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Ventura Securities Franchise is one of the largest broking franchises head-quartered in Mumbai.

Let’s have a detailed Franchise Review & wholesome understanding of Ventura Securities Sub Broker offerings, Ventura Securities Franchise Revenue Sharing Models & other features of the Ventura Securities Partner Program.

Ventura Securities Franchise Offers

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Ventura Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

Criteria Ratings
Experience 6.5/10
Market Share 6.5/10
Products & Services 7.0/10
Revenue Sharing 7.0/10
Holistic Support 6.0/10
Overall Ratings 6.6/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★


About Ventura Securities Franchise

Ventura Securities is a renowned broking organization for its services in stock and commodities. The company’s Managing Director’s name is Hemant Majethia.

Ventura SecuritiesVentura Securities is a registered member of NSE, BSE, NCDEX, and MCX. It offers customers a range of financial products and services in Equities, Commodities, Currency, IPOs, Mutual Funds, Bonds, and Corporate FDs.

They are widely spread across India and have more than 433 terminals spread over 85 different locations (in urban, suburban, and metros). They are providing their services to more than 1 Lakh retail clients.

Their stock broking franchise is secured with only a moto to maximize the ROI. Stock giants and professionals back up this company. Ventura Securities Ltd started the franchise distribution in 1994.

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    Ventura Securities Franchise Types of Business / Partnership Model & their benefits

    In this walkthrough of the Ventura Securities franchise, we will discover some major types of business models run by brokers.

    Similarly, we will be reaching down to the kinds of business models and the key benefit you access from each of them. The name of these franchise types has been listed below. So, without further ado, let’s take a look-

    Business Partner or Franchise

    A business partner or franchise partner is an exclusive membership offered to aspiring people that are prepared and eligible to provide complete stock broking services to the client.

    By acquiring this franchise, you can attract a decent company per month, but you may have to focus on large-scale clientele as your job role will be diverse.

    Professional Referral

    The professional referral program is recommended to people experts in a specific market niche or product offerings.

    Such as, if you are good at Gold or renowned for your expertise in stocks or options, you can join this professional referral program.

    However, the business model focuses more on channelizing the existing client base. Earning potential is vast, but difficulty strikes if you don’t have a pre-built base of clients.

    Let’s have a detailed review of the Ventura securities Franchise Revenue Sharing Model & their Initial investment requirements.

    Ventura Securities Partner Commission / Revenue Sharing Model

    They offer lucrative brokerage revenue sharing to their business associates from 60-70% for partners and 30-40% for the company. In the case of Professional Referrals, this amount is much less, up to 25-35% to the partners.

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    Ventura Partner Initial Investment

    To become a Ventura Partner, initially, the person had to pay around 1 Lakh as a security deposit amount which is refundable during the exit. Additionally, office setup can cost you around 2-5 Lakhs.

    The franchise owner has to bear the expense of CCTV, PC or Laptops, Call logger or recorder landline facility and one terminal at least; broadband internet, office rental, and electricity bill.

    The office area should be 200 square feet at a prime location. The registration charge for NSE at Rs. 2360 per segment is charged (non-refundable) for trading (equity/ cash F&O/ commodity/currency/derivative).

    Ventura Securities Franchise Infrastructure Investment

    It’s time to talk about initial investment figures required by a person when landing on Ventura Securities Sub Broker or Authorised Person.

    After all, it would help if you made a significant investment initially in every franchise or business model you are about to join.

    Just like for acquiring Ventura Securities Franchise, partners need to make an Infrastructure Investment from Rs 75,000 to Rs 150,000.

    The investment requirement is much lower than other brokers who want their sub-brokers to pay a considerable amount for the joining. No wonder you can make an ideal selection by joining Ventura Securities Franchise.

    Ventura Securities Sub Broker Offers

    Ventura offers a variety of financial products like Equity, currency, commodity, derivatives, Mutual Funds, Insurance, SIP, Bonds, NCP, FD, and many more. Their Pointer facility is very useful and helpful for analysis.

    Ventura Securities Eligibility Criteria

    Unfortunately, not all are lucky enough to get membership into Ventura Securities’ business model.

    Below are some essential eligibility checks according to SEBI that you should note carefully before joining Ventura Securities:

    • The partner must be from India.
    • Pan Card, A Valid ID Card is required.
    • Minimum 10th pass qualification
    • Convinced to invest up to Rs 2 Lakh
    • Must have a 250 sqft to 500 sqft office

    If you can pass the given eligibility checks, you can surely win Ventura Securities Franchise in no time.

    Being unprepared for the following eligibility conditions means you aren’t ready to acquire Ventura Securities Franchise yet.

    Ventura Sub Broker Support / Advisory / Training

    The partner and their employees are trained by the Franchise Relationship Managers about the Ventura franchise business, client acquisition, sales pitch, business process, and business ethics.

    The partner gets a comprehensive operating manual for the franchisee and its features, functions, and processes. The company provides advisory through emails and calls. An SMS alert facility is also available.

