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IIFL Markets App is the most advanced platform for the India Infoline. With the help of this app, trading can be easier for you.

In this article, you will get to know about the features of this India Infoline Mobile app, and along with this, you will also learn how to set up and how own this India Infoline App.

This article will also analyze the benefits and advantages of having this app.IIFL or India Infoline Demat Account

IIFL Markets App Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

IIFL Trade Station Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 6.9/10
Usability 6.8/10
Features 7.3/10
Speed 7.2/10
Performance 7.1/10
Overall Ratings 7.1/10
Star Ratings ★★★

About IIFL Markets App or IIFL Mobile Trading App

IIFL is one of the biggest portfolio management service providers in India. The broking house offers good investment strategies for the customers and this is why they have recently launched the IIFL markets app to provide the best services.

IIFL Markets App is the finest and simplest India infoline mobile trading app which will provide the necessary information about trading. This app has also won the best mobile stock app for the stock markets at the Zee business award.

This India Infoline app is available for Android, iPhone, and iPad. This broking house tried to implement new technologies to make trading easier for their clients and customers.

IIFL Markets Mobile App is a simple, user-friendly and the Best Trading App from where you can get updates and information about trading.

From easy and fast trading to getting unique features can help the clients to understand more about the market and then take their decision carefully.

To open Demat and trading account, first, discover all about the company with our IIFL Review.

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    Top Features of IIFL Markets App or India Infoline Mobile App

    IIFL Markets App is the highest-rated trading app in the country. If you can install this app on your Android or iPhone, you will get the live prices of the stocks.

    Along with this, you will get to see the customizable watch list. One of the main benefits of using this app is an advanced dashboard.

    The dashboard of this app will provide you with a summary of your account. Therefore, the dashboard will give you a clear idea of the stockbroking market.

    Here, you will also be able to get a quick view of the top 500 stocks from the IIFL research team, which will help you make certain decisions regarding investment.

    India Infoline Mobile App will give you all the information with their IIFL market app. You can get the below-mentioned information anytime.

    Price alert

    You will get a notification for your favourite stock. Therefore, there will be no chance to miss any information.

    Trading Tips

    This advanced mobile app will provide you with some trading tips with which you can do better trading.

    Advanced widget

    With the help of an advanced widget, you can track stocks on your home screen. With the help of these widgets, you can easily get information about trading.


    The India Infoline app will provide you Mini, a 4-digit code to secure your profile. It is almost impossible for anyone to get your information regarding trading.

    Free guest user login

    If you are not a paid user, you can also access this app as a free guest for a lifetime. This timer also has a login id for your account, and you have to log in each time to access the information.

    Finance and business news

    With the help of this India Infoline trading app, you can get all the news and updates about financial markets and the economy. It is very important to analyse the market before you invest.

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    Additional Features of the IIFL Market App

    Let’s have a look at the additional top features of the IIFL Market App:


    IPO or initial Public Offering is when a company garners funds from the general public in exchange for allotting shares to them. In the process, the company receives the money they require to run and grow its business, and the public becomes a member of the company by holding shares.

    You can visit the details of all buzzing upcoming IPOs with IIFL Securities and participate in them. You will not have to download any specialized app or go through any other hassle, as you can invest your money easily from the IIFL Markets mobile app. It is a very convenient process.

    Updates on the latest events with Live TV & videos 

    IIFL Markets app keeps you updated with the latest trends in the market with Live TV and videos. Did you ever imagine an app that will tailor all your trading necessities and keep you up?

    Live TV provides you with the news while being broadcasted, so don’t worry about wondering if they are updated. The videos provided by IIFL will fuel your market knowledge and gain more insights.

    IIFL Securities understand that the stock market is an ever-changing environment where groundbreaking decisions are made. Therefore an investor and a trader must go along with it.

    Timely updates 

    IIFL Markets trading app offers timely updates so that you do not lose any chance of a profitable opportunity. It will update you on your trading activities.

    The app offered a detailed dashboard of different types of securities, including commodities, currencies, and indices. It also offers a price alerts system to get updates on the price information of various stocks.

    IIFL Markets app also notifies you of all the latest news; it can largely save you time.

    Customer support 

    Efficient customer support and assistance are signs of a good broker and a proficient entity. IIFL ensures to make the process as opportune as possible so that the customers can easily reach out without having to hesitate or think of inconvenience.

    You can reach the customer support team of IIFL Securities with a single click. The team will support your concern and resolve your queries or complaints in the fastest way possible.

    Track order history 

    With the IIFL Markets app, you can track your order history. You can see all the trades orders placed. Their respective date and time, and other particulars like stock name, quantity, price, etc. This way, you can keep proper records of every transaction. You will not have to note details of your orders or remember them in your mind.

