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Know about Best AIF in India also check the list of Top 10 AIF or Alternative Investment Funds here.

AIFs or Alternative Investment Funds, the privately pooled investment vehicles are a way of investing in the less explored domains.

This includes all the investment domains, which are generally not included in the conventional instruments such as PMS and Mutual Funds.

Fund Managers have the flexibility and opportunity to make investments a way where maximum return is fetched for the investors.

All in all, you as an investor have 500 and more options to explore, since there are more than 500 AIFs, which are registered with SEBI.

This guide shall contribute to you in a major extent, where we aim to make the concept easily understandable for you.

Top 10 AIF in India / Best Ranked AIFs in the market

Rank AIFs Strategy
1 Abakkus Asset Manager Emerging Opportunities Fund
2 Roha Asset Managers Roha Emerging Companies Fund
3 Girik Advisors Girik Multicap Growth Equity Fund
4 Vishuddha Capital India Value and Growth Fund
5 Ampersand Capital Growth Opportuities Fund Scheme
6 Accuracap Tech Vectra Fund
7 Proalpha Capital QG Dynamic Equity Fund (QGD)
8 Carnelian Asset Management Capital Compounder Fund
9 Alchemy Capital Leaders of Tomorrow (ALOT)
10 TCG Advisory Services SMF Disruption Fund

We have put together, a list of 10 best AIFs in the market today. You can consider them to be the top performing funds, fetching massive returns from the investors.

Best AIF in India or Top 10 Alternative Investment Funds in India

Each and every AMC is spoken about in detail here, in the next sections. You can learn a great deal about each and every AMC and its fund.

In a manner, we have mentioned the details of the asset management company, and the strategy of investment adopted in the fund they offer.

Also, you can check the figures in relation with the funds, in the particular table provided.

Learn everything about AIF or Alternative Investment Funds here.

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    Rank 1 – Abakkus Asset Manager – Best AIF in India

    AMC Abakkus Asset Manager
    Category Open Ended
    Strategy Emerging Opportunities Fund
    1 Month Return 8.10%
    3 Month Return 27.50%
    6 Month Return 67.70%
    1 Year Return 31.90%
    2 Year Return NA
    3 Year Return NA
    5Y Return NA
    Return Since Inception 25.20%
    Inception Jun-19

    This company was set into motion by Mr.Sunil Singhania. The company is based on the concept of simple ancient computing instrument – Abacus.

    Its founding year is 2018, and since then, this Alpha focused asset managing company in India strives hard to relieve a prominent place for itself among the top performing Asset Managers.

    The classification of strategy offered by Abbakkus is made under Long only Category 3 AIF.

    The founder ensured to create a reputation, which is a result of more than 2 decades of experience in Fund Management.

    Speaking of the ideas which make up this particular fund – basics, focus on the fundamentals and numbers, sum up this simple strategy.

    Reportedly, the small cap space strategy was offered on 6th July 2019, which is a long only fund and follows the open ended structure.

    Rank 2 – Roha Asset Managers – Top 10 AIF in India

    AMC Roha Asset Managers
    Category Open Ended
    Strategy Roha Emerging Companies Fund
    1 Month Return 5.88%
    3 Month Return 27.58%
    6 Month Return 88.26%
    1 Year Return 31.21%
    2 Year Return NA
    3 Year Return NA
    5Y Return NA
    Return Since Inception Not Disclosed
    Inception Nov-18

    The year which marks the establishment of this asset management company is 2018.

    Since then, the company has earned the license of offering category 3 alternative investment funds with a fundamental approach to equity investing.

    Considering the fund theme, it is based on investment in select small and mid cap companies post market correction with the motive to generate alpha or superior returns.

    You can check the insights of the fund from the provided table, in length.

