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Angel Broking Trading facilities are really wide, including the various aspects of trading to help investors improve their trading experience.

With Angel Broking Online Trading, you can explore a whole new world of trading platforms, services, and products, and you can get the true feeling of Online Trading.

In this article, you will read about the different Online Trading features of the stockbroker, its trading platforms, products, services, and all other facilities that you will get.

The article will primarily discuss the various charges and brokerage plans you need to know while trading. Then we will take you through the process of online trading and how it is done via full-service broker platforms.

Finally, it will end with the firm’s multiple trading platforms for the customers. So, let us begin with the features and benefits of the firm.

Angel One

Angel Broking Trading and Benefits

Build your investment tower with Angel Broking. There are multiple benefits of using Angel Broking Trading services. When you choose Angel Broking Online Trading, you choose the Best Trading Account facilities.

Angel Broking offers a variety of services which are listed below:

  • You get the services of a full-service broker at the price of a discounted broker. Yes, this traditional brokerage house charges ultra-low brokerage charges to everyone’s wonder.
  • They charge a flat fee which is the same across all the segments. This makes Trading much simpler and also very pocket-friendly.
  • You get various research reports, reviews, and suggestions for investment without any extra cost. You get free advice and tips on the daily market for investments.
  • Also, you get highly advanced trading platforms – there are terminal, browser-based platforms, and mobile applications. You can trade on any of the platforms at your convenience.
  • The presence of this firm is across the country’s different cities. It is present in more than 100 cities in the country.
  • The firm has extensive experience in the industry, and it is a popular name in the market.
  • You get to trade equities, commodities, mutual funds, futures and options, and other financial instruments for investment and Trading.
  • It helps beginners by providing training in the stock market.
  • With free trading and demat account opening, Angel Broking is enriched with numerous features and you can explore them all with our Angel Broking Review.

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    Angel Broking Trading Charges

    Segments Charges
    SEBI Turnover Charges Rs 10 / Crore
    STT Equity Delivery: 0.1% on both Buy and Sell
    Equity Intraday: 0.025% on the Sell Side
    *Equity Futures: 0.01% on Sell Side
    Equity Options: 0.05% on Sell Side(on Premium)
    Commodity Futures: 0.01% on sell-side (Non-Agri)
    Commodity Options: 0.05% on sell-side
    Currency F&O: No STT
    On Exercise transaction: 0.125%
    Right to entitlement: 0.05% on sell-side
    Stamp Duty (On buy side only) Delivery: 0.015%, Intraday: 0.003%, Equity Futures: 0.002%, Equity Options: 0.003%, and Currency F&O: 0.0001%.Commodity Futures: 0.002%, Commodity Options: 0.003% (MCX)
    GST 18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge + SEBI Fee)
    Margin Funding Charges 75% Margin
    Reactivation Charges Rs 20 per instruction
    Account Closure Charges Rs 25 per instruction
    Dematerialisation Charges Rs 50 Per Certificate
    Pledge Creation Rs 20 Per ISIN
    Rs 50 Per ISIN For BSDA Clients
    Pledge Invocation Rs 20 Per ISIN
    Rs 50 Per ISIN For BSDA Clients
    Margin Pledge/Unpledge/ Pledge closure Rs 20 Per ISIN
    Rs 50 Per ISIN For BSDA Clients
    Margin Repledge Rs 20 Per ISIN
    Rs 50 Per ISIN For BSDA Clients

    Other Charges

    The Angel Broking Trading Charges include certain mandatory charges apart from the brokerage charges. We will discuss the brokerage charges in detail in this section but let us first see which mandatory charges a trader needs to pay:

    • There are Securities Transaction Charges or STT at a rate of 0.0126%, which is levied on the total turnover
    • SEBI Charges are decided by the SEBI itself and levied on the transaction at a rate of Rs 10 / Crore
    • Transaction Charges are at 0.00325% levied on the total turnover
    • Stamp Duty is levied as per the state from where you are trading
    • GST at 18% is levied on the brokerage charge and transaction charge of each transaction.

    To know more in detail, also check Angel Broking Brokerage Charges.

    Similar Trading Accounts you may also Like

    Angel Broking Delivery Trading

    Angel Broking Delivery Charges
    Equity Delivery Zero

    You do not need to pay any brokerage charge for Angel Broking Delivery Trading. The delivery trading in the equity class is free.

    Angel Broking Intraday Trading

    Angel Broking Intraday Charges
    Equity Intraday Rs.20 per Order

    You need to pay Rs.20 per order for Angel Broking Intraday Trading. It doesn’t matter how many shares you are trading; the charge for one share and thousand shares is the same here.

