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Shriram Insight Franchise is a very famous Sub Broker Program all around the country. And they basically have a wide range of customers from different areas of the country.

Here we will talk about the methodology and details of Shriram Insight such as what kind of Sub Brokers or Franchise channels they operate with, what platforms they use for trading, what is the procedure to enroll as a Sub Broker and what are their brokerage charges, etc.

Shriram Insight Franchise Offers

Shriram Insights Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

Shriram Insights Franchise Ratings
Market Share5.8/10
Products & Services5.6/10
Revenue Sharing5.7/10
Holistic Support5.9/10
Overall Ratings5.8/10
Star Ratings★★★

About Shriram Insight Franchise

Shriram Insight has come in existence in 1974 as a broking arm of the famous Shriram group; the founder’s name of Shriram insight is Shri. R Thiagarajan who has received the Padma Bhushan award also.

Shriram group had started their work with chit funds basically, and then slowly and gradually they have taken over all the fields of financial business.

They have started giving different products and investment schemes to the customers. The Broking House have a very wide customer base which goes upto 9.3 million customers all over the country.

Stock Broker have nearly 2800 branches all around the country and in all these branches, they have almost 7000 employees working under their brand name.

These are the official employees and other than them there are more than 1,40,000 agents and under their management they have a complete asset of around 93,000 crores.

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    Shriram insight franchise is divided in three types

    1. Franchise or Business Partner
    2. Authorised Person
    3. Business Associate

    Shriram Insight Franchise or Business Partner

    If you desire to try your hands in financial business and you are taking it very seriously to get a good brand name by which you can earn good profit, then you need to knock on the Shriram Insight doors. They certainly offer you a big career growth if you are ready to work hard with them.

    The term Partner refers to an entrepreneur who desires to work with Shriram insight, and expand his business to earn profits under the brand name of the Shriram group.

    As the range of financial products which is offered by Shriram insight is so big, that you can take benefit out of it and have every financial option to offer for your customers.

    Being a partner does not mean only working under their name but on the contrary one will be working under the complete guidance of Shriram support team, from getting you trained to the business and marketing development both.

    Shriram Insight Authorised Person or Sub Broker

    If you personally don’t want to get involved in the financial business, but do want to start the venture and earn some profit, in that case also Shriram insight support team is going to help you to start off with your business without getting completely involved.

    They will basically handle each and every step of this process if you are interested in putting your capital to start this business. Shriram Insight Franchise team will help you hire resources and will also properly train them about the process so that they can become efficient enough. They will also take care of all the customer’s issues that will emerge and will handle trading activities too.

    This model is basically to provide you complete support by the team of Shriram insight from scratch and keep helping you till the time your business will start running smoothly.

    Shriram Insight Business Associate

    This model is basically for those people who are already in this financial business line and are financial advisors who have the licences to do business with Shriram insight by becoming their partner.

    This is an official model in which the financial advisor will get training and will completely get assistance by the support team of Shriram insight. And they can use their portal to work for themselves and for their customers too.

    You will be assigned with a Relationship Manager who will help you starting from the generating or till closing leads as well. They will also have an internal team which will basically handle marketing related issues.

    Benefits for a Shriram Insight Franchise / Sub Broker / Business Associate:

    Whatever be the business model, Franchise, Authorised person or Business associate, they are the face of the stock broker in the market. Hence Shriram Insight makes sure that they get enough benefits to be able to sustain their business and grow:

    1. The biggest plus point is that Shriram insight has a wide range of products to offer the customers according to their need such as IPO, mutual funds, tax free bonds, derivatives etc. and considering such a big range of products offered to the customers, one can plan to earn a big amount of profit too.
    2. Sub broker is being trained completely about all the products, which is being offered by the Shriram insight team. They gets a classroom training, offline training and online training as well.
    3. Sub broker have been provided with complete support whether that is brand or the marketing support by the team so that they don’t have to face any type of teething issues.
    4. Regular mailers, brochures and messages have been provided by the stock broker so that the sub broker can send them to their clients and customers.
    5. There is a team, which is set to provide the after sales support if the sub broker if needed

    Shriram Insight Partner Revenue Sharing Model & Commission

    There is a distinct model for all three different types of models Partner, Authorised Person and Business Associate.

    The business associate model is based on the commission or brokerage system while on the other hand, Authorised Person or Partner model is based on the profit sharing model in which the fixed percentage is already decided earlier.

    By choosing any of the models, you will surely get a huge amount of profit out of your business under the brand name of Shriram insight. It gives you the benefit of being in the market since a long time and using their well acknowledged legacy.

    Shriram Insight Commission Sharing Model

    It is well-known that revenue sharing model does have some difference according to the performance of each sub broker. It also affects the business development catalyst based upon the people’s performance. Let’s see the different range of the ratios of revenues that Shriram insight offers them.

    Since the Sub broker is more of an independent model, in which they deal directly with the clients and indulge in the complete process of starting to the accomplishment of the trading and that’s the reason that they have the highest share which goes upto 80% – 70%.

