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5Paisa is one of the well-known discount brokers based out of Mumbai. The broking house is known to be one of the fastest-growing & provides one of the lowest brokerages in the industry.

Let’s have a detailed 5Paisa Review & get a good understanding of 5Paisa Brokerage Charges, its Demat Account, Trading Platforms & other essential features.


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5Paisa Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

5Paisa Ratings
Experience7.8 / 10
Trading Platform8.4 / 10
Product & Services8.2 / 10
Brokerage Charges9.5 / 10
Research8.0 / 10
Overall Rating8.38 / 10
Star Rating★★★★☆


About 5Paisa

Company TypePublic
Broker TypeDiscount Broker
CEOPrakash Gagdani
Established Year2016

From offering complete online account opening to facilitating trading in all segments, 5paisa has proved to be providing prompt services as a discount broker, the first of fintech public companies entrant into BSE and NSE.

This stockbroker earned the benchmark of 1 million clients in a short period of 4.5 years.

5Paisa has presently earned the stature of 6th largest stockbroker among the Top 10 stock brokers in India. The company went live and opened for operations from 2016, precisely in March.

The company’s current client base is a whopping number of 1.2 million, and has the daily turnover of Rs 50,000 crore.

Other statistics that speak of the company positively are 6.5 million app downloads, Assets Under Management worth 3000Cr+, 170% year-on-year growth in the last financial year (FY 2019-20), and multiple prestigious awards under its hood.

Its multi-product app is a charm, and the company renders exhaustive research and advisory on more than 4,000 companies, a one-of-a-kind offering.

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    5Paisa Brokerage Charges

    Plan NameBasicUltra Trader Pack ( Rs.999/Month)Power Investor Pack (Rs.499/Month)
    Equity DeliveryRs.20/ per orderZero BrokerageRs.10/ Per Order
    Equity IntradayRs.20/ per orderRs.10/ Per OrderRs.10/ Per Order
    Equity Future – IntradayRs.20/ per orderRs.10/ Per OrderRs.10/ Per Order
    Equity Future – Carry ForwardRs.20/ per orderRs.10/ Per OrderRs.10/ Per Order
    Equity OptionsRs.20/ per orderRs.10/ Per OrderRs.10/ Per Order
    Currency Future Trading – IntradayRs.20/ per orderRs.10/ Per OrderRs.10/ Per Order
    Currency Future Trading – Carry ForwardRs.20/ per orderRs.10/ Per OrderRs.10/ Per Order
    Currency Options Trading – Intraday₹ 10 | per lotRs.10/ Per OrderRs.10/ Per Order
    Currency Options Trading – Carry Forward₹ 20 | per lotRs.10/ Per OrderRs.10/ Per Order
    Commodity Future Trading – IntradayRs.20/ per orderRs.10/ Per OrderRs.10/ Per Order
    Commodity Future Trading – Carry ForwardRs.20/ per orderRs.10/ Per OrderRs.10/ Per Order
    Commodity Options TradingRs.20/ per orderRs.10/ Per OrderRs.10/ Per Order

    Three different subscription packs are offered by 5Paisa, i.e., the basic pack, Power Investor Pack, and UltraTrader Pack.

    Charges vary as per the plan you choose, based on which you can select a compatible plan and get started. All the same, are provided to you in the table above.

    For a detailed calculation of brokerage & other charges, check out our 5Paisa Brokerage Calculator.

    5Paisa Basic Brokerage Plans

    Roughly, a flat fee of INR 20 per order for any transaction across all asset segments is levied.

    As per the personnel of 5paisa, the brokerage charged by them is almost 45-50% lower vis-à-vis that set by other discount brokers.

    Further, the rates are as low as 98% compared to full-service brokers.

    5Paisa Power Investor Pack

    This is one of the two subscriptions packs provided by 5Paisa. There are a lot of perks associated with this pack, which investors can enjoy only with a payment of Rs.499 per month.

