulls Ventures Sub Broker Commission?

      Answer – The commission pattern at Indiabulls Ventures is very simple and easy to understand just for anyone. The franchise strictly believes in mutual share of profit and thus they work on a 60%-70% clients share scenario in their sub broker business model.

      Ques – How much Indiabulls Ventures Franchise Cost?

      Answer – Investment at Indiabulls Ventures requires their business partners to only invest an amount that can range from RS 50,000 to RS 2, 00,000, as the upfront investment or as called Indiabulls Ventures sub broker security deposit. Apart from the primary investment business partners also have to bear with other registration charges during the process as well.

      Ques – Do Indiabulls Ventures have Partner Program?

      Answer – Indiabulls Ventures have an exclusive partner program to encourage participation of talent sub brokers into the company team and provide services directly to their customers through the company name.  Indiabulls Ventures works on an excellent client share, with partner share being around 60%-70%.

      Ques – What are Indiabulls Ventures Partners Sharing?

      Answer – The Indiana bulls partner commission or in other words the Indiabulls Ventures sub broker commission is the share the business partners get in return of the different services they provide to the clients. Indiabulls Ventures works on a perfectly set commission structure of 60-70%, sub brokers generate profit through following commission structure.

      Ques – Is Indiabulls Ventures Partner Program Free?

      Answer – Indiabulls Ventures have been proclaimed for one providing one of the best sub broker business models throughout nation.  Indiabulls Ventures does ask for some form of investment from their business partner but program fee is not asked from any sub broker during the process of getting verified and licensed for Indiabulls Ventures.

      Ques – Do Indiabulls Ventures provide Training Assistance?

      Answer – Indiabulls Ventures does not provide their business partners with training assistance, they however support the sub brokers to gain more clients and thus provide all types of marketing help to uplift the newly established venture.

      Ques – How to become Indiabulls Ventures Sub Broker?

      Answer – Indiabulls Ventures have been an active company serving Indian stock trading and broking industry for a long time now. Joining hands with Indiabulls Ventures can definitely given new horizon to their business partners. Any individual with the right eligibility can fill the online form that is reacquired to soft pitch the industry for partner program. Individuals are required to upload all the documents that are asked on this page, Indiabulls Ventures Is very quick with their process, the candidates will receive their new sub broker code in just couple of hours after online registration.

      Ques – Does Indiabulls Ventures Franchise provides Support?

      Answer – Indiabulls Ventures provide a list of support that can prove to be major assets for their business partner’s newly set venture. The franchise briefly provide their partners with business insights and vital techniques to follow while managing clients, along with which marketing support is also provided to serve a larger group of clients.

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