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Monarch Networth Capital Franchise is a well-known stock market franchise business. In this article, we will provide you with in-depth information about Monarch’s Sub Broker program, the procedure to enrol as a Business Partner with them, their Revenue Sharing model, their product benefits and offers etc.

Monarch Networth Capital is a reputed and well-established Stock Broker in India and has been in business for over 25 years. Their strong expertise and tenure in the market have made it one of the largest Stock Broking companies in India today.Monarch Networth Capital Franchise Offers

Monarch Networth Capital Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

Franchise Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Experience 5.5/10
Market Share 5.3/10
Products & Services 5.4/10
Revenue Sharing 5.5/10
Holistic Support 5.6/10
Overall Ratings 5.4/10
Star Ratings ★★★

About Monarch Networth Capital Franchise

Monarch Networth Capital is a combined entity of two financially sound companies Monarch Group of Companies and Networth Stock Broking Ltd.

monarch networth capital franchiseThey have been in the Stock broking industry for more than 25 years now and pioneered various financial products and solutions.

With this strong enterprise and unbeatable expertise that they have gathered over the last two decades, they have been able to acquire and sustain over 220,000 happy customers to date.

They have penetration in 21 states and over 225 cities across the country. Over 610 Skilled professionals and 1000+ Business associates work for Monarch in 87 Branch offices all across India.

Monarch Networth Capital has registered with all major Stock Exchanges of India including NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX, NDSL etc.

They offer a platter full of products and services like Equities, Currency, Commodities, Currency, Futures, Repository services, Insurance, Mutual funds, IPO etc. which gives an opportunity to the Sub Broker to offer max products to their clients.

Monarch also has an extremely responsive Customer Support Desk, which caters to customer queries and solves them 24X7.

Monarch Networth Capital has a very strong and advanced Trading platform, which enhances the trading experience of the customers. This platform can be accessed from anywhere from your laptop, desktop or even mobile.

Monarch also boasts about their Research and Analytics team a lot as they provide round-the-clock solutions after monitoring the market trends closely and thus come up with the best investment solutions for their customers.  Traders can vouch for their accuracy in predictions and hence trade effectively with them.

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    Monarch Networth Capital Franchise is types

    There is only one type of franchise with Monarch Networth Capital:

    • Sub Broker or Franchise

    Monarch Networth Capital Sub Broker or Partner

    Monarch only offers one business Model and that is the Franchise or the Sub Brokership model. This program is apt for someone who has sound knowledge of the Stock Broking Industry; has preferably managed a business for a Stock broking or any other finance company and wants to open up his own entrepreneurial setup.

    You just need to be ready with the idea of setting up your business and the Monarch team will assist you till the end to stabilize your business completely.

    Benefits of Monarch Networth Capital Sub Broker or Business Franchise

    Monarch Networth Capital realizes that its existence in the business is due to a large portion of the contribution from its Business Franchises and hence also readily part away a good share of its brokerage revenue for the Franchises.

    There are some great benefits that they offer to their Sub Brokers:

    • Extremely high and flexible Revenue Sharing model
    • Low Initial Security deposit amount
    • Free Training will be provided for all products and tools as well
    • Extremely advanced and user-Friendly Trading platform
    • Low Brokerage rates which are lucrative for customers to trade
    • Marketing Support provided by the Monarch Capital team in terms of Hoardings, Banners and Glue Sign Boards as well

    Monarch Networth Capital Sub Broker Revenue Sharing Model & Commission

    Monarch Networth Capital is one of the leading broking houses in the country and it focuses a lot on the Sub Broker business for growing business. They ensure all amenities and benefits are provided to them to sustain the business and grow.

    Hence,  they also go all out in extending the best Revenue sharing percentage for their Sub Brokers so that they can squeeze out a considerable amount of business from them.

    The Sub broker business can give upto a whopping 60-75% revenue sharing percentage to the Sub Broker as well whereas the broker himself will keep the remaining share with him.

    Moreover, the revenue sharing model is not a fixed one; it depends on other business-enhancing factors as well like the Sub Broker’s total Revenue generated, their acquired clientele and total trade done by them and also the types of products sold by the Sub Brokers.

    The Revenue sharing percentage with Monarch is mainly decided by the amount of business and profit given by that Sub Broker to the company.

    Check this table for Monarch Networth Capital Sub Broker Revenue Sharing Models:

    Monarch Networth Franchise Commission Franchise Commission
    Monarch Networth  Sub Broker 25%-40% 75%-60%

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    Monarch Networth Capital Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

    Most Stock Brokers have a requirement for a Security Deposit as collateral or security in times of distress. This security is utilized in case there is a penalty or shortfall from the Sub Broker’s end. Monarch Networth Capital also has a minimum 75000 – 2,00,000 Security Deposit requirement from its Sub Brokers.

    This is a refundable deposit, which means whenever the Sub Broker or Business Partner wants to deactivate their partnership, they would be given back this amount without any deductions.

    The initial capital amount is also charged as the company gives complete access to the Sub broker to all its portals and trading tools, hence it is more like collateral or security for the same.

    Find the table below for clarity on Monarch Networth Capital Partner Security Deposit Requirement:

    Monarch Networth Franchise Cost
    Monarch Networth Partner Program Rs.75,000 to Rs.2 Lakh

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    Infrastructure Investment by Monarch Networth Capital Sub Brokers

    Since Monarch Capital is a leading name in the Stock Broking world and they would not want to demean their stature for anything, they also expect the Sub Broker to follow certain guidelines when it comes to their office maintenance.

