R K Global Franchise / Authorized Person / Partner / Sub Broker Review

R K Global Franchise is a newly established business model from the broking house. This article entails all about RK Global’s Sub Broke Program, their types and sub types of Franchise business, their Revenue sharing model, R K Global’s customer acquisition strategy and various other aspects dealing onto this.

R K Global is a Stock Broking firm, which started in 1995; however went full swing with their retail penetration from 2004. Initially they were mainly catering to a fairly small customer base and managing their trading interactions, but since they went into the Retail segment, they have seen a major upsurge in their overall company performance and are growing rapidly with every passing year.

Rk Global franchise offers

R K Global Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

R K Global Franchise Ratings
Market Share5.1/10
Products & Services5.2/10
Revenue Sharing5.1/10
Holistic Support5.0/10
Overall Ratings5.1/10
Star Ratings★★★

About R K Global Franchise

R K Global started its journey in the year 1995 under the leadership of Shri Ramesh Kumar Bhagchandka; who is the son of Late Shri Lakhi Prasad Bhagchandka, who was then the owner of the Bhagchandka Group. R K Global ventured into the Retail Stock market space in the year 2004 and ever since there is no looking back for them.

r k global franchiseThe two decade journey has made them stronger and larger not only in their customer base but also in their operating methodologies.

They believe completely in the power technology, and hence they have leveraged technology for their advantage. In the year 2006, they launched their E-trading platform and ever since their client base has been increasing; today they record more than 90,000 happy satisfied customers who trade through their online portal.

R K Global operate from 24 States and over 150 cities across the country having a battalion of Business Associates as their strength. They have more than 250 loyal and skilled personnel managing the front-end operations of customer interaction centers, branches and Sub Brokers as well.

R K Global’s mission is “to Provide Top Class Customer services, creating value for Stakeholders and enhancing lives of our employees and the community.” For them, Customer satisfaction is a prime factor and they would go to any extent in making that happen.

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R K Global Franchise is divided into two types:

  • Sub Broker or Business Partner
  • Online Franchise

R K Global Sub Broker or R K Global Business Partner

A Sub Broker model with R K Global is similar to a Franchise or Business Partner wherein the company i.e. R K Global would give him complete access to the Trading platforms and tools and the Sub Broker would be responsible for increasing business by adding more customers and also getting them to trade.

The Sub  Broker is basically a mediator between the Stock Broker and the customer. Since the Stock broker cannout go all out add customers all by itself, they hire Sub Brokers to do that and in lieu of that, they offer certain percentage of their Revenue with them.

Anyone who is from a Financial Services Background and  has been managing business for some financial service or product, can enroll as a Sub broker or Business Partner with R K Global and get started asap.

The advantage that you will have with the existing business is that you can easily convert those clients, get them enrolled with RK Global, and offer various other solutions as well.

Benefits of R K Global Sub Broker or Business Partner

  • Flexible Revenue Sharing model
  • Low security Deposit
  • Free Training will be provided for all products and tools as well
  • User Friendly Trading platform
  • Sales and Marketing Support provided by the R K Global team in terms of Glow sign boards, Posters, Canopies, Banners and Hoardings etc.

R K Global Online Franchise

The Online Franchise model of R K Global is for someone who already has exposure and experience in Digital Marketing or Social media platforms. Someone who is a Social Media influencer and has many followers or chain of people to convert, can opt for the Online Franchise mode of business.

In this model also, you will be required to undergo the entire training of all products and services offered by R K Global as the end job is to sell; either through online or offline mode.

Similarly, the people enrolling for an online franchise also will get a Revenue share of the business for themselves. The only difference in these two Business Models is the mode of operations – offline and Online.

Benefits of R K Global Online Franchise

  • No Security Deposit requirement
  • Complete Training on products and services would be provided
  • Complete access to their Trading tool will be given
  • No need to have a full-fledged office space, can start with minimum investment

R K Global Sub Broker Revenue Sharing Model & Commission

R K Global understands that the Sub Broker and Business Partners play a critical role in their business upliftment and hence have built fascinating Revenue sharing plans for them. They offer close to 60% – 80% as a revenue sharing percentage to their Sub brokers.

This Revenue sharing portion also depends largely on two factors – the amount of Security Deposit done by the Sub Broker and the number of clients or business acquired by him.

The Online Franchise, on the other hand, has a revenue sharing margin of 40% – 60% of the brokerage generated and R K Global takes the remaining share. The higher revenue sharing again depends on the quantum of business.

Refer this table for better understanding of their Commission Model –

Business modelR K Global CommissionSub Broker Commission
Sub Broker Model20% – 40%80% – 60%
Online Franchise Model40% – 60%60% – 40%

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R K Global Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

Most Stock Brokers have a requirement of Security Deposit as a collateral or security in times of distress. This security is utilized incase there is a penalty or shortfall from the Sub Broker’s end.

R K Global also has minimum 1-2 lacs of Security Deposit requirement from its Sub Brokers. This is a refundable deposit, which means whenever the Sub Broker or Business Partner want to deactivate their partnership, they would be given back this amount without any deductions.

The Security deposit does not impose on the Online Franchise business; here you can get started just by paying the required registration charges and account opening charges.

