Reliance Securities Franchise is also known as Reliance Smart Money Franchise. The broking house is a trade front for the Reliance Group owned by Mr. Anil Ambani that specifically deals in financial products and services related to stock trading within the Indian Stock Trading Industry.

Our article today will concentrate all the focus on evaluating Reliance Securities Sub Broker Program in terms of their origin, types of business models they engage in, security deposit required by them, infrastructure required, revenue sharing model they follow, and obviously the prime reasons to consider while even thinking of commencing business with them.

Reliance Securities Franchise Offers

Reliance Smart Money Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

Reliance Securities Franchise Ratings
Market Share6.2/10
Products & Services5.6/10
Revenue Sharing5.8/10
Holistic Support5.4/10
Overall Ratings5.8/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Reliance Smart Money Franchise

Reliance Securities Franchise

Reliance Securities Franchise is one of the most recognized brands in the nation when it comes to the Indian stock trading industry.

They have been helping the people around the nation to commence informed trading since the year 2005 when the franchise was incorporated by their Patron Mr. Anil Ambani in the city of dreams, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

As a matter of fact, even their mission statement reads “To simplify investment and trading for our customers through technology backed, user friendly, value broking services.”

If you consider looking at the table as mentioned above, you will notice that the company takes merely 14 days to activate a new Sub Broker’s code and 31 days to settle down payment for their business partners.

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    Types of Reliance Securities Business Models

    The aforementioned table of contents is in it’s most simplistic form and has been presented so that you may get a clear understanding about all the business models Reliance Securities Franchise or Reliance Smart Money Franchise engage themselves in.

    As you can conclude, they only have one business model, that is

    • Sub Broker / Authorised Person

    Reliance Securities Sub Broker or Reliance Smart Money Authorized Person

    The Reliance Securities Sub Broker model is definitely the most popular model of business association presented by any full service brokerage house to their respective customers throughout the Indian stock broking and investment industry.

    Being a Sub Broker with Reliance Securities means that you get to work alongside thousands of other sub brokers while not having to share your specific customer base with anyone.

    You can generate profits out of the revenue you make by selling new financial products or by providing trading and investment related services to your very own customers on behalf of the company over and over again.

    Benefits of Reliance Securities Authorized Person

    • Reliance Securities Franchise carries with itself not merely a name but a legacy that has been well known within the nation for their out of the box ideas and excellence in business execution for over decades. The name Reliance, itself drives the trust of clients throughout the nation.
    • Reliance Smart Money Sub Broker has been conceived as one of the best trading and investment products as well as services providing brokerage houses because of their brilliant remote based trading platforms. Being a Sub Broker with the company means you will be able to provide your own clients with the very same trading platforms, thus helping them in their pursuit of wealth through information and proper support.
    • Reliance Smart Money Partner has a roster of qualified and enthusiastic proactive researchers who dedicatedly make their way through ground breaking research in the filed of investments and trading and thus provide commendable advisory.
    • Reliance Securities Authorised Person has been known for years for their extremely transparent business policies. Being a Sub Broker with them means you get to know even the tiniest detail about your business partnership in terms of payments, enrollments and client acquisition policies.
    • They typically provide industry grade training to their respective business partners over time and make sure that you know everything about the up and coming policies, legalities and trading secrets with respect to the Indian trading industry.

    Reliance Smart Money Partner Revenue Sharing or Reliance Securities Sub Broker Commission

    If you consider paying a glance at the chart of contents that has been presented to you above, you will notice that Reliance Smart Money Sub Broker Revenue Sharing model pays off a commission between 55 % – 75 % with respect to every sale of new financial product your Sub Brokerage firm makes to the respective traders as well as investors on behalf of the company itself.

    The variation shown above is in terms of the difference of pay off with regard to varying asset classes.

    Refer to this Table for clear picture:

    Revenue SharingClients ShareReliance Securities Share
    Sub Broker55% – 75%25% – 45%

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      Reliance Securities Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

      As you must be able to see from the aforementioned table of contents, Reliance Smart Money Franchise requires their new business partners interested in taking up their Sub Broker model to pay a security deposit varying from one lakh rupees to three lakh rupees.

      This deposit however, is refundable and can be taken back by the concerning Sub Broking Agency at the time of breaking up the partnership with Reliance Smart Money.