    Also, by tracking your order history, you can plan your future trades better and maintain all order detail in one place, which is just a click away from you.

    Facility to cancel and modify the order 

    Stuck in a situation where you placed an order but are now uncertain and want to modify or cancel the order? Do not worry about it with the IIFL markets mobile application. You can modify your order anytime before they are executed, and the trade has taken place.

    You can change the quantity or price and place it again. The order modification will be updated immediately, and now the trade will be executed as per the alterations.

    Also, you can cancel the order with IIFL if you are not sure about the stock. IIFL Markets offers immense flexibility to its customers to ensure a good experience.

    Single platform access to NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX 

    There are various central exchanges where traders can trade and make the most out of their money. This diversification will lower the risk and give you the exposure to put money in multiple types of securities.

    IIFL app gives you access to NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX. It opens mammoth possibilities for investments, and all you have to do is collect them in your basket. The right research facilities are accompanied by smooth and fast technology.

    How to set up IIFL Markets Mobile App?

    Setting up the India Infoline trading app is quite simple. Here are a few steps which you need to follow:

    • It would help if you had an Android or iPhone for this.
    • You need to download and install this IIFL market app on your handset.
    • Once you have downloaded this successfully, then you need to log in to the application by using the user ID, password, or DOB/Pan.
    • Then, you need to create your watch list and trade.

    Remember that this will happen only if you have an India Infoline mobile trading app. But, if you don’t have the account, then you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

    • Download this app from your mobile play store and install it properly.
    • Once you have installed this app successfully, you need to access the guest user option and enter your mobile number.
    • You will receive an OTP from the IIFL, and you have the insert the number. It will be a four-digit number.
    • Then, you can able login
    • Create your watch list and track the stock for trading.

    How to own IIFL Markets App?

    If you are willing to own the India Infoline mobile trading app, you need to have an India Infoline Demat account. Follow the below-mentioned steps, which will help you set up an account.

    • You need to have a pan card, Aadhar card, and opening amount of a Demat account
    • Enter all your details such as your name, mobile number, and email address, properly.
    • Pay the charge for processing
    • Then you have to submit the documents
    • Once your documents are submitted, within a few hours, you will receive the ID and Password
    • Then you need to use this ID and Password to trade from the India Infoline mobile trading app.

    Advantages of IIFL Markets App or India Infoline Mobile App

    A few major advantages of the IIFL Markets App are –

    Personalized Watchlist

    Install this India Infoline mobile app; you will get stock, currency, commodity, and futures options in one watchlist.

    Along with this, you will also get customized multiple-column options, which will help you to keep all the information separate.

    Frèe research report

    This is the only app that will provide free research on the top 500 NSE or BSE-based companies.

    It will also provide the facility for the users to research properly and provide technical support to make certain investment decisions.

    Allow accessing Multiple Indices

    This app will help you get instant access to intraday charts and company lists without any problem.

    Place Trades

    If you have this app and a client, you can easily buy or sell equities, commodities, currencies, and mutual funds this app.

    With just a few touches on your mobile screen, you can place trades for equity, commodity & currency in cash segments.

    Instant Notifications

    Install this India Infoline mobile app, and you will get instant alert notifications of orders, trades, and news. You will get instant notifications based on predefined conditions.

    IIFL Markets App or India Infoline Trading App – Conclusion

    If you are serious about stock trading and want help from online tools to get a profitable result, then the IIFL market app is the ultimate solution for you.

    With the updated technology and features, you can easily access and get all the information required to make certain decisions.

    If you can use this app, you can monitor the property’s market and improve your profitability based on this.

    IIFL App FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the IIFL App:

    What is the IIFL mobile app called?

    The IIFL or India Infoline investors and traders can avail themselves of the products and services offered via the mobile trading app.

    As presented by the company, the mobile trading app is referred to as the “IIFL Market.” The company refers to it as the NSE BSE Mobile Stock Trading App.

    Does IIFL provide an iOS App?

    Yes, the company’s mobile trading app, i.e., the IIFL Markets, is available for Android users and is also provided for iOS users.

    The features and offerings of the stockbroker are the same for both the OS apps, ensuring all the investors can equally avail themselves of the company’s products and services.

    Is IIFL App Free to use?

    Yes, the IIFL app is entirely free of cost, and there is no charge for downloading or using the app.

    It would help if you visited the app store on your smartphone and could download the app without going through the payment process.

    How to download the IIFL App?

    If you have used any other app on your smartphone, you know it already.

