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The Findoc Financial Services Group otherwise known as the Findoc Investmart Franchise is a budding full service brokerage house that has opened up to distributing their business rights related to acquiring and distributing their respective financial products and services in a full fledged manner.

Irrespective of the fact that the corresponding franchiser has entered the business domain of the Indian stock trading and broking industry rather recently, they have grown swiftly to gain positive demand and reputation within the confined circles of their respective clients.

Our article today will confine most of the focus on reviewing Findoc Investmart Sub Broker on the basis of their inception story, the business models they engage within, the type of offers, the supports they provide and of course the eligibility criteria they have for their prospective business partners.

Findoc Investmart Sub Broker

Findoc Investmart Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

Findoc Investmart Franchise Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Experience 5.2/10
Market Share 5.4/10
Products & Services 5.3/10
Revenue Sharing 6.2/10
Holistic Support 6.0/10
Overall Ratings 5.6/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Findoc Investmart Franchise

Findoc Investmart Franchise

As far as the inception story of Findoc Investmart Franchise is concerned, the corresponding franchise was brought into practical existence by the determined efforts of their founder and patron Hemant Sood in the year 2012.

The franchiser was incorporated as full service brokerage house in the city of Ludhiana, Punjab.

The corresponding franchiser has swiftly moved up the ranks in terms of being associated with the major stock exchanges of the country.

They are a registered member of almost all the reputed and major Stock Exchanges within the nation including the NSE, the BSE, the MCX and the NCDEX. Sustaining within an industry as tough as the Indian stock trading and broking industry for almost a decade, they have learned a lot of interesting tricks by serving a diverse clientele.

As afar as distributing their respective business rights is concerned, they typically require a time of 25 (twenty five) days for generating and activating a new Sub Broker’s Code and a time of 4 – 5 weeks (twenty eight to thirty five days) in order to process and clear any outstanding amount towards their respective business partners.

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    Types of Findoc Investmart Business Models

    Being new to the industry, Findoc Investmart Franchise is smart and cautious about distributing their respective business rights.

    As a matter of fact, they only engage themselves as well as their prospective business partners within two forms of business models only which are the Master Franchise Model and the Sub Broker Model.

    • Master Franchise
    • Sub Broker / Authorised Person

    Findoc Investmart Master Franchise Model

    The Master Franchise business association and distribution model being implemented by FIndoc Investmart Franchise is a high paying business model that assures the investing business partners of the corresponding franchiser of complete area wise dominance on behalf of the franchiser themselves.

    This business model allows the investing business associates of the corresponding franchiser to distribute all the financial products and services on behalf of the franchisers.

    Nevertheless, this particular business model also requires the respective business partners of the corresponding franchise to put in more as in terms of security deposit as compared to the other business models being presented by the franchiser.

    As a matter of fact, the Findoc Investmart Master Franchise model requires a bit more investment in terms of security deposit as compared to the other competitors of the franchiser.

    Benefits of Findoc Investmart Master Franchise

    Having the business distribution rights for the Findoc Investmart Master Franchise comes in with a lot of added advantages.

    As a matter of fact, it is considered to be one of the most profitable Master Franchise business association and distribution plans within the entire industry:-

    • The Master Franchise plan guarantees the engaging business partners a lot more revenue shares in terms of commission on the very business they execute on behalf of the corresponding franchisers.
    • Findoc Investmart Master Franchise business scheme also ensures that the investing and engaging business partners have the complete business dominance over a specific location specified by the geographical parameters.
    • The Master Franchise business model has also been set in motion in order to ensure that the people or organizations investing within the business plan never have to worry about sharing the business prospects within their area of operations.

    Findoc Investmart Sub Broker or Findoc Investmart Authorized Person

    The Findoc Investmart Sub Broker business distribution scheme is the secondary alternative to getting the business rights of the corresponding franchiser.

    This business model has been typically made up for the people or the organizations who are willing to get involved within the business operations of the corresponding franchiser through certain amount of profit sharing but are not interested in investing as much capital value in terms of the security deposit required by the Findoc Investmart Master Franchise model.

    Nevertheless, this business model also allows the investing business associates to distribute the very same financial products, services as well as the access to the corresponding franchiser’s platforms being used for trading with the permission to grant added advantages to their respective clients as per their own comfort.

    Benefits of Findoc Investmart Authorized Person

    Being a registered member of the Findoc Investmart Sub Broker business program has a lot of guaranteed perks for the business associates. Here is a list of the most lucrative ones:-

    • Being a Findoc Investmart Sub Broker means that you have complete access to the corresponding franchiser’s financial platforms being used for trading purposes. This also means that you can distribute the rights to access to these platforms and thus, gain more clients.
    • As a registered Findoc Invest mart Sub Broker, you have the right to grant your respective customers with some added advantages in terms of services or support or further discount in accordance to your own will, comfort and affordability.
    • Even the commission slab set by the corresponding franchiser for the business associates engaged with the franchiser as per this business model is good enough and has no bars as to how much business can be generated by them in a day or a month, thus giving the business associates an opportunity to make more profits.