      However, there are many other investments that are not required by the company itself (and are otherwise hidden) that are needed to be taken care of by the people or organization interested in taking up the Sub Brokerage Firm rights of the franchise.

      Yes, we are talking about the payments with respect to certain required certifications and registrations that are mandatory to become a part of this partnership program.

      Check this table below for better understanding of Reliance Securities Franchise Cost:

      Security Deposit
      Sub BrokerRs.100000 – Rs.300000

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      Reliance Smart Money Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

      The franchise also requires the Reliance Securities Sub Broker firms’ right owners or business partners to extensively have a few things with regards to basic infrastructure that is deemed mandatory by the company to be able to properly commence and execute the business on their behalf.

      The list of requirements in terms of infrastructural needs includes a staff or employee size of minimum five people (the company welcomes you to maintain any number of employees over five), an office area of worth minimum three hundred square feet.

      Apart from this, they also require an internet connection sufficient enough to commence the internet based trading activities, professional and industry grade trading terminals and an active telephone line for the sake of phone based trading activities.

      Reliance Securities Sub Broker Offers or Reliance Smart Money Sub Broker Schemes

      Reliance Securities Franchise offers many advantages to their respective business partners including:-

      • The provision to ensure that the Reliance Securities Sub Brokers are entitled to earn high revenues on every new or recurring sale.
      • Provision to ensure that the Reliance Smart Money Sub Brokers get the right set of trainings from the company’s in-house training experts.
      • A provision to allow the initiation of business with minimal Initial Deposit of ten thousand rupees.
      • Provision to grant flexible revenue sharing model, thus ensuring the profit and convenience of the Reliance Securities Sub Brokers.
      • The provision to ensure that the Reliance Smart Money Sub Brokers have unhindered access to the numerous research reports exclusively published by the franchise itself.

      The offers can easily be availed by all Reliance Securities Authorized Person once they register with Reliance Securities.

      Reliance Securities Franchise or Reliance Smart Money Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

      Before discussing the criteria that are exclusive to Reliance Securities, it is important to take a note of the statutory & regulatory requirements.

      Reliance Securities Franchise, being a nationally proclaimed and a reputed full service brokerage house requires the people interested in taking up their business partnership program to fulfill the following criteria:-

      • The person interested in taking up the partnership model of the company should at least have an educational qualification of ten plus two at the time of applying for the Sub Brokerage rights.
      • Whoever wants to take up the business partnership model as provided by the company must have an in depth understanding of the financial markets and an experience of at least two years in commencing, executing and managing financial transactions related to trading and broking at the time of applying for the rights to the Sub Brokerage.
      • The person interested in getting involved with the company in terms of s Sub Broker must at least have a basic knowledge and understand of the operating certain computer programs such as excel at the time of applying for the Sub Brokerage rights.
      • Although, not mandatory, the company does give importance to having good communication skills for their respective business partners.
      • The person interested in taking up the rights to the company’s Sub Brokerage firm must have a clear concept of various financial asset classes including equity, commodity, mutual funds, currencies, option, futures and more at the time of applying for the same.
      • The person interested in taking up the rights to the company’s Sub Brokerage firm must be an NSIM certificate holder at the time of applying for the same.

      How to become a Reliance Securities Sub broker or Authorized Person?

      Becoming one of the Sub Brokerage Firms on behalf of Reliance Smart Money is, in fact very easy. All you need to do is follow the steps and processes as we have mentioned underneath:-

      1. Locate and click on the button that says ”Become A Sub Broker” just below this section.
      2. Clicking on the aforementioned button will open up a new form on your computer screen consisting of various fields.
      3. Read the entire form carefully and fill up all the mandatory sections with the correct set of information.
      4. Once you get past the above mentioned step, carry on to upload the filled up for to the website along with a copy of the required documents as mentioned above within this particular article.
      5. As soon as you finish up all the aforementioned steps, you can expect to receive a call from one of the authorized representatives of the company who will take you through the remaining formalities and help you obtain the rights to the Sub Brokerage Firm of the company.

      Documents required to become Reliance Securities Authorized Person

      One needs to submit a minimum of the following documents:

      • PAN Card
      • Academic Certificates of the applying candidate
      • Investment proof of the applying candidate
      • Payment proof of complete submission for the security deposit by the applicant
      • SEBI Registration certificate held on behalf of the applying candidate
      • Birth certificate of the applying candidate
      • Cancelled cheque of applying candidate from the respective bank he / she has an account in
      • Passport sized photos of the applying candidate
      • GST Registration held on behalf of the applying candidate

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      Why Partner with Reliance Securities or Reliance Smart Money?

