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Zerodha Partner or Zerodha Sub Broker Program is one of the largest Franchise Models in the stockbroking sector.

This article will discuss the various types of Partner Programs offered by Zerodha, their features, Revenue sharing, franchise cost & more.

It will also discuss documentation and the procedure to start with them as a Business Partner. Zerodha is the largest discount broker that offers the lowest brokerage charges and maximum benefits.

Only in the last ten years of its business have it greatly impacted the Stock Broking Industry.Best Sub Broker Franchise


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Zerodha Partner Program Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

Zerodha Franchise Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Experience 9.1/10
Market Share 9.2/10
Products & Services 9.2/10
Revenue Sharing 9.1/10
Holistic Support 9.0/10
Overall Ratings 9.3/10
Star Ratings ★★★

About Zerodha Franchise or Sub Broker

Zerodha started its operations on Aug 15, 2010, to develop innovative and unconventional solutions for trading so that young India could trade more and more conveniently.

zerodha franchiseTheir innovative in-house technology offerings and progressive pricing has made them the largest Stock broking company in India.

They rank number one in the volumes of trade they do with the leading Stock exchanges.

Every day around 3-4 million clients trade and place orders through the Zerodha Trading platforms, contributing to approx. 10% of the overall Retail business of trades per day.

The team of Zerodha is extremely disruptive and enthusiastic about reinventing the wheel and doing something new all the time.

This disruptive attitude and passionate spirit have made them reach the level they are today. Zerodha Partner Program is one of the most disruptive programs introduced by the company in India.

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    Types of Zerodha Partner or Sub Broker

    • Partner or Authorised Person

    Zerodha Partner or Authorised Person

    A Business partner is more like an advisor or agent with the company whose job is to get a maximum number of traded clients for Zerodha.

    There is no minimum security deposit requirement nor a mandate to have office space; however, the revenue-sharing model depends completely on the business generated by Remisier in the share market.

    The average revenue-sharing percentage for a Business Partner would range between 30% – 40%.

    This Remisier or Business Partner Model has become extremely popular in the Stock broking industry as no other company enrols Sub brokers for free.

    However, Zerodha believes in being different from the league and setting its benchmarks, so it launched this program in 2015.

    Benefits of the Zerodha Partner Program

    • Enrol for a Sub Broker or Remisier program without any Initial Security deposit amount
    • Flexible Revenue Sharing model
    • User Friendly & highly innovative Trading tools
    • Online Account openings can be done
    • Free Training will be provided for all products and tools as well
    • Marketing Support provided by the Zerodha team in terms of Posters, Banners, and Hoardings

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    Zerodha Partner or Sub Broker Commission

    Being no.1 in the league is not easy without a special task force; Zerodha understands this fact very well, and hence it has lucrative Revenue sharing percentages for each of its Sub Brokers.

    The revenue sharing has been designed basis the quantum of business given by the Business Partner, which could push them to perform better.

    For the Business Partner, the average revenue sharing could be anything between 20-40%.

    If the Partner generates less than a brokerage amount of 1 Lakh, then the Partner gets 20% of the share, and Zerodha would keep the remaining 80% share.

    If the brokerage generated is between 1 – 3 Lakh, then the Zerodha franchise commission would increase to 30%, and if the brokerage is between 3 – 5 Lakh, then the brokerage share would be 40% for the Partner.

    Zerodha Commission Partner Commission
    Partner Program 80%-60% 20%-40%

    Zerodha Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

    Every Stock Broker demands a certain amount towards a security deposit from the Sub Broker or Authorized person during the beginning of their association.

    This is important to safeguard himself in case of any default or unfair practices done by the Sub broker, which could lead to a penalty on the Stock Broker.

    However, Zerodha Franchise Cost or Partner Program Cost is not a security deposit; they take it as exchange registration fees.

    The Sub Broker needs to open up a Trading Account and a Demat Account with Zerodha first to start with Partner Program.

    Zerodha Franchise Cost
    Partner Program Rs.11,000

    Infrastructure Investment by Zerodha Sub Brokers

    A Sub Broker represents the Stock Broker from a customer’s perspective. He would be the one who deals with the end customer and does all the transactions for him on behalf of the Stock Broker.

    Hence he needs to demonstrate high standards of quality as expected by the Broker himself.

    Many companies are very particular about this aspect and demand that the Sub Broker should maintain good office space in a decent locality with hygienic working conditions.

    They also sometimes demand specific locations or areas of the office. However, with Zerodha, there are no such clauses. Zerodha has a very liberal approach to things.

    They believe they are partnering with mature professionals who know how to deal with their customers and manage their businesses.

