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Eureka Securities Franchise is a well-regarded and one of the largest stockbroking franchise in India.

It is backed with an extensive network of franchisees and sub-brokers working through 1000+ terminals throughout the country.

Through this article, we will understand the detailed analysis of Eureka Securities Sub Broker including- offers, revenue share models, brokerage charges, business model, security deposits and more.

Eureka Securities Franchise Offers

Eureka Securities Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

Eureka Securities Franchise Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Experience 6.2/10
Market Share 6.1/10
Products & Services 6.4/10
Revenue Sharing 6.0/10
Holistic Support 6.2/10
Overall Ratings 6.1/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★


About Eureka Securities Franchise

Eureka Securities is one of the top-most stockbroking company located in Kolkata, West Bengal. It is a full-service broker, founded by Ramesh Kumar Somani.

The company was established in 1992 and its aim is to facilitate wealth creation services through ongoing innovation by an intellectual and ethical team of executives.

Beginning from a small scale broking house, Eureka Securities today has grown up with a team of 130+ employees, facilitating wide-ranging investment solutions for 70,000+ greatly satisfied clients through the nation.

Eureka Securities along with its associated branches across India offers a comprehensive spectrum of financial solutions in order to make their clients easily reach the financial goals.

Huge trust has assisted the broking house to retain its rich client base which normally includes, banks, retail investors, NRIs, HNIs and financial institution. And all this enables clients to make an investment in holistic financial products as per their needs and requirements.

The Eureka Securities sub broker activation time is 28 days and its payout time is 31 days.

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    Types of Eureka Securities Business Models –

    The table chart provided below is providing the details about Eureka Securities Franchise and its divided parts-

    The Eureka Securities Sub Broker is basically divided into two parts-

    • Sub Broker
    • Remisier

    Eureka Securities Sub Broker or Eureka Securities Authorised Person

    Eureka Securities authorised person or sub broker business model is considered as the basic model that is present in the broking industry.

    In this business model, sub-brokers or authorised persons get an opportunity to work under the name of a renowned company.

    Normally, there are numerous authorised persons of the same broking house working under a single shelter like an oligopoly. This business model has a dependency on the rich clientele or client base.

    Benefits of Eureka Securities Sub Broker

    The benefits of Eureka Securities Sub-broker are listed below-

    • Robust Credibility
    • Clients can open up a demat account with Sub-Brokers easily.
    • Offers flexible revenue sharing model.
    • Flexible initial investment value.

    Eureka Securities Remisier/ Partner Model

    The remisier or partner model of Eureka securities is normally the one in that a remisier acts as a broker or an agent who is appointed by the main broking house offers financial services to the clients and the broking house receives commission amount for every single transaction.

    The broker is like a agent of the company and are paid a revenue sharing on a monthly basis. This kind of business normally assists brokers to earn handsome commission and also increase the clientele or client base.

    Benefits of Eureka Securities Remisier Model

    The benefits of Eureka Securities Remisier Model are listed below-

    • Very minimal initial investment value.
    • Attractive commission amount.
    • Easy and simple on-boarding process.

    Eureka Securities Sub Broker Revenue Sharing / Commission

    Eureka Securities is considered as the high revenue generating broking company in India. It is good at offering extremely competitive and aggressive revenue sharing ratios.

    The company has tailor-made dynamic revenue sharing model in which sharing ratio is the great factor of various parameters including- revenue projection, revenue generated, sold products, existing client base and many other parameters.

    The franchise revenue sharing or commission of the sub-brokers or authorised persons of the Eureka Securities is completely dependent on the value amount of the-

    • Sub-broker security deposit.
    • Revenue from sub-broker or remisier.

    For the Eureka Securities sub-broker, the commission amount is between the range of 60% to 75% and it is totally dependent on the security deposit amount with the broking house.

    Contrarily, the commission amount from remisier is between the range of 10% to 30% depends on the commission amount.

    Check the below table for better understanding of Eureka Securities Sub Broker Commission –

    Revenue Sharing Clients Share Eureka’s Share
    Sub Broker 60% – 75% 40% – 25%
    Remisier 10% – 30% 90% – 70%

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    Eureka Securities Franchise Cost / Security Deposit

    In the sub-broking business model, there is a tailor-made security deposit concept of submitting the certain security deposit by the broker like- if the sub-broker commits any default during its tenure.

    Eureka Securities has customized the security deposit chart for the people who wants to be the sub-brokers of the company.

    Normally, sub-brokers are required to invest Rs.50,000 to Rs.200,000 and remisier or agents are required to invest a minimal amount of Rs.10,000 to Rs.30,000.

    The practice of customizing a security deposit concept is in the discipline of all the broking companies available in India.

    Moreover, the security deposit is totally reimbursed in nature like- if the sub-broker completes his tenure according to the company’s norms, he will get his deposit amount back from the company. The security amount is only taken from the sub-brokers for the security purpose.