    Rank 3 – Girik Advisors – Best Alternative Investment Fund

    AMC Girik Advisors
    Category Closed Ended
    Strategy Girik Multicap Growth Equity Fund
    1 Month Return 6.37%
    3 Month Return 18.50%
    6 Month Return 31.15%
    1 Year Return 24.46%
    2 Year Return NA
    3 Year Return NA
    5Y Return NA
    Return Since Inception 15.59%
    Inception Nov-18

    2009 is the year noted as the inception year of Girik Advisors. The designated fund managers of this AIF are Mr.Charandeep Singh and Mr.Varun Daga.

    Both the managers have a notable experience of more than 20 years.

    In context with the fund theme, this fund weighs in highly disciplined approach, inspired by the innovative ‘CANSLIM’ investment strategy.

    The objective is to screen for “Early Leaders or Winners” prior to their highest earnings growth curve.

    The in house team follows an approach of research followed by in depth due diligence. This results in the formation of high conviction portfolio.

    Rank 4 – Vishuddha Capital – Best AIF in India

    AMC Vishuddha Capital
    Category Closed Ended
    Strategy India Value and Growth Fund
    1 Month Return 3.77%
    3 Month Return 18.78%
    6 Month Return 40.80%
    1 Year Return 11.26%
    2 Year Return NA
    3 Year Return NA
    5Y Return NA
    Return Since Inception 10.92%
    Inception Sep-19

    Founding year of this AMC is November 2018, and the founder is Aditya Sood. Accounted experience of the founder is 15 years across fund management, equity research and equity sales.

    Apart from the basics, he also has a track record of experience in managing market equities in London. We also have the insights regarding the fund theme.

    It is oriented towards 25 stocks, with the objective of generating long term capital appreciation by investing in growth companies across market capitalization.

    The target sectors here are Auto and Auto Ancillary, Financials, Consumers, Healthcare, Technology and Manufacturing.

    Rank 5 – Ampersand Capital – Top AIF in India

    AMC Ampersand Capital
    Category Open Ended
    Strategy Growth Opportuities Fund Scheme
    1 Month Return 4.60%
    3 Month Return 17.30%
    6 Month Return 40.10%
    1 Year Return 9.70%
    2 Year Return 9.47%
    3 Year Return 8.10%
    5Y Return NA
    Return Since Inception 8.47%
    Inception Sep-17

    This company portrays the collective efforts of experienced and highly rated equity research professionals.

    They came together to serve their investors collectively and enhance their wealth, via investments in Indian Equities. The team collectively has 45 plus years of experience under the hood.

    As for the emerging idea behind the fund, it is to create a portfolio comprising of 20-25 stocks with market cap agnostic approach.

    The company recognizes sectors on the mediums of multi-year up cycle, driven by macro themes like rising quality of life, jobs and consumption.

    Significance on the whole is, to focus on companies with improving competitive advantage. The stats are looked after and sorted based on proven track record.

    Rank 6 – Accuracap Tech – Best AIF for Investment

    AMC Accuracap Tech
    Category Open Ended
    Strategy Vectra Fund
    1 Month Return 0.59%
    3 Month Return 12.99%
    6 Month Return 31.28%
    1 Year Return 9.10%
    2 Year Return NA
    3 Year Return NA
    5Y Return NA
    Return Since Inception 6.30%
    Inception Dec-18

    Accuracap Tech is highly referred to as the Artificial intelligence Driven Algorithm based large cap Portfolio.

    Its incepted goes back to the year 2011, particularly on 19th September.

    The fund managers in relation with the AIF are Dr.Naresh Chand Gupta and Raman Nagpal. Venctra Fund theme is based on fundamentals of long only equity strategy.

    Superior alternative to traditional large cap equity funds and a unique asset class for Indian investors is created out of the present prevailing market conditions, to generate superior returns.

    Rank 7 – Proalpha Capital – Top 10 AIF for Investment

    AMC Proalpha Capital
    Category Open Ended
    Strategy QG Dynamic Equity Fund (QGD)
    1 Month Return 2.55%
    3 Month Return 13.95%
    6 Month Return 33.16%
    1 Year Return 9.01%
    2 Year Return 5.58%
    3 Year Return 5.10%
    5Y Return 7.90%
    Return Since Inception 18.42%
    Inception Jan-14

    ProAlpha is SEBI registered AIF, which is a subsidiary of US based Monsoon capital, which has been working since the year 2016.