    Hence they don’t keep any clauses of office space and area etc. They only monitor that no customer should be treated indifferently or badly to lose business.

    A basic thing that each Entrepreneur would have in their office or workspace is a computer or laptop for managing records and tasks and a trading terminal.

    Also, a Wifi connection or some sort of internet connectivity and landline connection is a must to operate a business. Hence you could look into these major requirements and arrange your office or workplace accordingly.

    Zerodha Franchise Offers

    Zerodha is a very vibrant and thoughtful organization. A young set of skilled workforce manages this Discount broker. Their major goal is to look at multiple ways to improve India’s trading experience.

    Hence they are coming up with various offers for their Traders as well as Business Partners to enhance their business:

    • A wide array of product lines for their traders and Sub Brokers- can trade in all segments – Equities, currency, Derivatives, Mutual Funds, etc.
    • Zerodha offers advanced and user-friendly trading platforms.
    • The Stock Broker provides complete dashboard support. Zerodha Partner Dashboard helps track clients and the amount of revenue they generate.
    • The revenue-sharing model is flexible. This helps the client to earn more with high revenue generation.
    • No security deposit is like icing on the cake for the Business Partners and Remisiers.

    Zerodha Sub Broker Eligibility Criteria

    Zerodha’s Business partner Program or Authorised Person has no specific eligibility criteria. However, certain basic eligibility checks must be done before enrolling, as the Stock Exchanges and SEBI govern them.

    The minimum age criteria for starting any work or business is 18 years. Hence one has to be 18 + to get a Sub Broker program membership.

    The other prerequisite is that the person has to be registered with SEBI and a Sub Broker agency. Someone with a minimum of 3 years of experience in the financial services industry would also be an added advantage.

    A graduation degree or an equivalent degree is also something that many companies as for.

    Zerodha Sub Broker Support / Advisory

    While Zerodha is a discount broker, the range of Support it provides to its sub-brokers is unparallel. The firm provides service pricing support, client interaction training, and back-office Support.

    Here, back-office Support plays a great role. For the sub-brokers, getting advisory support is quite necessary as it helps easily track all the clients’ deals, their positions, and other information with the back-office dashboard. Maybe in the coming future Zerodha might come up with Advisory support.

    Generally, Zerodha doesn’t do much branding and marketing about itself but still, Zerodha is the No. 1 stock broker in India.

    Zerodha also offers a relationship manager to the sub-brokers to handle their grievance. Furthermore, with Zerodha, you will get a training and operation manual for betting your business and reach.

    How to become a Zerodha Partner?

    There are very simple steps you need to follow to become a Zerodha Sub Broker:

    • Fill out the online form here to enrol as a Business Partner. Provide details like your name, mobile number, email Id, and location.
    • Once you do that, an executive will contact you shortly to verify your details. They will also fix an appointment with the Business Development team.
    • As per the appointment, the Business Development Executive will visit you in person and explain the proposal- a model of working, the Support provided from their end, the company’s expectations, Revenue sharing percentage, Brokerage charges, security deposit requirement, etc.
    • Post the discussion, and once you both reach a consensus, the executive will get you to sign an agreement and submit some documents.
    • Once this agreement is deposited and verified through the verification process, a Sub broker code will be generated, and you can officially start as a Zerodha Franchise and then login.

    Documents required to Start Zerodha Franchise

    The list of documents required to become part of the Zerodha Partner Program are:

    • Identity Proof – Adhaar card, Pan Card, Passport, Driving License, Voter ID
    • Proof of Age- Passport, School Certificate, PAN card
    • Address Proof – Adhaar Card, Passport, Driving License, Voter ID, any utility bill
    • A cancelled cheque for bank account details
    • Passport size photographs

    Why Partner with Zerodha?

    Here are various benefits of the Zerodha Partner Program or Franchise Model:

    • Zerodha is famous as India’s leading discount broker; hence, acquiring customers for the company is not difficult.
    • They have extremely simple and transparent brokerage plans and rates uniform for all traders.
    • Their trading platforms are a delight to operate and trade as it provides comfort and ease in all transactions.
    • Zerodha has very strong back office software and Kite App which tracks listed clients, their Revenue, partner share & more.
    • There are no charges for enrolling as a Sub Broker or Business Partner; this is also a USP.
    • The company deals with multiple product ranges. Zerodha offers diverse segments from a single interface, which is a comfort for the clients.
    • Their Research and advisory services are also top-notch, providing accurate solutions for all your queries.

