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Special set of services, i.e. the Anand Rathi PCG / Anand Rathi Private Client Group are subject to fulfilment of wants of HNIs.

HNIs generally have different set of goals or rather highly driven and oriented goals. Such target clients with high net worth are taken into consideration to structure the services here.

They generally are in a lookout for highly rewarding services, including quality assistance, since they invest in high amounts.

This is therefore the primary consideration of AMC companies offering PCG services. A group of experts come together to set the services, structure, investment ideas, strategies and more.

Check what Anand Rathi has to offer to under their PCG service, in this article.

Herein you will find the offerings of the service, Product suite, reasons to invest with them, Annual report, performance and more.

anand rathi pcg

Anand Rathi PCG / Anand Rathi Private Client Group Offerings

Product and service listing of Anand Rathi PCG is of high quality, and also reliable to its core.

If you want in dept details on the group, you can read the following pointers before deciding on your investment company.

Investment Advice

anand rathi PCGThe team which renders services the PCG clients is into in dept research and investment advice.

They collectively provide suitable investment advice, which they claim to have your safeguarded from unwanted risks. The end product or result here would be – investment driven from high growth possibilities.

There are plenty of tailor made investment plans and offering, which are customized and offered as per the specific wants.

Value Investing

While also ensuring to protect you from unwanted risk, they guide you to invest in quality stocks. You can be assured to stay protected from low quality stocks.

Their special investment advice would keep you grounded to gains, saving you from low quality stocks.

Portfolio Management

You can efficiently build a profitable portfolio, which would drive excessive profits your way.

The knowledgeable advisors are into investment solutions backed by quality research. The sum total efforts from the group, would yield the best returns.

Asset classes and Online Platform

Weighing in all the financial products and their performance, the company offers host products from multiple asset classes.

All of such offerings are made from high tech online platforms, which make the process of investment absolutely hassle free.

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    Anand Rathi PCG / Anand Rathi Private Client Group Product Suite

    The group is keen to provide investment strategies which look out for their client’s unique financial goals.

    PCG wealth is managed by extreme care and high expertise. Here is a sneak peek into the Anand Rathi PCG Product Suite you may avail for.

    Portfolio Management Services

    Wealth management can be perceived as proper hike in purchasing power of money, which includes beating inflation.

    Anand Rathi ensures to provide you safety against a margin of inflation, by choosing the right investment strategy.

    Rest assured, the clients of the company can assuredly earn consistent returns, or rather sensible returns of 3-5% above inflation.

    Mutual funds

    The company believes in creating safety nets, which would not only create wealth, but would also help preserve it.

    The group believes preserving wealth by means of creating safety nets is as crucial as wealth expansion. You will get multiple perks here including tax benefits.

    Fixed income and risk oriented products

    Irrespective of the kind of investments you need to make, Anand Rathi Private Client Group has got your Back.

    If you want your investments to feature fixed income, or the low risk products are you choice, you can invest with Anand Rathi PCG.

    Contrarily, if you are into equity investment, or rather high risk and return driven products, you can definitely choose Anand Rathi. For both your debt as well as equity oriented investment needs, Anand Rathi has got you covered.

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    Why Choose Anand Rathi PCG / Anand Rathi Private Client Group?

    For all the years this stock broking company has been in service, it has earned multiple accolades.

    This quality assurance reflects in the brand name, and it speaks a thousand words worth of appreciation.

    This special private client group, or Anand Rathi PCG was set up, to service the high and also ultra high net worth individuals.

    Right experts, advisors and managers are assigned to each of the strategies. Clients are given focused and special attention for high profile services they avail for.

    The expertise the group carries, alongside the excellence the managers bring in, leads to creation of high profile portfolio.

    Anand Rathi Private client Group is the perfect means for strong financial goals.

    Anand Rathi PCG / Anand Rathi Private Client Group Annual Report

    You can take a dig at how this group, i.e. Anand Rathi Private Client Group is performing by visiting their official website. They feature the necessary Anand Rathi PCG Annual Report in the website.

    You can check which domains of investment have fetched the clients maximum or minimum returns and then choose to go for the one you find suitable.

    Take a look at all such past reports to know if this group is worthy of investment, and if they have provided the high class results you are looking out for.

    Each year’s return reports and necessary insights are included, which gives you access to the recent as well as old records.

    You can carry out a fully fledged performance analysis to back your decision making process. You can also find the personnel related to the investment such as the investing managers and others.

    Anand Rathi PCG / Anand Rathi Private Client Group Performance

    Vividly going through the previous records, you can check that the company has somewhat managed to provide above par returns to the clients.

    You can see how the company has impressed its investors and helped them earn high returns along the course of the investment tenure.

    Benefits of Anand Rathi PCG Services

    Being associated with this group, you can experience high quality assistance while being associated with positive returns.

    Here is the final assurance, before you decide on getting associated with this group.

    • There is no denying that the stock broker has in hold, industry experts, who are into extensive research. They endorse investment advice with utmost risk management.  They also assured to have you protected from low quality stock investment, not to compromise with returns.
    • You can grow your portfolio steadily, with the best possible assistance via Anand Rathi PCG offering. The advisors are highly knowledgeable and qualified and are into quality research practice.
    • Products and services included in the Anand Rathi PCG Suite are versatile and include a wide range of products. Almost all assets classes are included, giving you the freedom of choice to choose the one you want.
    • They offer high class investment platforms and means to make investment hassle free. Such platforms make investing, as well as customer assistance easy. You can get in touch with the company executives regarding your queries and stay assured to have it resolved quick. Also, the platforms interface is so simple and user friendly, that investing is at your finger tips.

    Anand Rathi PCG Investment Range

    If you wish to know about the Anand Rathi PCG Investment Range, there is no specific figure provided.

    Since, the service we have been discussion is for high profile clients, hence we can consider the base amount. There is generally an amount of 25 lakhs requirement, on the minimum front.

    This is further extended to high amounts, and the company executives will be able to give you the exact figure.

    You can register with the company now, and request for a call back instantly, to get better insights on the range.

    Anand Rathi PCG / Anand Rathi Private Client Group – Conclusion

    There are sure multiple ways in which you can manage your funds yourself, and also do it efficiently.

    Experts exist for a reason and when big amounts are in concern, seeking for their assistance is the best thing to do.

    They collectively offer you efficient wealth management, while also ensuring appropriate returns.

    Experts assistance and the Anand Rathi PCG service especially is an add on, while transform decent returns into massive returns. Anand Rathi PCG services can efficiently manage risk and rewards.

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