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IDBI Direct Franchise is one of the largest broking franchise banks in the country based out of Mumbai. Let’s have an in-depth discussion on IDBI Direct Franchise Review & a deep understanding of IDBI Direct Sub Broker offerings, IDBI Direct Franchise Revenue Sharing Models & other features of the IDBI Direct Partner Program.IDBI Direct Franchise Offers

IDBI Direct Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

Criteria Ratings
Experience 6.5/10
Market Share 6.5/10
Products & Services 7/10
Revenue Sharing 7/10
Holistic Support 6.5/10
Overall Ratings 6.7/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★


About IDBI Direct Franchise

IDBI Direct is completely owned by IDBI Bank Limited; it was first incorporated in 1993. Now it is spread across India in 24 cities. IDBI Direct is a registered member of NSE, BSE, MCX-SX, and MCX. It is also registered under SEBI.

This company is involved in Retail broking and distribution of IDBI and provides all the important tools, guidance and advice to help their customers taking better investment decisions and maximise the ROI. It provides a number of services like Institutional & Retail and Research Services, Corporate Advisory Services and many more.

 Types of IDBI Direct Franchise

  1. Business associate.
  2. Online Remisier
  3. Master Franchise

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    IDBI Direct Sub Broker Revenue Sharing, Initial Investment & Fees

    Let’s have a detailed understanding of the IDBI Direct Franchise Revenue Sharing Model & its Initial investment requirements.

    IDBI Direct Partner Revenue Sharing & Fees

    A deposit of Rs.300000/- will get a revenue sharing slot of 75:25 ratio.

    For becoming an Online Remisier, deposit only Rs. 5000/- (five thousand only) to become and play with a 50:50 share.

    With as little as Rs.50,000/- as deposited amount, the partner gets a revenue sharing of 60:40 per cent.

    This is a peculiar situation in that the revenue sharing is based on the deposit and not on the revenue generated through a brokerage. Nevertheless, it is always wise to get associated with a reputed name who had been through tough times.

    This amount is refundable during the exit of the IDBI Franchise. Based on the brokerage generated, client base and good social circle, the partner will get access to all six segments to trade into with IDBI Direct.

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    IDBI Direct Partner Initial Investment

    Typically, to have a share of 70:30 one needs to deposit an INITIAL investment of Rs.100,000/- (ONE LAKH only).

    The extra expenses of running the office and the internet as well are self-bearable. The partner needs to pay the registration charge of Rs. 2360/- (non-refundable) for each segment They are reluctant to share DP revenue and the demat-related revenue.

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    IDBI Direct Sub Broker Support / Advisory

    They train the partners and their employees very well for fast execution of orders. Online cash management. After registering with IDBI Direct they will offer training on their trading platform which will be free of cost. Although the partner needs to have his own personal computer/ laptop.

    They do provide advertisement material and full back office support. IDBI Franchise also provides Research reports free of cost. They also provide other marketing & branding collaterals like posters, banners, Vcard, brochures, etc. Advisory to the client and training to the partner employees which is free.

    Their trading application is developed by one of the finest. The trade execution is quick and easy via this android application. They charge you Rs 1000 for all the terminals.

    IDBI Direct Sub Broker Offers

    IDBI Direct offers the following services – Distribution of Financial Products, Portfolio Management Services, Investment Banking, Private Equity, Stock Broking – Institutional & Retail and Research Services, Corporate Advisory Services, Project Appraisals, Debt Syndication and Funding, Mergers & Acquisitions, etc.

    It also offers all kinds of trading platforms like – Web/Portal based Trading, EXE Based, Mobile Apps and Trade Over the Phone.

    How to become a partner with IDBI Securities?

    The documents needed are

    1. Pan Card
    2. Aadhaar card
    3. Educational certificate (minimum one should be 12th pass), and 21 years of age.
    4. Cancelled Cheque
    5. 2 photos

    For Franchisee registration, visit any nearest chartered accountant for proper guidance and to avoid unnecessary errors related to the registration process. Once the addendum is signed and registration is completed, the franchise code will be generated within 15 working days.

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    Why Partner with IDBI Direct?

    • Highly trusted organization and a brand known to all
    • Well-accepted and quality research
    • Variety of Trading platforms and advanced analytical tools
    • Range of trading products & services
    • Dedicated training support as well as training support
    • Provides 3 in 1 account features
    • Lucrative and transparent brokerage plans

    IDBI Direct Franchise FAQs

    Check out various FAQs related to IDBI Direct Franchise:

    Does IDBI Direct have Sub Broker Model?

    Yes, IDBI Direct has incorporated plans of expansion, and as a result of which they have decided to provide the sub-broker model. They refer to this model precisely as Business Associate and there are a lot of perks associated with it, alongside high revenue sharing.

    Is IDBI Direct have multiple Franchise models?

    Yes, there are multiple franchise models you can choose from, as per the kind of business that you wish to undertake. Precisely, the first and most popular model is the business associate, the second model is the master franchise and the final model is of online remisier.

    What is IDBI Direct Sub Broker Commission?

    There are multiple commission models provided as well. The basis of distinction is in regard to the investment or the security deposit that you chose to provide. With a higher investment, you can avail of a 75% maximum and for a lower investment, you will get 60%.

    How much does IDBI Direct Franchise Cost?

    There are multiple slabs of investment for the franchisees, where the greatest deposit is Rs.3,00,000. There is the second slab, which has a destined amount of Rs.1,00,000 and then comes the third slab with an investment of Rs.50,000.

    Does IDBI Direct have Partner Program?

    Yes, there is the provision of the partner program for the aspired individuals which comes with a limited set of responsibilities as compared to the master and the sub-broker franchise business model. So, the partner program is referred to as the Online remisier.

    What is IDBI Direct Partners Sharing?

    If you compare the partner’s sharing ratio of this stock broker, with that of other stock brokers, you will see that IDBI Direct provides a pretty higher share in the revenue. The remisiers are entitled to half of the share, i.e. the revenue sharing is 50:50.

    Is IDBI Direct Partner Program Free?

    A tiny amount of investment is attached along with the structure of the business partner, or the online remisier. The ones, who want to take up the initiative and avail of this business model, have to provide the franchisor with a small amount of Rs.5,000.

    Does IDBI Direct provide Training Assistance?

    Yes, it is because the stock broking house wants faster execution of orders, they train the franchisees and the employees. Training is provided on the trading platform for free of cost, and it includes advisory t the clients and also client acquisition.

    How to Become IDBI Direct Sub Broker?

    When you wish to get started, you must click on the “Become Sub Broker” button which is provided in this article itself. Refer to the form for the next thing and then fill up the same following which you can submit it. Right, when you submit your form, the details will reach the stock broking house and it will follow up with you.

    Does IDBI Direct Franchise provide Support?

    Support is endorsed by the stock broker, so the high standards of the stock broking house are met. So, you can expect support in arenas of marketing & branding collaterals like posters, banners, Vcard, brochures, etc; also advertisement material and full back office support.

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