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Edelweiss Franchise is one of the largest broking franchises in the country, headquartered in Mumbai.

Let’s have a detailed Edelweiss Franchise Review & a deep understanding of Edelweiss Sub Broker Offerings, Edelweiss Franchise Revenue Sharing Models & other features of the Edelweiss Partner Program.
Edelweiss Broking Franchise Offers

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Edelweiss Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

Criteria Ratings
Experience 7.5/10
Market Share 6/10
Products & Services 7.5/10
Revenue Sharing 7/10
Holistic Support 7/10
Overall Ratings 7/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★


About Edelweiss Franchise

Edelweiss was founded in 2008 as Edelweiss Capital Ltd. Its parent organization is Edelweiss Group. It is a Financial service-providing company.

Edelweiss Financial Services NCDIt is headquartered in Mumbai (India) and is spread over 122 cities in India and abroad. Last year for FY17, grossed a net profit of over Rs. Six hundred crores and made good business deals. Hence the future looks brighter.

They offer multiple platforms for investment like Mutual Funds, Structural products, ESOP Funding, Housing loans, PMS Insurance, LAP & LAS apart from primary and secondary markets. It is registered under SEBI.

Edelweiss is a registered member of BSE/ NSE/ F&O/ MCX/ MCK-SX/ NCDDEX and a distributor of Mutual Fund that is registered under AMFI, apart from providing DP and Broking services.

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    Types of Edelweiss Sub Brokership

    It provides only two types of franchisees:

    • Sub Broker or Associate Partner
    • Master Franchisee
    • Alliance

    It does not provide the facility of Remisier and Introducers. But, they have come up with another idea called AllianceIn this type of partnership, both the sub-broker and the customer make profits.

    Here, the franchisee registers with Edelweiss and then refers the clients Online to open the Demat account. And one gets cash benefits for every conversion.

    For this benefit, the referred clients must do the following things within 30 days from the time of referral:

    • The client must transfer Rs.5000 to his new Edelweiss Demat account.
    • The client must buy new securities for a minimum of Rs.5000, credited to the client’s Edelweiss Demat linked to this program.

    Benefits of Edelweiss Sub Broker Types


    • The brand value of Edelweiss will help you get a higher number of clients
    • You can offer a wide range of products to your clients
    • They provide initial training and other Support like marketing and trading and others
    • There is no requirement for staff.


    • The franchise holder’s highest revenue share is earned even more than sub-brokers though the initial investment required for both are the same.
    • Edelweiss has a huge presence which helps the master franchise easily acquire clients.
    • To attract clients, franchise holders offer multiple business development and superior products.
    • Multiple Support is given to the master franchise.
    • Edelweiss has a wide range of trading and investment products and services to explore

    Business Development Associates

    • No investment required
    • No staff you need to keep
    • You can refer and earn on each referral

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    Infrastructure Requirement

    The office area should be 250 sq. ft. or more, preferably on the ground floor or first floor. The office should be air-conditioned and drinking water facility, beverage, etc.

    The premises should only be used for Edelweiss products and services and marketing.

    Edelweiss Sub Broker Commission / Revenue Sharing Model

    Let’s have a detailed understanding of the Edelweiss Franchise Revenue Sharing Model & their Initial Investment amount.

    Edelweiss Partner Revenue Sharing & Fees

    For Edelweiss Sub Broker or Associate Partner Model, Edelweiss has a range of revenue sharing. It ranges from 60:40 to even 80:20 per cent, depending upon the level of business a sub-broker is generating from their client base.


    For a brand like Edelweiss, one can easily get 70 per cent of revenue sharing within two years with a little hard work and effort.

    Edelweiss Partner Initial Investment

    A Sub Broker can start the business initially by paying an amount of Rs 1 Lakh. But on average, the total investment cost is around 2 Lakhs which is towards setting up the office and partly towards the security deposit (refundable during exit).

    Depending on expertise, a franchisee will be given to trade in that particular segment. The monthly expense for every Franchise would be office rent, electricity, phone, and internet bills to run the office and internet.