    While in the Partner model, there is a 50-50 contribution of the work, in which one gets resources and training from the company and have to put their share in client dealing and closing the trades. According to the performance the share is decided, that is why the share of the Partner model is around 60% – 50%.

    Business associate model have the least share in Shriram insight as they are already the financial advisors and they get the further training from Shriram insight. According to the performance and the efforts put in by these business associates, their share is decided, but generally it is between 20% to 40%.

    Check this table for Shriram Insight Sub Broker Revenue Sharing Models:

    Shriram Insight CommissionFranchise Commission
    Franchise Model20%-30%80%-70%
    Sub Broker Model40% – 50%60% – 50%
    Business Associate60% – 80%40% – 20%

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    Shriram Insight Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

    A certain amount of security deposit is demanded by each and every Stock Broker in the market from the person who is involved or said to be the authorised person and also called as Sub Broker so that they can start off with their association together.

    This is basically done so that the broker can keep himself safe in all conditions if something wrong happens by the side of Sub broker in the form of any wrong practice and because they are using the name of the main stock broker, then the penalty will be charged on the name of stock broker.

    Therefore, they keep this amount to pay that penalty if the things go wrong anytime in the future.

    All the models, which are included with the Shriram Insight association, do have a different requirement of Security Deposit amount. However, there is one feature which is common in all of them is that they can get the refund whenever needed.

    The security deposit needed from a Business Associate ranges between INR 15000 to 30,000. While the Partner model do have a security range of INR 50,000 to 100,000. The third or the last model, which is the Franchise has the largest amount of security deposit which goes upto INR 200,000 to 300,000.

    Find table below for clarity on Shriram Insight Partner Security Deposit Requirement:

    Shriram Insight Franchise Cost
    Franchise ModelRs.2 Lakh – Rs.3 Lakh
    Sub Broker ModelRs.50,000 – Rs.100,000
    Business AssociateRs.15,000 – Rs.30,000

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    Infrastructure investment by Shriram Insight Sub brokers

    Since Shriram Insight is a big brand name and has a great amount of reputation in the Industry, they are a little particular when it comes to client dealing.

    They definitely want their Franchise and Business Partner to run a full fledged office with nice infrastructure and in a good locality to be able to carry off their brand name well.

    This is not a mandate for the Business Associate as he is just an advisor and would not need to meet the clients directly as well.


    How to become Shriram insights sub broker or authorised person?

    To become a sub broker or the authorised person with Shriram insights one needs to see and choose from the available options of model of partnerships, which are Partner, Authorised Person or the Business Associate.

    And this choice should be according to your needs and style of working in business. If you are already in the financial line but just need a brand name and support so that you can expand your business to earn the desired amount of profit then you should go for the business associate model which offers the type of benefits you want.

    Or on the other hand if you are not in this financial line and you know nothing about this but still very sure to start this financial business then you should go for the Authorised Person model, in which you can get the complete help from the support team of Shriram insight so that they can help you start your business from a scratch and develop it on that level where you can start earning the desired profits.

    And the last one Is the partner model, this can be taken by one who desired to be the associated with the franchise with the half resources and the rest are set to be put by the stock broker.

    Process to Register as Shriram Insight Sub Broker or Franchise

    Just fill up the form to become a sub broker.  Then you will receive the call from shriram insight and they will understand your exact requirements.

    Then when everything is set, then one needs to proceed with the documentation and the agreements process. Post Documentation process you have submit a cheque of security deposit.

    And this complete process of becoming a sub broker does take almost 2 weeks’ time.


    Documents required to become Shriram insights sub broker or authorised person.

    There is a need of important KYC documents like all the other financial services company. One cannot get enrolled without these important documents. Let’s see the list of the documents which one needs to submit:

    1. One needs to provide the Pan Card or the Passport copy which can be used as the age proof.
    2. ID proof like driving license, pan card, Adhaar card, passport or the govt ID card.
    3. And for the address proof one can give these documents- Adhaar card, passport, driving license, or a utility bill of that particular address.
    4. Need to give some of the recent photographs of passport size.
    5. Registration certificate which is given by the SEBI
    6. ITR copies which are the financial documentations.
    7. Current Bank Account Details

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    Why partner with Shriram insight?

    Let’s see why you should opt for Shriram insight as your ideal Business Partner

    1. There is a very wide range of products they offer and strong customer connect.
    2. Shriram insight is a big brand name, which is quite popular in the market and people will not hesitate in investing in the brand name.
    3. Shriram Insight can help you achieve great financial heights through their sub broker program.

    Shriram Insight Partner Program FAQs

    Q1. How many types of sub brokers are there in Shriram insight?

    ANS: Shriram has three types of sub broker programs

    • Business associate
    • Franchise or partner
    • Authorised model

    Q2. What kind of support does Shriram support team give?

    ANS: They handle all the queries and problems of clients, provide training , hire people for your business and help you grow business completely.

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