    Here is a sneak peek into the perks –

    • Discount on brokerage – 50% discount is provided to users on brokerage, which cuts the charge to Rs.10 per executed order.
    • Smart Investor – This product offered to the investors comes with long-term advisory recommendations, a model portfolio for new customers, 4000 stocks, extensive research, and timely buy and sell communication.
    • Model Portfolio Analyser – Herein, you can view the list of hot stocks, which must be on a check from time to time. You can track your portfolio, create a benchmark, check your executed orders.
    • Swing Trading – The swing Trader tool is provided for investors using the Swing trading style. Herein, the perks are 2-14 days of short-term and daily recommendations, which can attain a success rate of up to 60% to 65%.
    • Research – Herein, you can check the daily market outlook before placing any order requests and get a market evaluation.

    5Paisa Ultra Trader Pack 

    This subscription plan is basically for heavy traders who need the best of everything. The cost of this plan is only Rs.999/ month, and the perks are unlimited.

    This pack includes smart investor, swing trader, research, and portfolio analysis- just like the Power Investor pack. The add ons for this pack are – 

    • Up to 100 free trades are provided to the traders every month.
    • From the 101st trader order, the brokerage charge shall be Rs.10 per executed order across all segments.
    • Exposure of 5x is provided for intraday options trades. Also, the cash segment exposure is high too.
    • Call and trade charges, funds transfer charges, net banking pay-in charges, and DP Txn charges are all waived off.

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    5Paisa Charges

    Other than brokerage charges various other charges are levied to the client but these charges are very small in number & percentage.

    SegmentOther Charges
    SEBI Turnover Charges0.00010%
    STTDelivery: 0.10% on both Buy and Sell
    Intraday: 0.03% on the Sell Side
    Equity Futures: 0.01% (Sell Future)
    Equity Options: 0.05% (Sell Option) 0.125% (On exercise)
    Commodity Futures: NA
    Commodity Options: NA
    Currency F&O: No STT
    On Exercise transaction: 0.125%
    Right to entitlement: 0.05% on sell side
    CTT (Applicable only on commodities)Commodity Futures – 0.01% (Sell Future)
    Commodity Options – 0.05% (Sell Option) 0.0001% (On exercise purchaser)
    Stamp Duty(On buy side only) Delivery: 0.015%, Intraday: 0.003%, Equity Futures: 0.002%, Equity Options: 0.003%, and Currency F&O: 0.0001%.Commodity Futures: 0.002%, Commodity Options: 0.003% (MCX)
    GST18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge + SEBI Fee)
    Margin Funding ChargesYes
    Delayed Payment Charges0.06% Per Day
    Reactivation ChargesRs 20 per instruction
    Account Closure ChargesRs 25 per instruction
    Dematerialization Charges₹15 per certificate in case of dematerialization of physical shares.
    ₹40 for postal charges.
    Call & Trade ChargesFree
    DP Transaction ChargesBasic – ₹12.5 per scrip, (When you sell shares, this charge is levied)
    Ultra Trader Pack – Zero
    Power Investor Pack – ₹12.5 per scrip, (When you sell shares, this charge is levied)
    Funds Transfer ChargesNo charge for funds transferred through UPI and IMPS. No charge for funds paid to you from credit in your account. For funds transferred through Net Banking, ₹10 per transaction is levied.
     Transfer of shares from your demat a/c or Unpaid Securities a/c or Margin a/c or Margin Funding a/c upon selling of sharesFlat Rs 12.5/- DP Charges
     Transfer of shares from your demat a/c to any other demat a/c as requested by you,Flat Rs 12.5/- DP Charges

    Other than brokerage charges, various other charges are levied to the client, but these are very small in number & percentage.

    These charges are very minimal & they don’t affect the overall ROI of the Investment.

