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Tradeplus Online Franchise is very much new in the broking franchise industry. Here in this article, we will go through in detail about Tradeplus online Sub Broker business, its various business models, franchise cost, offers & more.

Tradeplus Online is a discount broker, which has been in existence since 1983. Initial few years of their business, they focused on investment services and later ventured out in the Stock Broking Industry never to go back again.

In the last 35 years of experience, they have become pioneers of the Indian Stock broking Industry and have come up with some amazing benchmarks that have become a reason for their success.

Here, we would talk about How Tradeplus deals with their Franchise and Sub Broker Models, what do they offer to their Sub Brokers, various tools and platforms that they have encompassed and also look at the brokerage plans as well as Revenue sharing models of the Sub Brokers.

Tradeplus offers

Tradeplus Online Franchise Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

Tradeplus Online Franchise Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Experience 5.5/10
Market Share 5.4/10
Products & Services 5.8/10
Revenue Sharing 6.1/10
Holistic Support 5.9/10
Overall Ratings 5.7/10
Star Ratings ★★★

About Tradeplus Online Franchise

TradePlus Online is a corporation of two companies namely Navia Markets Ltd & Navia Commodities Broker Pvt Ltd. Since its inception in the year 1983, it has been developing steadily and has made a mark in the financial services industry.

tradeplus online franchiseIn the year 1995 is when they entered the Stock Broking world with their first association with National Stock Exchange (NSE), in 1997 they partnered with NSDL as a Depository Participant and in 2018 it got registered with CDSL.

For Equity Stock broking, they got registered with BSE in the year 2010 and for Commodity Broking Tradeplus got associated with MCX in the year 2009.

TradePlus believes in the 3T guiding principle for Customer service – Transparency, Technology and Timely service. For them, Customer comes first and customer’s needs are to be given utmost priority.

This approach has helped them sustain in this business despite the cutthroat competition. And this is how they have successfully retained more than 40,000 happy & active customers not only in India, but all across the globe.

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    Types of Tradeplus Online Sub Broker Business Models

    • Referral Program or Sub Broker Program

    TradePls Online Sub Broker or Referral Model

    To uncomplicated the Franchise business and to make things simpler; TradePlus has kept only one business model i.e. Sub Broker or Authorized Person.

    Their business model is based exclusively on their Referral scheme. They strongly believe in word-to-mouth marketing and publicity and hence the Referral model works best for them.

    The Sub Broker or Authorized Person would first need to open up a Demat account and a Trading account himself with Tradeplus Online and once he is a registered member, he can start referring people using his Trading ID.

    The Referral scheme is a recurring monthly income for you till the time the people whom you have referred continue with Tradeplus and trade with them.

    You can refer anyone – your friends or family to join Tradeplus and  the moment they do that you will be entitled to get 100% of the value of their base pack subscription plus 50% of the value of their Value pack Subscription.

    And this amount is payable to you each month when your referral pays for his subscription. Simply put, it means that every time they trade, you earn out of it.

    So who can become a Sub Broker with TradePlus Online? Someone who has many contacts and a good client base is sure to win the deal with TradePlus. Yes, This is a game of network marketing and in network marketing, all that is required is good amount of contacts.

    If you have an existing business setup in the financial domain and have considerable amount of clients whom you can convince and convert to TradePlus, then you should surely join TradePlus now.

    Benefits of TradePlus Online Sub Broker or Referral Model

    • TradePlus is a Discount broker, hence it offers the lowest brokerage in the industry. Hence, trading with them is convenient and cost effective; moreover when you refer people, even they will join quickly seeing this benefit.
    • Fast and easy Account Opening procedures. Be it Trading Account or Demat Account, TradePlus does the account opening formalities for you all online and within no time. All you need to do is fill your details on the application form, upload your KYC documents there itself and the account is made instantly.
    • TradePlus’s Referral scheme is the most attractive benefit that it provides to the Sub Brokers. IT definitely is a lot of money when you get around Rs. 1547/- per month for each referred client. If you have good contacts, this number keeps growing and the income opportunity becomes endless.
    • TradePlus also invests a lot in its Trading Platforms and tools. Futuristic tools, innovative thinking and strong analytics are the pillars for TradePlus’s success.

    TradePlus Online Partner Revenue Sharing Model & Commission

    TradePlus Online realizes the potential of Sub Broker Model in its business and the kind of leap this model can give to the business if nurtured appropriately.

    Hence the Referral Scheme has been designed in such a way that the Sub Broker just focuses on adding more clients to his portfolio and gets paid a hefty sum every month for the same.

    This Referral scheme or Business model has not been launched by any of the other players in the market; it is unique and highly attractive.

    The Sub Broker gets a credit of 100% of the Base Pack value and 50% of the Value Pack that the referred person has taken in his account every month.

    Now Imagine, If the referred person takes just one Base pack and one Value pack from each of the segments i.e. Infinite Commodity Plan, Infinite Options Plan, Infinite Futures Plan, Infinite Currency plan, Infinite Trading plan, Instant Trade confirmation and Call n Trade pack; then the Sub Broker would get an amount equivalent to Rs. 1547/- credited in his account every month.

    And if he were to have only 100 such clients, then his net take home only from the referral scheme would be Rs.154,700 per month. And for all this, he just needs to refer a person to join TradePlus and start trading. They also don’t need to help the customers in their trading journey; that is also something TradePlus will assist them.

    Check the below table for better understanding of Referral Commission Model –

      Tradeplus Online Commission Sub Broker Commission
    Tradeplus Online (Base Pack) 00% 100%
    Tradeplus Online (Value Pack) 50% 50%

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    TradePlus Online Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

    Unlike any other company’s Sub Broker or Franchise plan, Tradeplus Franchise plan is a little different and works purely on referral income.