    Zerodha Franchise – Pros & Cons


    • Zerodha has a strong brand value which helps the sub-brokers and partners acquire clients easily
    • The initial investment or cost is pretty low
    • Zerodha provides a high revenue share to the sub-brokers on flexible terms
    • Marketing support and back-office Customer Support are offered
    • Great client support, which attracts more clients to the sub-brokers


    • There are not many business models available
    • Revenue sharing is capped

    Zerodha Franchise Registration

    For registering as a franchise with Zerodha, all you need to do is to follow these steps:

    • Fill out the form to apply as a franchisee of Zerodha.
    • You will receive a call from their sales representative upon receiving the form.
    • They will verify your interest in becoming a franchisee of Zerodha.
    • Then you will receive another call from these associates who will explain everything about partnering with Zerodha – Revenue, Cost, Support, and facilities.
    • You can ask any query to find out all the details about the opportunity.
    • Then you need to provide the documents like PAN, bank statements, AADHAAR, NISM certificates, and other documents necessary for completing the application.
    • Once the documents are verified, you need to deposit the security deposit/ initial funding, and your account ID will be generated.
    • You will receive the Account id, and then you can start with client pitching and acquisition.

    Earning the potential of a Zerodha Partner / ROI

    The earning potential of a Zerodha partner is between 20% to 40% of the brokerage paid by the client he has brought to the firm.

    If the client pays brokerage between Rs. 1 lakh and below, then the revenue share the Partner will get is 20%. As the brokerage amount, which is the revenue, increases, the share of Revenue will also increase for the Partner during investment.

    For instance, if the client you get to the firm pays brokerage of Rs. 5 lakhs and above, you can get 40% of the share of the same amount. For the referral program, Zerodha offers a revenue share of 20% to the partners.

    Zerodha Franchise Referral Program

    Zerodha referral program is designed for the clients to get people from their network and earn a share of the Revenue.

    As a referral partner of Zerodha, you can generate 20% of the revenue share on the brokerage paid by the client you brought into the firm. You can refer to friends, family, colleagues, and anyone.

    Brokerage Charges levied on the clients of Zerodha Partners

    The brokerage charges that Zerodha levies on the clients are as follows –

    • For equity delivery – Nil
    • For equity intraday or cash trading – Rs. 20 per trade
    • Equity futures – Rs. 20 per trade
    • Equity options – Rs. 20 per trade
    • Currency futures – Rs. 20 per trade
    • Currency options – Rs. 20 per trade
    • Commodities – Rs. 20 per trade

    As you can see above, Zerodha is a discount brokerage house that levies a flat fee across all segments, be it equity or currencies, cash or F&O, or commodity. This has a great impact on the business generated by the partners.

    Due to this cheap and flat-fee brokerage plan of Zerodha, many active traders join the firm via sub-brokers, partners, and referral partners, which help them earn good Revenue.

    Zerodha Authorised Person – Products Offered

    There is a whole list of products and services that Zerodha offers to the clients, and thus partners of Zerodha can also offer to their clients –

    • Equity trading – both delivery and cash segment
    • Futures & options
    • Commodities
    • Currencies – options and futures both
    • IPO
    • Mutual funds
    • Insurance
    • Robo advisory
    • Algo trading
    • Stock recommendations
    • Mobile applications and trading terminal – kite and others
    • Basket trading
    • Marginal trading facility

    The more products offered by a brokerage house, the easier it would be for the partners to acquire clients.

    In the case of Zerodha, even being a discount brokerage house, it offers so many products that the franchisee or the partners have ample of them to offer prospective clients to pitch and convince.

    Zerodha Authorized Person Testimonials

    Avik Dey

    Glad to be a Zerodha Partner. They provide great support, multiple products to be offered to the clients, and have one of the highest revenue sharing in the market.

    Sunil Singh

    Becoming my partner of Zerodha has changed my life and career. Even being an IT professional, I was always inclined toward the share market and started investing in my college days.

    However, the whole game changed when I came across the referral program Zerodha. Using my network and people interested in trading and investment, I have built a side hustle for myself, giving me great Revenue.


    I was always interested in marketing, and when I came across the opportunity to build a franchise of Zerodha, I grabbed it immediately. I make lakhs in a month with my clientele and have also started spreading financial awareness.

    Zerodha Franchise Conclusion

    Building a franchise can be a great deal, but with Zerodha, it will be a smooth process.

    With its extended Support, multiple offers, brand value, and great products, you can build a franchise Zerodha and earn great Revenue without much struggle.

    All you need to do is to fulfil their criteria for being eligible to become a franchise partner. You can also choose the referral program if you want to refer and keep it as a side hustle.