    5Paisa Transaction Charges

    SegmentTransaction Charges
    Equity Delivery0.00345% (NSE)
    0.00345% (BSE)
    Equity Intraday0.00345% (NSE)
    0.00345% (BSE)
    Equity Futures0.0020% (Future)
    Equity Options0.053% (Options)
    Commodity FuturesGrp A (28 Commodities) 0.0026%
    Grp B (4 Commodities) BLACK PEPPER – 0.0005% BRASS – 0.0005% CASTORSEED – 0.0005% RBDPALMOLEIN – 0.001%
    Commodity OptionsOptions Contracts: 0.05%
    Currency Futures0.0009%(Future)
    Currency Options0.035% (Options)

    Other Charges

    Here are other changes you must know about –

    • Call and trade Charges – No call and trade charge is taken from regular customers.
    • Fund Transfer – UPI, IMPS, and credit card-related fund transfers are free of charge, but Net banking transfers would cost Rs.10 per transaction.
    • Dematerialization – Herein, the charges are Rs.15 per certificate along with Rs.40 postal charges.
    • Delayed Payment Charge – If the investor’s account is in debit, 0.06% is charged per day for the amount standing in the debit in the account.

    The first specified nature is Transfer of shares from your Demat a/c or Unpaid Securities a/c or Margin a/c or Margin Funding a/c upon selling of shares.

    The second nature of the transaction is the transfer of shares from your Demat a/c to any other Demat a/c as requested by you.

    5Paisa Pledge and Unpledge charges

    Nature of transactionApplicable charges
    Pledge CreationRs. 12.5 per scrip + GST
    Pledge InvocationRs. 12.5 per scrip + GST
    Margin Pledge/Unpledge/ Pledge closureRs. 12.5 per scrip + GST
    Margin RepledgeRs.12.5 + Rs.12.5 (Rs. 25 per scrip) + GST
    Loan Against Shares₹50.00 + GST per scrip for Normal pledging charges

    Speaking in the context of the pledge and unpledge charges, Rs.12.5 per scrip + GST is levied on Pledge for Margin and Unpledged.

    Rs.12.5 per scrip + GST is the applicable charge for Pledge for Funding, whereas Rs.12.5 + Rs.12.5 (Rs.25 per scrip) + GST for Margin Repledge and Sell.

    Risk Management Team squaring off – Where the margin is inadequate and does not square off, the Risk team of 5paisa will square off trades in the last 15 minutes of the trading session.

    And for this service, they charge a nominal sum of Rs.50 per executed order.

    To know in detail, just click on this link 5Paisa Brokerage & Other Charges.

    Compare 5Paisa with Other Brokers

    Compare Stock Brokers

    5paise Demat Account Opening Fees

    Demat Charges
    Holding Value of Security Basic Pack Power Investor PackUltraTrader Pack
    A/C Opening ChargesFreeFreeFree
    A/C Maintenance Charges₹0 if your holding value is less than ₹50,000 up to 1 Demat account.
    ₹8 if your holding value is ₹50,000 to ₹2,00,000 up to 1 Demat account.
    ₹25 if your holding value is above ₹2,00,000 up to 1 Demat account.
    ₹25 if your holding value is less than ₹2,00,000 & number of Demat accounts across brokers is more than 1.
    Margin MoneyNot Required
    Offline to OnlineNo

    It charges NIL for opening a trading account, and the AMC is as per three levels of Holding value of Security as on the Last Day of the Month.

    For the Demat account, there are no account opening charges but an AMC; you can find it in the table provided above.

    Interestingly, if an investor has an old DEMAT account, they can continue by linking with a trading account and not opening a new trading account.

    To know more, just click on this link 5Paise Demat Account.

    5Paisa Offers

    Free Demat AccountYes
    Free Trading AccountYes
    Discount on BrokerageYes
    Trading Happy HoursNo
    Flexible Brokerage PlansYes
    1 Month Brokerage FreeNo
    Holiday OffersYes
    Referral OffersYes
    Zero Brokerage for Loss Making TradesNo

    5paisa has undisputedly created some exceptional benchmarks with its offers and features in the current scenario.