    Hence there is no need for the Sub Broker to pay any minimum Security Deposit or initial payment. Infact the account opening is also free of charge with TradePlus.

    Anyone who has a good stabilized business with a set number of client base and wants to build his income by capitalizing on that, can surely join Tradeplus and his business grow manifolds with their wonderful referral scheme.

    There is no investment required, just a strong business acumen to encash on opportunities and a good client portfolio to backup.

    Below table gives a better perspective of Tradeplus Online deposit amount:

      Tradeplus Online Referral Security Deposit Amount
    Tradeplus Online Referral Program INR Zero

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    Infrastructure Investment by Tradeplus Online Sub Brokers

    With TradePlus Online Sub Broker and Franchise business, one doesn’t even need to invest anything much as an infrastructure or office space as the Broker doesn’t expect the Sub Broker to deal with the customers at all.

    There is no prerequisite from the company’s end as they are just asking for the referrals to be made and they are claiming that all client interactions, problem resolutions, order placing and assistance in trade etc will be done by the TradePlus team itself.

    Hence, all you would need is a basic infrastructure for yourself and your employees with some basic internet and telephony facilities provided.

    A Wi-Fi connection with some Landline phone connections is required to ensure the client database is built on a regular basis.

    TradePlus Online Franchise Offers

    TradePlus, being a discount broker itself, offers some amazing benefits for its Sub Brokers as well as clients. Some of the Tradeplus offers are:

    • Flexible Brokerage plans: TradePlus offers has fixed, variable and pay per transaction plans for the clients to choose from, as per their requirement. If you take up a monthly plan, you can trade as much as you want without any capping on the number of transactions or the amount of trade.
    • The Referral bonanza that TradePlus offers is a very fascinating revenue stream for all – Sub Brokers as well as traders. This gives an opportunity to everyone to refer and earn great incentives.
    • The next Gen Trading platforms of Tradeplus are its USP and it has received many accolades for its performance efficiency. INFINI Power, INFINI Web and TradePlus Mobile are the tools that are used by Tradeplus to trade. It provides comprehensive analytics, market research tips, trading account details all at one go.
    • Exhaustive range of products to trade from – Currency, Commodity, Equities, Futures, Depository services, Mutual funds, NRI services and much more.
    • Instant account opening and trading facility
    • Zero initial Investment required to get started
    • Tradeplus would handle all client interactions for you

    TradePlus Online Franchise Eligibility Criteria

    As mentioned earlier, there are no prerequisite mandates or instructions that TradePlus has laid down for Franchisees or Sub Brokers. However, there are certain guidelines that one has to follow from the SEBI perspective; they are:

    • the person should be minimum 21 years old
    • Should hold minimum a graduation degree
    • Must have some prior experience in the Financial sector handling financial products
    • Should be registered with SEBI

    How to become TradePlus Online Sub Broker or Authorized Person?

    In order to become a TradePlus Sub Broker or Franchise, the first thing that you need to do is open up a trading account and a Demat Accout with them. This can be done online by filling up the online form and you can also upload your KYC documents.

    Post that Tradeplus executive will contact you to complete your IPV formality (In Person Verification). Your IPV can be done on skype or video call as well; no need to personally visit the center.

    Once the IPV is done, you will receive an Adhaar OTP on your mobile number; you need to validate that and then fetch your Adhaar and esgin.

    Once that’s done, your account is opened.

    Documents required to become TradePlus Online Sub Broker or Authorized Person

    There are some basic documents required to register as a Sub Broker or Authorized Person with TradePlus Online:

    • Identity Proof – you can submit either your Adhaar Card, Pan Card, Passport, Driving License or Voter ID card.
    • Proof of Age- Pan Card, Passport or School certificate
    • Address Proof – Passport, Adhaar Card, Bank Statement, Any utility bills
    • Qualification Proof – Degree copies
    • SEBI registration certificate

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    Why Partner with TradePlus Online?

    Lets see why one should select TradePlus Online for becoming a Sub Broker or Authorized Person:

    • Lowest Refundable Brokerage: Tradeplus provides the lowest ever brokerage plans in the industry. They have some brilliant unlimited plans wherein the trader can trade any amount of transactions without any capping
    • State of the art Trading platforms: Infini Power, Infini Web and TradePlus Mobile are the three platforms that offer complete independence to the customer to login himself and trade online.
    • They have a great exposure in Mutual Funds market as well; hence can sell mutual funds to customers as well.
    • A never before heard and fascinating Referral program which ensures everyone makes money including the traders as well.
    • Trustworthy name in the industry: Tradeplus has been there since 1983 and has built a sound and stable reputation for itself over the years. Association with TradePlus has many benefits to offer.
    • Really fast account opening process; if all details are filled accurately and documents are uploaded properly, then you can actually open an account in less than 5 mins.

    TradePlus Online Partner or Referral Program FAQs

    Q1. What is the role of a Sub Broker in TradePlus?

    The Sub broker simply needs to add clients to its portfolio. He needs to refer clients and if they are registered, he will get reimbursed for them.

    Q2. What is the minimum security deposit with TradePlus?

    There is no minimum deposit required for opening an account or dealing with trades.

    Q3. What kind of support is Tradeplus providing to Sub brokers?

    Tradeplus is rendering all support required to the Sub Broker; they don’t need to do anything apart from getting the account opened. All client dealings and interactions will be managed by Tradeplus staff.

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