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If you seek for Groww Partner Program, this article will help you. All details about the Groww Franchise are mentioned in this article.

Let us take a step towards this plan, and gather all the necessary items you need in order to make the decision.

This article will help you come to the conclusion of, whether you must invest with Groww and what kind of business options you have with Groww.


Groww Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

Groww Franchise Ratings
Experience5.9 / 10
Market Share7.1 / 10
Products & Services8.5 / 10
Revenue Sharing8.3 / 10
Holistic Support8.6 / 10
Overall Ratings7.8 / 10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Groww Franchise or Groww Partner

Groww, belongs to the category of discount brokers, the trending and highly loved new age brokers.

The discount brokers have changed the pricing policies and how the traditional broking industry was run. They are a priority of a lot of investors, as are the traditional brokers.


Groww Franchise is you option of running your own business, using the franchise program of Groww.

This company was established in the year 2016, which denoted it is one of the latest additions to the list.

This company provides a lot of options for the clients and the sub brokers alike.

Mutual funds, SIP, demat account, Trading account and other similar products and services are provided by Groww, covering the financial needs of all the investors. Groww is a private establishment, and has its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Specifying the norms of return and commencement, the Sub Broker Code Activation Time is 7 Days. On the other hand, the Payout Time is 35 days.

Start your Broking Business with Groww

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    Groww Partner or Groww Remisier

    There are basically three type of franchise partnership provided by stock brokers, i.e. master franchise, sub broker and Remisier.

    The stock broker may provide one, two or all of the options as per its structure and need. Pointing out the exact need of Groww, it provides the Groww Remisier Business Model.

    This model is more of like an agent oriented model, where an agent is referred to as a remisier.

    The manner in which this model works is pretty simple, and hence, the provided perks and revenue is fewer as well. Also, the work load is not as much as the sub broker or that of the master franchisee.

    The exact process of work here is that, the Remisier is imposed with the responsibility of bringing in leads to the company.

    The investment amount is generally nil or even if levied, it is rather low. There are a lot of perks offered by the company for the remisier model, which are provided further in the article.

    Benefits of Groww Partner or Groww Remisier

    Note down the major benefits you will encounter, if you choose to go for the Remisier model of Groww.

    • There is absolutely no need of security deposit required by the company.
    • You will get a flexible revenue sharing percentage you can choose from. You can further negotiate and fix upon the percentage you would like to enjoy.
    • The process required to become a remisier is pretty easy and seamless.
    • The expenses are cut short here up to a great extent, and so are the responsibilities.

    Groww Franchise Revenue Sharing Model or Commission Model

    This section provides pretty vital information about the model. It is vital because it is often the returns guaranteed by the company, which attracts business investors.

    It is often the decision making criteria as well, for a lot of investors. The fixed Groww Franchise Revenue Sharing Model for Remisier is a massive 30% to 60%.

    This is more than the average percentage as witnessed in the market. Since, the percentage ranges, this means it is rather flexible and of course negotiable.

    Revenue SharingGroww
    Master FranchiseNA
    Sub BrokerNA
    Remisier30 – 60%
    Referral ProgramNA

    Start your Broking Business with Groww

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      Groww Franchise Cost or Security Deposit Amount

      Next element of discussion is the Groww Franchise Cost. This is the security deposit a franchisee is required to put in the business, in order to acquire the rights to deal in the products and services of the franchiser.

      The same is a case for the Remisier Franchise model, as the franchisee will become a legal agent of the company. The amount required for deposit is however nil.

      This is on the positive side and is a perk for the people who want remisier business. A good return, i.e. revenue can be earned without the need to deposit in a lot of money.

      Security DepositGroww
      Master FranchiseNA
      Sub BrokerNA
      Referral ProgramNA

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      Infrastructure Investment by Groww Sub Brokers or Partner

      Sorting out the Groww Infrastructure Requirement needs, we have constructed the table above which shows all the necessary information.

      According to the only remisier model of franchise being provided to the people, the infrastructure need is limited as well.

      The work load on the franchisee is not much and hence, no office is required to carry on the business.

      A lot of requirement are not associated with this business model, and the only necessary aspect is a working internet. Make sure you have a high speed connection of internet for the work need.

      Groww Franchise Offers

      Groww Remisier Offers are attractive and play a keen role into attracting and benefitting franchisees.

      A lot of offers are provided by company and the more, the merrier. According to the only franchise model provided to the investors – Remisier, there are two related offers to it.

      The first offer you can enjoy is of Zero deposit. This has already been mentioned in the security deposit section.

      Other than that, the flexible revenue sharing criteria is as well provided, where a range is provided by the company and you can negotiate about the percentage you would like to avail for.

      Groww Partner or Sub Broker Support

      Substantial Groww Franchise Support lets you thrive and create a success business. Hence, it makes it necessary for the enthusiasts of franchise model, to look into the support rendered by the company, as this will make the further operational process quite feasible.

      Total of 3 different kind of support is provided to the franchisee by Groww, and they are Back-Office Support, where finances and all can be analysed, Acquisition Training and lastly product training.

      How to become Groww Sub Broker or Partner?

      The procedure which goes into formation of Groww Remisier is rather easy and simple. We have placed the steps in the following pointers for better convenience.