    Findoc Investmart Partner Revenue Sharing or Findoc Investmart Sub Broker Commission

    Like their strict security deposit requirement policies, Findoc Investmart Franchise also has a strict policy for sharing revenue in terms of commission made over the cumulative business generated by their respective business partners who are associated with them under various arrangements and business models.

    Strictly speaking, the corresponding franchiser seeks to pay their respective business partners having the rights to Master Franchise with a commission varying from between 75% – 85%, which is considerably higher than the industry standards and the respective business partners having the rights to their Sub Broker program with a commission rate varying from 50% – 70%.

    Refer to this Table for clear picture:

    Revenue Sharing Clients Share Findoc Investmart’s Share
    Sub Broker 50% – 70% 30% – 50%
    Master Franchise 75% – 85% 25% – 15%

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      Findoc Investmart Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

      Findoc Investmart Franchise has specified and strict slabs set in terms of the security deposit requirements for giving out different set of benefits to their respective business partners and associates in accordance to the differing business plans as well.

      As a matter of fact, the corresponding franchiser specifically seeks their business partners getting associated with them as per the Master Franchise Business Model to pay off a security deposit amount varying from Rs. 1,50,000 (one lakh fifty thousands) to Rs. 4,00,000 (four lakhs).

      As far as the security deposit requirement slab set by the corresponding franchiser for their respective business partners getting associated with them in accordance to the Sub Broker business category is concerned, they seek to raise an amount varying from Rs. 50,000 (fifty thousands) to Rs. 1,00,000 (one lakh).

      Check this table below for better understanding of Findoc Investmart Franchise Cost:

      Security Deposit
      Sub Broker Rs.50,000 – Rs.100,000
      Master Franchise Rs.1,50,000 – Rs.4,00,000

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      Findoc Investmart Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

      The company Franchise also requires their respective business partners associated with them as per either the Master Franchise program or the Sub Broker business model to have at least an office space with an area of 200 sq ft & an employee strength worth minimum 2 staff.

      They must own research services, a couple of industry grade trading terminals and an internet connection strong enough to help carry out multiple online trades as well as to look after the basic communication needs simultaneously.

      Findoc Investmart Sub Broker Offers

      The Company Franchise grants merely three distinct offers to their respective associates including 10 k Initial Deposit Facility, Flexible Revenue Sharing Model and Zero Revenue Sharing with Prepaid.


      Findoc Investmart Franchise or Findoc Investmart Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

      Before discussing the criteria that are exclusive to Findoc Investmart, it is important to take a note of the statutory & regulatory requirements.

      We have tried to list down all the requirements as put forward by Findoc Investmart Franchise within their set of eligibility criteria underneath. Do go through them carefully before you make up your mind to place in a registration request for one of their respective business models. The list includes the following:-

      • A certificate by the NSIM issued to the applicant.
      • Educational qualification of minimum an intermediate or ten plus two.
      • Basic knowledge of certain computer programs such as MS Excel for analytical and operational purposes.
      • In depth knowledge of all the financial products being presented by the franchiser.
      • Minimum experience of two consecutive years in active stock trading and broking.

      How to become a Findoc Investmart Sub broker or Authorized Person?

      Just follow these steps:-

      1. Locate a button saying “Become a business partner/associate” at this section’s end and click it.
      2. As soon as you click it, you will be able to get a form with multiple blank spaces. Fill up the form entirely with proper information.
      3. Upload the from with some other documents as mentioned before and wait for the franchiser’s representatives to contact you and grant you the business rights.

      Documents required to become Findoc Investmart Authorized Person

      One needs to submit a minimum of the following documents:

      • Cancelled Cheque
      • Passport sized photos
      • Birth Certificate
      • PAN Card
      • Investment Proof
      • Payment Proof for complete security deposit
      • GST Registration
      • SEBI Registration Certificate
      • Academic Certificates

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      Why Partner with Findoc Investmart?

      There are in fact, several reasons to partner with Findoc Investmart Franchise including:-

      • Findoc Investmart Franchise being a new age brokerage house likes to implement new ideas including exquisite digitization of their trading platforms. This lures many new clients to commence business with you.
      • Findoc Investmart Franchise, although new into the corresponding industry, have made quiet an impact on their respective clients. As a matter of fact, the corresponding franchiser has a rather positive image within the industry. Even this can be used to tap in to a horde of interested prospectives.

      Findoc Investmart Franchise Conclusion

      Findoc Investmart Franchise is new franchiser and has a lot of new ideas to implement.

      We believe they can be trusted to become the pioneers of some of the new age tech within the industry considering their current progress velocity.

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