    Angel Broking Option Trading

    Angel Broking Option Charges
    Equity Options Rs.20 per Order

    For Angel Broking Option Trading, you have to pay as per order. You also need to pay Rs.20 for each order and not lot-wise while most of the brokers charge on a per lot basis.

    Angel Broking Futures Trading

    Angel Broking Futures Charges
    Equity Futures Rs.20 per Order

    Now Angel Broking Futures Trading comes with the same brokerage charges, and you will be paying Rs.20 for each of the trades, and it can have any number of futures contracts traded init.

    Angel Broking Currency Trading

    Angel Broking Currency Charges
    Currency Option Rs.20 per Order
    Currency Futures Rs.20 per Order

    If you use Angel Broking Currency Trading services, you will pay the same Rs.20 for both currency futures and currency options.

    Angel Broking Commodity Trading

    Angel Broking Commodity Charges
    Commodity Trading Rs.20 per Order

    You need to pay Rs.20 again for Angel Broking Commodity Trading.

    So, the firm charges a flat fee of Rs.20 for all the segments, and the equity delivery segment is free and carries no brokerage charges on it.

    Angel Broking Online Trading Process

    To start Angel Broking Online Trading, you need to follow the process written below:

    Open an account with Angel Broking

    1. You need to open the accounts like Demat with Angel Broking; for the same, you have to click on this button you find on this page where it is written: “Open Demat Account.”
    2. Further, you need to fill out the form that pop-ups the application form and then submit the same.
    3. You need to upload the required documents for verification. The documents generally include the PAN, AADHAAR Card, and a cancelled cheque for bank details and others.
    4. If the verification of your documents is successful and the application has been approved, you will receive the login details of your account.


    1. You need to use the login credentials to log on to the Angel Broking site.
    2. Here you will find the trading platforms which you need to download.

    Downloading and setting up trading platforms

    1. Once the software is downloaded on the desktop or mobile, install them.
    2. Then you need to create the market watchlist by adding the stock scrips you want to track and trade. You can modify the same whenever necessary.
    3. Once you have created the market watchlist, you can start trading.

    Online Trading

    1. Click on the script you want to trade or track.
    2. You will see the BUY or SELL option at the side of the windows that open, or you can also directly click on the BUY and Sell option.
    3. Put the price at what you want to trade the share, the unit of shares you want to trade, and other details required.
    4. Click on place order.

    Angel Broking Online Trading Platforms

    The Angel Broking Online Trading Platforms include terminal software, a web-based trading platform, and Angel Broking App:

    • Angel Broking App is the firm’s mobile platform, which is powered by ARQ Angel Broking, a hi-tech engine for automated advisory. It helps you screen the stocks that are similar to your investing style and requirement and also helps in tracking the market. It helps you beat the index and earn higher returns. The platform is connected with more than 40 banks.
    • Angel Broking Trade is the browser-based platform offered by the firm. The platform offers a lot of market information and data in the form of a report, reviews and suggestions and tips, and news updates. The platform is highly intuitive and helps in speeding up your trading process and simplifying it. You can track all the differences in one place with this platform, and you can use it anywhere and anytime.
    • Angel Speed Pro is the terminal from the broking house. The Trading Software offers historical data of 20 years with 30-day intraday charts, and there are more than 70 above studies available for technical analysis at an advanced level. You can integrate research reports and news on the software to keep yourself updated.

    Angel Broking Trading – Conclusion

    With Angel Broking Trading facilities, you can trade easily as you have ample information, and facilities available.

    The charges for Angel Broking Online Trading services are super low like any discount brokerage house, increasing the investor’s profit.

    Angel Broking Online Trading FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to Angel Broking online trading:

    Do Angel Broking Provide Online Trading?

    Yes, they do. Their trading facilities are tremendously huge, and it also includes such aspects of Trading, which assist investors in making their experience ten times better. Herein, you can get the true essence of online Trading.

    What are the Charges in Angel Broking?

    First and foremost, there is the STT that climbs at a rate of 0.0126%, which is levied technically on the total transaction. Then there are the SEBI charges levied at Rs 10 / Crore. The transaction charges are at 0.00325%; stamp duty is charged as per the state of your residence, and then comes GST, which is at 18% on the brokerage fee and transaction charge on every transaction.

    Does Angel Broking provide Delivery Trading?

    They do, and it is ten times better than any other online trading sequence. With a massive customer base, Angel Broking has skyrocketed its business in little to no time. The charges are super low and yet to make ample profit.