    The sub-broker must have their own PC/laptop and a call recorder with min. one terminal. They also need to pay for registration Rs.2360 (non-refundable) per segment they want to trade into.

    The incentive amount varies together with the gross revenue generated per month. For example:

    Gross Revenue per Month Incentive Amount
    30,000 The Sub broker will receive a non-exclusive dealer for placing the orders.
    30,000 – 75,000 The Franchisee get to sit with a terminal port & telephone.
    But sub-brokers will have to use their own PC or laptop.
    75,000+ Partners get a sitting area, get a computer, a terminal port & a telephone for trading purposes.

    Edelweiss Sub Broker Offers

    Edelweiss uses Omnesys software as a trading platform. They offer free training for 90 days about the process, products, software, and trading platform.

    Edelweiss Franchise will provide marketing collateral like visiting cards, banners, flex, posters, leaflets, boards, etc. All kinds of technical, customer care, training, and management support.

    Edelweiss Eligibility Criteria

    To become Edelweiss Master Franchise or Sub-broker, you need to meet certain edibility criteria, which are –

    • Sound knowledge and understanding of the stock market and analysis of any other business
    • Two to three years of experience as the main broker/sub-broker/ BDA/Remisier/MF distributor/financial or insurance advisor or employee of Edelweiss itself
    • The minimum initial investment requirement is three to five lakhs.
    • Authorized person registration in FMC/ SEBI and exchanges via Edelweiss is mandatory.
    • Must clear NCFM certification in the dealer’s Module of Capital Markets and Derivatives
    • GST Registration
    • Compulsory audits every quarter

    Edelweiss Sub Broker Support / Advisory

    They provide Call n Trade support from 8 am to 8 pm for a better trading experience. Edelweiss will provide their sub-broker and employees with a 90-day onboarding training and assign a Franchise Relationship Manager (FRM).

    The FRM will teach everything about the products, software, platforms, processes and advisory.

    In marketing support, the Management and Business Development Head can approve up to 50% monetary help and other support, but that depends upon the area, locality, and the kind of event a franchisee is doing.

    Anyone who wants to become an Alliance partner will provide a separate team for online product management.

    In the worst case, if the partner faces any other difficulty, higher management is always accessible to the partner. They will solve their problems on a priority basis.

    How to become a partner with Edelweiss?

    To become a partner, a sub-broker should have a good client base and risk-taker. One should also be NISM certified in Equity, currency, derivatives, and capital market and a registered service tax person.

    The Franchise owner should have a minimum of 2 years of experience in their offered products and a good understanding of stock exchanges, SEBI, commodity exchange, derivatives, and FMC.

    One should be a graduate. One can get registered with Edelweiss and receive the Franchise code within 12-15 working days to start their own business, subject to fulfilment of the conditions mentioned above.

    To smoothen the registration process, get the help of a chartered accountant to avoid any mistakes.

    1. Pan Card
    2. Aadhaar card and address proof
    3. Educational certificate and 21 years of age.
    4. Cancelled Cheque
    5. Two photos
    6. Rent agreement of office space.

    Why Partner with Edelweiss?

    • Provides personal advisory, better trading ideas and intraday calls
    • Competitive Thematic and investment ideas
    • Live market commentary and reliable research
    • Direct access to the regional managers and business heads
    • Office branding support and marketing collateral for outlets.

    Edelweiss Franchise – Pros & Cons


    • Brand value
    • Years of experience in stock broking
    • Have a huge offline presence


    • Limited revenue share
    • High investment requirement

    Edelweiss Franchise Registration

    The registration process for Edelweiss Franchise is quite simple. All you need to do is to:

    • You have to visit their website, where you will see a tiny form at the top right-hand side of the website.
    • Fill out the form and click on submit.
    • Wait for the executives to call you out.
    • Once they call, you will have to make them understand your business plan, how you want to join and how you can contribute to the business.
    • Once they are satisfied with your idea and business plan, will ask you to share your documents for further processing.
    • Once all documentation is done, you must deposit the initial amount of Rs. 3 to 5 lakhs
    • Then you will receive the Account ID as a sub-broker/Master Franchise as you have applied.
    • You can now start your business and start earning revenue.