    Zerodha Sub Broker or Partner Program FAQs

    Check out the various FAQs on Zerodha Sub Broker Franchise:

    What are the types of Sub Brokers with Zerodha?

    Zerodha has only 1 type of Sub Broker Program:

    • Partner Program

    What are the age criteria for a Zerodha Franchise?

    The age criteria for a Zerodha Franchise or Sub Broker are a minimum of 18 years.

    What is the minimum security deposit for Zerodha Affiliate Program?

    With Zerodha, there is no security deposit that one has to pay to enrol as a Sub Broker or Business Partner.

    Does Zerodha have Sub Broker Model?

    No, Zerodha does not have a sub-broker model. This Broker is a discount broker, which means they are only available online via online trading channels.

    They do not have any physical presence across the nation; hence, they do not provide the Sub Broker model.

    Does Zerodha have multiple Franchise models?

    Although Zerodha does not provide the sub-broker franchise model for investors, it facilitates only 1 model, i.e., business partner or authorized person.

    What is Zerodha Sub Broker Commission?

    If one wishes to be associated with the Zerodha partner program, one will be entitled to a payment of 20% – 40% brokerage commission.

    This amount is provided in the right ratio, given the responsibilities endorsed by the sub-brokers.

    How much does Zerodha Franchise Cost?

    Zerodha franchise model requires an investment of Rs.11000.

    Does Zerodha have a Partner Program?

    Zerodha was the 1st stock broker to use the Partner program in the broking industry successfully.

    What is Zerodha Partners Sharing?

    If you opt for the partner program, in particular, you will be provided 20% – 40% of Revenue. This flexible amount is subject to negotiation based on multiple aspects. This leaves the franchisor with a share of 80% – 60%.

    Is Zerodha Partner Program Free?

    No, Zerodha Partner Program is chargeable, and to be precise, it is Rs.11,000.

    Does Zerodha Affiliate Program provide Training Assistance?

    Yes, to help the partners get used to the tools and products provided, Zerodha provides training support.

    The partners are accustomed to the products, tools, and online trading platforms to fetch the brand many new customers.

    How to Become Zerodha Sub Broker?

    If you have decided to start your business alongside Zerodha, we provide you with the assistance right from this page.

    You can click on the button “Become Sub Broker” and fill up the pop-up form. When the company contacts you, follow up with them and discuss the franchise’s aspects. An agreement is drawn based on mutual agreement.

    Does Zerodha Franchise provide Support?

    Since the partner model does not require much, full-fledged Support is not facilitated by the brand.

    Well, significant Support in the form of marketing is provided. The brand helps its business partner with Posters, Banners, and Hoardings.

    What is the process of referring Zerodha to Friends and Family?

    You will find a referrals page in the Zerodha Console platform. It is the page you need to visit to refer anyone. You must feed in the name, email id, and mobile number of the individual you wish to refer to and click on submit

    This would redirect a Zerodha executive to the person who would assist them in the account opening process.

    What are the benefits of referring friends and family to Zerodha?

    If you manage to refer anyone from your friend and family, you will be entitled to 300 Zerodha reward points.

    These points will be provided on the successful creation of the Demat account. Reward points are redeemable across paid Zerodha products, including Streak, Sensibull, Smallcase, and LearnApp.

    Also, you will be entitled to a 10% share in brokerage paid by people you referred from Jan 01, 2020. However, to make 10% of the brokerage, you need to refer at least five members.

    How to redeem or withdraw brokerage commission from references?

    The brokerage sharing program has a clause of Rs.1000 as the minimum payout, alongside five referrals. If these two clauses are fulfilled, you will be entitled to withdraw your commission.

    You can either subscribe for paid products using the reward points or redeem them from Console. Once redeemed, the redemption order cannot be reversed.

    What is the expiration period of Zerodha Reward points?

    Reward points earned will not expire if you do not use them, and you can choose to avail of offers.

    The brokerage sharing program is a must for a minimum payout of Rs.1000, alongside five referrals. These conditions must be met in case you wish to withdraw.

    Also, the maximum time for withdrawal of the amount is 365 days from withdrawal eligibility. There is no extension provided, and the amount will lapse.

    How to avail myself of a limited liability partnership account with Zerodha?

    Eligibility is for any partnership firm or LLP to open a partnership account with Zerodha. Helpline numbers are provided by the stock broker, via which you can contact them.

    They will instantly get in touch with you and walk you through the process.

    What is the process of opening a partner account with Zerodha?

    Per the norms, partnership firms and LLP are entitled to open the same with Zerodha. The Broker has released the helpline number, and the sales executives will follow up with you.

    What are the levied charges on the partnership account with Zerodha?

