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The IIFL Demat Account and IIFL Trading Account are the most popular products of IIFL, and the firm is famous for its research services in equity. The commodity market and this research facilitate the clients who trade these investment options.

IIFL is one of the most reputed financial organizations in the country with its presence since 1995, and IIFL is the brokerage house of the India Infoline Group of companies.

The firm has been one of the path-breaking brokerage houses in the research space with unconventional and exceptional research services. Its Demat account is mainly popular for these research services.

Let’s have a detailed analysis of the India Infoline Demat Account, its opening process, charges & more.

IIFL or India Infoline Demat Account

IIFL Demat Account

The IIFL Demat Account is offered by IIFL, which has a Global presence and not only in India. It has won various awards for its services to clients and traders in the finance sector.

IIFL has offices in Hong Kong, London, Dubai, and many other foreign countries, and it provides a bunch of services in the financial space there as well.

The Demat account offered by the firm is one of the Top 10 Demat Accounts and brings a lot of advantages with it, and those features and the benefits of the India Infoline Demat account are discussed below –

Massive Network

The first advantage of trading with IIFL is that you become a part of the huge network IIFL has created over time with its exceptional services and range of products.

The firm has offices across 900 and more cities in the country. It has an office in foreign countries as well, like Singapore, London, Dubai, Hong Kong, and more which makes it a Global Brokerage house.

Most Advanced Trading Platforms

The trading platforms offered by the firm are one of the most advanced platforms.

The terminals are designed by the firm and are superfast and loaded with numerous features to facilitate the trading process of the traders and the investors.

Multiple Products & Services

Being a traditional brokerage house, it has all kinds of investment products and services starting from the Demat and trading, the basic services.

Then it provides trading facilities in IPOs, Mutual funds, and also there are exceptional research services and other services as well.

Margin Funding

The exposure provided by the firm to the brokers for their trading is up to 12.5 times the margin they keep in their account, which is quite a good amount of leverage in the market.

This allows the traders to trade more than the capital they keep in the trading account, enabling them to earn more profit.

Mutual Fund Investments

With the IIFL Demat account, you can invest in the Systematic Investment Plans; there are multiple schemes available. You can choose the SIP as per your investment criteria and your risk profile.

With one Demat account, you can make both equity investments and SIP, which is a great feature of IIFL.

Also, check out our IIFL Review section to learn more details about IIFL.

Open IIFL Demat Account – Fill up the Form Now!

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    How to Open an IIFL Demat Account?

    To Open an IIFL Demat Account, you need to –

    1. Click on the “Open Demat Account” button from this page, and you will get a form that you need to fill out.
    2. Once you submit the form, you will get a call from IIFL KYC Team.
    3. Depending on your requirement, they will process with Online or Offline account opening mode.
    4. The documents must be PAN, AADHAAR Cheque for the bank details (Cancelled), and passport size photograph
    5.  for the verification process.
    6. Once your application gets approved, and the documents are verified properly, you will receive the login details of your Demat account with IIFL in your email.
    7. Once you receive the login details, you can open the IIFL site and log in and download the required trading terminals, and start trading within a day.

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    IIFL Demat Account Charges

    India Infoline Demat Account Charges
    Trading Charges [One Time] Rs 0 (Free)
    Trading AMC [Yearly] Rs 0
    Demat Charges [One Time] Rs 0
    Demat AMC [Yearly] Rs 250 (Free for 1st year)
    Margin Money 75% Margin
    Dematerialization Available Yes

    The IIFL Account Opening Charges are feasible for the investors, as the broker house waives the charge.

    While you are paying nil IIFL Demat Account Charges, also you need not pay any amount for the trading account separately.

    The trading account comes for free. The Demat account links to CDSL and NSDL.

    IIFL AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    The IIFL AMC is Free for one year and Rs.250 per Annum after that; it is one of the most exciting offers you get and can avail from the firm. There are certain offers where your maintenance fee waives.

    There is no maintenance fee for the trading account with IIFL.

    To know more in detail, check out IIFL Brokerage Charges.

    IIFL Trading Account

    With the IIFL Trading Account, you can trade five times more of what you have in your trading account for equity delivery.

    The minimum margin of money you need to keep with the India Infoline Trading Account is 75% Margin. You can trade 20 times more of these amounts for intraday asset classes. You can increase the margin as well, depending on your trading requirements.

    With the Trading account of IIFL, you can trade mutual funds, SIPs, IPOs, equities, commodities, and others.

    IIFL Demat Account – Conclusion

    The IIFL Demat Account and the trading account are popular products among traders.

    Especially for investors who focus more on the research part before investment, the India Infoline Demat Account is one of the best options.

    IIFL Demat Account FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the IIFL Demat Account:

    How can I open IIFL Demat Account?