    Downloading the IIFL app needs the same steps as any other app, i.e., visit the store, search for the app, i.e., IIFL Market, precisely, and then click on the install button provided in green colour.

    What features does IIFL App have?

    This app provides a huge set of features: live market prices, stock market news, mutual funds investment, in-depth analysis, line charts, and charting tools, expert research, livestock prices, market watch, and others.

    It is a simplified share trading app, which puts the users at ease regarding order placement and research.

    Can I trade in Shares via IIFL App?

    Yes, it is entirely possible to trade in shares through this IIFL Markets app.

    You can choose between two types of equity trading, where one comprises equity delivery and the other is intraday trading.

    The app looks out for all your needs, and trade orders can be placed through the Order Placement section.

    Is IIFL Android App good?

    Yes, the IIFL Markets app has received the award for the best mobile trading app for stock markets by Zee Business Awards.

    The satisfaction this app provides to its customers is praiseworthy and the reason for its heavy customer base and users.

    Does IIFL App have EKYC Feature?

    Yes, this feature is one of the most common features in any application. Since we have moved to digitalization, it is also possible to prove our identity online.

    The users are required to upload scanned images of certain documents, and this is all that is required to go through the EKYC Process.

    Does IIFL App provide Tips?

    Yes, this feature is one of the prime features in IIFL Markets. The stockbroker has a great team of experts who carry on the research process and help retail traders make effective investment decisions concerning the latest data.

    How to Buy Shares via IIFL App?

    It would help if you visited the advanced order placement option in the app, which provides the buy and sell feature of the go.

    You need to provide all the details of the trade you need to undertake, and also select the stock script, following which you must click on the buy option.

    What is the IIFL Markets app?

    IIFL Markets App is the mobile trading platform of IIFL Securities where you can open a Demat and Trading account, and trade in securities like equity, commodity, currencies, and derivatives. It offers a research facility that can help you with trading.

    How do I use the IIFL trading app?

    You can open a Demat account with IIFL Securities from the company website – Open a Demat account section. You will have to enter your mobile number and email ID, and the account opening process will initiate.

    How do I open a Demat account with IIFL?

    1. Go to the website of IIFL Securities.
    2. Go to the “Open a Demat Account” Section.
    3. Fill in your Mobile Number and Email ID.
    4. Click on “Open Demat Account.”
    5. You will be required to provide other essential detail and requisite documents.
    6. The company verifies your details and documents.
    7. Your account details will be intimated to your via email.

    Is the IIFL app good for trading?

    IIFL Securities is a new-age technology-driven entity proffering platforms like a website and mobile app to trade in financial securities. You can create a customized market watchlist, research stocks, get stock quotes, etc.

    How do I sell stocks on the IIFL app?

    1. Log in to your IIFL account with your ID and password.
    2. Select the stock you want to sell and click on “Options.”
    3. Select “Sell.”
    4. Then select the sell order type – limit order, market order, etc.
    5. Please place the order and confirm it.

    How does the IIFL app calculate profit and loss?

    1. Log in to your account from the website – ttweb.indiainfoline.com.
    2. Go to “My Account” and click on “Portfolio.”
    3. Click on “Profit/Loss summary.

    What is IIFL’s free stock offer?

    IIFL offers benefits worth Rs. 5000 to its customers when they open Demat and Trading accounts with IIFL Securities. You can directly open an account through the website.

    What are the brokerage charges in IIFL?

    IIFL Securities charges Rs. 20 per order generally. It is a simple flat-rate brokerage plan where it levies Rs. 20 per executed order.

    How do I check my portfolio on the IIFL app?

    You can check your portfolio from the “My Account” option. The app also provides the facility to analyze your portfolio.

    What is the full form of IIFL?

    The full form of IIFL is India Infoline Finance Limited.

    How do I download the IIFL app?

    You can download the IIFL markets app from the Google Play Store and App Store. The app is also available for iPad users.

    How do I check my IIFL app balance?

    You can check your IIFL App balance from the trading account net balance link from the trading app.

    How do I square off on IIFL?

    Square off is a trading technic that day traders generally use where they buy stocks on a trading day and later in the day sell the same to make profits from the market volatility.

    How do I add funds to IIFL?

    1. Open the IIFL Markets app and log in.
    2. Go to “My Report.”
    3. Click on the “Funds Transfer” section.
    4. You can add funds through net banking or using UPI.
    5. Go to the “Payin” option.
    6. Please enter the amount, and it redirects you to the payment page.

    Which is better, IIFL vs. Zerodha?

    IIFL is a full-service broker, whereas Zerodha is an online discount broker. Zerodha offers free equity delivery trading, whereas IIFL Securities charges Rs. 20 per equity delivery trade.

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