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Gogia Capital Franchise otherwise known as Gogia Capital Ltd is a brokerage firm that claims to lead in its domain. The franchiser has been known to provide acute financial services to their respective clients across the nation.

Nevertheless, we will confine our focus with regards to Gogia Capital Sub Broker business distribution. In other words, we will lay down a proper review for them in accordance to various parameters. The parameters will include the reason and story for their inception in the first place.

It’ll also explain the ways they commence business distribution, the offers and other supportive activities they have for their business partners, the revenue sharing system they prefer to follow, the kinds of requirements they have from their respective business partners and most importantly, the reasons that you need to know in order to consider executing business on their behalf.

Gogia Capital Sub broker offer

Gogia Capital Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

Gogia Capital Franchise Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Experience 5.3/10
Market Share 5.4/10
Products & Services 5.2/10
Revenue Sharing 5.3/10
Holistic Support 5.2/10
Overall Ratings 5.3/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Gogia Capital Franchise

Gogia Capital Franchise

Gogia Capital Franchise or Gogia Capital Ltd was incorporated by their respective founder Satish Gogia. The franchiser was incorporated within the judiciary limits of the city of New Delhi in the year 1994.

As, you must be able to conclude by far, they have been serving across the domain of stock trading and broking since the past 25 years.

Perhaps one of the major reasons for their sustaining success is strive to become a full service brokerage house with a globalized vision but roots firmly established within the Indian values.

As of today, the franchiser is associated with reputed Indian exchanges such as the BSE, the MCX and the NCDEX. The franchiser typically requires a time of 30 days to issue a new Sub Broker’s code.

Furthermore, they also require a time of 35 (thirty five) days in order to clear out any outstanding payments on behalf of their business partners.

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    Types of Gogia Capital Partnership Association

    Gogia Capital Franchise, since the time of their inception has not been very keen on using various business models.

    As a matter of fact, they have been seemingly ignoring the ways of distributing business rights like Master Franchise, Remisier or Referral Programs. In fact, the only business distribution they typically rely on is the Sub Broker model.

    • Sub Broker / Authorised Person

    Gogia Capital Sub Broker or Gogia Capital Authorized Person

    The overall structure of the Gogia Capital Sub Broker business model is not that complex to understand. The business model critically targets the people and organization keen on taking up the business franchise.

    in other words, this business model is specifically meant for the people and organizations who are willing to take up the responsibility of growing the business on behalf of the franchiser in return for proper commercial benefits.

    This franchiser caters to their need by providing them complete commercial rights to their respective business. Simply putting, the business partners are allowed to use the franchiser’s financial products and services for commercial distribution.

    However, you must be very clear about the fact that the franchiser does not provide any sort of business monopoly. In simple terms, no Sub Broker is allowed to have complete business dominance over a certain geographical location. On the other hand, the business partners are allowed to function freely.

    Furthermore, they are also allowed to provide their clients with added benefits and discounts as per their convenience.

    Benefits of Gogia Capital Authorized Person

    Getting to acquire the Sub Broker model of Gogia Capital Franchise has a lot of benefits attached to it. It clearly comes with several twisted benefits though. Nonetheless, we have mentioned everything in detail within the underneath list:-

    • This business model grants complete business commercialization rights. In other words, the investing partners are entitled to distribute all the financial solutions of franchiser. The list includes financial products, services as well as the access to their trading platforms.
    • This business model grants entitlement to a hefty commission. Simply putting, the business partners receive commission for the business they execute on the franchiser’s behalf. And the commission rate being provided by the franchiser is quite nice.
    • This business model ensures that the partners are entitled to receive multiple support functionalities form the franchiser. And the list comes inclusive of Marketing, Back Office, Trading and Advisory support.
    • This business model ensures complete business flexibility for the investing partners. It can also be said that the franchiser doesn’t intervene in the operation of the franchises. In simple words, the business partners can provide their clients with added advantages as per their own convenience.
    • The business model allows the business partners to freely use the brand name of the franchiser for commercial purposes. You can also say this means that the business partners can leverage the franchiser’s good will to acquire clients.
    • Finally, this business model allows the business partners to have complete control of their respective clients. In other words, the partners are entitled to acquire, grow and manage their own respective clientele.

    Gogia Capital Partner Revenue Sharing or Gogia Capital Sub Broker Commission

    The revenue sharing model being followed by Gogia Capital Franchise is not much different from that of their competitors. In fact, they have very specific terms established for sharing revenue with their respective business partners.

