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Established in the year 1939, Mangal Keshav Franchise is one of the oldest and recognized financial advisors in Indian. They have been catering to all segments of financial brokerage and advisory for several years.

It provides custom tailored services to their clients across 80 territories and 325 business locations throughout the nation. They typically trust in their ethical conduct, holistic approach and seamless proceedings as the key to their success.

Nevertheless, our primary concern here is not to praise them over the years of success. In fact, we have created this article to lay down a detailed Mangal Keshav Sub Broker review for them. And, the review will be based upon various factors including:-

  • The real reason for their existence. This part will include the details about the year and place of their incorporation. It will also consist the details of the person responsible for their existence.
  • Types and details about the business models they engage their business partners with.
  • Tactical support system they have laid out for the associates in all of these years. This part will elaborate on how they help their associates to get established.
  • Offers they provide to the respective business associates.
  • The infrastructural establishment needs they have from their business partners.
  • List of all the eligibility criteria they have established. This part will describe about all the requirements needed to be met to become their business partner.
  • The steps involved in placing a registration request to become their business partner. This part will guide you accordingly through every small detail.
  • And, lastly, the facts you must consider that will help you understand the functioning of the franchiser. These facts will also help you decide whether to participate with the franchiser.

Mangal Keshav sub broker

Mangal Keshav Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

Mangal Keshav Franchise Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Experience 5.6/10
Market Share 5.3/10
Products & Services 5.1/10
Revenue Sharing 5.3/10
Holistic Support 5.3/10
Overall Ratings 5.3/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Mangal Keshav Franchise

Mangal Keshav Franchise came to exist as a full-service financial brokerage firm due to the efforts of Paresh Navnitlal Bhagat.

The franchiser was established in the year 1939 within the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra. They are fond of using new age technology to cater to the needs of their clients.

And, rely a lot on their in-house R&D team to build, upgrade and maintain the technology. Furthermore, they also provide institutional trading solutions to their clients as well.

This helps their respective clients to make informed decision. As far as being a financial franchiser is concerned, they take 33 days to payout outstanding amount to their associates.

Moreover, they also need 3 – 5 business weeks, to create and issue a new Sub Broker’s code.

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    Types of Mangal Keshav Business Models

    Mangal Keshav Franchise typically rely on two business rights distribution models. We are talking about the Sub Broker model and the Referral Program.

    • Sub Broker / Authorised Person
    • Referral Program

    Mangal Keshav Sub Broker or Mangal Keshav Authorized Person

    Mangal Keshav Sub Broker business scheme is a very straight forward one. This model strictly attracts and targets a certain group of people and organizations, keen on business engagement with Mangal Keshav.

    We are talking about the faction who is interested in commencing business on the franchiser’s behalf for commercial benefits.

    These benefits are granted to them in the form of various commission rates. The associates engaging with the franchiser in accordance to the Sub Broker model are also entitled to other benefits.

    These benefits include having the right to distribute financial solutions on franchiser’s behalf and the access to several trading platforms.

    The Mangal Keshav Sub Brokers are also allowed to give out extra benefits to their respective clients without any intervention.

    However, they do not have the right to operate as monopoly. In other words, this means that they do not get the power to execute business dominance over any certain area. on the other hand, there are no other restrictions as established by the franchiser for them.

    Benefits of Mangal Keshav Authorized Person

    As far as the benefits from the Mangal Keshav Sub Broker scheme is concerned, there can be several considerations.

    Nevertheless, we have tried to keep the list short by including the most lucrative ones. In fact, we have tried to segregate the ones that commercially benefits the Mangal Keshav Sub Brokers:-

    • This business model guarantees the associates the permission for commercial usability of brand image. This means that the franchiser’s brand reputation can be brought into play for acquiring more clients.
    • This business model also grants the associates a huge chunk of revenue shares. The franchiser pays the associates in varying commission slabs. The upper slab undoubtedly touches the highest marks of the industry. But the lower mark is even more interesting. Th reason behind this is the more than the usual payout as per the industry.
    • It also guarantees the right to execute unlimited business. In simple words, the franchiser does not have any limitations on the quantity of executable business. This also means that the associates are entitles to unlimited profits. And, the profits they earn is totally dependent on their capability to commence business.
    • This business model ensures that the associates get complete right to distribute the franchiser’s financial solutions.
    • This business model also grants the associates permission to provide their respective clients with extra benefits. These benefits can be provided as per their own convenience and without any intervention from the franchiser.
    • This business model is also very considerate about the investment required from the associating business partners. In fact, they provide the business rights at a lower cost than the usual starting price as per the industry.

    Mangal Keshav Referral Program

    Mangal Keshav Franchise is rather smart in their approach to ensure ever growing business attributes.

    That is why they have brought yet another business model into play. We are talking about the Referral Program.

    This is a simple format of business acquisition that does not have a specific target. We are saying that this model can be used by anyone without having to fulfill any criteria whatsoever.