    You need to pay an opening account charge of Rs.500 for trading and a Demat account, alongside Rs.300, in case you wish to invest in a commodity.

    AMC, on the other hand, is levied at Rs. 300+18% GST per year. Rs 20 per executed order or 0.1% of turnover, whichever is lower worth of brokerage, is taken on all the segments other than Options, which has a flat charge of Rs 20 per executed order.

    Is Coin available for investment to Companies, partnerships, and HUFs?

    Yes, this platform is available for all the parties mentioned above. However, it is a must to open a Demat account with Zerodha.

    Is trading in NSE/BSE commodities available with Zerodha?

    Investing in NSE/BSE commodities is at present unavailable with Zerodha. However, the stockbroker plans to offer such services soon and will notify the investors shortly.

    How to file a complaint with Zerodha?

    The compliance officer is responsible for investor Grievances and Client Complaints.

    If you wish to file a complaint, you can raise a ticket regarding your issue, and the company will reach back at the earliest. The Broker as well keeps all the records of grievances.

    What is the process of trading in Nifty IT option contracts in Zerodha?

    Nifty IT option contracts went live on Mar 11, 2019, in NSE.

    Though it has been introduced, Zerodha doesn’t yet provide the said service. It shall be available shortly.

    What is the process of becoming a Zerodha Partner?

    To sign in as Zerodha’s Partner, you must get in touch with the sales manager of Zerodha.

    There are also alternatives available, as you can choose to fill out the online form or, on the contrary, choose to email Zerodha.

    Is a non-individual entity account available with Zerodha?

    Yes, you can open the said account with Zerodha by getting in touch with them via the helpline numbers.

    The representative connected would be your guide to opening the account. The eligible entities are a company, partnership firm, LLP, and HUF. Make sure you check the documents required before connecting with them.

    Is the Zerodha franchise profitable?

    Yes, becoming a franchisee of Zerodha can be profitable. You can earn up to 40% of the Revenue with a minimum of 20% of revenue share and other benefits.

    Which stock broker is best for the franchise?

    Zerodha is one of the best brokerage houses in the country regarding a franchise program. It offers multiple products and has a huge brand value which helps the franchisee to get more clients.

    How much does a Zerodha partner earn?

    If you become a franchise holder of Zerodha, you can earn between 20% and 40% of the revenue from the client you referred. If you only choose to become a referral partner, you can earn 10% of the Revenue.

    Can I become a Sub broker of Zerodha?

    No, Zerodha doesn’t offer sub-brokership but offers franchise and referral programs which you can opt for.

    How can I do business in Zerodha?

    To do business in Zerodha, you can become their franchisee, or you can become a referral partner. You can earn a share of the revenue your referred clients generate at Zerodha by paying brokerage.

    The more clients you can get, the more Revenue share you can earn. Also, the higher the brokerage the clients pay, the higher your revenue share will be.

    What is the Zerodha business model?

    Zerodha offers a franchise model where you can become their franchisee, and they will be the franchisor. The revenue sharing is 20% to 40% for the franchisee and 80% -to 60% for the franchisor.

    However, for people looking for a side hustle, Zerodha offers a referral program with a 10% revenue share.

    How many active clients does Zerodha have?

    As per data collected on Mar 31, 2022, the number of active clients at Zerodha is around 62.77 lakhs. It is nearly 17% of the total number of active traders on the NSE.

    How does Zerodha make money?

    Zerodha sells Demat and trading services to clients, charging a nominal brokerage fee of Rs. 20 per trade. There are 62 lakhs + active clients on the Zerodha platform and lakhs of retail clients. More than 1 Crore Demat trading account.

    So, you can imagine how much Revenue this discount broker generates yearly.

    What is Zerodha Partner Program?

    The partner program of Zerodha is mainly a referral program. You can refer any of your friends, family members, colleagues, acquaintances, and others interested in trading and investments.

    What are the benefits of Zerodha referral?

    When you refer new clients to the firm, you will get a revenue share. However, that is not all; there are 300 reward points for each referral with which you can purchase different premium partner facilities of the firm.

    Which is best, Upstox or Zerodha?

    While Zerodha has the experience, Upstox has the new-age thinking. However, both provide the franchisee with a great partner program and revenue share.

    Does Zerodha offer a sub-broker?

    No, Zerodha doesn’t offer a sub-broker business model. It only offers the Authorised person model or referral programs.

    Is it good to become a Zerodha sub-broker?

    Yes, by becoming a Zerodha partner, you can earn a high revenue share by referring clients. It can turn into your full-time profession if you want, or you can do it in your free time as a side hustle.

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