    They share a commission of 50 % to 70 % on the business generated by their partners on their behalf. And, there are two main reasons for the varying slab of commission.

    First reason is that the different business partners have different arrangements with the franchisers. And the second reason is that selling different financial products fetches different profits.

    Refer to this Table for clear picture:

    Revenue Sharing Clients Share Gogia’s Share
    Sub Broker 50% – 70% 50% – 30%

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      Gogia Capital Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

      Much like any other full service brokerage house distributing business rights, Gogia Capital Franchise also has the requirement for Security Deposit. As a matter of fact, their Security Deposit requirement is sub-divided into several categories.

      And the categories are defined on the basis of the payment deposited by the respective business partners.

      In other words, more one pays in terms of Security Deposit, the better benefits they are entitled to. In the case of Gogia Capital Franchise, the security deposit slabs vary from Rs. 50,000 – Rs 1,00,000.

      However, the security deposit is not the only required initial investment. In fact, the franchiser doesn’t detail about the investments required to acquire the certifications and registrations deemed mandatory by them.

      The overall initial investment capital is further increase by the franchiser’s requirement of certain infrastructural installments as well.

      Check this table below for better understanding of Gogia Capital Franchise Cost:

      Security Deposit
      Sub Broker Rs.50,000 – Rs.100,000

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      Gogia Capital Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

      As a full-service brokerage house distributing their business rights, Gogia Capital Franchise has a strict set of infrastructural requirements.

      They specifically require all of their respective business partners to have a office space with 125 sq ft area.

      They also need their associates to have at least one person staff size, some industry grade trading terminals and an internet connection to power multiple online trades and take care of communicational activities.

      Nevertheless, they do not require their associates to have any sort of telephone connections whatsoever.

      Gogia Capital Sub Broker Offers

      Gogia Capital Franchise is not a name that associates themselves with a lot of associate luring offers.

      In fact, you cannot at all expect them to grant any offers with regards to Zero Revenue Sharing, 10k Initial Deposit, Flat Revenue Sharing or Zero revenue Sharing with Prepaid facility. Nevertheless, they do grant an offer in terms of Flexible Revenue Sharing.

      Gogia Capital Franchise or Gogia Capital Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

      Before discussing the criteria that are exclusive to Gogia Capital, it is important to take a note of the statutory & regulatory requirements.

      In order to execute business on behalf of Gogia Capital Franchiser, ne must comply with them in all manners necessary.

      This also includes abiding by their respective eligibility criteria which may appear to be rather strict. Nevertheless, you have no choice other than to fulfill it. The list goes as follows:-

      • Candidate must be at least ten plus two in terms of educational qualification.
      • The prospect must at all cost have a certificate issued to them by the NSIM.
      • The applying business partner must at all cost have a certain experience in stock trading and broking. We are talking about two or more consecutive years of service across the aforementioned domain.
      • Candidate must have the basic idea of operating certain computer-based programs like MS Excel. This knowledge ought to be used for analytical and operational purposes.
      • Applicant must have the in depth understanding of all the financial products as well as services as provided by the franchiser.

      How to become a Gogia Capital Sub broker or Authorized Person?

      If acquiring the business rights of the franchiser is what you want then you’ve come to the right place. All you need to do is take care of the following:-

      1. Search for a button that says “Become a business partner / associate” over it. You must click on the button.
      2. Fill up the form that opens up after clicking on the button and submit it to the website.
      3. Also submit a copy of the documents mentioned above.
      4. Wait for someone on behalf of the franchiser to call you and grant you the business rights you seek.

      Documents required to become Gogia Capital Authorized Person

      One needs to submit a minimum of the following documents:

      1. GST Registration
      2. Cancelled Cheque
      3. Investment Proof
      4. Payment Proof for complete security deposit
      5. SEBI Registration Certificate
      6. Passport sized photos
      7. Birth Certificate
      8. PAN Card
      9. Academic Certificates

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      Why Partner with Gogia Capital?

      Apart from the fact that Gogia Capital Franchise has been existing in the industry for a good twenty five years, here are the reasons that may compel you as well:-

      • Gogia Capital has a transparent way of commencing business.
      • The stock broker has good will that can be used to fetch in more clients.
      • They do not seek a Margin Money maintenance from the clients.
      • They have proven record of customer friendly executives.

      Gogia Capital Franchise Conclusion

      Gogia Capital Franchise can most definitely be trusted for business purposes as can be concluded from their past records.

      Furthermore, their transparent way of executing business has been praised by many.

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