    Earning the potential of an Edelweiss Partner / ROI

    As an Edelweiss Master Franchisee, you can earn 60% to 75% of the revenue generated by the clients you bring to the firm during investment.

    For sub-brokers, the share of revenue they can earn is between 55% and 70%. The BDA or the Alliance, as you name them, get a referral bonus.

    The earning potential is dependent on the revenue you generate for the firm. Suppose you are a Master Franchise and generating Rs. 5 lakhs of monthly revenue, then you can earn between Rs. Three lakhs to Rs. 3.75 lakhs.

    Edelweiss Franchise Referral Program

    The referral program is another business partnership program of Edelweiss.

    Clients, employees, and anyone can bring/ refer clients to the firm against which they will receive gift vouchers and fixed referral bonuses.

    This you can take up as a side hustle, unlike sub-brokership or Franchise where there are a lot of entry requirements and investments. You do not need to invest or deposit any amount for referring clients.

    Brokerage Charges levied to the clients of Edelweiss Partners

    There are two types of brokerage plans of Edelweiss, and as per the plan a client opts for, the brokerage charges are levied.

    Edelweiss Lite Plan

     This is a flat-fee plan where all the trades are charged at Rs. 10, irrespective of the volume of the trade/ order. However, there is no relationship manager benefit the client will get under this plan.

    Edelweiss Elite Plan

     This plan also offers very cheap brokerage charges. It is 0.03% for equity intraday and equity futures. For equity delivery, it is 0.3%, while for equity options, it is Rs. 75 per lot, and for currency options, it is Rs. 20 per lot. For the currency futures, it is Rs. 0.02%.

    Edelweiss Authorised Person – Products Offered

    Its Authorised Person can offer the products offered by Edelweiss. As an AP of Edelweiss, you can offer your clients equities, commodities, currency, futures and options, and mutual funds.

    Edelweiss has a wide range of investment products and other financial products.

    Edelweiss Authorized Person Testimonials

    Shakti Singh 

    I worked for Edelweiss for four years after my graduation, and then I applied for its sub-brokership after clearing all the eligibility criteria and getting the opportunity.

    With a lot of support from Edelweiss for marketing and training, now I have built a successful sub-broker agency.

    Mukul Trivedi 

    The stock market has been my passion since my college days. I loved trading, investing, learning new analysis techniques, and building my blog for financial and stock market education.

    Then I came across a partnership opportunity with Edelweiss, which completely changed my business and career. I have now integrated my passion and business skills to generate leads and revenue daily.

    Ashutosh Dutta

    I started my career as a BDA, and today, I have a full-fledged master franchise of Edelweiss. Edelweiss has provided all sorts of Support throughout, and their revenue sharing is exceptional.

    Edelweiss Franchise Conclusion

    In conclusion, the Edelweiss franchise has a lucrative business model for people looking for business opportunities that can qualify for the same.

    Being a partner, you can also earn a significant share of the revenue generated from the client in a very nominal investment. If you are looking for a business opportunity, be a partner and earn a good income.

    Edelweiss Franchise FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Edelweiss Franchise:

    Does Edelweiss have Sub Broker Model?

    Yes, the stockbroking firm Edelweiss provides several franchise business models for enthusiastic business owners.

    The models include a sub-broker model, and the company also terms it as an associate partner alongside a sub-broker.

    Is Edelweiss have multiple Franchise models?

    Yes, there are multiple franchise business model provisions provided by the stockbroker. Sub broker is the most popular model provided by them.

    Apart from this model, the stockbroker also provides a master Franchise and Alliance model.

    What is Edelweiss Sub Broker Commission?

    The revenue sharing provided by the stock broker ranges rather than a fixed amount. Per the structure, the commission for the model is 60% to 80%.

    The final entitlement is the level of business the sub-broker brings to the brand.

    How much does Edelweiss Franchise Cost?