    The Back-Office technical team will teach everything about their in-house software, Trading platform, POINTER (for Equity, Mutual Funds, and Commodities), and other processes of online fund transfer.

    How to become a partner with Ventura Securities?

    The documents required for the registration process are:

    1. Pan Card
    2. Aadhaar card and address proof
    3. Educational certificate and 21 years of age.
    4. Cancelled Cheque or Bank statement
    5. Two photos
    6. Rent agreement of office space.

    Submit the above documents as proof and fill up the forms provided by the Ventura franchise manager. The agreement for the franchisee is made for one year which can be renewed next year.

    It generally takes 12-15 days to complete the registration process, and the partner receives the Franchise business code and then login.

    Why Partner with Ventura Securities?

    • Competitive and attractive revenue sharing
    • High-speed trading platform with advanced features
    • Solid Advisory
    • Transparency in brokerage plans
    • Daily POINTERS and stock ideas
    • Trading with Multiples

    Ventura Securities Franchise – Pros & Cons

    It is sometimes fairly tough to make the final selection without knowing the pros and cons of a franchise program. And if building trust in the Ventura Securities franchise is also getting difficult for you, read on.

    Mentioned below are the major pros and cons attached to Ventura Securities Franchise:


    • Well-built reputation in the share market
    • Great revenue sharing
    • Wide-ranging products


    • Marketing support isn’t too good
    • High initial investment amount

    Ventura Securities Franchise Registration

    Franchise registration is sometimes fairly tough but becomes much easier if you have the right person to guide you. Such as, if you ambition to do business with Ventura Securities by joining its franchise, follow the steps carefully.

    1. First, get the registration form and fill in your name and mobile number.
    2. Attend a call from the Ventura Securities representative on the provided number
    3. The representatives will brief the overall process
    4. Follow them and schedule a physical meet-up with them
    5. Provide needed documents and other general information as asked by the on-site representative.

    Once the process is over, and the initial investment is made, you can begin inviting the client to your business.

    Earning the potential of a Ventura Securities Partner / ROI

    The most important topic, “Earning Potential,” is yet to be discussed. As a franchise partner, you are exposed to 55% to 70% revenue sharing.

    And this isn’t just a one-time earning, but you can make it for a lifetime or until your referred client is a member of Ventura Securities.

    A similar commission pattern is visible in the referral program. However, additional benefits attached to both business models must be noted.

    Still, one thing is pretty much clear the broker can help you build a great revenue stream during investment.

    Ventura Securities Franchise Referral Program

    Ventura Securities Franchise Referral Program invites influencers or profession-specific parties. Most notably, those with a pre-built client base are ready to purchase a particular service on the command.

    As a Ventura Securities Franchise Referral Program member, you must have a solid market reputation.

    Only then can you expect a good amount of success from the program? If we sum up the commission offered in the Referral program, this can range from 55% to 70% easily.

    Brokerage Charges levied to the clients of Ventura Securities Partners

    Ventura Securities brokerage charges against its services are also an important segment. Partners need to study these changes carefully.

    Clients are more likely to refuse your offer to join Ventura Securities if the charges of the respective product or services they were in mind choosing are high.

    The broker charges a 0.20% commission for the equity delivery segment. Similarly, charges sit at 0.03% for intraday segments. Currency, Futures, and options trades come with charges of Rs 10 per lot, which is pretty decent.

    However, VS partners may get the advantage of providing an offer to clients so that goal fulfilment is easier.

    Ventura Securities Authorised Person – Products Offered

    The product names listed below are some unique products offered by Ventura Securities. The authorized person or Professional Referral Members can serve these specific products to clients with no issues.

    These products namely include Equity and Equity Derivatives, Mutual funds, Commodities, Fixed income products, and Currency Futures.

    List of Top Ventura Securities Partners /Business Partners

    The broking company has partnered with a broad chain of experienced professionals. Similarly, it has consistently generated a huge return on investment for all who are exclusive members of Ventura Securities.

    Ventura Securities Authorized Person Testimonials

    Testimonials never lie, and if it has been getting hard for you to decide whether Ventura Securities is an ideal fit for you or not, stress no more.

    Please look at the reviews shared by VS partners who are actively working for the broking firm and are expanding their earning horizons.

    Ventura Securities Franchise Conclusion

    Now that you are well-versed with the Ventura Securities Business model wait no more! Join Ventura Securities as the broking firm has brought us huge earning potential.

    Eligible candidates can build a steady revenue stream by joining the Ventura Securities Franchise partner program. But make sure you are agreed with the initial investment and other conditions.

    Ventura Securities Franchise FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Ventura Securities Franchise:

    Do Ventura Securities have Sub Broker Model?

    Ventura Securities offers its clients services, ranging from equities and commodities to bonds and corporate FDs.

    While in their mission to provide such a large service to their customers, they very openly take help from sub-brokers and include them in their company team, so yes, Ventura Securities have a sub-broker model.

    Do Ventura Securities have multiple Franchise models?

    Ventura Securities preferably have two sub-broker franchise models with which they carry business.