    • No Margin Money Account is required for trading
    • Flat brokerage Charges of Rs.20 for a basic plan and Rs.10 for value-added plans
    • Free Trading Account

    5Paisa offers the coolest deals for its customers or clients. The brokerage company has a flat rate of Rs 10 per order brokerage through value Ad Packs.

    Also, the DP AMC charges start from Rs 0-24, which depends upon the holding value of the trader.

    5Paisa also offers the lowest DP transaction charges, Pledge of Margin, and Unpledged charges at a flat rate of Rs 12.5 per order. The brokerage company includes NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX as Supported Exchanges.

    Further, the company also offers Portfolio Analyser, Smallcase, and Sensibull option trading. Last but not least, 5Paisa is one of a kind among the Best Discount Broker availing the facility of All in 1 Account for its customers.

    Other Offers

    1. Open FREE Demat account in 5 minutes – 5paisa has introduced this new offer for attracting new customers to its services where the account opening charge of Rs. 650 has been waived.
    2. 0%* Brokerage – Flat Rs. 20/- Per Executed OrderInvestors just have to pay Rs. 20 for every executed order which makes it an affordable opportunity for investing prospects.
    3. 30-days Power Investor Pack Subscription Free – Not sure if the plan is made for you, 5paisa offers you a no-cost experience for 30 days of its Power Investor Pack Subscription.

    How to open a Demat account with 5Paisa?

    • Click on the green “Open Demat Account” button & Fill up the Lead Form
    • Prospect will receive a call from the sales team
    • An appointment will be set up as per prospects’ availability
    • A salesperson will visit the prospect
    • Prospect will have to provide a few information & documents like Aadhaar Details, PAN Details, Account Opening Fees & POA.
    • The account will be activated within one working day and leave the login details in your email address.

    This Entire process takes 1 or 2 days to complete.

    Open Demat Account with 5Paisa – Fill up the Form Now!

      Fill Your Details Here

      Why Open 5Paisa Trading account?

      Here are a few reasons to open a 5Paisa trading account –

      • Brokerage Charges is very low – Rs.20 per transaction
      • The account opening process is very smooth
      • Very smooth working Trading Platforms
      • Allows investment in other asset classes like Mutual Funds, Insurance

      5paisa Products & Services

      Here is the list of Products & Services provided by the broking house

      5Paisa Products

      Equity TradingYes
      Commodity TradingYes
      Currency TradingYes
      Mutual FundsYes
      IPO FacilityYes
      Bonds/Debt FacilityYes
      Exchange traders FundsYes

      Here is the list of Products & Services provided by the broking house

      List of Products offered are

      5Paisa Other Products & Softwares

      • Portfolio Analyser – An advanced tool that lets users track and analyze their portfolio performance and weigh in their decisions.
      • Swing Trader – Swing traders can opt to avail themselves of the short-term investment ideas provided by 5Paisa. The broker leverages all kinds of swing trading strategies.
      • Smart Investor – The expert terms handpick stocks for the customers and present them via the smart investor tool for exceeding returns.
      • Smallcase – It can be denoted as a Modern investment product for first-time investors. It features a diversified, low-cost, and long-term portfolio, i.e., it helps you invest in multiple stocks and keep the risk minimized.
      • Sensibull – The focus of this tool is for options trading. It possesses features such as tracking your positions and scenario analysis of your trades using graphs.

      Whether you want to deal in Commodities or approaching IPOs, US stocks, or seeking for loans, 5paisa has it all. One-stop for many investment horizons.

      Diversification is an essential element when it comes to lowering down the risks in investments, so optimize it well.

      5Paisa Services

      Demat ServicesYes
      Trading ServicesYes
      All in 1 AccountYes
      Intraday ServicesYes
      IPO ServicesYes
      Stock RecommendationsYes
      Robo AdvisoryYes
      Type of MF planRegular / Direct
      Free Trading callsYes
      Margin FundingYes
      Margin Against ShareYes
      Trading InstitutionNo
      Trading ExposureUpto 5x

      Various Services offered:

      • Demat Account
      • Trading Account
      • Intraday Services
      • Robo Advisory
      • IPO Services
      • Exposure up to 5x

      Other Services

      Omnichannel Support – With its Omnichannel support, 5paisa has integrated all its services and keeps up with the technology well.