    Here is the table to understand better about Eureka Securities Franchise Cost –

    Security Deposit
    Sub Broker Rs.50,000 – Rs.200,000
    Remisier Rs.10,000 – Rs.30,000

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    Eureka Securities Partner Infrastructure Requirements

    Eureka Securities partner infrastructure requirements are given below-

    • For Eureka Securities franchise, the office area of minimum 200 Square ft. should be available for flexibility and easy broking process.
    • The requirement of employee strength should be 2 or even more than that.
    • The Eureka Securities franchise model should have proper research services in order to provide huge convenience and satisfaction to the clients.
    • For better and easy communication, telephone line and smooth internet connection should be available.
    • One of the most important requirement is trading terminals. The company should avail the trading terminals through which clients can trade easily and safely in the securities market.

    Eureka Securities Sub Broker Offers

    Usually, Eureka Securities recognizes the perspective and capability of the sub-brokers and therefore it takes some effort to enhance the business of its authorised persons or sub-brokers.

    Below given are the offers provided by the Eureka Securities sub-broker or authorised person-

    • Eureka Securities sub-broker avails flexible revenue sharing model which is sometimes very crucial and decisive.
    • The best thing about the broking house that it avails prepaid options on a timely basis.
    • Apart from the above offers, the company asks for an initial deposit of Rs.10K.

    Eureka Securities Franchise Support

    The support provided by the Eureka Securities franchise to all of its clients is given below-

    • The company is good at providing full marketing support along with back-office support to its sub-brokers.
    • Moreover, Eureka Securities is also good at providing entire trading support to their sub-brokers for flexibility and ease.
    • Proper product training is also provided by the company to all its franchises.
    • The broking house offers effective advice to its brokers.

    Eureka Securities Franchise Eligibility Criteria

    Eureka Securities stockbroking house has a very quick, easy and simple procedure of selecting authorised persons or sub-brokers.

    If you are looking forward to becoming a sub-broker of Eureka Securities, go through the steps given below-

    • The person applying for the sub-brokership with Eureka Securities should be an inhabitant of India.
    • A person should be a minimum of 18 years old.
    • He/ she should be passed with at least 12th standard and also from any govt. recognised institution.
    • The applicant must have an experience of around 2-3 years as a broker, sub-broker, mutual fund distributor, insurance advisor, franchise, remisier for the franchise model.
    • Normally, for the remisier model, minimum 1 or 2 years of experience is required.
    • For the remisier or agent, he or she need to be self-employed as a mutual fund advisor, financial advisor, insurance agent, ICFA, CA or any of its kind.
    • He or she must hold a good reputation and clean track record in the market.
    • In the case of the franchise model, he or she must be capable of investing in office set-up and also can meet furniture infrastructure criteria set by the broking house
    • He or she needs to provide the entire details about their background with references
    • He or she should be a registered member of SEBI for Authorised partnership or Sub-brokership.
    • Have an NISM/ NCFM certificate.

    How to become Eureka Securities sub broker?

    Eureka Securities has a very easy and flexible process to appoint sub-brokers or authorised persons-

    1. For becoming Eureka Securities Sub-broker, you will be required to fill up the lead form including- name, contact no., email id etc.
    2. After the submission of the form, the eureka securities executive will call you for the verification of all the given details and also understand about your interest for sub-brokership.
    3. After that, you will be connected with the Eureka Securities business team who will take further decisions.
    4. Your appointment will be fixed with the business team of Eureka Securities where you and business executives will put forward the interest and expectations.
    5. Then, all the parameters or terms like investment amount, revenue ratio, security deposit etc will be discussed in this meeting.
    6. After that, the agreement will be accomplished and you as a candidate will be required to lodge several documents.
    7. Once the agreement process is accomplished, the authorised person ID will be created and also the work will be commenced.

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    Why partner with Eureka Securities?

    The advantages of partnering with Eureka Securities are given below-

    • Eureka Securities is the widely known broking house established in 1992 and it has successfully crossed various milestones in the broking industry.
    • The company is super flexible for sub-brokers or authorised persons as it normally offers customized financial solutions according to the needs and requirements of the clients.
    • The top priority of Eureka Securities is providing smooth service to all of its clients.
    • The company normally make use of the super edge and state-of-the-art technology in order to meet the financial needs of the clients.
    • Eureka Securities is good at maintaining transparency with its customers.
    • Multiple investment products.
    • Advanced technology.

    Eureka Securities Franchise Conclusion

    Eureka Securities is one of the renowned broking firms available in India. It offers flexible revenue sharing model and security deposit model to the candidates who apply for the sub-brokership.

    If you are in search of any renowned company who offer sub-brokership to the brokers or agents, Eureka Securities should be in the top of your search list.

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