Sharekhan Trade Tiger is one of the best Trading terminal in the stock market sector. Lets have a detailed Trade Tiger Review.

Sharekhan is a one of the highly used trading platform in India. It is currently owned by the BNP Paribas, and it was set up in 2000. The company has offices throughout India, and currently, they operate online as well. They help people in trading on different platforms and have educational information for them.

The market updates feature is loved by most of their customers. Along with that, they have interesting products such as the NEO robot and Sharekhan TV that one can avail online. One of their best products is the Trade Tiger which makes online trading a breeze.

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Sharekhan Trade Tiger Review & Ratings

Trade Tiger Ratings
Overall Ratings8.8/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Sharekhan Trade Tiger Software

Sharekhan is one of the leading stock broking firms in the country. The first version of the trading terminal software of Sharekhan, Sharekhan Trade Tiger 1.0 was launched in the year 2007.

That was the year when they decided to digitize their trading platform so more people can trade through Sharekhan. The trade tiger software was received well by the public.

The Sharekhan trading terminal packs in a lot of features for professional stock traders to pick from. There are features ranging from chart linking to chart books and everything in between.

It has excellent market scanning features like heat maps and stock scanner which can help investors find and gauge stocks to invest in. You can place bulk orders in one click through the trade tiger software too.

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    Sharekhan Trade Tiger Trading Platform – Top Features

    Sharekhan Trade Tiger Software has been on the market for ten years. Trade Tiger Terminal is updated regularly to incorporate new facets of the market. Here are the key features that have made it such an amazing platform:

    Fast and Reliable Feeds

    Often the random feeds available online cannot be trusted. A feed needs to be updated quite often to get the best results. This is provided with the Trade Tiger Software simply. One can open it anytime to get the best feeds.

    Multiple Exchange Platforms

    The Trade Tiger software also allows one to use multiple exchange platforms at the same time. With the help of this feature, a client can buy or sell stocks or predict performance of stocks easily.

    One of the Best Charting

    Charting is a very necessary part of any trading platform. Sharekhan Trade Tiger makes sure that it is simple yet effective for the customer. The advanced tools and studies make it extra specific for the professional traders.

    Sharekhan Trade Tiger

    Advanced Tools and Advance Order

    Anyone who is a professional trader will know the perils of keeping updated with their opportunities. So the Advanced Tools helps them be on track by utilizing things like Live Market Scanner and Heat Maps. It makes trading a tad bit easier for them.

    The Advance Order helps trading be a lot more disciplined. They make sure that the return is maximum from any trading. Things like Bulk Order and Big Trade becomes easier for the trader.

    Free Online Training

    Everyone isn’t the smartest when it comes to utilizing an online platform. So, the training helps them in utilising the software to the fullest and helps them in getting better at online trading.

    Sharekhan Trade Tiger Feature

    Online Support

    In online trading, support is a must. So, Sharekhan provides it adequately in the Trade Tiger software. One can choose to contact them to get support for any issues.

    Some Features of the New Version

    A new version has launched recently by Sharekhan Trade Tiger team, and it has a tonne of options for professional trading. Some of them include Trade from MS Excel, Advanced Option Chain, AmiBroker Trading Bridge, Stock Scanner, and API Integration.

    Sharekhan Trade Tiger News

    This is a comprehensive review of the Sharekhan Trade Tiger platform. It is minimalistic as well as helpful to any trader that decides to use it. It makes it easier for the trader as it will always be on their laptops and require just an internet connection.

    Download and Installation of the Trade Tiger Software

    Sharekhan has made the Trade Tiger listed under their product section. One can go to the page and either choose to download the product or see a demo.

    Trade Tiger is also available with the Trading Account from Sharekhan. The software makes online trading smart and easy for any trader. It utilizes the best tips and techniques of the market to make it simple yet best for the customer.

    There are two versions of Trade Tiger that one can choose from: the Basic and the Advanced. Both do need a constant internet connection to operate on a daily basis. Sharekhan makes information available in the download section.

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    How to Set-up Sharekhan Trading Terminal?

    There are two versions of Sharekhan Trade Tiger available for download. You can either download the Trade tiger Basic, or the Trade tiger advanced software. The advanced version has more RAM requirement and has more features. Both the software is free of cost to download and install on your system.

    The basic version of the trade tiger software requires you to have a Pentium 4 processor or higher and at least 1 GB of RAM. The advanced version of the trade tiger software requires you to have a Pentium dual core processor or higher and 2 GB of RAM.

    The advanced version also requires 1 GB of disk space to install whereas the basic version only requires 40 MB of disk space to install. Install the version of Trade Tiger that matches your computer specifications to ensure that the software runs smoothly.

    To install Sharekhan Trade Tiger on your system, follow these steps:-

    1. Go to the Sharekhan official website (
    2. In the top right, hover your mouse over the Products and Services tab.
    3. Under the Products and Services tab, select the link titled Sharekhan Trading Software under the Platforms category.
    4. In this page, click on the download button.
    5. Now, you will be given an option to download either Sharekhan trade tiger basic or advanced, download the one which matches your system specifications.
    6. Select the link for 32 bit download if your computer is 32 bit else select the 64-bit option and start downloading the setup file.
    7. Once the setup file has downloaded, click on the executable and follow the steps as indicated to install Sharekhan Trade Tiger Software on your system.

    How to Own Sharekhan Trade Tiger Software?

    As we mentioned in the previous steps, in order to access all of the features of the Sharekhan trade tiger software, you are required to make an online account with Sharekhan.

    In this section, we are going to explain you the process of creating an account with Sharekhan. To open an online Sharekhan account, follow the following steps:-

    1. Click on the “Open Demat Account” button below
    2. Fill up the pop-up form & submit you details
    3. You will receive a call from sharekhan representatives
    4. They will help you to open Demat Account online
    5. Once the account is open, you will get you client id & password
    6. You can use these login details to log in to the Sharekhan Trade Tiger Software and access all the features of the Trade tiger software.

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    Advantages of Sharekhan Trading Software

    The advantages of using Sharekhan Trade Tiger are:-

    • You can trade currency options in the National Stock Exchange (NSE) as well as the Multi Commodity Exchange (MSX) without any problems or restrictions.
    • Also place advance orders like bracket orders or trailing stoploss orders in in National Stock Exchange Cash or the Bombay Stock Exchange Cash for Bigtrade products.
    • You can also square off at market for a bracket order easily using the Sharekhan Trade Tiger Software.
    • The software comes with a research section which you can use to identify up and coming stocks and make early investments in them.
    • There are advanced trading tools available such as the Dynamic Oneclick Filter, the Oneclick Filter, Stock Scanner, as well as Heatmap using which you can make informed decisions regarding whether you should invest in a stock or not.

    Sharekhan Trade Tiger – Conclusion

    Sharekhan is one of the topmost broking institutions in India which ranks third in terms of customer base. The Sharekhan Trade Tiger software is the trading terminal software provided by Sharekhan.

    It is a feature rich software which is meant to be run on windows computers. It has a lot of advanced trading features with tools like Heatmaps, Stock Scanner and more which can be used by traders to analyse and predict stock results and invest in the stocks accordingly.

    If you are a stock market investor, you should definitely try the Sharekhan Trade Platform once.

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