      Portfolio analytics – With this feature, 5paisa helps its customers to scale up the profitability of their portfolios.

      Wealth Portfolio Advisory Services – This is a new avenue introduced by 5paisa for its customers where it offers portfolio advisory services. This has been initiated to ensure a steady income for the long for investors.

      Offers different language options for customers – Keeping in consideration the regional diversification of our country, the 5paisa platform operates in not just English but in other distinct languages.

      5Paisa Research, Advisory & Stock Tips

      Look at this table for all information about their research & recommendations

      Fundamental ReportsYes
      Research ReportsYes
      Company ReportsYes
      Annual ReportsYes
      Company Stock ReviewYes
      Free Stock TipsYes
      IPO ReportsYes
      Top PicksYes
      Daily Market ReviewYes
      Monthly ReportsYes
      Weekly ReportsYes
      Offline AdvisoryYes
      Robo AdvisoryYes
      Relationship ManagerNo

      Look at this table for all information about their research & recommendations

      5Paisa’s research & tips services entirely depend on their Robo advisory platform. This robo advisory platform provides daily stock tips, weekly stock performance & other suggestions.

      But they lack actual technical research from top research analysts. Also, the brokerage company has a lot to offer to its clients.

      Apart from the Robo Advisory, the firm also provides Offline Advisory services to its customers along with IPO reports, Company reports, Fundamental reports, and many others mentioned in the table above.

      Apart from this, the best thing is that 5Paisa also provides timely stock tips that are zero of cost, i.e., free.

      IPO investment with 5Paisa

      Here is a step by step process to Invest in IPO with 5Paisa –

      • Open an Account with 5Paisa – Fill up the form available below
      • After Account Opening – Fill out the Physical Company IPO form, or you can fill the form online.
      • The client can apply up to Rs.15,000 worth of IPO.
      • After Form Submission, Company raising IPO will roll out the shares in the market.
      • If the IPO is oversubscribed, Lottery will be done for Share Offering
      • IF the IPO is not fully subscribed, Everyone who has applied gets the IPO

      To know in detail, check out Upcoming IPO.

      5Paisa Exposure or Leverage

      The broking company provides up to 5x exposure to their clients. Direction varies on various parameters.

      • Clients Holdings (Trader client or high-value client gets high exposure)
      • Clients History (old client gets high leverage)
      • Type of investment (Equity, Derivatives, Currency, Commodity)
      • Company Scrip (High Networth company has high exposure scrip)
      Add on packBasic PackPower Investor PackUltraTrader Pack
      Equity Delivery Margin5x | As per exchange5x | As per exchange5x | As per exchange
      Equity Intraday Margin5x5x5x
      Equity Future MarginNo MarginNo MarginNo Margin
      Equity Options writing Margin – sellNo MarginNo MarginNo Margin
      Currency Future MarginNo MarginNo MarginNo Margin
      Currency Options Margin writing sellNo MarginNo MarginNo Margin
      Commodity Futures Margin current and near monthNo MarginNo MarginNo Margin
      Commodity Options MarginNo MarginNo MarginNo Margin

      5Paisa Margin Calculator will help you to calculate how much margin you will get if you invest or trade with 5Paisa.

      How to transfer shares in 5Paisa from other Stock Brokers?

      One might wish to transfer their shares from their current stock broker to another and with technology and evolution, it has become very easy. The transfer of shares can be done manually and online as per the investors’ convenience and preference.

      Manual Transfer

      1. Fill the delivery instruction slip properly, sign it and submit it with the current broker.
      2. Take the due acknowledgement from the broker for the same.
      3. After the successful submission, the broker will process the request and will transfer your shares to the Demat account opened with new stock broker.