    And, this can be used as many times as one wants. Furthermore, this business model does not even require any security deposit to begin with.

    Benefits of Mangal Keshav Referral Program

    Here is the complete list of all the benefits that the Mangal Keshav Referral Program grants:-

    • It does not require the associates to pay any kind of security deposit whatsoever.
    • Does not require the associates to have any sort of business infrastructure whatsoever.
    • It does not require any kind of business commitments from the associates.
    • pays every time a reference gets converted into real business. There are no exceptions to this.
    • It can be brought into use as many times as one wants.

    Mangal Keshav Partner Revenue Sharing or Mangal Keshav Sub Broker Commission

    The revenue sharing model used by Mangal Keshav is very distinct just like the security deposits they charge.

    They typically have a slab of commission rates for the Sub Brokers starting at 60 % of the business shares. The highest rate closes at a staggering 80 % nonetheless.

    These shares are granted to the Sub Brokers depending upon the business they execute on the franchiser’s behalf.

    However, the franchiser pays only Rs 1,500 to as per their Referral Program. The commission in accordance to the Referral Program is paid off every time a reference is converted into real business.

    Refer to this Table for clear picture:

    Revenue Sharing Clients Share Mangal Keshav Share
    Sub Broker 60% – 80% 20% – 40%
    Referral Program Rs 1,500 NA

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      Mangal Keshav Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

      As must be already clear to you from the aforementioned table of contents, Mangal Keshav Franchise merely requires their prospective business partners to invest an amount ranging from Rs. 50,000 (fifty thousand rupees) to Rs. 2,00,000 (two lakh rupees) as an up front investment or Mangal Keshav Sub Broker Security Deposit.

      Nevertheless, the applying people must also take care of a certain investments with regards to the mandatory registrations and certifications required by the franchise for the sake of eligibility criteria.

      Check this table below for a better understanding of Mangal Keshav Franchise Cost:

      Security Deposit
      Sub Broker Rs.50,000 – Rs.200,000

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      Mangal Keshav Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

      Mangal Keshav Franchise has limited requirements with respect to business infrastructure. As a matter of fact, we have enlisted all that they seek within the list below.

      Furthermore, these infrastructural establishments are only required to be fulfilled by the Sub Brokers. The list goes as follows:-

      • The associates must have an office space with an area of at least 100 sq ft.
      • A staff size of minimum one person to take care of the daily office operations.
      • And, a handful of trading terminals built and established as per the market standards.

      Mangal Keshav Sub Broker Offers

      If you’re looking forward to get some offers from the franchiser, here is what you’ll be getting:-

      • Zero Deposit Requirement
      • 10k Initial Deposit Allowance
      • Flexible Revenue Sharing Allowance

      Mangal Keshav Franchise or Mangal Keshav Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

      Here is the complete list of criteria one must fulfill in order to become Sub Brokers with Mangal Keshav Franchise:-

      • The person applying for the business rights must be at least ten plus two or an intermediate.
      • A person applying for the business rights must be certified by the NSIM.
      • The person applying for the business rights must have two or more years of experience in stock trading.
      • Person applying for the business rights must have the basic understanding of certain computer programs like Tally.
      • The person applying for the business rights must have complete knowledge of the financial solution by the franchiser.

      How to become a Mangal Keshav Sub broker or Authorized Person?

      The steps as mentioned below will help you to become a registered partner of Mangal Keshav Franchise:-

      1. You’ll find a button stating “Become a partner / associate” at the end of this section. Click on it.
      2. Fill up and submit the form that pops up.
      3. Also submit the required documents as mentioned above.
      4. Wait for one of the franchiser’s representatives to call you. The representative will walk you through any remaining formalities and grant you the business rights.

      Documents required to become Mangal Keshav Authorized Person

      The following documents are required to apply for sub brokership with Mangal Keshav:-

      • Academic Certificates
      • Birth Certificate
      • Investment Proof
      • PAN Card
      • SEBI Registration Certificate
      • GST Registration
      • Cancelled Cheque
      • Payment Proof for complete security deposit
      • Passport sized photos

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      Why Partner with Mangal Keshav?

      These are the prime reasons that you must acknowledge for becoming a business partner of the concerned franchiser:-

      • They have been in the industry since the year 1939. This means that they have an experience of 74 years. This also means that they have a grand reputation in the industry. and, the reputation can be used to get in new clients easily.
      • They have a R&D team that consistently works on creating amazing technological platform for their clients. This means ease of conduct for all the clients.
      • They pay one of the best commission rates in the entire industry.
      • It is very considerate about the infrastructural requirements from their Sub Brokers.
      • Provide their business rights in one of the lowest rates in the entire industry.
      • It provide their business partners with valuable Back-Office Support and Dealing Training.

      Mangal Keshav Franchise Conclusion

      We think that Mangal Keshav Franchise is a one stop solution to all the financial services related business needs. In fact, they are an old franchiser with new age technological advancements.

      In short, they have all that takes to be the perfect financial advisory franchiser.

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