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ICICI Direct Office Near Me – Find all ICICI Direct Branch Nearby

Last Updated Date - Nov 26, 2022

ICICI Direct is one of the reputed brands that has equally served the entire country with its exceptional products and services. The company has expanded its locale of services and you will find ICICI Direct Office all across the country. If you are in search of the nearest ICICI Direct Branch, this article is the right stop for you.

We wish to encourage you to try out their services, by establishing a contact with them. This is well facilitated in this article, where we provide you a locator to search the closest branch of all 757 branches. ICICI Direct owns 250 branches, while the other 507 branches are the franchise units.

Branch Type – All Branches
Own Branch 250
Franchise Branch 507
All Branches 757

ICICI Direct Review

Find out ICICI Direct Branch Office – ICICI Direct Branch Locator

If you have made a decision to go for this company and wish to walk into the ICICI Direct Office Near Me, our ICICI Direct Branch Locator will give you a head start. In order to search for the nearest branch, use our locator and enter in the city you reside at.

Now, you need to select the broker you are in search for, which in this case is ICICI Direct. This would straight away take you to the page, which has the information on all the branches located in the city you selected.

Search Branch by Broker and City

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    ICICI Direct Head Office / ICICI Direct Registered Office Details

    Check out for the trade name the company operation under, by chance you want to see its registration details – ICICI SECURITIES LTD. The tabular representation provides you all the details of the ICICI Direct head office, ad all the means by which you can contact them.

    The company’s registered ICICI Direct office is located at Churchgate, Mumbai. On the other hand, its corporate office is located at TTC INDL.AREA MIDC,TURBHE NAVI MUMBAI. The website will help you go through the list of products and services the company renders, and compliance@icicisecurities.com is the official email address.

    ICICI Direct Branch Office Details
    Registered Office
    Phones 022-22882460 / 022-22882470
    Fax 022-22826455
    Corporate Office
    Phones 022-40701320 / 022-40701125 / 022-40701000/1125
    Fax 022-40701022
    Corporate Email compliance@icicisecurities.com
    Website https://www.icicidirect.com/idirectcontent/Home/Home.aspx

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    ICICI Direct Branch in Top 10 Cities

    The top 10 metro cities are the primary target of any company, following which it expands to other locations of the country. So, taking into reference the top tier cities to search for the ICICI Direct Nearest Branch, you will find 39 branches in Mumbai.

    The next on list of the ICICI Direct Branch Locator is Bangalore, which seems to have 31 total number of branches. Vadodara has 1 branch, whereas the city Kolkata has 2 sub branches and hence, both are at the bottom of the list.

    Branch Office – Top 10 Cities & Metros
    City Branch
    Mumbai 39
    Ahmedabad 14
    Delhi 6
    Thane 14
    Pune 25
    Kolkata 2
    Surat 5
    Bangalore 31
    Hyderabad 25
    Vadodara 1

    ICICI Direct Office in other Top Cities

    List of cities in the country is huge and so, we have decided to mention other set of cities, which are popular after the top 10 metro cities. Here, the list of ICICI Direct Office near me starts with Chennai which has 22 branches, which is also the highest number on the list.

    Patna is second with 16 ICICI Direct Office, followed by Jaipur which has 14 branches. Nagpur, Ahmednagar, Mehsana, Dehradun and Junagadh are last on the list as they have 1 branch each.

    Branch Office  – Other Major Cities
    City Branch City Branch
    Chennai 22 Bhopal 0
    Jaipur 14 Coimbatore 4
    Rajkot 5 Gandhi Nagar 0
    Indore 5 Aurangabad 6
    Nagpur 1 Ludhiana 7
    Lucknow 7 Faridabad 5
    Nashik 2 Allahabad 7
    24 Parganas 6 Mehsana 1
    Patna 16 Chandigarh 5
    Navi Mumbai 6 Anand 2
    Ghaziabad 8 Ernakulam 0
    Gurgaon 7 Raipur 4
    Jodhpur 9 Thrissur 0
    Howrah 2 Ranchi 4
    Bhavnagar 0 Dehradun 1
    Kanpur 3 Guntur 2
    Jamnagar 2 Jalgaon 0
    Hooghly 3 Junagadh 1
    Kolhapur 0 Noida 13
    Ahmednagar 1 Navsari 0

    Find ICICI Direct Branch in Top 50 Cities

    ICICI Direct Branch Office in States

    State wise classification is even better, given, the ease with which you can locate the ICICI Direct Office in India, or in other words, its reach. They do have a significant presence in the top 20 states of the country. As per the ranking of ICICI Direct Branch in India, Maharashtra is on top with 119 branches.

    Uttar Pradhesh occupies the second highest number of ICICI Securities branches, where the exact number is 83. Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh both have 1 branch each and have the lowest accessibility.

    Branch Office – Top 20 States / Major States
    State Branch State Branch
    Maharashtra 119 Haryana 21
    Gujarat 53 Telangana 33
    West Bengal 55 Kerala 4
    Uttar Pradesh 83 Punjab 25
    Delhi 6 Bihar 4
    Karnataka 42 Orissa 34
    Tamil Nadu 4 Jharkhand 1
    Rajasthan 49 Chhattisgarh 1
    Madhya Pradesh 24 Uttarakhand 5
    Andhra Pradesh 18 Assam 12

    ICICI Direct Branch / ICICI Direct Office – Conclusion

    We hope to have served you in a way or two, if you are in search of ICICI Direct Office Nearby. Our locator provides the exact information on the ICICI Direct Branch Near me, also based on the pincode of your area. You will find a total number of 369 number of pincodes for the franchise unit.

    On the other front, you will find 211 listed pincodes if you aim to look for the company’s owned branches.

    Branch – Unique Pincodes per City
    Own Branch 211
    Franchise Branch 369
    All Branches 58

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