      Online Transfer

      1. Register your name on the CDSL or NSDL website with the “Register Online” button.
      2. After registration, go on Easiest- electronic access to securities information and execution of secured transactions option.
      3. Fill in all the details on the page and take a print out of the same and submit it Depository Participant.
      4. The Depository Participant will verify the form submitted to it and the investor of his authenticity.

      After verification, log in credentials will be given to the investor to log in to the account from where investor can easily transfer shares.

      5Paisa Trading Platforms

      The Discount broker provides a trading platform for all types of devices & browsers. Let’s have a detailed review of the same

      Features of 5Paisa Trading Platforms:

      Desktop Platform – WindowsYes
      Desktop Platform – MacYes
      Desktop Browser PlatformYes
      Mobile Site PlatformYes
      Android App PlatformYes
      iOS App PlatformYes
      Windows App PlatformNo
      Other Mobile OS PlatformNo
      Real-time UpdatesYes
      Portfolio DetailsYes
      Online MF BuyYes
      News FlashYes
      Research ReportsYes
      Easy InstallationYes
      Global IndicesYes
      Stock TipsYes
      Personalized AdvisoryYes
      Interactive ChartsYes
      Live MarketsYes
      SMS AlertsNo
      Email AlertsYes
      Multi-Account ManagementYes
      Features offered to tradersAdvance Trading platfrom with charting / strategies / technical indicators etc – Trade Station V2 /Developer APIs / 5paisa School App / Trading Partners
      Features offered to investorsResearch to take informed decision – Add-on-Packs ( Ultra trader Pack & Power Investor Pack)

      5Paisa App Review: Mobile Trading Platforms

      It offers a mobile app-based trading platform, i.e., the 5Paisa app. This is an on-the-go kind of trading platform.

      It allows execution of trade orders, lets one track the current movement of their stock, and looks into the net position, order book, trade book, and margins. It also allows investors to create their watchlist, i.e., customized watchlist.

      Apart from trading, one can also access mutual funds investment to look for available funds, track the position of one owned fund, and trade-in funds.

      Thus, this app considers opening, trading, back-office processes, and query resolution.

      5Paisa Trade Station Web Review: Browser Trading Platforms

      “Trade Station” is a browser-based trading platform that works on google chrome, firefox, and internet explorer.

      It is a fast-speed trading platform and allows one to trade in equity, derivatives, and mutual funds. Most importantly, it enables the transfer of funds from and to one’s bank account.

      5Paisa Trade Station EXE Review: Desktop-based Trading Terminal

      “5paise Trade Station EXE” is a desktop-based trading platform. It offers all the advanced analytical tools and charts.

      Based on the current portfolio, the system flashes suggested scrips and trading ideas. Mutual funds can also be accessed from this platform.

      Investors can easily watch and invest in various stocks and other investment options through various trading platforms made available by 5paisa which includes 5paisa App, Trade Station, Trade Station Web, Market Place, Developer APIs, Algo Trading, Connected Apps.

      5Paisa Customer Support

      Here is the list of Support they provide to their client

      Dedicated DealerNo
      Offline TradingNo
      Online TradingYes
      24*7 SupportYes
      Support NumberNA
      Email SupportSupport@5paisa.com
      Chat SupportNo
      Toll-Free Number8976689766

      5Paisa Complaints & Feedback

      Here are the total number of complaints lodged & the resolution status of 5Paisa for the current year.

      Lodged in BSE98
      Resolved in BSE86
      Lodged in NSE236
      Resolved in NSE230

      The broking house does get a sizable volume of complaints, but they resolve them very quickly.

      NOTE* – Their TAT for resolving any complaints is seven days. This is extremely good.