    The franchise cost for the sub-broker model is 1 lakh. However, it is further subject to set-up charges, which take the cost to 2 lakhs and above.

    The article’s details of the franchise cost or the initial investment amount are precisely given in the article.

    Does Edelweiss have a Partner Program?

    This franchise model is generally referred to as the Remisier or the partner model and is not provided by this stockbroker.

    On the contrary, Edelweiss provides the Alliance model. The basic activity here is related to refereeing clients to the stockbroker.

    What is Edelweiss Partners Sharing?

    Every reference made by this business model owner will receive a fixed rate referral price as provided by the stock broking house.

    For the same, the franchisees must ensure that their clients fulfil the requirements stated in the model.

    Is Edelweiss Partner Program Free?

    The stock broker does not state the rate of investment or the fee, and you may refer to them for the right amount when you avail of their model. Also, the amount is generally refundable if they charge any investment cost.

    Does Edelweiss provide Training Assistance?

    Yes, the company’s call centre is open for the franchisees to connect with them whenever they wish to. Apart from this, 90 days of board training is provided to the franchisees upon joining their brand.

    Then, the assistance of a franchise relationship manager is as well provided.

    How to Become Edelweiss Sub Broker?

    To begin the process, you need to first click on the button “Become Sub Broker.” The next step is to fill in the pop-up you see on the screen as per your interest and contact details.

    The details will be forwarded to the brand, which will then collaborate with you.

    Does Edelweiss Franchise provide Support?

    The stockbroker provides a high degree of help to all their sub-brokers or franchisees.

    Product training, software training, platform support, and other related help are rendered. Market support, management, and business development Support are as well provided.

    Can I become a multiple sub-broker in Edelweiss?

    No, only one sub-broker account ID will be generated against your details, and you can only use that to do business with Edelweiss.

    Is Edelweiss sub-broker profitable?

    Yes, Edelweiss has a huge market presence and shares whopping revenue with its business partners.

    Is Edelweiss a good sub-broker?

    Yes, Edelweiss is one of the top stock brokers with multiple trading products and services. It has experience of years, brand value, and both online and huge offline reach, making it a great opportunity for the sub-brokers.

    How can I get Edelweiss Franchise?

    To get to the Edelweiss Franchise, you must first qualify for the firm’s eligibility criteria. Then you need to apply and wait for them to call.

    Once your documents and the business plan get approved, you will receive your Master Franchise Id and other details and facilities.

    What does Edelweiss Franchise Services do?

    As a Franchise holder of Edelweiss, you will be –

    • Acquiring new clients
    • Market and promote Edelweiss and its products
    • Help clients trade and invest
    • Assist them in account opening
    • Track their trading and investment details
    • Provide investment advisory services

    Is Edelweiss a good company to invest in?

    Yes, Edelweiss has huge brand value and a huge reputation. There is no way this firm will run away with your money.

    So, you can check your eligibility criteria, apply for the Franchise or sub-brokership, and deposit the initial amount required without worrying about getting looted.

    Is Edelweiss SEBI registered?

    Yes, Edelweiss is one of the country’s oldest stock brokers, registered with SEBI.

    Which company is best for a sub-broker?

    If you think earning a whopping 70% of the revenue share is good enough as a sub-broker, then Edelweiss is the main brokerage house you are looking for.

    How much can Edelweiss sub-broker earn?

    It depends on the number of clients you bring to the table and how much brokerage they pay to the firm. However, whether they pay Rs. 10000 or Rs. 10 lakhs, you will earn 55% to 70% of that revenue.

    Can Edelweiss sub-broker trade for himself?

    Yes, any sub-broker can have their trading and Demat account and trade, and the same goes for Edelweiss sub-brokers.

    All you need to remember is the business’s ethics that you cannot tell your clients to invest in a company just because you have some personal agenda.

    How does Edelweiss sub-broker make money?

    Edelweiss sub-brokers acquire clients, the client’s trade using Edelweiss services and trading platform, pays brokerage; the sub-broker gets 55% to 70% of that brokerage.

    This is the way the sub-brokers earn from Edelweiss.

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