      • Click on the option of “Become Sub Broker” provided at the bottom of the screen.
      • Enter in the details as asked in the pop up form.
      • The executives of the company who receive the details will emerge a contact with you and then, ask for your interest in the model.
      • Furthermore, an appointment will be given to the franchisee, to discuss the business further and take the next step.
      • In the meeting, the end to end details are discussed and also agreed upon, i.e. the revenue sharing, offers, perks and other such essentials.
      • Upon mutual agreement, a contract will be signed and one can become the official agent of the company.
      • When the contract is drafted, the agent will get his/her id soon enough.

      Documents required to become Groww Sub Broker or Partner

      Here are the documents the company will ask you, which will prove your identity and excellence.

      • Aadhaar Card
      • Address proof
      • Academics certificates
      • Age proof
      • Passport size photo

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      Why Partner with Groww?

      There are a lot of reasons why you must invest with the firm which you already know by now. However, if you want a re-check here are the worthy enough perks you must consider before you make an investment decision.

      • The online platforms provided by the company are very effective and shows the company has a good future, with great hold of technology.
      • Security deposit required by the company is absolutely nil, which lets you create business opportunity without the need to put in money.
      • The revenue sharing on the other hand is high enough, and goes above par according to the market standards.
      • Support is as well provided by the company, where you get to learn a lot of things to start and take your business to the path of success.
      • Offers are as well highly provided by the company, and you will be entitled to all of them being the remisier.
      • This company has already created a worthy brand, and the customer base is on rise every passing day.

      Groww Franchise or Sub Broker – Conclusion

      Ending up the article, we are sure you have a lot of knowledge about the way in which the franchise business work, by now.

      The exact figures and information associated with the Groww Franchise is as well provided. There is only a facilitation of Remisier model, and we have discussed everything about is already.

      Groww Franchise or Sub Broker Program FAQs.

      These are common questions SME’s are willing to ask:

      What are the Functions of Remisier?

      Remisier is imposed with the responsibility of fetching potential leads to the company. Every lead which transforms into a client will be paid for, and the revenues sharing range is already mentioned in the article.

      Which are the Types of Franchise models?

      There are basically 3 types of models provided by the stock brokers, however, only the Remisier model is provided by Groww as of now.

      What is the Eligibility Criteria to become Remisier?

      Graduation is the required qualification for availing the remisier program. A substantial experience of couple year in the stock market word, with a strong knowledge of the company’s products and services is must. You must be aware of the finance world’s happenings.

      What Assistance is provided by Groww?

      You can be assured of back office support, acquisition support and last product training. All these factors will help you carry out a well formed business.

      Groww Franchise FAQs

      Ques – Does Groww have Sub Broker Model?

      Answer – Groww does not provide the sub broker model for the aspiring entrepreneurs. The exception is as a return of the manner in which Groww operates. They are online discount brokers and do not have any sub units operation as their franchise unit. There do not have any physical existence and operate entirely online.

      Ques – Is Groww having multiple Franchise models?

      Answer – No, Groww does not offer multiple franchise models. In fact, there is only a sign model provided by the firm, i.e. the Partner Program. The interest candidates can check the terms and conditions of the franchise model and avail for the provided partner program.

      Ques – What is Groww Sub Broker Commission?

      Answer – Since Groww provides only the remisier model, we have the insights of the remisier model’s commission for you. As a remisier of this stock broker, one will be entitled to share of 30% to 60%. The commission entitlement is not fixed and rather varies, which makes it negotiable.

      Ques – How much is Groww Franchise Cost?

      Answer – Generally, there is a fee related to any franchise model one opts for. However, since Groww provides only the partner program, no amount of cost investment is required to opt for the model. You are not required to make a security deposit and can freely opt for the model is you fulfil the eligibility criteria.

      Ques – Does Groww have Partner Program?

      Answer – Yes, Groww does not provide the sub broker model or even the master franchise model. There is only one model Groww provides, which is of the partner program. The facilitation is as a result of the stock broker belonging to the arena of discount brokers.

      Ques – What is Groww Partners Sharing?

      Answer – Groww is one of the most well know partner programs, and is known for providing the greatest partner sharing or revenue sharing percentage. The business partners are entitled to a revenue in between 30% to 60%. This is indeed one of the highest revenue sharing percentage.

      Ques – Is Groww Partner Program Free?

      Answer – Yes, if you have plans to get associated with the partner program, you can do so for absolutely free of cost. There is generally a lot of engagements required in a sub broker model, which require funds, but since the partner programs require nil, you can invest in it free of cost.

      Ques – Does Groww provide Training Assistance?

      Answer – As a Groww business partner, you will not have a lot of responsibilities, as your job will be to only fetch in new customers. According to the nature of the model, you are only provided the related training, i.e. the stock broker provides the training of customer acquisition and product training.

      Ques – How to Become Groww Sub Broker?

      Answer – You can commence with the process right from this page. You have to click on the button “Become Sub Broker”. Fill up the pop up form and the company will contact you to discuss the further details. The franchisor will contact you and discuss all the aspects of the contract, i.e. the security deposit, revenue sharing, support and more.

      Ques – Does Groww Franchise provide Support?

      Answer – Yes, the stock broker Groww provides you the related support when you opt for the business partner franchise model. The company ensures to extend support in the domain of Product training, acquisition training, and also back office support.

      Start your Broking Business with Groww Franchise Program

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