      5Paisa Benefits or Advantages

      Here are the various advantages of 5Paisa –

      • Flat 20 Rs/order is constant irrespective of the size of the trade, segment, or exchange.
      • The opening time limit is 5 minutes, and it is FREE and paperless
      • DP Charges are the lowest in the industry.
      • Chatbot for swift and automated customer support even during the market hours
      • Free Mutual Fund A/c
      • Multilingual app for convenient
      • Financial Products like Insurance, Gold, Loan in provided under one hood, i.e., one APP
      • All in one A/C to invest in stocks, mutual funds, commodity, currency, research, and advisory
      • Best Trading Platform in facilitation with cutting edge technology
      • Value ad Packs provide the Lowest brokerage, DP charges & 0 AMC
      • Stock Investment Ideas, Research tools, and advisory are facilitated
      • Algo trading and Robo Advisory services
      • Mobile Application provided is Lightning Fast and Advanced
      • Technical calls on both Email and Mobile
      • Offer commodity trading

      5Paisa Disadvantages

      • Advisory is mainly from robotic tools and hence is very algorithmic.

      5Paisa Branch Set-up

      The broking house doesn’t support any offline activity; hence, they don’t have any branch available across India. They are end-to-end Online setups.

      5Paisa Conclusion

      Among the Discount Broking house, 5paisa is growing at a very fast rate. Their client rating is also decent at 8.38 of 10. Our critical experience in stock broking suggests that you go with 5paisa if you have good trading knowledge.

      Since they don’t have an offline presence & their advisory service, they are not good for Investors. Their advisory entirely depends on machine learning, so there is a big chance of goof-up for new investors.

      5Paisa Review FAQs

      Check out FAQs on 5Paisa –

      Is 5Paisa safe for trading?

      Yes, this stock broker is one of the prominent names in the stock broking arena from the discount brokers group.

      They already have a vast trusted client base, and they recorded guaranteed satisfaction. The cheap plans they provide go along with the quality services provision.

      What is the brokerage of 5Paisa?

      Discount brokers charge a flat rate for all the segments, which is why they are considered cheap. Invest in Intraday, Futures, Currency Futures, Equity Options, or Currency Options, and the company will take Rs.20 per order. Delivery trading is, however, free from the brokerage.

      How to open 5Paisa Demat online?

      The process is seamless and can be done entirely online. Firstly, you need to click on the “Open Demat Account” button on this page.

      It will redirect you to a pop-up form; fill it up and click submit. A company representative will then contact you and guide you through the remaining process.

      Can I invest in IPO via 5Paisa?

      Yes, 5Paisa lets you invest in IPOs alongside many other asset classes. They have a well-devised structure of applying for IPO via form fill-up.

      You can refer to their website and choose to invest in IPO accordingly, but read the terms and conditions first thing.

      What Leverage does 5Paisa provide?

      Leverage facility extended by this stock broker is as much as 5x, provided for the intraday segment. Next, the highest exposure is for options, i.e., 1x exposure. 1x exposure is provided for Currency Options and commodities. Lastly, it is 1x for Futures, 1x for Currency Futures, and 1x for delivery.

      Does 5Paisa have a trading App?

      Yes, this stock broker provides the feasibility of trading via a mobile application. 5Paisa provides a powerful app for both iOS and Android users.

      They have embedded many features into the app, which makes trading easy for all the clients.

      How to contact 5Paisa customer care?

      The stock broker is always in line to assist its customers every time they require help, and hence, they keep their channels of communication always open.

      They provide email support and a toll-free number, and clients can choose either of the two options.

      Does 5Paisa provide research?

      No, this stock broker belongs to the house of discount brokers, and they do not indulge in such services. However, you can rely on 5Paisa in terms of information regarding the top picks, whereas Robo advisory guides you through many aspects.

      Is 5Paisa good for Beginners?

      Yes, this stock broker will be a great choice for newbie clients as they are pretty cheap. They charge a flat rate brokerage for all the segments and let you invest with the assistance of only a small chunk of money without the need to deploy massive funds into the Demat account.

      Who Founded 5Paisa?

      Parkarsh Gagdani is the founder and CEO of 5Paisa, which began its operations in 2016. The company has achieved a lot of milestones since then, and one of them is the award for best digital startup of the year.

      Open Demat Account with 5Paisa – Fill up the Form Now!

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