    Collectively, the company deploys fundamental, quantitative and systematic trading strategies, specifically constructed for the Indian Markets.

    QG Dynamic Equity Fund is referred to as QGD, which is offered by Proalpha Capital where the object stands tall at generating strong long term compounded returns.

    These returns shall be more that the comparative Indian Equity index benchmark.

    Adopted investment approach is of bottom up, rules based fundamental approach on large mid as well as small cap companies.

    The target companies, irrespective of the scale of operations are the ones high on growth consistency, high quality, attractive valuation and also high financial stability.

    Rank 8 – Carnelian Asset Management – Best AIF to Invest

    AMC Carnelian Asset Management
    Category Closed Ended
    Strategy Capital Compounder Fund
    1 Month Return 1.90%
    3 Month Return 7.50%
    6 Month Return 28.80%
    1 Year Return 6.53%
    2 Year Return NA
    3 Year Return NA
    5Y Return NA
    Return Since Inception 9.66%
    Inception May-19

    The asset management company Carnelian was set up by Vikas Khemani, Manoj Bahety, Sachin Jain, and Swati Khemani.

    Foundation of the company was sought on interest and their passion pertaining to capital markets investment.

    This fund is aimed at multiple baskets investments, namely Magic, Compounder and Opportunistic.

    Magic basket is for investment across companies that commonly have a vision of earnings growth and valuation rerating.

    On the other hand, the Compounder basket states investment across companies that aim at capturing earning growth over long period.

    While opportunistic is aimed at companies with Deep value with cash flows, Special situations like merger, demerger, open offer, buy back etc, Temporary headwinds.

    Rank 9 – Alchemy Capital – Top AIF in India

    AMC Alchemy Capital
    Category Open Ended
    Strategy Leaders of Tomorrow (ALOT)
    1 Month Return 5.00%
    3 Month Return 16.00%
    6 Month Return 42.60%
    1 Year Return 5.20%
    2 Year Return 2.40%
    3 Year Return NA
    5Y Return NA
    Return Since Inception -1.20%
    Inception Jan-18

    This AMC in particular was set up in the year 2018. The fund manager of Alchemy Capital is Mr.Hiren Ved, who is the Co-Founder, Director, CEO and also CIO of the company.

    It offers Leader of Tomorrow Fund, oriented towards the AIF category III.

    If we take the fund’s theme and discuss the same, it shows the aim as generating long term capital appreciation.

    The companies chosen for investment are highly adaptive and driven towards innovation and ingenuity.

    Three category companies chosen are – listed Indian Companies, PIPES and IPOs.

    Rank 10 – TCG Advisory Services – Top 10 AIF for Investment

    AMC TCG Advisory Services
    Category Open Ended
    Strategy SMF Disruption Fund
    1 Month Return 1.83%
    3 Month Return 17.25%
    6 Month Return 40.87%
    1 Year Return 4.16%
    2 Year Return -1.75%
    3 Year Return -4.84%
    5Y Return NA
    Return Since Inception -2.56%
    Inception Jul-17

    Date of inception for this AMC is July 2017 and the fund manager in relation is Mr.Chakri Lokapriya.

    The manager’s experience extends to the prior work commitments, which account for around 22 years.

    The company aligned the fund theme in accordance with the technical advances introduced in every other sector.

    This AMC goes off-route and choose composites and other new age materials for investment.

    Primary target of this fund is investment in growth driven companies, which has innovation as their core principal, alongside use of new age materials.

    Best AIF in India – Conclusion

    We suppose your keen desire to learn about the best AIFs is satisfied, at least up to an extent. This article was a rough draft to provide you with the basics, for starters.

    You can learn the basic themes of the best ranked AIFs in present and see how they generate superior returns.

    You can make a decision of investment post going through this article. Also, for instance, you can learn about the non conventional investment avenues which are among the hot topics.

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