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Kotak Securities Office Near Me – Find all Kotak Securities Branch Nearby

Last Updated Date - Aug 30, 2023

Kotak is one of the highly celebrates brand which works with the goodwill of its investors. You can take on to the journey of stock market investment with confidence and this article will provide you the insights on Kotak Securities Office. We have routed up for each and every Kotak Securities Branch, present in the entire country.

Giving you a short and quick layout on the number of branches, it has a total of 1449 branches, 1407 of which are the sub units and the rest 42 are its own branches.

Branch Type – All Branches
Own Branch 42
Franchise Branch 1407
All Branches 1449

Kotak Securities Offers

Find out Kotak Securities Branch Office – Kotak Securities Branch Locator

We have grouped this article with the sole purpose to let you search for Kotak Securities Office Near Me. We have attached a Kotak Securities Branch Locator, for your further convenience which makes your search easier. All you need to do is, enter in your city and then select “Kotak Securities”.

This shall take you to the page, which displays the list of branches located in that particular city. We hope you will find and be able to contact the nearest branch.

Search Branch by Broker and City

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    Kotak Securities Head Office / Kotak Securities Registered Office Details

    This stock broker is registered with the trade name KOTAK SECURITIES LTD. It has its registered, as well as the corporate office in the city of Mumbai. If you reside in Mumbai and wish to contact the Kotak Securities head office you may visit BANDRA-KURLA COMPLEX, BANDRA (EAST).

    They even provide several phone numbers, which are present in the table for your reference. So, the numbers are your telephonic medium of contact with the Kotak Securities office. For details of the company and its business arena, we suggest you check out its official website https://www.kotaksecurities.com/.

    Kotak Securities Branch Office Details
    Registered Office
    Phones 022-43360000
    Fax 022-67132430
    Corporate Office
    Phones 022-42856825 / 022-42858214
    Fax 022-67256753
    Corporate Email ks.compliance@kotak.com
    Website https://www.kotaksecurities.com/

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    Kotak Securities Branch in Top 10 Cities

    Mumbai residents are more likely to find the Kotak Securities Nearest Branch; a branch located in their area, as the company has 127 number of branches there. Next on the list of Kotak Securities Branch Locator is Bangalore, and the residents have 78 number of branches to choose from.

    Kolkata has the least number of branches, which is one and so, people from the city have only one place their can visit with their queries. Surat is as well at the bottom of the chart with only 3 branches present.

    Branch Office – Top 10 Cities & Metros
    City Branch
    Mumbai 127
    Ahmedabad 72
    Delhi 56
    Thane 24
    Pune 49
    Kolkata 1
    Surat 3
    Bangalore 78
    Hyderabad 58
    Vadodara 34

    Kotak Securities Office in other Top Cities

    Moving on to the next tier cities, which are grouped after the top 10 metro cities. Chennai is on the top list with 29 branches and the people can find Kotak Securities Office near me, at a possible short distance. Next is Indore and Pargana, both of which have the access to 24 Kotak Securities Offices each.

    Junagadh, Ranchi and Allahabad, all of them have access to one office each, and hence the residents have fewer set of options they can go for. We also would like to remind the online services of the company are remarkable and well defined.

    Branch Office  – Other Major Cities
    City Branch City Branch
    Chennai 29 Bhopal 6
    Jaipur 14 Coimbatore 9
    Rajkot 6 Gandhi Nagar 5
    Indore 24 Aurangabad 5
    Nagpur 18 Ludhiana 4
    Lucknow 15 Faridabad 2
    Nashik 13 Allahabad 1
    24 Parganas 24 Mehsana 2
    Patna 3 Chandigarh 4
    Navi Mumbai 7 Anand 4
    Ghaziabad 13 Ernakulam 5
    Gurgaon 11 Raipur 5
    Jodhpur 5 Thrissur 6
    Howrah 8 Ranchi 1
    Bhavnagar 2 Dehradun 3
    Kanpur 5 Guntur 13
    Jamnagar 3 Jalgaon 8
    Hooghly 11 Junagadh 1
    Kolhapur 6 Noida 7
    Ahmednagar 7 Navsari 4

    Find Kotak Securities Branch in Top 50 Cities

    Kotak Securities Branch Office in States

    For a brief analysis of the number of Kotak Securities Office in India, you can take the reference state wise. We have the list of Kotak Securities Branch in India distributed towards top 20 major states in the table. West Bengal tops the table where the company has managed to host around 167 branches.

    Bihar and Assam are at the bottom, but with the company’s expansion rate you can be assured the company will ensure all the investors gets a fair share of chance.

    Branch Office – Top 20 States / Major States
    State Branch State Branch
    Maharashtra 3 Haryana 29
    Gujarat 22 Telangana 68
    West Bengal 167 Kerala 4
    Uttar Pradesh 75 Punjab 3
    Delhi 56 Bihar 1
    Karnataka 127 Orissa 4
    Tamil Nadu 7 Jharkhand 11
    Rajasthan 43 Chhattisgarh 14
    Madhya Pradesh 57 Uttarakhand 8
    Andhra Pradesh 83 Assam 1

    Kotak Securities Branch / Kotak Securities Office – Conclusion

    It is always easy to search on the basis of a pincode, as it points out your exact locality. For the reference of Kotak Securities Office Nearby, we could extract a total number of 939 pincodes. This should make the search of Kotak Securities Branch Near me the easiest for you.

    The locator will definitely come handy for you. In fact, all the time you relocate or need some assistance you can feel free to check the locator out and search for a new location.

    Branch – Unique Pincodes per City
    Own Branch 35
    Franchise Branch 94
    All Branches 939

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