      Apart from the fact that you must really be wanting to become the Sub Broker of Reliance Smart Money after having read this article up till now, there are a few more reason to consider:-

      • Reliance Securities has a provision to grant access to their centralized back office to both the Sub Brokerage Houses of the company as well as all of the Sub Brokerage Houses’ clients. Thus helps the Sub Brokers to minimalize the work load on their respective employees with service related matters.
      • Reliance Smart Money has been known to have some of the best remote based trading platforms to help their respective traders as well as investors throughout the nation make informed and swift trades and investments. The company also provides these very same platform to all the clients of their respective Sub Brokers.
      • Reliance Securities not only drives trust through their legacy of business or their commendable technology, but also through their exceptional risk management system that enables even the clients of their respective Sub Brokers to examine and analyze their respective performances in real time.

      Reliance Securities Conclusion

      The name Reliance Securities or Reliance Smart Money itself commands respect and authenticity within the Indian clients. On the whole, there isn’t much to say about the company.

      Nevertheless, we will definitely establish that becoming a business partner with them by acquiring the rights to one of their Sub Brokerage Firms is in fact, a profitable deal in itself, given that you continue to fulfill all their requirements and act in the ways their exerts train you to.

      Reliance Securities Franchise FAQ

      Ques – Do Reliance Securities have Sub Broker Model?

      Answer – Reliance Securities provide the most exciting sub broker model to interested individuals. Yes, Reliance Securities have a sub broker model and working with them means the individuals will not have to share their specific earned customer base with anyone. The profit can be easily generated by providing trading or investment-related services to clients on behalf of Reliance Securities.

      Ques – Are Reliance Securities having multiple Franchise models?

      Answer – No, Reliance Securities do not believe in following multiple business models. The company has been working with a concrete business model for years which is – sub broker/ authorized person.

      Ques – What is Reliance Securities Sub Broker Commission?

      Answer – The reliance smart money sub broker revenue sharing model is one of the most attractive commission sharing models out in the market for sub brokers.  At Reliance Securities a commission of around 55%-75% is paid to the sub brokers on behalf of the company.

      Ques – How much Reliance Securities Franchise Cost?

      Answer – One of the major benefits of joining hands with Reliance Securities is that sub brokers get a larger commission on a relatively small investment.  The sub brokers at this very franchise need to deposit an amount of RS 1 lakhs – RS 3 lakhs, which is refundable and can be taken back during the time of braking of the sub broker contract.

      Ques – Do Reliance Securities have a Partner Program?

      Answer – Yes, Reliance Securities provide one of the most profitable partner programs to interested sub broker firms.  Reliance Securities carry a legacy and thus, thanks to their big name and their past happy clients the partner program at Reliance is a deal breaker.

      Ques – What are Reliance Securities Partners Sharing?

      Answer – Reliance Securities come out as that big-name which provides their sub brokers with a large percent of commission. Joining hands with Reliance Securities mean the sub broker will be entitled to 55% to 75% of the commission on the services offered to the clients.

      Ques – Is Reliance Securities Partner Program Free?

      Answer – The Reliance Securities partner program does not require the sub-broker agency to pay any program fee. The individuals are only required to complete the registration and sign the formalities to get started with the partnership which does not require any fee.

      Ques – Do Reliance Securities provide Training Assistance?

      Answer – Training is provided to respective sub brokers for them to stand out in terms of – financial assistance, asset guidance, and maintaining client relationships.  Reliance Securities believe its best to polish their sub broker agencies with a training program for them to work beyond their horizon and generate better outcomes.

      Ques – How to Become Reliance Securities Sub Broker?

      Answer – Becoming a sub broker to Reliance Securities is mostly an online process, interested candidates need to click on “Become Sub Broker” and fill up mandatory information.  A certain set of documents are asked for uploading which is – PAN card, academic certificates, SEBI registration, birth certificate, passport size photos.

      Ques – Does Reliance Securities Franchise provide Support?

      Answer – Reliance Securities grant their partners with training support, which is considered very vital while joining hands with any franchise firm. The training aid which is provided at Reliance Securities involves various dynamics which not only refines the client-broker relationship skills but also adds more value to the future financial assistance the sub-broker wishes to provide to the clients.

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