    The steps to open an IIFL Demat account are very easy, as you need to fill out forms digitally. Start the process from this page and click on the “Open Demat Account,” which will direct you to a page. Fill in the details as asked, and a company executive will guide you through the KYC and other verification processes.

    Is IIFL Demat Free?

    No, the Demat account provided by IIFL has an account opening charge of Rs 0. But, other costs are linked to the Demat account, i.e., the AMC or the account maintenance charge, which is levied on a per annum basis. IIFL charges Rs.250 for the same from the second year and has relaxed AMC for the first year.

    What are IIFL Demat Charges?

    There are two sets of charges an investor is required to pay, i.e., the opening account charges and the AMC subject to the Demat account. The first charge is waived off, whereas the second charge is taken based on per annum, i.e., Rs.250. This is also waived off for the first year.

    Is AMC levied on IIFL Demat?

    Yes, AMC is part of the charges levied for holding an account. IIFL levies the charge of Rs.250 per annum; however, it is not a compulsory charge. This amount is waived under certain circumstances. The company directly states the terms in this case.

    Is IIFL’s Demat Account the best?

    Yes, the IIFL brand has great recognition in providing financial services, making them one of the best market competitors. You can avail of the vast number of investment options this broker offers and choose from the huge list of products they offer, with the best assistance of technology.

    Does IIFL provide Demat a/c?

    Yes, the Demat account is one of the prime services IIFL provides. They provide full-fledged stockbroking services, which connect with a Demat account. They provide investment in a log of financial instruments via the Demat account, and you can choose as you wish.

    What Documents are required for IIFL’s Demat?

    There sure are a set of documents you need to submit with the broker, but they are not complex, making the account opening process extremely easy for you. You need to keep the Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport-size photo and cancelled cheque handy, all in the form of scan copies.

    Is Aadhaar Compulsory to Open IIFL Demat?

    Yes, you need the assistance of the Aadhaar card if you wish to successfully go through the account opening process in the most seamless manner. It also lets you digitally sign the EKYC form, which you need to fill up only to provide your identity.

    Is PAN required for Opening an IIFL Account?

    Yes, a PAN card is one of the many requirements this stockbroker has from you. This card lets you successfully link your bank account with the Demat account, which is necessary for exchanging funds. You further need it also to confirm your identity.

    Do they Charge the Demat Account opening Fee?

    Yes, there is no initial charge for opening up an account with IIFL. You can seamlessly and for free of cost open a Demat account with this stockbroker and enjoy the world of the stock market and all the financial solutions associated with it.

    What are IIFL Securities?

    IIFL Securities is an Indian company that engages in the business of investment management. The company offers varied services, including investment in mutual funds shares, and undertakes wealth management services, loans, insurance, and property solutions.

    Is it safe to give POA to IIFL?

    POA or Power of Attorney is authorization given by the customer by signing a document to its stockbroker. It allows the broker to sell shares lying in the Demat account on their behalf. It is entirely the decision of the customer.

    Is IIFL safe for long-term investment?

    IIFL Securities is a certified entity. It is a very reliable and trusted company which has been in business for a long time. So, customers can take their journey ahead in the long run with IIFL securities.

    Is IIFL a good Demat account?

    IIFL Securities offers free account opening under one of its limited-period offers. You can avail of it on an online account opening.

    Their Annual Maintenance Charge is Rs. 250 only, which is very affordable and accessible. And that too has been waived for the first year of trading with IIFL Securities. Therefore, it is reliable for investors to invest.

    Is IIFL a broker?

    IIFL Securities is an investment management and stockbroking company serving its customers with its diversified offerings. It charges no brokerage on equity delivery and Rs. 20 for equity intraday. It offers securities like equity, commodity, currency, F&O, and more for investment.

    How do I trade in Iifl securities?

    Trading in securities from IIFl Securities is a very easy process. You can place a buy or sell order by swiping to the left side of the mobile screen in the application and making your trades. There is also a search option from where you can find the stocks you want to invest in.

    How to sell shares in IIFL Securities?

    Log in to the website of IIFL Securities or the application designed by it. Go to the Options tab regarding the stock you want to sell and click on the Sell button. You can place an order for different types of sales like a market order, limit order, etc.

    After that, confirm the order, and it will be done.

    What is TPIN in IIFL?

    T-PIN is an authorization process required while making a sell order. TPIN is asked when placing sell orders. If you forget your TPIN, you can go on the Forgot CDSL Pin, and T-PIN will be sent through an email.

    Is it good to invest in IIFL Securities?

    IIFL Securities is a SEBI-registered broker having membership with entities like BSE, NSE, NCDEX, and MCX.

    With the highly technological advancement and offering every service in respect of trading, IIFL Securities is an ideal choice to gear up your investment ride.

    How many stocks are covered by IIFL research?

    About 3900 stocks are offered and provided to the investors by the Advanced Research Evaluation.

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