    The Sub broker or Franchise is a representation of the company itself. When the customer walks into the Franchise’s office, they wouldn’t know that it is a franchise office, they would be under the impression that it is a Monarch Capital facility. Hence, the Franchise owner has to be sure of the kind of office space he maintains.

    As per Monarch, the Sub broker should have an office in a decent locality. It should be hygienically maintained to all standards.

    It should have basic infrastructure and amenities like workstations for employees, PC or laptops for them to work, Wi-Fi or internet connection and a landline for each employee.

    Monarch Networth Capital Franchise Offers:

    If you plan to partner with Monarch Capital, you will surely enjoy a lot of perks and benefits as the company has many things to offer for its Sub Brokers:

    • The 25+ years of presence in the financial industry itself is a very big USP for this company and anyone getting associated with them.
    • They are an extremely Customer centric organization and that’s something that attracts more and more customers to them naturally
    • They have a very strong Research and Analytics team who constantly researches the market trends and suggests to customers what’s profitable and what’s not. accordingly, traders can take calculative decisions
    • The company also spends a lot of money and effort on the right kind of training for their Sub brokers so that they are well-equipped to perform better and grow in their business. If you have staff working for you, the Monarch team will also train them to be able to sell their products effectively
    • There is a lot of support for the Sub Broker from the Marketing and Branding part as well. Monarch does a lot of Seminars, workshops and events to promote their brand and products and that’s what makes the life of a Sub Broker easier as there’s enough visibility already created by them.

    Monarch Networth Capital Sub Broker – Eligibility Criteria

    Like any other Stock Broker, Monarch Networth Capital also has certain guidelines or eligibility criteria for its Sub Brokers:

    • The Sub Broker should have a minimum qualification of a Graduate Degree
    • Previous financial background with experience in handling financial products’ business; if experienced in handling Stock Broking products, that would be like the icing on the cake
    • The good clientele at his disbursal
    • An office space/place to interact with clients
    • A license or registration certificate for any of the exchanges

    How to become a Monarch Networth Capital Sub Broker?

    Following are the steps to become a Sub broker of Monarch Networth Capital

    1. You need to fill in the detailed information on the application form. This can be done online as well as offline
    2. You would then get a call from their Call Centre Executive for verification purposes
    3. The sales Representative will call you for an appointment for further details and to provide a detailed understanding of the franchise model
    4. Once the understanding is clear, you could go ahead and submit the necessary documents and the initial deposit cheque.
    5. Documents will be checked for verification purposes
    6. Once the documents have gone through the verification, the Sub broker or Franchise Account ID will be created

    The entire process will take almost 10-12 days to be done

    Documents Required for Monarch Networth Capital Partner Registration

    • Basic KYC documents like PAN Card and Adhaar card
    • Address proof – Passport, Adhaar card, Driving License, Voter ID or any utility bill
    • Educational Qualification Certificate- degree copy of their highest qualification
    • DOB verification should be 18 years and above: this could be either through the Passport or Pan card or School certificate
    • Cancelled cheque / Bank statement
    • 2 passport-size photographs
    • Rent Agreement for Office proof

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    Why Partner with Monarch Networth Capital?

    There are several reasons why one should consider Monarch Capital as their preferred company to tie up with as a Sub Broker; here are just a few reasons:

    • The strong 24yrs foundation of the company is one of the main reasons to tie up with them. Monarch has a very strong name in the Stock Broking industry and a lot of customers already trade through them. Hence acquiring customers and retaining them with this portfolio is not much of a challenge for the Sub Broker.
    • The vast list of products that they offer is also a very good reason for partnering with them. For the Sub Broker, its like a blessing in disguise as he has umpteen opportunities to sell with this kind of product range
    • The Monarch Networth Capital team boasts a robust and advanced trading tool which ensures a seamless trading experience
    • They have a strong technological backup as well which makes sure there is no downtime in the applications
    • The Monarch team also provides live back office support to customers as well as the Sub Brokers.
    • The lucrative Revenue sharing model and the great periodic incentives are a boost for the Sub Brokers to perform better every day.
    • Monarch’s extensive Research and analysis team delivers accurate and useful trading solutions to customers and hence their trade worth increases
    • Their 24X7 Customer support team is always vigilant in providing assistance to customers and Sub Brokers

    Monarch Networth Capital Authorized Person Program FAQs

    Check out various FAQs related to Monarch Networth Capital:

    What are the types of Sub Brokers with Monarch Networth Capital?

    Monarch Networth Capital has only one type of Sub Broker Program:

    • Sub Broker or Business Franchise

    What are the age criteria for a Sub Broker with Monarch Networth Capital?

    The minimum age required to Become a Sub Broker of Monarch networth capital is 21 years.

    What kind of Marketing & Branding support does Monarch Networth Capital provide?

    There is a lot of support for the Sub Broker from the Marketing and Branding part as well. Monarch does a lot of Seminars, workshops and events to promote their brand and products. In a way, this makes the life of a Sub Broker easier as there’s enough visibility already created by them.

    What is the minimum Security Deposit amount required with Monarch Networth Capital?

    With Monarch Networth Capital, the minimum Security Deposit required is anything between 75,000 – 200,000.

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