Find Franchise Cost of R K Global in the below table –

Business modelR K Global Deposit required
Sub Broker ModelRs.100,000 – Rs.200,000
Online Franchise ModelZero

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Infrastructure Investment by R K Global Sub Brokers

The RK Global brand has to be maintained in the business in terms of its quality standards wherever its Franchise is setup. They are particular about it as they want that the client interactions need to be similar while dealing with the company as well as dealing with the Sub brokers.

Hence, R K Global wou;d prefer if the Sub Broker sets up his office at a decent locality, which had a reasonable connectivity and commuting space. Basic amenities like employee workstations or desks, landline connections, internet or WiFi connections, clean and hygienic atmosphere is what they desire from the Sub Broker’s setup.

They would prefer that the Landline connections come with a 100% voice recording facility as that could come in handy in case there are any compliance issues in future. The Workstations also need to be equipped with ISDN / Wifi internet connectivity to access the online trading portals and tools.

With respect to the Online Franchise, R K Global doesn’t have too many protocols to be followed except a good internet connection for accessing the Platforms and dashboards and a Landline / phone connection to be able to connect with customers on a regular basis.


R K Global Broking Franchise Offers

R K Global understands and appreciates the growth that the company has gained over the last few decades  due to their Sub Broker Partnerships and hence its endeavor is to always provide them with the best offers be it on revenue sharing or trainings for better output.

Below mentioned are some of the offers that R K Global extends to its business partners, be it online or offline:

  • Low initial Investment as security deposit; incase of Online Franchise, its zero security deposit
  • One of the Highest Revenue sharing ratios in the Stock broking industry
  • A complete range of services and products to sell; thus optimizing your sales potential with your end consumer
  • Flexible Brokerage plans. Lowest brokerage plans in the industry
  • Advanced trading Platforms and tools to enable enhanced trading experience
  • Free Research Advisory services

R K Global Franchise Eligibility Criteria

For becoming a Sub Broker of Business Partner with R K Global, one needs to possess the below mentioned:

  • Age should be minimum 21 yrs
  • Minimum Graduate or a Diploma holder
  • Must have managed or run a business of financial services and products with proven track record
  • Should be licensed or registered with SEBI
  • Should have strong understanding of the Stock broking industry
  • office space is mandatory for sub broker operations. For Online Franchise, this is not a mandate.

How to become an R K Global Sub Broker or Business Partner?

In order to become an RK Global Sub Broker or Franchise, the first thing that you need to do is open up a trading account and a Demat Account with them.

This can be done online by filling up the online form and you can also upload your KYC documents. If you are going for the Sub Broker model, then you would also need to show proof of having an existing business.

Post that an R K Global executive will contact you to complete your IPV formality (In Person Verification). Your IPV can be done on skype or video call as well; no need to personally visit the center.

Once the verification is done, and they are satisfied with the documents furnished by you, you will get your Sub Brokership id within 5-6 days.

Documents required to become R K Global Sub Broker or Online Franchise partner

List of documents required to register as a Sub Broker & Online Franchise owner with R K Global:

  • Identity Proof – you can submit either your Adhaar Card, Pan Card, Passport, Driving License or Voter ID card.
  • Proof of Age- Pan Card, Passport or School certificate
  • Address Proof – Passport, Adhaar Card, Bank Statement, Any utility bills
  • Proof of Business and required income documents
  • Qualification Proof – Degree copies
  • Passport size photographs
  • SEBI registration certificate

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Why Partner with R K Global?

R K Global is a very renowned and trusted name in the Stock Broking industry; hence getting business for this broking wouldn’t be as much of a challenge. Besides that there are many other reasons why you should partner with them:

  •  Acquiring Customers would not be a concern for the Sub Broker. R K Globals services and products are all adaptable and in-demand in the market.
  • RK Global has invested a lot in its technology and trading solutions; offering seamless trading experience and benefits
  • Their extensive Research and analytics team constantly keeps updating customers and Sub Brokers on the progressions of the market and gives free tips on investments as well
  • Their 24*7 customer service desk is also an added advantage for customers; clients can call anytime.
  • A customer can trade in all segments at one go. They are associated with major Stock exchanges like BSE, NSE, MCX, NSDL, NCDEX and MCX –SX etc.
  • R K Globals team provides entire marketing & training support.

R K Global Business Partner FAQs

Q1. What is the types of Sub Brokers with R K Global?

Ans: R K Global has two types of Sub Broker Programs:

  • Sub Broker or Business Partner
  • Online Franchise Model

Q2. What is the age criteria for a Sub Broker and Online Franchise?

Ans: For a Sub Broker, the age criteria is 21 years, and the same is for the Online Franchise owner

Q3. What kind of Marketing and Sales support does R K Global provide?

Ans: They help in all types of Marketing requirements like posters, Glow sign boards, banners, Hoarding  and pamphlets. They also conduct a lot of seminars for awareness and hence increase sales prospects

Q4. What is the Revenue sharing percentage for a Sub Broker or Business Partner with RK Global?

Ans: R K Global offers 60-80% of the brokerage generated to its Sub Brokers.

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