    The company believes individuals with good social skills and a bigger social circle should opt for their business pattern or sub-broker model, as the business here involves serving large-scale clients.

    For practising accountants, Ventura Securities’ professional referrals work best.

    What is Ventura Securities Sub Broker Commission?

    Ventura Securities’ revenue sharing model goes the following way for all their business partners/sub-brokers – the company provides an appreciable commission to its partners, around 60-70%, and the rest, 30-40%, goes to the company.

    At the same time, the professional referrals of the company enjoy a commission of 25-35%.

    How much does Ventura Securities Franchise Cost?

    Before joining hands with Ventura Securities, individuals must remember the security deposit and infrastructure changes required for them to pay from their pocket.

    The security deposit at Ventura Securities is only around Rs 1 lakhs; the office setting cost can be around 2-5 lakhs depending on the location.

    Do Ventura Securities have a Partner Program?

    Ventura Securities offer two exclusive partner programs to interested candidates.

    The partner program at Ventura is designed in such a way that it accommodates every set of individuals despite their financial skills and their previous experience in trading.

    What is Ventura Securities Partners Sharing?

    Ventura Securities’ commission to its partners is highly appreciable and elite. The business partners at Ventura Securities are authorized to have a 60-70% share of their client’s services.

    Is Ventura Securities Partner Program Free?

    The partner program at Ventura Securities carries a certain investment fee, which the sub-broker needs to bear while shaking hands with Ventura Securities.

    However, there is no extra partner program fee that needs to be paid by the individuals.

    Do Ventura Securities provide Training Assistance?

    While Ventura Securities know for providing competitive and attractive revenue share to their business partners with full transparency in brokerage plans.

    Ventura Securities provides their business partners with a set of rain that involves polishing their business ethics, sales pitch, and client acquisition.

    How to Become Ventura Securities Sub Broker?

    To become an authorized Ventura Securities sub-broker, candidates only have to wait 12-15 days for the documents to get accepted.

    Click on the “Become Sub Broker” button and follow up on the process. Candidates would need their PAN card, Aadhar card, and educational certificate as mandatory documents to start the registration process.

    Does Ventura Securities Franchise provide Support?

    Ventura Securities provide their sub-brokers with a fully-fledged set of daily ideas and pointers to perform better and handle client relationships more easily.

    While training support is provided to the sub-brokers by the franchise relationship managers to help the sub-brokers work better. The partners will also be provided with comprehensive operating Manuel by the company.

    How can I become Ventura Securities Authorised Person?

    Becoming Ventura Securities Authorised Person is fairly easy. Still, it is more likely to be a tough journey if you have left unnoticed some essential metrics.

    You need to make an initial infrastructure investment of up to Rs 2 Lakh, and an office with a large space is also required.

    What is the Ventura Securities franchise?

    Ventura Securities Franchise lets aspiring business investors and individuals break into a money-making opportunity.

    The opportunity is about engaging clients and encouraging them to use Ventura Securities services because it gives you a 55% to 70% commission in return.

    How do I activate Ventura mobile trade?

    You can activate the Ventura Mobile trade by downloading the Ventura Mobile app and entering login details. If you aren’t a registered member, create login details and activate Ventura Mobile Trade-in in no time.

    The registration process will stay the same as on the desktop platform.

    What are brokerage charges in Ventura Securities?

    Brokerage charges in Ventura Securities can vary significantly. The broker charges 0.20% commissions for equity orders and 0.03% for intraday trades.

    Currency, Futures, and options trades come with charges of Rs 10 per lot, which is fairly decent. Similarly, charges for other assets also come with variations.

    How do I buy shares in Ventura?

    Anybody can buy shares in Ventura by simply creating login details at Ventura and funding their account with what they are comfortable with. They can start their buy/sell activities in a flow like a real investor.

    What is the registration process to become a Ventura partner?

    The registration process to become a Ventura Partner is like filling up the form and attending a call from the broker.

    After that, a physical meet-up will be scheduled to exchange documents and other information to build a strong foundation for this partnership.

    Are any retention criteria applicable to Ventura Partners?

    It’s not that complicated. A Partner is only expected to maintain a minimum consistency on referrals. The applicable retention period is six months from the date of registration. So, try finding real clients.

    What Products are offered by Ventura to their clients?

    Ventura Securities has a broad range of products on offer. Simply put, you can trade/invest in Gold, currencies, stocks, commodities, and futures.

    Is the Ventura Securities franchise profitable?

    No wonder. Venture Securities Franchise is profitable. The broker runs two programs, a franchise program, and a professional referral program, each allowing you to make a 70% commission per client for the lifetime. Hence it is a profitable deal.

    What are the requirements to become a Ventura Securities sub-broker?

    The requirements to become Ventura Securities Sub-broker are fairly simple. You need to provide documents and adhere to some general advice as discussed by the Ventura executive on a phone call or during the physical meet-up.

    Who can become a Ventura Partner?

    Anybody above 18+, with enrollment, passed, and fully convinced to make an initial investment is eligible to become Ventura Partner.

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