    Is delivery trading Free at Angel Broking?

    It is. Herein, you don’t need to pay any brokerage fee. The delivery trading comes off as pretty handy and more reliable, now that people know it’s completely free of cost.

    Does Angel Broking provide Option Trading?

    They do. Angel Broking provides a pretty smooth getaway with the Options Trading process, unlike most other companies. They ensure your investments are utterly safe and in the right hands.

    What are Options Trading Charges at Angel Broking?

    You have to pay as per the order for this purpose. You have to pay Rs. 20 for every order you make. This is unlike any other companies that charge you based on every lot you buy.

    Does Angel Broking provide Futures Trading?

    Yes, they do. They also provide you with several research reports and reviews for investment. You can get free advice and a highly advanced platform to trade on.

    What is Futures brokerage at Angel Broking?

    Answer: They would need you to pay a meagre sum of Rs.20 for every trade. Nevertheless, it can have whatever number of future contracts included in it.

    Is Angel Broking safe for Trading?

    Answer: It provides you with a full-service brokerage experience at the price of a hugely discounted broker. The brokerage fees are as low as possible, making subtle arrangements for all the other segments.

    Do Angel Broking Provide Trading Tips?

    The firm has tremendous experience in the trading industry, making it a household name and a company to invest in. You get the lease to trade a lot of your commodities and options. They also help beginners earn sufficient training in the stock market before they jump into this industry.

    Is Angel Broking good for trading?

    Angel Broking is a smart choice for both beginners and experienced investors. It offers intelligible recommendations for its customers to invest in and offers appealing deals in customers’ favour. Also, the brokerages charged by the entity are very affordable and accessible, making it one of the top stock brokers in India.

    What is the minimum amount to trade in Angel Broking?

    There is no minimum deposit requirement with Angel Broking for either account, i.e., Demat or Trading. Investors can invest according to their pocket.

    Is Angel Broking good for beginners?

    Angel Broking offers easy, hassle-free trading through its trading platform. Beginners can invest in companies’ stocks easily with a step-wise procedure. Angel Broking also provide research and recommendation feature to assist new investors in picking the right stock.

    How much does Angel Broking charges per trade?

    Angel Broking does not levy any brokerages on Equity Delivery and does not charge AMC for the first year. Also, it charges a very nominal sum of Rs. 20 or 0.25% for every executed order regarding Futures & Options, Currencies, Intraday, and Commodity.

    Does Angel Broking charges for account opening?

    Angel Broking is undisputedly one of the fastest and most efficient brokers regarding account opening. Just fill out the form from the website or get in touch with the representative, and they will open your Demat and Trading Account in less than 5 mins. And the complete account opening process is free of cost.

    Who is the cheapest stock broker in India?

    Different stockbrokers adopt different strategies to attract new customers and retain existing ones. In the race of becoming the top stockbroker, the entities are introducing new offers on the floor now and then. Therefore, investors should compare them all consciously and arrive at the appropriate decision after that.

    What is the holding amount in Angel Broking?

    Holding is the period for which security is held in the Demat account. In other words, it is the difference between buying and selling period.

    How much is Angel Broking monthly?

    Angel broking charges Rs. 20 per month in the form of Maintenance Charges from the second year.

    How do I invest in Angel Broking?

    You can easily invest in securities from the Angel Broking application within a few clicks. Download the Angel Broking app from the Google play store and kick off your trading journey.

    Which app is best for trading?

    Some of the most efficient and fast trading apps are Zerodha Kite, Angel Broking, Upstox Pro App, 5paisa online trading app, Motilal Oswal MO Investor App, Sharekhan App etc. Different entities propound various other applications.

    Can I do trading with 5000 rupees?

    There is no minimum limit on starting your investment journey. You can start with Rs. 100 as well. There are various types of securities you can bet on.

    Is brokerage free in Angel Broking?

    Yes, Angel broking does not charge brokerage for Equity Delivery trading.

    What is the DP name of Angel Broking?

    Angel Broking is registered with CDSL as a Depository Participant. And its ID for the same is 12033200.

    Are there any withdrawal charges in Angel Broking?

    No, Angel Broking does not charge any sum when investors withdraw money from their accounts.

    Can I open only a trading account in Angel Broking?

    For trading, you will need a combination of a Demat account and a Trading account. Angel Broking offers to open both accounts in a single request.

    Can we delete the Angel Broking account?

    Yes, if an investor no longer wants to continue their Angel Broking account, they can intimate the same to the representative and fill out the Account Closure Form, duly sign it, and they will process your request.

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