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Availing for a host of services is possible with Motilal Oswal PCG / Motilal Oswal Private Client Group. The special group, i.e. the high net worth individuals are not to be overlooked, rather they need all the special attention and care. They have a different perspective to returns and rewards earned from the investment and so are they rendered.

Special categorized services are provided to the specially stocked up clients, who have investment ideas while ranges to high sum investment. Catering to their needs require special assistance, a service only experts are capable of handling.

Hence, the PCG services, as provided by Motilal Oswal are directed especially to the HNIs and this article gives you all the information of its PCG services.

PMS Offer

Motilal Oswal PCG / Motilal Oswal Private Client Group Offerings

The Motilal Oswal PCG Offerings consist of both high profile products and reliable services. We can refer to them in dept here, in order to make you accustomed with them. The broking advisory offering them, or their facilitation is as following:

Investment ideas

The company has a dedicated team, which performs extensive research activities. They evaluate all the investment options which would spare greatest of all returns to the investors. They are then specifically rendered and displayed to the clients, as per their needs.

Momentum trades

Investors who are immune to high risk, which can reward them with great possible investment, can invest in short term price movement. These kinds of trades are as well offered to the HNWIs along with long terms plans, to ensure proper diversification is reached.

Delivery ideas

Risk profiles are accounted for here, and based on which, investment strategies are crafted. Such ideas are then put to play, yielding the clients highest of investment possibility.

Quantitative strategies

With leverage on mathematical and statistical and technology oriented quantitative strategies, the company weighs in all the outcomes, and the clients are served accordingly.

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    Motilal Oswal PCG / Motilal Oswal Private Client Group Product Suite

    From among the diverse range of products, here is the Motilal Oswal PCG Product Suite you may avail for. The collectables of all the investment options are provided within this service and it goes by as following.

    Portfolio Management Services

    Distribution of PMS services are facilitate to the HNWIs, where the expertise they contain is put to use. Monitoring them would be easy and as a result, such clients will have the best assistance for their money.  Creating a large or diverse portfolio would be offered, as per the risk profile chosen by the client.

    Mutual funds

    There are various benefactors indulged into mutual funds, hence making them a pretty good deal to invest in. they include professional management, lower transaction costs, diversification, liquidity, disciplined investing and tax benefits.

    Real estate funds

    A latest fund offering by Motial Oswal Real Estate (MORE), offers investment in Tier 1 Cities and is focused upon residence. The present target is to raise Rs.750 to 1000 Crs from it.

    Fixed income products

    Fixed income products include special kind of debt and derivative instrument, including equity. This broking house, has all the aspects sorted, in order make sure the tenure, risk and reward profile of clients are met.

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    Why Choose Motilal Oswal PCG / Motilal Oswal Private Client Group?

    Motilal Oswal ia a fine group which managed to attain remarkable knowledge and experience, along its years of service. As a result a special division, known as the Motilal Oswal Private Wealth Management (MOPWM) was established. This division basically focuses on the high and also ultra high net worth individuals.

    They render the Motilal Oswal PCG service, referred to as the Motilal Oswal Private Client Group with assistance of the right managers. Managers excelling in the right asset class are provided, so as to ensure an excellent portfolio is created and rendered to the worthy clients. Redefine the art of investing with Motilal Oswal.

    Motilal Oswal PCG / Motilal Oswal Private Client Group Annual Report

    This reputed company featuring its Motilal Oswal PCG Annual Report, on it official website. It cites all the possibilities of excelling in investment domain, thereby attracting clients and investors through its remarkable services rendered. A slight peek into the annual report would let you draft an idea of the company’s class services.

    They provide reports per year, making it easy for the investors to evaluate the latest report, or even dig up all the past reports for a better performance analysis. Everything associated with the report, including the information on Key managerial personnel is as well mentioned.

    Motilal Oswal PCG / Motilal Oswal Private Client Group Performance

    With the establishment of Motilal Oswal Private Wealth Management (MOPWM), the company has all the expertise in hand. The Motilal Oswal PCG Performance has grown multifolds, in accordance with the experience they managed to attain since the year 2007.

    Their expertise is remarkable and they have all the measure which would grow the client, making them financially independent.

    Benefits of Motilal Oswal PCG Services

    Here are some of the remarkable Benefits of Motilal Oswal PCG Services you might be expecting to experience. Check out the same before you decide to avail for their services.

    • Hands down, you will have the best assistance to research. The company has attained excellence in research activities with its drive on focused research. Their research is trusted by a vast majority of investors from India.
    • With the significant mark achieved in research, it further drives the threshold to solid decision making. They ensure the recommendations made are reliable, speedy and also relevant in achieving the distinctive needs of HNWIs.
    • Strong ties and understanding needs to emerge within the clients and the company, in PCG services. The gap is bridged by relations managers, who are determined to understand the client’s need and provide the most relative investment solution.

    Motilal Oswal PCG Investment Range

    Speaking specifically of the Motilal Oswal PCG Investment Range, the company has no definite range mentioned as of now. In order to avail for the service, you may contact the company representation and fetch out the exact requirements.

    However, the basic range lies in between 25 lakhs and above accounted investment. Request a cal back from the company now and establish a connection with the company.

    Motilal Oswal PCG / Motilal Oswal Private Client Group – Conclusion

    The way you manage your fund is different as compared to the experts of Motilal Oswal PCG Services. They have the right knowledge and experience, including the ability of saving your funds from any possible loss and diversion. They ensure no funds are left vacant, as a result of which your returns would be hampered.

    Self strategies, when fine crafted can be profitable too, but with the expert assistance, they multiply. Make a decent, or a highly rewarding portfolio with high risk profile, as aspired with Motilal Oswal PCG services.

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